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"It must be a pretty dark world that you live in man."

That's it. It's like they're not content with controlling their own lives, maybe because they feel unfulfilled, they just have to control everyone else's, too! "Progressives" always look for the next power grab: they can't help it! Because, deep down, inside every "progressive" is an actual totalitarian just screaming to get out!

People who claim that the companies have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose, do NOT agree with that company having the right to, say, refuse to sell to a smoker, sinner or whatever, or bake a cake with gay propaganda on it when it violates their set of ethics.

People who drool over the thought of "non vaxxed" people being refused medical care (sorry, but that's simply disgusting, by the way), would be loathe to apply this same sadistic mindset to, say, the world's obese people or those who forego getting a flu booster shot (I hope!) And the very same people who scream "My Body, My Rights!" or "Get your hands off my uterus" in order to continue to snuff out innocent life take the exact opposite approach when it comes to COVID!

Still, they look for more more rules, more restrictions and more power-grabs, while delighting in finding pain. Weird reaction, right?

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China's already a member of a large trade deal. The largest in the world, in fact.

It's called the World Trade Organization. Let's look at China's record.

Remember all the promises China made in the 90s in order to be accepted into that game-changing organization? Have they actually kept any of their promises? Did they lower tariffs to levels of their trading partners? Did they refuse to weaponize trade of sensitive materials such as rare earths? Did they hesitate to escalate trade spats into political crises, taking "hostages" in a tit-for-tat spat with its WTO trading "partners"? Did they eliminate the thousands and thousands of NBTs (Non-Tariff Barriers to trade) such as requiring tech transfers or restricting foreign ownership, as promised when they joined?

Or do they go on violating almost every single rule in the WTO rule book every single day, with impunity?

Why would anyone think that, suddenly, China will now play nice because of this new deal? I mean really? Why? What promises have Chinese leaders actually kept in these past 15 years that make you so keen to trust them to enter this new and, when compared to the WTO, even more weakly-enforced, TPP deal??

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I am very excited by the (to me sudden) rush of interest in skateboarding here in Japan!

Growing up a skater (*and trying to skate in an increasingly skateboard-hostile environment outside of the then-rare skate parks like Pipeline, or else in the odd pool discovered behind abandoned houses), I didn't really think about how we teens used to interact as buds, joking around but also helping each other, impressed by each others' runs regardless of gender.

I hope the Japanese take skateboarding, particularly street skating, and "tweak" it better in the way the Japanese are oh-so-famous for doing to electronics and cars. I can honestly see the world's next Rodney Mullen or Elissa Steamer bursting out of Japan!

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"She could retire tomorrow with her $ Hundreds of millions, and forever be the Japanese GOAT."

lol. I'm sure there are plenty of talented Japanese tennis players who might request that you hold off your Forever Crowning of Naomi for just a little while...

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...And it only took 10 years! lol. Congratulations?

Become a real refugee, with internationally accepted criteria and requirements. Escape to Japan, the local Asian powerhouse country with incidentally THE WORST record of helping refugees out of all the OECD countries...and by a ridiculously wide margin.

What's next? Japan throws you in jail, smashes your livelihood, throws you out of the country prior to completing the legal process...yes, experience all this and 10 years later you, too, can get a half-hearted "sorry" and less than 3000 USD for your troubles? Oh, and by the way, Japan "may not have" violated its Constitution in treating you this way?!

llol. What's not to like? Talk about "Omotenashi!"

"Yokoso, Japan" indeed.

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"...anti science “conservative” anti-vaxxers"

lol. Yeah, just look at Ground Zero for the pandemic in the US: New York City. Turns out those "conservative anti-vaxxers" are actually the perennially Democrat-voting African American community, of which fewer than half have bothered to get the jabs! Or, perhaps all those "conservative anti-vaxxers" are...young? lol. "Vaccine coverage among young adults has been lower and increasing more slowly over time, compared to other age groups, according to a report published recently by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." But remind me again: which party do "People Of Color" and young people supposedly habitually support again? (Sorry to step on your hamfisted, one-size-fits-all narrative, by the way!)

