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Posted in: Danny Elfman writes a solo album with 'venom' pouring out See in context

In my opinion, the first Oingo Boingo album, Only A Lad, is an absolute masterpiece. Still fresh-sounding today in spite of being from the synth-heavy early 80s, it's jam-packed with alienation and the Outsider's rage against society's "Like-Sub-Follow" conformity. All delivered smilingly tongue-in-cheek by the apt-named, fiery-haired Elf-Man.

The lyrics to the song "Capitalism" from that album simply have to be some of the greatest ever written. sigh.

What would Halloween night in the 80s and early 90s be without a three-hour Oingo concert? lol. An So-Cal staple years before the saccharine-sweet No Doubt swindled Oingo's swinging horns and ska-beats for marketing to the Cookie-Cut Masses...

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Posted in: Australian swimmer Groves pulls out of Olympic trials, citing 'perverts' See in context

"He GROPED ME!!! (with his eyes). I 'think' this was after some counseling, but of course, I'm just making this part up..."

"How DARE that man...APOLOGIZE to me? 'Probably' had to be told to do it first. Of course I'm just making this part up, but you HAVE to believe me when I claim..."

The only "exploiting" and "gaslighting" I see is an Olympic champion exploiting her social media account with unnamed attacks on "men". Oh well. Time's UP? Enjoy the Olympics from the safe sidelines, and NO LOOKING AT HER, MEN!!!

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Posted in: Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit See in context

Robust! Just ask a former White House sternographer, who witnessed Biden being "humiliated" by Putin in a previous face-to-face encounter.

"As (then Vice President) Joe Biden’s White House stenographer, I stood directly behind Putin at a distance of five feet. Biden, seated across from Putin at an elegant conference table, was about 12 feet from me.

"About 10 minutes into the meeting, Vice President Biden attempted to start lecturing about his decades-old part in U.S.-Russian negotiations with the dreaded phrase, “I’ve been around a long time. The first time I was here…”

"And… cut.

"Joe Biden got about one sentence further into that spiel when off went his microphone, off went the lights for the TV cameras, and stern Russian voices were commanding the press to leave. And leave they did.

"They went out quickly and efficiently, with videocameras popping off of tripods. Equipment snapping shut. Portable lights clattering down retractable poles. No one spoke, and no one dared linger.

"Across the table, I could see Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, in the now dimly lit room, looking as duped as an exhausted fish in the bottom of a boat. No protest, no complaint. No, hey, I wasn’t finished. Nothing. He was humiliated."


Oh yeah, Joe, Putin's real "scared" of you! lol.

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Posted in: Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit See in context

As "robust" a response as Biden's complete and utter surrender on the Nordstream 2 pipeline? Like when he refused to authorize sanction against companies that would absolutely prevent what State and Defense have repeatedly suggested was "systematically designed" to hurt allies like Poland and weaken countries under Russian siege like Ukraine?

It's a fact that the Biden Administration has refused to use sanctions against the companies now racing to complete the pipeline. Just like it's a fact that the worst online hacks coming out of Russia have been this year, during the Biden Administration. But the very same people who would scream at a Trump for meeting with Putin face to face (remember the RAGE during Helsinki! lol!) are suddenly silent, even approving, of Biden's rush to have a "robust" Bro-down with Vlad the Bad...

Iran "unclear if prepared to comply", in 2021. Hackers shutting down American energy companies, and demanding ransomware payouts, from Russia, in 2021. China openly threatening war against Taiwan, in 2021. Hamas launching thousands of rockets at Israel, in 2021. Suddenly...Biden hastens to legitimize an autocrat who just tried to murder his latest civilian critic through poisoning his underwear.


If you can't see that the world thinks Biden is a tired, weak and lazy pushover, you're just not paying attention to world news in 2021.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

Still waiting for this as yet un-elected politician's predecessor Shinzo Abe's promises to come true as advertized.

2% Inflation target? Fail. A whole bunch of new debt, but that's about it.

"Three Arrows"? lol! What?

Given this stellar record, readers have every right to be skeptical of this latest lead bureaucrat's promises. It's not cynical, rather it's just not being stupidly gullible and falling for every fresh promise from politicians who've never kept any promises before in the past!

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Posted in: Scholar learns remains of Tojo, other war criminals scattered in Pacific See in context

Boy, some of these amateurish knee-jerk hot takes...wow! Even a Wikipedia cut-and-paste job thrown in? lol.

This is a huge find for the historian. More important, but less interesting than, the story about Tojo's false teeth that had "Remember Pearl Harbor" etched into them in Morse Code! Tojo wore them around the prison for a while, unknowing, until the perpetrator righted things and replaced them with a clean set again. Bet you don't learn this historical anecdote in school, kids!

