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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

The Japanese have been hiding their fears forever in private: now they get to show their fear proudly on their faces, forever. You think the lemmings are ever going to take it off without "guidance" from above?

As has been noticed by others, the "science" behind mask wearing is so air-tight, that as soon as Japanese enter a new, foreign culture, they immediately seek to "blend in"....by removing the mask!~ lol.

The people jogging, riding bikes, and driving empty cars, literally scores of meters away from any other human, wearing their security blanket mask, thoughtlessly, THEY are the "ugly Japanese". Their conformity and cowardice deserves to be openly mocked.

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Posted in: Jazzy 'Charlie Brown Christmas' swings on after 57 years See in context

"Charlie Brown needs updating to better reflect America's demographics in 2022."

What a ridiculous idea. Tell you what, get all the geniuses from 2022 together, and try to make an alternative that can even approach the original in creativity or impact. You'll end up with rubbish that no one will watch, guaranteed.

But no, you have to erase the past to feel good about this dystopian present you're imposing on everyone!

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Posted in: Jazzy 'Charlie Brown Christmas' swings on after 57 years See in context

A classic. For adults and for children. They can't, or won't, make stuff like this anymore.

Charlie: "Isn't there ANYONE who knows what Christmas is all about about?!"

Like where Linus quotes, from memory, from Luke in the Bible about the birth of Jesus as an answer to Charlie's frustration at all the commercialism he sees surrounding the holiday? lol. That scene just wouldn't happen in 2022 without severe criticism from Wokists...

"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!"

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Posted in: Dems, GOP make urgent final pitches before midterms See in context

WASHINGTON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden's public approval rating dipped to 39% in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Monday, reinforcing nonpartisan election forecasters' expectations that his Democratic party was in for a drubbing in Tuesday's midterm elections.

The two-day national poll found that Americans' approval of Biden's job performance had dropped by one point, nearing the lowest point of his presidency...

Let The Investigations Begin! Can't wait to see how much Russian Oligarch cash the Biden family has pocketed over the years. Then, can't wait to see the Left, who screamed "Russia!!" for years at the top of their lungs...suddenly find something else to talk about, or shrug off the ACTUAL buying of a President and his family. lol.

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Posted in: Musk takes control of Twitter; fires 3 top executives See in context

After years of the Left overreaching, of canceling and restricting and banning (because they have to protect "freedom"), it sort of feels like a lot of people have had enough, and the pendulum is swinging back the other way. Not a bad thing.

All the Right asks for it to be allowed to exist, and to have access. Sorry if the totalitarians of the Left feel threatened by having actual competition of ideas coming up against all their lunatic movements, silly opinions and screeching, one-way diatribes...

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Posted in: S Korea to take part in Japan fleet review despite Rising Sun flag objection See in context

See...that's smart. Protest what you don't like...but participate. At the end of the day, Japan's not going to launch a reconquest of the Koreas anytime soon. But South Korea most certainly can and does need consistent, mutually-based assistance from its neighbors and partners in keeping its security priorities secure!

If the US, another former Japanese foe, who witnessed thousands upon thousands of its own citizens massacred by forces flying the very same flag, can "move on" and realize that it's 2022 and not 1942, then South Korea should surely be mature enough to do the same.

Why cut off one's nose to spite one's (almost 80 years ago) face? 80 years ago, China didn't threaten, and there was no "North" Korea lobbing missiles over the South and over Japan as well.

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Posted in: The U.S. dollar’s appreciation is bad news for the global economy. Do you agree? See in context

Almost every commodity in the entire world is bought and paid for with...US Dollars. Oil? Gas? Soybeans, Coal? Gold Copper Silver? Lithium? Everything practically any industry needs to make practically anything at all; also any wholesale staple foodstuff that is brokered through any commodity market - all are usually negotiated, bought, contracted and paid for in US dollars. It's one of the main reasons why most of the world's countries' cash reserves are held in...US dollars. It's not because they like the picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front of every Hundo! If things go wrong in-country, that country needs those dollars to get the necessities of life from outside country with those dollars!