The spending in the US today is absolutely out of control! I know there's a pandemic, but holy moly, we're heading for a financial collapse, and fast!

Case in point: I readily received two vax shots because my livelihood required that I get them. Along the way, I received: two free government shots, plus two free gift baskets worth 20 USD each from the store I was getting vaxed in...followed by a 50 USD voucher for groceries received days after registering my "vax passport" online! All thanks to ".gov" That's what...cost of two doses plus 90 USD...for one guy who doesn't even live in country? Now, multiply these costs out...

Oh by the way, leftists, I and everyone else in the People's Republic of California HAD to show ID in order to get our vaxes over in our Democrat-dominated state...unlike say when doing far less important things like, oh I don't know, voting? (How is it OK for Democrats to refuse life saving vaccines to those who don't show ID, but NOT when voting, again?! And why is NO ONE AT ALL screaming about this "racist Jim-Crow-Era attempt to stop People Of Color from getting jabbed?!")

(Answer: the Left's "logic" when it comes to "fair elections", like everything else, is simply indefensible.)

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Still waiting, year after year, for that Nobel knock on the door, Haruki? lol. Bob Dylan says, "Hold My Beer..."

Don't worry! It will come...surely? The Media Sez: Any Day Now...

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I think there are far better examples of lessons for TODAY'S situations than the example of Japan's military-backed and locally unwanted-colonization of a foreign land/foreign race for exploitation. Otherwise, you might not get the sympathy this author clearly intends to generate from their readers.

I am sure that while the Japanese themselves could certainly look on these "pioneers" as seeking to create a "stable Asia", the natives, whose lands, homes and lives they stole away in the process (as well as other natives around the world who also still smart from similarly concocted large scale takeovers), might use very different, and far less euphemistic, words to describe what Japan tried to force on China and the rest of Asia way back when...

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"Perhaps being good communicators who are bright, innovative, civic-minded, ethical, and empathetic might trump solely having two X chromosomes."

This should be the undisputed Comment Of The Day, and I'm so glad to find such sentiment at the top of the pile, as it were (notice I didn't call it the "Alpha Dog of Comments"!)

However, we also all know this is NOT how modern (and extremely radicalized) "Third Wave Feminism" actually works. Just as with race, where the "anti-racists" are in fact the ones screaming for overtly racist quotas and DISCRIMINATORY preferences SOLELY based on race- the same sad knee jerk government-sourced responses can be seen by those radical feminists who think, "men doing X is bad, so women doing X is good; if only X were female/if only we could require X numbers for females...then everything would be "better".)

But then we remember how some of the best known professional "feminists" like Hillary Clinton "She PERSISTED!!!"), even more so than from this "conservative" Japanese party's female candidates, are in fact usually the ones most likely to have a long and dismal record of aggressive Women-Bashing; of attacking, belittling and demeaning scores of other women in the most anti-feminist fashion in order to get to where they wanted to be in life!

(Remember Hillary's "War Room" comments about "Bimbo Eruptions" when trying to blame Bill's philandering on...his female victims, anyone? Remember how "strong woman" Madeline “500,000 dead Iraqi children was worth it” Albright remarked in February 2016 that there was “a special place in hell” for women who don’t support Hillary Clinton? lol...Feminism! Or to let just one of dozens of media-ignored female victim of Bill Clinton put it for us: “Hillary Clinton ruins women before they can ruin Bill. I found out firsthand how she operates. Hillary choreographed every terror campaign that has been waged against women. Bill Clinton groped me in the Oval Office against my will, and I’ve been harassed and intimidated for years. How could she be a champion of women’s rights and do what she does to women? Hillary needs to be exposed.”

But hey! A vote for "Two X Chromosomes" is always "better", right?...unless you want to compete in "women's" sports, that is! Then? lol. Yeah...

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Posted in: The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them. See in context

Sounds like those suffering any physical allergic reactions stemming from the mass storage of pets in plane cabins have a pretty good case to make in court, should they wish to do so.

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"They were certainly influential, but would you compare their level of influence to the likes of the Beatles?"

I would! For the three years Nirvana were around, they were a culturally-altering force worldwide, and not just in music, either.

