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Posted in: K-pop group 2PM apologizes for copying and pasting Japanese fans See in context

Ha! This is pretty funny. We do this all the time of course in the entertainment industry, but to be this sloppy is really bad.

One trick we often use (one particular vocaloid talent especially) is to put mirrors on the walls and shoot from low angles. A crowd of 100 will look like a few thousand in a dark room with fast moving cameras.

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Posted in: Abe defends ministers' visit to Yasukuni shrine See in context

smithinjapan - actually it's probably about 95% about religion for us. Showing proper respect for the ancestor. The very small political element is that Japanese politicians understand that they are elected by the people of Japan. If they go to Yasukuni and show respect, they get votes. The leaders of China or Korea do not cast votes in domestic elections, and so their opinions are not important.

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Posted in: Differences in business culture between Japan and West See in context


It's the way to keep the old boys network in place and for guys to go out and screw around on their wives and families under the guise of work.

There's no need to say that out loud! Let's stick to the tatemae, ok?

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Posted in: No FTA See in context

No more foreign aid to countries that protest us.

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Posted in: Matsuzaka released by Indians, but expected to re-sign See in context

Good luck Dice-K! I think he still has big league stuff.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan review plans for retaking disputed islands See in context

As Neil Young said, Let's roll!

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Posted in: U.S. senators want no exemptions for Japan over TPP See in context


Japanese people do have the chance to buy American cars. Guess what? The steering wheel is on the wrong side! Japanese makers have been successful in the states because they adapted the product to suit the US market. US car makers haven't done the same. If you want to talk about non-tariff barriers, I think the mentality of the American automakers has to be the #1 barrier.

There is simply no way we are going to buy non-Japanese made cars in large numbers. We already have great cars that suit our needs.

When I was in America, I saw "Buy American" campaigns all over. Here people tell me we shouldn't "Buy Japanese."

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Posted in: U.S. senators want no exemptions for Japan over TPP See in context

Why in the world would Japanese people buy American cars? We support our domestic makers and jobs here in Japan.

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Posted in: It's meaningless just to shout loudly at the rallies. See in context

She is correct, but maybe for the wrong reasons. It is meaningless to protest nuclear power in Japan because it's not going anywhere! Even if we elected an entire parliament of anti-nuclear politicians, they won't be able to do anything about it.

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Posted in: Japan’s curious compulsory appetizers See in context

I love Otoshi. It shows the personal touch of the chef who is making your food.

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Posted in: Puerto Rico ousts Japan from WBC See in context

Congrats to Puerto Rico! They played a good game and deserved the win. Japan needs to stop playing small ball!

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