If you don't have those dollars? Then you can't participate. You don't get the goods. And to get those dollars, you must convert your local (comparatively weaker) money. That's starting to hurt worldwide. And it's only going to get worse, much worse, before it starts to get better. So yeah, it ONLY affects the price of everything not produced in one's country, plus most of what is produced industrially inside the country. Other than that it's all..."illusionary", so to speak!

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Posted in: Yen, inflation at levels unseen in decades not likely to sway BOJ See in context

The only "crisis" Japan suffers right now is a central bank head who refuses to raise interest rates even 25 basis points. The rest of the world is over their QE experiment, but Japan, who started the entire quantitative easing remember, refuses to go along with the rest of the developed world in fighting inflation the old fashioned way. Thus, the markets will refuse to buy Japan (bonds, yen) until this silly policy ends. They've already shown how worthless "intervening" to prop up the yen truly is. Policy at the central bank of Japan needs changing, but Kuroda will simply not play ball.

Until then (which will not be until April 2023 at the earliest, since Kuroda will go out in a blaze of stupidly easy money policy at the end of his term, and we have to wait for a new bank head), expect the yen to fall against the dollar. It's inevitable: markets are signalling in the UK, in Turkey and in many, many other places besides, that zero interest rate policies plus exploding deficit spending are at an end in the face of persistent inflation. Yet Japan still thinks it can have its cake and eat it, too...

Now, should Japan be like China and start selling Treasuries to pay for their pointless "interventions/deficit spending" to the point where T-bills become suspect due to the US's own endemic fiscal debt situation? The world's number 1 and 2 buyers of treasuries stop buying up all that debt? THAT might trigger a global meltdown of historic proportions...

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Posted in: Soaring U.S. dollar spreads pain worldwide See in context

"Well, the Fed didn't predict that Putin would invade Ukraine"

That would be a good argument...if it weren't for the fact that inflation was already "running hot" almost a year before Putin invaded Ukraine, so...no. Also, Zero COVID has NOTHING to do with the Mandate of the Fed. The FED's job is to protect the US economy. Everything else is tertiary.

When your mandate is to keep inflation under control yet you decide to print and put out more than 2 Trillion USD extra, on top of all the rest of that fiat money sloshing around the world already, even with steady, positive GDP growth? To keep QE going even then?! That's what I call a Failure to Follow Mandate.

Just admit that your precious Central Bankers aren't the wondrous wizards of finance that you hype them out to be...for a start!

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Posted in: Soaring U.S. dollar spreads pain worldwide See in context

Jeff Lee. Hmm...you put zero blame on the Fed deciding to let "inflation run hot" for a while (their words), when they should have been raising rates more than a year ago? No error in claiming that this worldwide inflation was "temporary"? Really??

lol. Don't look over there...look over here!

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Posted in: Empress Emerita Michiko turns 88 See in context

Fantastic! 88! Happy Birthday, Empress Emerita Michiko!

Never could think of a bad thing to say about her...still can't. Neither her husband. Class acts, the both of them.

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Posted in: Koike looking for tourists See in context

You'd be a lot more welcoming-looking if you stopped surrounding yourself with dozens of security and functionaries...and removed those stupid masks.

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Posted in: Approval for Kishida gov't falls below 30% for first time See in context

Allow me to explain why this poll means nothing.

Notice the huge numbers missing from the poll? 27.4% plus 43%...where's the other 29.6%?? (They're there...they have no opinion for this poll...but they mostly and reflexively vote LDP come election time!)

27.4% plus a good chunk of that 29.6%...plus "proportional representation" and Komeito support = re-election. Sorry to burst your bubbles, folks, thought you all had the drill down by now....

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Posted in: Yen weakness likely to mute impact of Japan's reopening for airlines See in context

Keeping Japanese "yen captives" inside the country is something for this government to celebrate and encourage, not become dismayed over. The domestic economy is stuck in idle, or worse, for the foreseeable future, so any domestic spending is a plus. "Go To Japan" they inelegantly market to the locals, while "Yokoso Japan" has lost more than a bit of its cheerful meaning for foreign tourists now widely thought of as little more than economic cattle that Japanese can, indeed, must, exploit. Feel the "love", foreigners! lol. Roll up, roll up!