Musically, their loud-quiet-loud style was imitated worldwide (even as Kurt readily admitted that they stole this same style right off of Pixies), while the naval-gaving, personally introspective focus of Cobain brought a new generation to look at their lot and realize for themselves how screwed up, phony and selfish the system which we were to inherit truly was, and how its only goal was to commidify YOU, too, while commidifying everything else in the world as well. Kurt knew what was happening, he wanted it to happen, and he wanted to show everyone how we'd feel when absolutely everything and everyone were for sale. (Beatles For Sale)

And even with the rather slick, openly-cynical pop production of Nevermind (when compared to say Bleach), the band brought the three chord punk-rock form back into a mainstream that had become ridiculously bloated with excess. Think of all the bands that followed Nevermind into the mainstream with similar sounds?

Nevermind also turned up the drums to take equal status with the "lead" instruments, which I personally found wonderful since Grohl was such a great drummer (its the drums that really get listeners freaking to Smells Like Teen Spirit, for instance). Then imagine all the pedals and accessories (fuzz, wah, reverb, delay, etc.) that were "rediscovered" and recycled in music during this period? (Tomorrow Never Knows/Revolution/Strawberry Fields/Sgt. Pepper)

Also, think of what their mainstreaming of grunge did to fashion, for instance: donning wrong-sized flannels and 0other DIY mix-and-match what one could find at the Goodwill suddenly wasn't a sign of shame or an admission of personal poverty: it was now THE thing to do. "Heroin chic", believe it or not, revolutionized fashion to where even the poor with their make-do casual, outgrown roots under poorly-self-died hair and generic brand working class styles were suddenly cool again. Nevermind said it was okay to be "you" even though "you" weren't all that much and ought to realize this fact soon! I mean, just look at that album cover! (the Beatle cut, Old-New psychedelic chic, All You Need Is Love).

"But the Beatles"...yes, yes. Of course. "The Most?" Click-bait, to be sure! Nevertheless, I would not shrink from saying that Nirvana in their time positively shook the culture in which then existed to its core, and what we've inherited from 1991 since has continued to influence, for better or worse, every bit as much as the Fab Four.

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lol. Taking a page from Putin's "democracy" I see. Restricting the candidates, delaying the elections just as the opposition gains support, changing the rules of the elections in mid-election, banning campaigning on the part of the opposition, extending the counting of ballots by days...the only thing Vlad The Bad did that the Chinese have yet to do is: create fake opposition parties to split anti-government voters (often with party names that are nearly identical to opposition parties, or even candidates with similar names and appearances, all from pro-gov parties!)

Seriously! Example: In Russia's latest "elections" farce, a district in St. Petersburg now has three, yes three, bald and bearded candidates in their 60s, all "named" Boris Vishnevsky! Two of them are from Pro-Kremlin parties, changed their real names for the elections...and it was allowed!

Then there's the (real) "Communist Party", fielding candidates named "Vitaly Petrov, Nikolai Volkov and Anastasia Udaltsova"...these individuals had to run against the (fake, pro-Kremlin) "Communists of Russia Party"...and candidates whose names coincidentally happened to be..."Vitaly Petrov, Nikolai Volkov and Anastasia Udaltsova!"

(Where is the Western media in all of this, by the way? I had to get this from Russian sources like The Moscow Times...all the western media will say is "Putin's party wins again". Are they nervous about reporting on elections fraud, perhaps? Why?! )

Back to Hong Kong - stick a fork in it: It's Done. Keep resisting further and you'll get the "Uighur" Treatment (China now allows Hong Kong citizens to be extradited over to the Mainland to face prosecution under the completely farcical, communist-party-dictated law codes).

So much for the Big Lie that was sold to the world by the unelected corrupt-o-crats now slithering around Beijing...you know the one: "Hong Kong - One Country, Two Systems"? Smh!~

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Japan will be the guinea pig for the rest of the world to watch. It will suffer the full effects of a severely and sharply aging population years before its more immigrant-friendly peers (along with China), and will see its population replacement rate fall to the among the lowest in the world. Will it "borrow" its way through the retirement of almost 40% of it's total population, all in a compacted 25-year period and beyond? Or will a crush of taxation also come Youth's way? Many of you will soon find out!

