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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan woman unconvinced by Nagoya immigration account See in context

ScarceToday  06:41 am JST

Why was she even being held? If she wss issued a deportation order, then whyvwas she imprisoned and not deported in a timely manner?.

When someone get deportation order . They have the right to refuse it and choose to stay in Japan but only the court and judge can decide if they can stay in Japan or not.

But waiting for the court decision might take over a year. Some people can get supervision release and some not while waiting for the court decision. As we have seen she already had someone who can be her guarantor but the immigration refused her release 2 times. I think the immigration broke the law first they need investigation on why she was denied 2 times release even when a Japanese national was ready to take her a d take responsibility by law only people who had some crime before who might be denied the processional release.

Second crime by immigration is not taking her health issue seriously.

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