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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

The World Court may rule;- 1. Japan allowed to continue their 'scientific research'. 2.All scientific data shall be distributed to entire world 3. None of the whale meat shall be eaten -such as within 10 minutes after being caught, the whales shall be poisoned. This allows Japan to stash their integrity on their activity.

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Posted in: China shrinks rare earths export quota See in context

Rare Earths though are different. China is realistically, the only source of this material, that is required for a lot of industrial components.

Rare earth minerals are found in various parts of the world. Huge deposits in Australia, Canada, US and elsewhere. Japan is entering agreement with Australia to supply 8500 tonnes rare earth annually for the next 10 years, US mines for rare earth are considering re-opening. S.Korea working with Burma (Myanmar) to provide global rare earth supplies. Another contender is Vietnam. It happen at the moment China is present world's largest supplier (not largest deposits). The surging domestic demand for the minerals coupled with the indiscriminate mining led China to restrict its export. I believe the Chinese would love to get every dollar for its export, but not at the expense of its environment.

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Posted in: China shrinks rare earths export quota See in context

This is a fair competitive world. Uranium is even more rare than rare earth minerals. Countries having uranium minerals have the right not to sell to those they do not want to. Australia is now selling iron ore to China 3 times the price before the price of iron ore soars. China did not whinge. Other countries such as the US has ample supply of rare earth minerals except the local laws such as environmental forced local production price up. Whereas in china, such environmental laws are slow to promulgate and hence price are much cheaper. As a bystander, it is unfair to see China being slammed when its relationship with Japan rocks a bit. Price of products using rare earth minerals should go up accordingly and buyers wouldn't whinge.

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Posted in: S Korea vows retaliation if North attacks again See in context

Wonder any SK can tell me why Korea cannot be unified as done in Germany? All the NK wants is food. SK should not be drawn to war of words on rhetoric. Even SK can win hands down in the event of a war, how many people SK prepared to sacrifice?

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Posted in: Obama eases into Hawaiian holiday See in context

The party to govern whether Democrat or Republican will depend on the public perception of their ability to deal with debt crisis. So far President Obama has turned US Liquidity debt to Sovereign debt. He better inspired whilst on vacation. Otherwise down the track he would declare "Yes we can, but I can't"

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Posted in: Toyota to pay record $32.4 mil in extra fines to U.S. gov't See in context

Apart from the fine, the private lawsuits will form the second episodes. Japanese has to adopt the western approach and fight justice out of the matter. Avoid lengthy court battles..no..got to face it. US knows the weakness of Japanese cultures and that is one reason why the Toyota Chairman was called to attend the case personally. That must be humiliating. Local top representation turned down. A top attorney will do the job well at far lesser the amount of fine. Now Toyota still can be fine by other aspects of the law. Worse still other Japanese auto maker can expect similar event popping up.

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Posted in: Drinks all round See in context

People show take the Pepsi Challenge. Brand image of Coca Cola is just iconic. Many branded products are now made in China. Consumers are aware of it, but the brand name and the discounted price satisfactorily convince the user, "it is good enough."

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Posted in: S Korea to hold firing drills despite N Korea threat See in context

My view is SK merely asking for trouble. Looking at the map, one would realise how close is that to NK. And knowing that NK is prepared for a war...which they feel they have nothing to lose. Take the exercise to another spot in the whole wide country. SK had a drill there already. SK has the right to conduct exercise on that island, but SK got to realize having no human moral right to provoke NK making the region unstable and result in misery and deaths of an uncalled for trouble SK should restraint itself. NK is your own ' blood brothers'.

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Posted in: Japan to continue paying $2 billion for U.S. troops See in context

Does Japan wants to continue this 'Hire a soldier' for $2b? The Germans offer a very good example of a westerner approach. Germany regrets the War, apologized and they hate to be reminded of the Nazi time. To them the past war feelings are all over. Ex Nazi are destined to be tried. Whereas J is different. Perhaps a misguided pride of its culture. The PMs still visiting the controversial shrine to the anger of its neighbors. Japan not building good neighboring relationships e.g. the Koreans comfort women issue cannot just go off, when the last comfort woman died. Whereas G build good neighbor relationship and can amass 27 countries joining the EU or the eurodollars. G does not have nuclear weapons but could have access as a leader for EU. Whereas J is just like an eagle living with mother hen beginning to lose its ability to fly to soaring heights. J continue to suckle the military nipples of US. It is cheaper in the $2b rent a soldier scheme but is it what the nation wants, losing its ability to dictate the future? J should best strive for regional peace and security and demonstrate its leadership with great sincerity rather to regard itself as a superclass of mankind akin to western. Now, J can behave like a spoilt kid and tell Uncle Sam that N Korea has to return a few of J as a condition of peace talk. If N Korea attacks J, Uncle Sam has no problem to douse of the N Korean fire. Imagine this scenario, Uncle Sam needs 3 aircraft carriers (for illustrations only) to defend its own country in case of war. When WW3 broke out, Uncle Sam has 5 aircraft carriers at its disposal. One was down, and another not as reliable. So the not so reliable unit goes to J. Can J afford to risk its life as a nation by way of dependence on others?

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Posted in: Do you believe that dreams have a bearing on or are symbolic of something in your real life? See in context

Dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind. When your eyes are closed your subconscious mind door opens and the show is on..in very different form, more symbolic and emotion and you are there watching with no control over your emotion. Yes, sometimes it reflect your moments of the day, at times 'what is coming'. If you watched Black and White TV those days, the dreams then were mainly B & W, But nowadays you notice your dreams are in colour? Don't u agree?

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Posted in: Lumix SLR digital camera See in context

I wonder I would go for another LUMIX camera. I have 3 Lumix all 3 of different models. The sore thing is that all the batteries look identical cannot actually swap for different camera. What a dumb design? Batteries not compatible for each other model???

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke dies at 69 See in context

It would be interesting to see him as the Secretary of State if he ever has that opportunity to become one.

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Posted in: Jailed Chinese dissident honored at Nobel ceremony See in context

Many are blinded that justice was not done to China with this award. It is being politicized. Nobel prizes should not be adorned to shame a country. The American President like using words like international communities and here the Norwegian uses 'universal' human rights. All these are arrogance of their own. Asia is a rising power in this millennium and Asian should be proud to show they can stand on its own rather be lackeys of powerful western countries. So far China is seen to be the only asian country that can stand on its own and with poverty out of the way, they will rise very rapidly to great heights without being subservient.

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