In China, thanks to the One-Child Law, they now have a situation they call the "4-2-1 Problem", whereby there will soon (like, starting this very decade, folks!) be only one "Crown Princeling/Princess" (i.e. a single, sibling-less child) who is producing in the economy for 2 healthy retired parents PLUS often up to all 4 of their healthy, retired, still pension-relying grandparents! 6 pensioners penny-pinching at the markets for every one traditional "true consumer", with the wisely retired keeping most of the assets they have in very low-risk, more stable forms of investments, and relying on government pensions...all with just one youngster on average to pay their way...for decades to come? Anyone else see a "positive feeback loop" here in terms of what this situation will do to further future population growth?

lol. Who would have thought that 30 years after China started their One Child Policy...they'd start running out of economically important 30 year olds? lol.

I wonder what the ratio looks like in Japan? Probably not as stark as in the "People's" Republic, (and I'd guess that both the savings in total terms as well as the quality of the pensions provisions are better in Japan), yet still - it's pretty pretty, pretty, pretty darn challenging, no? Or will..."robotics" and..."tech" save us all? lol. What do you think?

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Posted in: What do you think it is going to be like at airports as more international travel starts? Do you think there will be hassles at check-in terminals and departure gates over whether passengers have or haven't got the right vaccination passports or apps, or proof of having tested negative for the coronavirus and so on? See in context

Absolutely, yes, more hassles. How can you truly be sure you're not "sick" anymore, at least enough to buy a ticket for an airplane with confidence? When the New Normal is: Fully Vaxxed people are 11 times less likely to get COVID, but they can STILL GET AND SPREAD COVID (in spite of all our useless using of paper masks!), and do seem at this very moment to be among the major contributants to spreading the virus, even when most have never left Japan's shores but have acquired home-grown COVID?

Imagine a situation where you cannot take a plane if you test positive for the common Flu. Now imagine that even with a booster shot, there's still zero guarantee that you AREN'T carrying that virus right now, symptomless, and most people if they actually have the flu don't go on to develop uncomforting visible symptoms? Imagine the chaos of thousands of "sick" people, feeling fully fine, being stopped from flying because "Sorry, but you got the flu"?

This is what will happen when people who think they're healthy go to the airport with latent, asymptomatic COVID in their bodies. Business trips: cancelled. Reunions: suddenly postponed. You might not even develop the "virus" until AFTER you've arrived in Japan, since 72 hours from the last test allows plenty of exposure opportunities in a normal, sane world, right?

How to overcome this situation, where death rates are minuscule and restricted largely to the most vulnerable populations (elderly, already-ailing, etc), when major hospitalizations are slashed (thanks to vaccines), yet anyone, vaccinated or not, can still be COVID carriers, even if they've tried their best not to get it and followed the rules to the hilt?

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Welp, he resigned. The right thing to do, just to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Too bad this guy didn't have an "artist" son like President Biden. Then he could get all the anonymous online cash...I mean, "purchase payments", he could possibly wish for, just like Joe And Co do right now! Without a care in the world!

And not a single "progressive" would say anything was wrong with this situation...just like they refuse to say a single bad word about Biden's Bum Son's "Art" Sums! lol. Oh, the hypocrisy!

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Posted in: Relatives of Afghan family killed in U.S. strike want face-to-face apology See in context

This is the strike on ISIS that General Milquetoast actually smugly referred to as "a righteous strike," right?

From a "righteous strike" to a "tragic mistake", huh? Better get some more advice from your Chinese counterparts, General Milley, because the unforced errors of this inept current American administration continue to be simply appalling...and increasing in number...and it's only been nine months!

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It's simple: this deal, the most expensive ever undertaken by the Australian Defense Force, was cancelled so that Australia would have direct access to the actual nuclear technology themselves once they joined the AUKUS intelligence-and-weapons-sharing security pact.