Name a country that has been more munificent to its vanquished foe in postwar peacetime than the US has been to Japan or Germany. You can't. It's historically unprecedented.

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Posted in: As teams pull out of training camps, Olympics buzz fades See in context

At this point, I'm outright embarrassed for the Japanese and their never-ending quest to have a MONEY-MAKING Olympics in the midst of Pandemic-cancelled events, truncated torch relays, disinvitations to the world community of spectators, unfair limitations on non-Japanese participants, and the endless, craven, non-stop salivating over Money, Money, Money!! It's beyond disgusting!

Notice a trend in all this "Olympic Spirit"??

"...$pent 70 million yen ($640,000)...national government earmarked 13 billion yen for municipalitie$ to host training camp$...Municipalitie$ were expected to $ee a boo$t of about 12 trillion yen...Training camp$ will give a huge impul$e to the economie$ of town$ and citie$, but that i$ being lo$t...$uch cancellation$ could add to the pain for town$ and region$ that are already $marting from a drop-off in touri$m....worrie$ $he could lo$e about 60 booking$...it would cau$e a huge lo$$..."

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Posted in: Boris Johnson urges G7 accord on COVID-19 passports See in context

"Science". lol People tout "science" about a vaccination process that has been completely structured COUNTER to ALL pre-existing scientific methods and cautionary procedures. Ask yourself, how long did it take to approve all vaccines for human use prior to these brand-new, RNA-morphing shots? Months? Years? Decades? Did those vaccines actually force alterations to the patient's RNA, or no? Were they rushed into market in spite of limited trials and clear cases of side-effects being pushed under the rug?

Suddenly, "the science crowd" says, "Nah, you don't need years of clinical testing, just get the shot, or you're anti-science"! "Forget about the blood clots, forget about the fact that there are more than 20 different formulas now being touted around the world, all with various "scientific" processes rushed if not skipped through in order to satisfy local political expediencies? Just get dosed against a sickness that 99,7% don't die from, the AVERAGE age of those who do die is more than two decades OLDER than humanity's normal everyday life expectancy age, and where perhaps as many as 30% of the population carries latently with zero symptoms/problems...or else you're "anti-science"! "Don't think! Do it!!" We're talking "science" here, after all!

Forget that, until just a few weeks ago, anyone on social media claiming, with connected scientists on record supporting their claims, that this health catastrophe just might be sourced back to a Wuhan bio-research lab with a documented history of weaponizing similar SARS viruses coupled with lax safety procedures, sponsored with Western funding. Those people would be branded "anti-science conspiracy theorists" and blocked from posting on their accounts.

(Now poof! "Science" hero Fauci admits that Yes, contrary to previous false claims, the West WAS funding the Wuhan lab, and Biden admits Yes, there might be enough to the lab claims that warrant further official investigation, but look! All the supposed "science" lovers flip, overnight, from one "science-backed" narrative to the next without batting an eye!?)

Forgive me, but your highly politicized, slipshod and peer-pressure/conformist-heavy brand of "science" sounds a lot closer to Soviet-era Lysenko-style politico-driven phony "science" than anything I would call a truly scientific process!

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Posted in: Suga dodges questions on whether Olympics can be held under state of emergency See in context

I saw today that the IOC is "so confident" of having a successful Olympics in the midst of a local Pandemic Emergency, "so assured"...that they're requiring all athletes sign contractual wavers assuming 100% COVID risk while participating in the Games???

"The waver includes updated language that protects the IOC and organizers specifically against consequences of the coronavirus that has infected at least 169 million people worldwide.

Section 4 of the waiver reads, in part: 

"I agree that I participate in the Games at my own risk and own responsibility, including any impact on my participation to and/or performance in the Games, serious bodily injury or even death raised by the potential exposure to health hazards such the transmission of COVID-19..."

Yet more votes of "confidence". CYA, IOC. CYA!

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Posted in: Have you thought about going overseas to get vaccinated for the coronavirus and then coming back to Japan? See in context

Leaving in July, right before the Farce "2020" Olympics begin. Won't be back until long after the world's vaxxed jocks leave town with their tacky metallic bling in tow. In other words, won't miss a thing.

Enjoy the Eternal Emergency! The Tokyo Olympics are far important than Tokyoites, it seems...

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Posted in: Coates: Tokyo Olympics to go ahead even in state of emergency See in context

Whatever. Obviously these elites care so little for the health and safety of the general population - their main concern is pride, profit, and plowing ahead, no matter what.

