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At first sight I thought they were all brothers each other because they do have all the same face.

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Strangerland Today 01:12 pm JST

The elusive chijo, as rare and mystical as a unicorn.

Right, I've been putting myself out there for years, trying to find one. Still waiting.

Because women are more selective than men. They surely exist.

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

You guys should remember that there are also some chijo(痴女) who are female gropers. Although they are rare, surely exist! Actually when I was a high school boy I sometimes got groped by chijos.

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Actually the incidence of child abuse by parents hasn't been increasing. The sensationalism caused by the mass media just gives an impression to the people that child abuse happens all over Japan and is rapidly increasing.

Off course some proper measures should be carried out to reduce and prevent it, though.

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Do the hustle May 25 08:52 pm JST

On the the other hand, it’s pretty sad to see the world famous and revered Japanese Yakuza lowering themselves to making phone scams. I thought that was the realm of college punks.

As I wrote above, most of them are just a bunch of punks with sub-human intelligence and can do nothing other than bluffing. You seem to have played yakuza games way too much in the PS4. I feel sorry for that.

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Posted in: Yakuza boss ordered to pay damages over money transfer scam See in context

Arturo JamillaToday 05:15 pm JST

Next week's breaking news: Two out of the three women who sued the Sumiyoshi-kai crime syndicate boss have gone missing.

You fairly overrate yakuzas, most of whom are just a bunch of wannabes with at most junior-high-school-level intelligence, or just a conspiracy theorist who naively believes some anekdotes.

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Posted in: Suspect admits to leaving knives on prince's classroom desk See in context

Petty, sneak, underhand and passive-aggressive. Very Japanese way of abusing.

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Posted in: Knives found near Prince Hisahito's desk at Tokyo school See in context

Petty, passive-aggressive and underhand. Typical Japanese way.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for 'causing commotion' See in context

This is a very Japanese thing and one of the evil traditions here in Japan. You are to be blamed and demanded to apologize for causing fuss and disturbing harmony, regardless of whether or not what you do is right.

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Any Japanese news outlets have not reported this case yet.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl slashed in neck by man at shop in Kagawa Pref See in context

Do the hustleDec. 24 09:33 pm JST

Another pathetic cowardly loon attacking a defenseless victim. How often do we read about some psycho attacking a child, woman or an elderly person for no reason? They never pick in somebody that could fight back. They are just pathetic cowards! I get sick to death of reading about this crap in Japan. Japan is a safe place if you are a middle-aged man.

What percentage of children, women or elders do get attacked by this kind of cowards every year? This kind of case should be strongly condemned but the percentage this kind of case happens is still very low. You need to google "hasty generalization".

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This and other similar cases some Koreans have insisted is typically a fallacy of composition.

The fallacy of composition arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole (or even of everyproper part). For example: "This wheel is made of rubber, therefore the vehicle to which it is a part is also made of rubber." This is fallacious, because vehicles are made with a variety of parts, many of which may not be made of rubber.



The Korean irrationality/illogicality is totally at another level.

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But this is still just a part of the big flow, not a main reason to drag Ghosn down from the postion.

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Posted in: S Korea may freeze Japanese firm's assets if it doesn't negotiate over forced laborers See in context

Wallace Fred Today 08:00 am JST

Its refreshing to see JT use the appropriate term 'forced labor' instead of the absolutely disingenuous ' wartime labor' that became the official term in a fellow rival rag due to right wing pressure. A sad day in journalism for sure.

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The Koreans who moved to Japan after August 8, 1944, in which National Requisition Ordinance was applied to Korean, were undoubtedly forced laborers. On the other hand, the Koreans who moved to Japan before 1944 were NOT forced laborers, who willingly moved to Japan or got scammed by bad recruiters.

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