France offered no alliance in this deal which dates back to 2009!, just nuclear subs that were delayed, with cost overruns confirmed (In 2020 the French Department of Finance indicated that the real cost of the attack-class subs will be in excess of $80 billion), and with the nuke tech actually unhelpfully sealed into the subs for the life of the vessel, since France was planning to use WEAPONS-GRADE nuke power in these subs (as opposed to being replenished every 10 years or so as is normal throughout much of the rest of the world's non-weapons-grade-nuke-powered arsenals.)

France already has been so slow and seen such steep cost increases added to their estimates that Australia way back in 2016 opened up outside bidding on the project again to countries like Japan and Germany. (Remember how miffed the Japanese were when France still won the contract? I do. It was about a petty and as salty as Macron's own government's outbursts!)

Australia will get better subs more cheaply...and a security pact with by-far the worlds dominant navy, plus another powerful cultural (and naval) ally, the US and UK. It's a better deal than what France is now offering, and now Macron is having a pre-election hissy fit for his domestic corporate backers. He has to...beyond French Pride, Macron's approval ratings were already deep down in the toilet before this latest debacle...

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Papa-Katsu sounds to me like the giant serving version of fried Japanese food that comes with all you can eat cabage refills? lol. More sauce, please, Papa!

I wonder, can anyone tell me if the "katsu" in Papa-Katsu is the verb "to win"? If so, that's an interesting comment on this type of relationship.

(Edit: No, it's actually パパ活, using the verb katsu for "life/lifestyle/existance/livelihood" as in "seikatsu" which is even more revealing for those involved!)

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Nobody, but I mean NOBODY, is talking about how both Google and Apple banned an innocent vote suggesting app created by jailed Russian dissident Alexei Navalny ON ELECTION DAY at the request of the cheating Putin government.

How convenient! And how wonderful that the press mostly refuses to even cover such censorship episodes for Google and Apple...it's almost as if they're not helping autocrats maintain their unfair advantages whenever possible. Remember, the domestic Russian equivalent, Telegram, only shut down their Navalny aps AFTER the Global "responsible" companies quickly capitulated to the pressure easily enough at first...

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Benjamin Haddad, director of the Europe center at the Atlantic Council think tank, said that Biden was showing "a kind of continuity with Trump's 'America First.'"

"The priority is competition with China. Everything else is a distraction," he said.

NO WAY! I thought Biden's mantra was "Everything Trump Did Was Wrong?" Remember when Democrats screamed they'd NEVER take Trump-era FDA approved vaccines...now they wonder why they can't get the job done with those still hesitating? Talk about a schizoid turnaround!

You mean the Chinese Tariffs Trump put on Chinese goods have yet to be repealed? You mean that a pivot away from Europe is also accelerating under Biden...just like it continued to do under Trump (and mostly theoretically under Obama's "Asian Pivot?")

Surely you all must be very disappointed at Biden for going along with SO MANY of Trump's actual successful policies....? lol. Better just to go back to your media-blinders of choice, since it is true that for those who don't want to know: Ignorance IS Bliss!

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Oh dear. Another "Smashing Success"! The "Envy Of The World!" Nothing says "good policy" quite like a necessary accompanying barrage of pepper spray on concerned citizens, am I right?

Meanwhile, back to your cages, Citizens! You don't get to come out again until WE decide you do!

Because "science".

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Posted in: Human rights groups around the world are urging the International Olympic Committee to rescind its decision to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and that countries boycott the Games over China's human rights violations of more than a million Uyghur Muslims. Do you support such a call? See in context

So when more than 60% of a free population (in Japan) does NOT want an Olympic Games to be held in their own country...and gets the Olympics crammed down their throats anyway...

Now people expect these very same Elites to suddenly boycott another Games over..."human rights violations"? lol. Come on. If they didn't boycott Russia's Sochi Games following that country's aggressive invasion and occupation of a foreign sovereign country's territory (Ukraine), while FIFA won't cancel Qatar's upcoming World Cup after thousands and thousands of cheap construction workers have long been exploited whilst building the accompanying infrastructure (not to mention its open support for "human rights violating" Jihadi terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah), what makes anyone think they'll now suddenly sacrifice that vaunted "Massive Chinese Market" because of a...lack of morals?