So, for what it's worth, before those 100,000 visitors flood into my completely ineptly run and unprepared City of Tokyo in a State of Emergency? I'm heading the other way - to the USA. Walk right into any Walgreens and get for minimal cost what this local government seems completely uninterested in providing me and mine with anytime soon.

No one will miss me, but on the other hand, I certainly won't miss anything related to this train-wreck of an "Olympics". So to each their own.

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Posted in: Japan could freeze all Myanmar aid, foreign minister warns See in context

Go ahead. I Triple-Dog-Dare you to do it, Japan! (i.e. I'll believe it when I see it).

Japan needs all these autocrat-run Asian countries' markets, now and into the future, way more than they need Japan. That's just the reality of the situation. Meanwhile, China's perfectly fine calling this coup a "cabinet reshuffling" to keep markets closed by Japan open to its own brands and cheaper knockoffs...so yeah, not expecting much more than verbal threats.

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Posted in: Some people (including a few Japan Today commenters) who are angry that the Tokyo Olympics have not been canceled because of the coronavirus, claim they are never again going to use the products and services of the dozens of Olympic sponsors. What do you think of such a reaction? See in context

Good luck! You will need to be boycotting ever touching products from Coke, Toyota, Samsung, Alibaba, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, Panasonic, P&G, Omega, Visa, Airbnb, Intel...and that's JUST the "global sponsors."

lol "Gold sponsors?" Now we're talking a boycott of: Asahi Group, Asics, NTT, Canon, Eneos, Nomura, Fujitsu, Mizuho, SMBC, Meiji, LiXiL, NEC...After that, you finally get to the lowly...er..."Official Partners and Supporters" who include the likes of Google, Yahoo, Mistubishi, Haneda AND Narita Airport, Kuroneko, JR, JAL and ANA, Nissin, Oracle, Yomiuri, and Asahi, Nikkei and the Mainichi, Tokyo Gas, the Japan Post, Ajinomoto and...and...

...and yeah, you're not to be able to boycott all these companies and survive without DRASTIC changes to how you live! Face facts. But hey, do your best!

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

I don't say anything when Japanese drown perfectly good food in mayonaise in ways that would absolutely shock the French creators of said dishes.

I don't say anything when Japanese dump overpowering seaweed onto "Italian" pasta, nor when they mix strong fish base into pork or chicken recipes.

Do what you want with your food, and ignore the Taste Fascists. I don't care if I "should" or "shouldn't" put wasabi in my soy sauce. I do. I think it's better that way. And I don't care what anyone else thinks about it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says Bach visit to Japan now unlikely See in context

When are we going to blame the government for actually helping to spread the virus through its incompetence and half-measures?

The Mayor of Tokyo, pushing the Olympics in spite of destroying literally thousands of families' ability to earn incomes due to on-again, off-again policies that really do NOT work, should be directly to blame as much as the central government, for any increase in virus spread following the inflow of tens of thousands of incoming athletes, press, promoters, corporate sponsors etc. etc. etc. in the MIDST of a STATE OF EMERGENCY!

Of course, every single government stooge, Suga and Koike included, continue to get paid no matter how much they botch things up, no matter how many lives their ineffective policies destroy. And while vaccinated foreigners come and go with increasing ease? The locals under these incompetents' thumbs sit and wait for their turn, witnessing THE slowest response to this sickness among ALL OECD countries, to say nothing of many much poorer developing ones!

It's beyond embarrassing. It's downright CRIMINAL to hold an international event in the middle of a medical emergency when local people who are paying for this farce continue to suffer and die.


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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

"Aiming" for 1 million per day. You were "aiming" for having a majority of elderly vaccinated by the end of May...they're still stuck at less than 1% for even the FIRST dosage.

"1 million" a day. So, even if they miraculously ramped dosage distribution up from the present low thousands to "a million" a day, there are 126.15 Million people, all of whom need TWO shots. According to your estimate, Suga, if you suddenly achieved your pie-in-the-sky number tomorrow, this means that , removing children, you wouldn't fully vaccinate this country until 2022, in the BEST CASE scenario!

Remember, his paper-pushing, time serving clerk of a prime minister has an election to win, and hence an electorate to fool, so expect many, many more similarly foolish promises, predictions and claims coming from the ole Grey Ghost Suga! Whatever it takes to win!

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Posted in: Travel-hungry S Koreans board 'scenic flights' to whisk them over Japan See in context

This is a case where, literally, "the point of the journey is not to arrive"!

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Posted in: Osaka loses to Muchova in 3 sets at Madrid Open See in context

Yeah, one pic in four of the, you know, winner of the match? That would've been nice. Maybe next time.