Still, I found an 800 USD flight to the US just before XMAS. The cheapest it's been in years for that season, contradicting some of what this article claims. However yes, once in the West, my yen won't buy nearly as much (though one can say the same thing for the locals in the West and their domestically weaker-purchasing-powered dollars, euros or pounds.) It is what it is...

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Posted in: Large cans of Asahi Super Dry’s draft beer Nama Jockey coming See in context

"The new taste is awful."

I agree 100%. It's the New Coke of beers. When will they learn...if it ain't broke...!

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Posted in: I don’t want my father’s ashes to be used politically, nor religiously. As his daughter, I just want to grieve silently and console his spirit. See in context

"This can be witnessed by the souls of the A-class war criminals..."

You know that "enshrining souls" is a bit different from enshrining ACTUAL REMAINS or ashes of bodies, right? I sure hope so...this lady isn't asking for her father's "soul" but rather his "mortal remains".

Anyway, those "souls" were enshrined in Yasukuni in 1978, some 30 years after the worst were hanged in punishment. So even when sticking to your analogy, I'd say that this woman can indeed expect to wait quite a great deal longer...

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Posted in: Japan to expel Russia consul as ties worsen over Ukraine See in context

Great. Throw one "consul" out of northern Japan...but also sign brand new long-term supply contracts with Russian LNG exporters in the Sakhalin 2 development project! Providing billions and billions of dollars to Russia's war machine.

"In early August (2022), the Russian government gave Sakhalin-2 minority foreign investors – Shell, and Japan’s Mitsui & Co and Mitsubishi – one month to claim their stakes in a new entity that will replace the existing project. Shell has confirmed it is looking at ways to exit the project. The Japanese companies are expected to keep their stakes, Japan’s Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda has said..."

And they did! Brand new contract. Now you tell me, which one of the actions above has more of an impact on Russia's thinking? The publicized expulsion of some non-entity running a third-tier consulship? Or a new, fat gas contract with Japanese technical assistance and hard cash infusions?

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Posted in: Flying green See in context

Why don't they just paint "Green" with some little flowers onto all the barrels of jet fuel this "special" airplane will consume, too? It might also "raise awareness"? lol.

Changing the world one Virtue Signal at a time! lol. As empty a gesture as when they decided to stamp almost every electric product with the term "Eco" purely for marketing reasons! "We Support The Current Thing!!" is trending hard...

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Posted in: Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch See in context

This is a very good idea. Too much of the Chinese-focused English language content on say YouTube is either CCP sympathetic or else cult-related productions, as in produced by Falun Gong/Dafa (NTD, China Uncensored, etc).

Granted that such Taiwanese content would be coming from their government, but it would be a free, freely-elected Chinese government, not the autocratic totalitarian one in Beijing, and would further show the world that an Independent Taiwan is an actual FACT, a living breathing nation with its own military, elections, interests, culture, international relationships, hopes and dreams.

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Posted in: Europe braces for mobile network blackouts See in context

Yet again, another scare mongering piece by mainstream media, where there is ZERO certainty that anything bad will happen, and even the opening sentence lays out that they're pulling stories out of their bums:

X could happen if Y.

How many times do we see empty speculation as "news" stories these days? How lazy is the media to focus on "may, might, possibly" instead of facts (like total energy imports to the EU are down a mere 5% from one year ago, while Putin has totally lost sales to a market that used to comprise over 55% of his gas exports)? How dishonest is it to treat speculation as fact, and conjecture as reality?

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Posted in: Strong U.S. dollar an unstoppable force endangering other currencies See in context

A strong dollar is the future. This decade, the entire developed world, and more than half the developing world, reach retirement age. What happens to people once they stop work or get laid off and have to live off their savings: what kinds of investments do they seek? Risky SPACs or risky growth stocks (all now down on average 40% of more)? NO. They go for GUARANTEED, if reduced returns, and strong currencies/strong economies. Hence, the world's funds will continue to flow in the US, and into the dollar. It's not that America/the Dollar are "perfect"; more like they're the "cleanest dirty shirt in a very dirty laundromat"!

As for the countries facing a "dollar-denominated debt crises"? Nobody ordered these countries to borrow in currencies other than their own. Nobody told these countries to adopt Argentinian economic development policies, and borrow borrow away their future in dollars (while squandering their newfound wealth in...yet more re-distributive policies!) These countries have scores of warning stories to have learned from, and they chose to ignore how it all ended in the past, and take the easy money from abroad.