It's all about The Benjamins, Baby. Hundred Dolla Dolla Bills! Follow the money to see how the Promise of Cash Will Crush The Cause of Uighur Human Rights, Let Alone Han Chinese Citizens' Human Rights.

Every. Single. Time!

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snowymountainhellToday  09:00 am JST

Timing & protection are tantamount. Not knowing when to pull out of your bad 1st date can be a mistake, with other possible, unforeseen & unexpected consequences down the road.

Harry_Gatto: Perfect double entendre.

(I agree!)

Harry_Gatto: Was it intentional?

(Don't think so! Still funny!)

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Posted in: Ohtani to pitch for Angels on Sunday See in context

It's great to see how skilled Japanese are at playing baseball. Ohtani's a true Duel Thread both on the mound and behind the plate.

I just hope that he doesn't exhaust or even destroy his throwing arm prematurely, as many, many other Japanese pitchers have done in the past upon finally reaching the Major Leagues, by continuing to chase short-term record breaking over long term endurance and career excellence.

Ganbare, Ohtani! But be careful, too, while you're at it!

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Posted in: Woman chips tooth eating McDonald's burger containing metal See in context

"McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 MILLION customers DAILY in over 100 countries across 37,855 outlets as of 2018."

1 dangerous incident out of 65,000,000 plus servings that day. Out of how many billion servings this year in all? (more than 23.725,000,000 individual transactions!)

I am sorry that this customer was injured, but it's maybe more of a surprise that given the number of customers, this kind of thing doesn't happen MORE often?? Accidents happen; nobody's perfect.

Just look at the examples here of negative personal experiences in restaurants where total servings pale in comparison to the number of meals served by The King, Mac D.

(One might make the same observation about vaccines (how the main thing to marvel at is not the tiny number who react poorly to them, but rather the massive success in those who don't.)

I won't do that though, since that would be "off topic".

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Posted in: Australian PM rejects Chinese criticism of nuclear sub deal See in context

Poor China, angry that people around the world don't like their asinine and self-isolating "Lone Wolf" form of foreign policy? Poor China, upset that people around the world no longer even pretend to believe Beijing's incessant lies and false promises about literally everything?

You mean to tell me that China's economic aggression, militarized intimidation and open cyber attacks on anyone who challenges its so-called "Peaceful Rise" actually creates conditions for sane countries to seek adequate checks on the bullies' power projection? Who woulda thunk it?! lol.

Deal with it, China (using what, that former Ukrainian-casino-cum-aircraft-carrier of yours that doesn't even have its own battle group yet, perhaps? Sure sure....)

Face it: China's actions only INCREASE the liklihood that the country will be contained to its traditional sphere of influence, the exact opposite of China's actual goals! You reap what you sow, King Xi, whether its famine like the Great Leap, catastophes like the Cultural Revolution or the modern Prison State of Isolation even now still outrageously referred to as the "People's Republic!"

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Note from Japanese quarantine. Two weeks in my home, with government tracking aps with cutesy names like "COCOA" installed in my phone, making random demands for updates, location, and even facial features (since they took a pic of each passenger prior to takeoff, and will use this image as AI confirmation that I, perhaps one of the most COVID-tested people in the country right now sit inside my house with my negative results and...wait for the dear Government to check on my "health". lol.

From Israel, the World's Booster Shot Capital, where 3 million of its 6 plus million population are already thrice vaxxed....here are some facts you too can find (at the Jerusalem Post and elsewhere):

-Unvaccinated people in Israel comprise 65% of all severe infections in the country and around 90% of all individuals who are connected to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines.

-The rate of confirmed infections from THRICE VAXXED citizens was more than 10 times (11.3) lower among people who received the booster compared to people who did not. The rate of severe infection was close to 20 times (19.5) lower, according to Israeli researchers publishing in the New England Journal of Medicine. (Notice, though, that infections continue, even among THRICE VAXXED citizens? No COVID-FREE panacea here!)