The selective focus reminds me of Naomi's first ever victory at the US Open, when all the spotlights were on loser Serena's tantrums and excuses, so much so that the then-timid-newbie-to-fame Naomi actually felt the need to apologize to her erstwhile heroine for...beating her at a US Open!

Anyway, plenty of opportunities of Naomi to come...congrats to the (photo not available), too.

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Posted in: Man United fans storm stadium, forcing game to be called off See in context

As the Japanese aptly call them in their Katakana JEnglish, "Fool-rigans".

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Posted in: Virus surge, by-election losses put Suga's future in question See in context

Right after the Olympics. That's when this very grey eminence Suga will strike. Japan on a high, celebrating all those "home victories" with only Japanese faces in the stands of their "world" event, and by then, with the COVID vaccines flooding into the country with undeniable growing pace.

10th of August, two days after the Olympics are over, and one day after all the ritual "atomic" commemorations are done, Suga will call a general for September, just prior to the end of his term as LDP president. With Komeito, he has now a 58% majority in the Upper House, and a whopping 66.7% majority in the Lower House.

With the opposition so fractured and weak, so disorganized in their messaging, Suga should be able to ride the System's over-weighting of rural votes (who are elderly and Agriculture-based, and who will by then be fully vaxxed and subsidized afresh) to hang on to majorities. Then, he'll seek a second term as LDP prez, having given the Old Party Foxes a brand-new five year lease on the hen house...

It's not what I want...it's just what I see happening. Say goodbye to Abe's dream of changing Article 9, though.

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Posted in: What does Japan's virus state of emergency mean this time? See in context

In Japan there have been (according to John's Hopkins latest) 554,368 "cases" of COVID. What percent of these "cases" had zero symptoms or any discomfort resulting from their "sickness" at all? Can you get this information? If not, why not?

What percent of those half million "positive" people were over 65? How many were over the age of life expectancy even? Can we tell? Why not?

People are sick of being "quarantined", but if you don't like the government's response, what can you do about it? Protests are shrugged off as a weak-attended annoyance. And a city dweller on average counts proportionally as half that of a rural dweller out in the sticks- the voting system has institutionalized this voting discrepancy against the real majority of Japanese citizens on purpose. The LDP will still win the next election.

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Posted in: Documentary tells story of Titanic's Chinese survivors See in context

If it's an impartial telling of facts that really did occur, then more power to them. Revealing new aspects of factually-documented but as-yet untold historical occurrences is always a good thing. Just don't pretend the people or the time you're focusing on "should've" thought and been just like "us", the "perfect" Woke know-it-all civilization of the present. Because 100 years from now, you can guarantee that the Woke living then will be laughing their heads off at your own contemporary contradictions, biases and other stupidity in the very same way!

Reveal, But Keep It Real, hey?

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Posted in: Tokyo state of emergency does not affect Games: IOC See in context

lol. It's not an "Emergency"! Rather, it's just an "Emergence...see?"

So we're seeing an appearance...er, an Emergence, of a situation of higher infections, and spreading throughout a country utterly lacking even the rudiments of response necessary to stem its expansion. That's OK, no reason at all not to bring thousands upon thousands of new people from all over the world into the mix...as long as they "test" negative before and during.

As for the un-innoculated masses of Japanese in the stands and on the streets, participating in this "Emergence...see?" farce? Meh...That's of little consequence when compared to the CA$H that the Japanese government and the IOC is desperate to earn!

Stick a fork in this "2020" Olympics....it's done.

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

The "Hate Japan" industry in South Korea sure seems to be booming, doesn't it? Passing that hot hate down to the next generation, then the next...just like their northern neighbor China.

I like to think about all the preparatory steps these "spontaneous public" demonstrations go through to achieve their "spontaneity". Find some willing "volunteers", typically from within one's own anti-Japan activist group, print professionally slick signs with matching barber coverings days or even weeks prior, invite the media, or better yet, do the event right outside the news channel's offices...just to be sure! Now, make sure all cameras protectively zoom in real close, so as not to reveal the fact that, minus journalists and activists, there are typically fewer than 50 honest "normal people" who even bother to attend such "news" farces!

~Mission Accomplished?

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Posted in: Walter Mondale, Carter's vice president, dies at 93 See in context

He lost re-election to the Veep ticket, got clobbered by Reagan in one of the most lopsided defeats in history, then lost his bid to be a governor of his own home state. lol. In other words, a "giant" of the left!

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Posted in: World running out of time to tackle climate crisis: U.N. See in context

If you want to see how much of a "crisis" this is, just look at what your "leaders" DO, rather than what they SAY.

Obama is so worried about "rising sea levels"...that he bought a sea-side mansion! (Just like he's so worried about "racism" that the island where the first-"black" president chooses to live on is...99,97% rich and white??)

