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Posted in: Delta variant upends politicians' COVID calculus See in context

"The single biggest mistake of the Biden presidency when it comes to COVID 19 was the CDC’s precipitous and chaotic change in masking guidance back in May,” said Dr. Leana Wen. “It had the direct result of giving people the impression the pandemic was over. It allowed unvaccinated people to have free rein and behave as if they were vaccinated, and therefore we have the surge of the delta variant.”

In order to agree with this preposterous analysis one would have to assume that when people were 100% masked the masks worked 100% of the time as a preventative measure. That assumption would be equally ludicrous unless every person was wearing an N95 or similar type mask which we all know less than 1% of the population was or is now.

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Posted in: Germany's Wellbrock wins men's swimming marathon in brutal conditions See in context

This just in...It's summer and it's hot!

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Posted in: I want the government to seriously consider legal measures, including lockdown-like restrictions on movements. See in context

For my part, I agree to stop drinking on my local beach this summer...in principal.

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Posted in: New York is first major U.S. city to mandate vaccines for restaurants, gyms See in context

An enforcement problem will exist for those that belong to any sort of pre=paid group or organization. Besides gyms, how about season ticket holders for major sports...can these people be legally restricted without recourse or reimbursement?

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Posted in: U.S. employers ratchet up pressure on unvaccinated See in context

If you're vaccinated and you believe the vaccine works, why does an unvaccinated person need the shot to protect you?

If you're vaccinated and you believe (or have been told) that the vaccine does not give 100% protection, why does an unvaccinated person need the same shot?

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Posted in: Japan to tighten border controls on visitors from 3 U.S. states, Finland See in context

"Japan will also shorten the quarantine period of 10 days on visitors from Afghanistan to six days"...


"They will still be requested to undergo self-isolation for 14 days after entering Japan" = Huh?


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Posted in: Japan's ruling party policy chief seeks Diet debate on virus lockdown See in context

I agree with the LDP geniuses - no lockdowns are needed. Besides, maintaining Japans' COVID fight targeted against drinkers seems to be working out just fine.

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Posted in: Japan expands COVID state of emergency to 3 areas near Tokyo and Osaka See in context

"We will conduct antivirus measures to make this declaration the last (COVID-19) emergency."

This won't age well.

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Posted in: Troops to enforce Sydney lockdown as Brisbane extends virus curbs See in context

If only there were a tool or implement the people of Australia could use as insurance against a tyrannical government attempting to lord over them.

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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

Speaking with many of my Japanese co-workers I can (anecdotally) confirm that for most people holding the Summer games was never about infection spikes but was more about the "value-added" for the average person. If no one can enjoy the full spectacle of the Olympics, (because of the multi layers of restrictions) why hold them at all?

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Posted in: Anger mounts as Biden, Congress allow eviction ban to expire See in context

"checking into how the money already allocated has been distributed so far in their own states and localities"

Good start Nancy but why hasn't this been occurring all along? It's going to take decades before anyone realizes the scale of fraud that has occurred in relation to federally-funded "recovery" programs.

And whether or not the CDC had the authority to enact the moratorium in the first place is a moot point since once the federal government imposed it they're now on the hook to make things right. 

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Posted in: Sydney lockdown extended by 4 weeks as virus outbreak grows See in context

This is for the people of Australia to sort out...or not. Silence = consent.

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Posted in: Is setting targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions an effective way to reduce the adverse effects of climate change? See in context

"Setting targets" are fine as long as everyone participates in achieving those targets as equally as possible.

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Posted in: Employers in U.S. have legal right to mandate COVID shots See in context

Even a low-rent workplace injury lawyer would have a field day with the "condition of employment" argument since an employer cannot arbitrarily change those conditions AFTER the employee has been hired.

This coercion tactic may work if you are in an "at will" position but for tenured employees backed by unions...good luck.

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context

Shiny objects.

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Posted in: CDC changes course on indoor masks in some parts of U.S. See in context

@Haaa Nemui agreed, "not their fault" yet the vaccinated get punished for compliance. How does this make sense? This "remasking" tactic will only further convince the unvaccinated to NOT get the jab.

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Posted in: CDC changes course on indoor masks in some parts of U.S. See in context

Telling vaccinated Americans to put masks back on is not going to inspire those who are still unvaccinated to get the jab now is it?

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

"Suga's administration probably gave priority to being portrayed as being strict in dealing with the virus, rather than being effective. It was erratic policymaking and just political grandstanding."

The governments attempt to create positive optics has instead caused negative effects for real people. Meanwhile, the plan to distract us with shiny objects (the Olympics) hasn't worked either.

What will be the next diversion?

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Posted in: China calls U.S. policy 'misguided' in high-level talks See in context

The DSOS does not look amused in this photo and why didn't the AP include a single quote or statement from the U.S. perspective in this story? Was anyone allowed to speak besides the Chinese?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

I guess we're not going to discuss exactly what a marathon runner is supposed to do with a bag of ice?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,429 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,692 See in context

Wait, you mean the LDP's impotent vaccine campaign and 100% alcohol banning SOE are not achieving the desired results? I...am...shocked.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

If "high-tech efficiency" were an Olympic event, Japan takes home the bronze. 

Lining up chairs and cones however, triple-gold-platinum!

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Posted in: Airport echoes with sobs and farewells in Hong Kong exodus See in context

Many are taking advantage of an offer by Hong Kong's former colonial overlord Britain allowing those with BNO passports and their relatives to settle there.

Why not just write "many are taking advantage of an offer made by Britain allowing..."

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Posted in: Little cheer in Tokyo for Olympics See in context

Oh well. Maybe in 100 years when we're all gone Japan will get another chance.

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Posted in: Suga denies IOC pressure to hold Olympics: report See in context

Suga stressed that infections in Tokyo remain relatively low

Great! Then why is there a SOE?

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Posted in: Man gets 9 years in prison for killing woman with drink laced with stimulants See in context

@Hiro You can't expect the old man to just die in prison considering he had no intention of murder.

Since you know everything about this case, please tell us what his intentions were then, if not murder.

Why else give someone 100x a lethal dose of speed?

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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

Regular Japanese people drinking in bars or other establishments until 8 p.m. and small groups of young people drinking on Tokyo streets (a normal pastime in the summer months btw) = "drowning in liquor"?

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Posted in: Do you plan to watch any of the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony on TV on Friday night? See in context

No. I'll be watching otter videos on Youtube instead.

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Posted in: British carrier strike group to make port calls in Japan in September See in context

Tied to the pier and restricted from leaving the ship = "port call"?

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

"...explores the feasibility of exempting those vaccinated abroad from the country's strict entry restrictions"

Meanwhile, J-gov has already been granted concessions from other countries for their so-called "vaccine passport" which will allow vaccinated Japanese citizens to bypass most entry restrictions.

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