-The country continues to have an average of 10,000 new cases per day, even with some of the world's highest vaccination rates. (Sound Familiar, anyone??)

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Posted in: Virus lockdown extended for Australia's capital by 4 weeks See in context

"So successful..."

lol. "So successful" ...they need to return to another one month lockdown!? lol What will you claim next? Afghanistan withdrawal massacre...an "unqualifed success"? lol.

Here's the thing: Vaccination DOES NOT STOP COVID SPREAD. Prevent? Yes. STOP? NO.

Do you "follow the science" phonies understand this? You can dictate that 100% lockdown of fully-vaccinated citizens becomes the New Norm...and you'll still see new cases! Australia's simply proving that the Forever Lockdown Emperors Have No Clothes! More and more often now, it's the FULLY VAXXED citizen doing the spreading!

I'm relaxing, fully vaxxed, in Orange County California. Cases here are up among fully vaccinated people. Literally thousands of fully-vaxxed people here have CAUGHT the COVID. Cases are up, especially among young people (under 34 year-old deaths account for fewer than one in twenty deaths, while the "serious" and the "hospitalized" are almost 85% OVER the average age of LIFE EXPECTANCY.

How would an Endless Lockdown "help" this situation or ever be "successful" in a situation where the elderly are the ones who, 19 in 20 times, die, nowhere in the world is there or will there be a 100% vaccinated population due to allergies, reactions or other legitimate reasons (as well as all your politically-loaded excuses about the "non-vaxxed", all the while ignoring that Democrats (particularly African Americans) are some of the MOST RESISTANT culprits holding out on this latest tepid vaccination drive), and COVID will continue to exist, spread, be caught and lead to deaths, just like the flu, for the rest of our lives. The "vaccine" has proven to be no panecea to preventing the SPREAD of Covd. No draconian, poor-destroying ockdown will ever change these facts.

Wake up Authoritarian Apologists! Everyone else is already: it'd be a shame to see even Australia throw in the towel before you all do!

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza after fire balloons, border clashes See in context

Jimizo: "I find the claim ‘The MSM doesn’t cover...’ when it does to be extremely common."

It seems to be YOU who are being disingenuous. That's not all the OP wrote, and unless you are unfamiliar with English terms of CHRONOLOGY, then you are purposely misunderstanding the claims OP made.

"The media write nothing about Hamas attacks...BUT ONCE Israel responds, it is a story."

This is absolutely fact. Only in Israeli news sources are the almost daily terrorist attacks, fire, balloon bomb, suicidal knifings and car-rammings broadcast with such enthusiasm like the news above. Suddenly, Israel responds, and it's the whole "Innocent David ATTACKED By Mechanized Goliath" trope all over again, in ALL MEDIA SOURCES.

YOU are not arguing in good faith unless you can provide ample/equal coverage of Palestinian attacks like we can find stories about the IDF "attacking" the Palestinians (not "responding to" mind you). You cannot, obviously, so we'll let that embarrassment stand on its own.

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Posted in: New Zealand wages high-stakes effort to halt virus outbreak See in context

I am only now realizing the full incompetence coming from the NZ government:

"New Zealand's vaccine rollout has been the slowest of any developed nation, with only 39% of people having gotten at least one shot and 22% fully vaccinated.

"The country chose to use only the Pfizer vaccine and didn't approve its use until two months after U.S. regulators first approved it for emergency use.

"The negligent execution of the rollout has left New Zealand a sitting duck for the delta variant.”

“The New Zealand health system is still poorly resourced to deal with any large outbreak of a disease such as COVID-19,” the report found."

"A recent report noted that at the pandemic's start, New Zealand had fewer than one-third the number than the average in developed nations, and little had changed since then."

All of these problems can be sourced squarely on the present NZ government. It's been in power for years prior to this pandemic, and all other developed countries are doing better on vaccinations and on creating hospital beds than the Left-leaning shut-ins on their now-eternally isolated rock.

But hey, let's trust this same government to get rid of a...global pandemic...with....total economic and personal lockdowns!? Surely they can do SOMETHING right, right? Surely this government can at least DESTROY the economy and livelihoods of a large segment of its population correctly?

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