The UN chief could do ALL his meetings online, but no, he prefers to FLY his entire horde from country to country in order to...not shake anyone's hands in person! Keeping it real!

"How Dare You!", Greta Thurnberg, for living with your small family in a giant 6 bedroom, five bath mansion! I heard you got some rich guy to "sail" you to your climate change meet, but while you made headlines with your virtue signalling gesture, you forced the crew to FLY to the starting destination of your sail? lol.

Al Gore has never met a private plane he didn't like. He's got more air conditioning in his half dozen-plus homes than the average large university campus. How's that "hockey stick" prediction looking now, Al? Turned out to be...alarmist, did it? Al doesn't care!

Nothing says "I really care about the environment" quite like Leo DiCaprio FLYING, alone, on a private jet...to receive his latest "environmental protection" award.

The DAVOS Men are so alarmed, they've continued to fly annually to Switzerland each year, with scores of their supporting minion servants in tow, to continue publicly fretting about "our" future in triple-first-class luxury, all the while planning out the meager future existence you lesser mortals will be forced to adapt.

And anyone who screams we've got, what, 11 more years before we all DIE? Then...go on to give birth to additional children of their own...yeah, they're really, really worried about "our" future!

"All animals are EQUAL!...But SOME animals are MORE EQUAL than others!" lol. Who first coined that quote, what kind of behaviour was he describing and why?

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Posted in: Winners of $20 mil contest make concrete to trap carbon dioxide announced See in context

Good news. It's good to hear more of the mindset of "market solutions" or "using technology and innovation to solve real-world problems" instead of the rather lame "stop doing X, even if you don't want to", "let's tax Y to death" or "ham-fisted punitive government actions alone will save the world from Z".

Because more often than not, it's non-governmental market solutions that are the most effective and efficient.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

I find it hilarious that many of you here discover "blame shifting" or claims of Japanese "superiority" in a news article completely FREE of any such claims! lol. You all must feel a severe need to criticize Japan whenever possible, even if it means reading false motivations and absent attitudes into news write-ups where there is ZERO evidence to support your claims!

Who here would try to claim that New Zealanders, for example, were "shifting blame onto the outside world" or "trying to show how superior their country is" when they, too, totally and utterly blocked any inflights into country, to say nothing of not allowing those with no PRC test results? lol. You'd sound quite foolish, and well you should do, but with Japan...there are different rules for criticism, obviously?

Many here must live their lives endless searching out new ways to be personally offended, or for opportunities to be outwardly critical towards a foreign Japanese culture and people at every turn! lol If so, then I suggest you look in the mirror to find the very thing which you knee-jerkingly blame others of doing!

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Posted in: Pfizer CEO: Vaccine third dose 'likely' needed within 12 months See in context

People are shrugging this off, blithely comparing repeated COVID injections to flu shots. By doing this, you miss most of the Big Picture.

Most people aren't forced to get flu shots. But there are real world penalties for not getting this (soon to be annual) COVID injection. Will you be able to board a plane, enter a hospital or retirement home, or visit another country, from here on out, without "consenting" to a "voluntary" annual jab, along with paying for the privilege of having your DNA collected before and after your trip, in the form of mandatory PCR tests? Do you have to carry around "passports" with you at all times to prove to all and sundry that you've received a flu shot, as is now being "strongly" recommended in the US and throughout Europe? No, no you do not.

Also, unlike common flu shots, most of these COVID vaccines actually introduce RNA-altering instructions into your body to actually change the way your body function, in a fundamental way. It's quite revolutionary, since it's being introduced now a a global scale, yet with not 10% of the previous clinical trial and test times required by former vaccine technology. Problems with blood clot issues, for example, only appeared not in the trial stage, but while vaccines were being introduced into the general population at large, which only further confirms the "rush-job" now underway.

To conclude, saying this COVID vaccine is "just like the flu shot" is about as wrong as claiming that COVID is "just the flu". It's not, in so many fundamental ways.

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Posted in: 2 top LDP officials say Olympics cancelation, no fans still an option See in context

They won't but they should cancel the "2020" Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics are supposed to be open to the world, a time when even during strife and war, people from all countries can participate freely in what was always been meant to be a publicly viewed spectacle.

Instead, the world is barred, the "celebrations" are a muted farce, the crowd will be 100% home country advantage, 85% of whom say in polls that they'd prefer to cancel the potentially health-harmful event.

Meanwhile, the government fails to provide vaccinations to its own people on a par with even the lowest of developing countries, while simultaneously planning to dump toxic radioactive water into the world's sea! Just...no.

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