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Posted in: Chinese activist camps out at Narita airport See in context

What a strange issue......

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Well there are many forms of English. I went to my ancestral homeland in Ireland and could not understand a word my relatives were speaking. West Coast American english is the easiest to understand. End of discussion.

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

A passenger who doesn't even want to have a pleaseant conversation with u while on a long flight, and he/she is silent as if though they r thinking up of blowing up the plane. Quiet, non-communicative people r the scariest people in the world. I miss Ronald Reagon, the great communicator.

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Posted in: Security tightened in Tokyo for Obama's visit See in context

Mr.Yelnats: Let's not make a racial issue out of such a thing. Cops all over the world are just doing their jobs. A racial and a religious war is a nightmare. We all have to get along in this increasingly, small global community. Last thing we need is an agitator.

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Posted in: If you saw someone you thought was murder suspect Tatsuya Ichihashi on the street, in a restaurant or on a train, for example, realistically speaking, what would you do? See in context

It truly is a ridiculous question. If it really was him, we should all souround(sic) him and do a citizens arrest. By all, I mean Japanese nationals too. One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.

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Posted in: What do you think of Windows 7? See in context

I like Windows XP.

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