What's ironic about this is that the "inequality" so decried in our Leftist, redistribution-government loving press, is actually going to HELP the dollar retain its dominant position, since it is the rich who continue to expose the vast majority of their assets to riskier investments even after retirement, and their concentration in certain countries will help to ameliorate the drying up of credit caused by the Boomers' epic-sized retirement along with crushing interest rate hikes on the costs of borrowing for anything and everything! As for the more "equal" countries where socialized redistribution has made everyone equal in their economic medeocrity? They should prepare for an end to all those decades of easy loans, financing and investment, along with an end to much of their even-now unsustainable welfare largess!

Congratulations! You are lucky enough to be alive at the time when all our economic models predicated on "always more, forever more, eternally greater growth year after year" finally comes to an end. Are you ready?

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Posted in: Denmarks: Nord Stream 2 pipeline seems to have stopped leaking See in context

Benefit to Putin? Sometimes dictators do things that have zero benefit for their people/countries. Sometimes dictators cut of their own noses to spite their faces. And Putin's MASSIVE inferiority complex against the West leads him to do really stupid things. Putin thought the West was weak, and he was strong: the opposite is proving true. Putin thought there was no way that Europe could get through the winter without any Russian Gas: Europe will put Putin's fantasies to rest.

What benefit did the Soviet Union have in sealing off its economy for decades, or in prioritizing military spending over providing consumer necessities? What benefit did Stalin earn in randomly murdering millions of his own loyal citizens during the Great Purge? Or in making an alliance with Fascist Germany, a country whose leader swore to anyone who'd listen, that his ultimate goal in life was to erase Russia from the map? None, really. So to think that Putin decided to cut the European nose off just to spite his own sagging Russian face, well, this isn't exactly the first time things like this have happened....

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Posted in: Japan's forex intervention hits record ¥2.84 tril to stem yen fall See in context

It "cost" that much, huh? In fact, if Japan sold dollars at a much higher rate than they bought them for, so it might be more appropriate to say that they "made" money!

Still, the yen is now about 0.3 yen per dollar away from hitting 145...again. The speculators are still betting that any intervention isn't going to be enough, in the long run. Until the BOJ hikes rates, even a smidgen, the yen is going to continue to fall, alas...oh, and did everyone notice the price hikes starting today (Oct 1) on thousands of daily life items that central banks do not count as inflation?

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz in message against hatred See in context

LOL. When he was "Governator" of California, Leftists positively spewed hate against Schwa-chan non stop. Now? They lionize him like they lionize...Lynn Cheney? LOL What is going on in the world?

Lenin used to call such people "Useful Idiots". You all might want to learn the meaning of the term...

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Posted in: Pro-Russia hacker group stops cyberattacks on Japan due to money shortage See in context

"Those Western sanctions are having no effect on Russia..." say most Russian online trolls...or at least the ones left after Vlad The Bad's "partial conscription"...

Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia are positively filling up with "patriotic Russians" that waved the Z online, but then chose to run away from Russia when even a whiff of actually participating in a WAR caught up to those keyboard warriors. lol. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!

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Posted in: Japan, China mark 50 years since normalization of ties amid tensions See in context

To put this into context. Pew Research just released their "global" polling on Chinese favorability ratings for 2021. And here is the answer to the question "Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of China?"

Japan (87% un, 12% fav), South Korea (80% un, 19% fav), Australia (86% un, 14% fav), the US (82% un, 16% fav)

Can anyone spot a trend here? lol! More "unfavorable" responses by percentage: Sweden (83%), Netherlands (75%), Canada and Germany (both 74% un)

...so, yeah! Keep up the good work, Dear Leader Xi! And...congratulations? lol.

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Posted in: Europe investigates 'attacks' on Russian gas pipelines to Europe See in context

The EU accounted for 74% of Russia's natural gas exports prior to the war with Ukraine. Russia stupidly failed to develop any LNG ports or pipelines to the East, so pipelines are the only way one can export this gas, in any way. That's gone now!

Yes, there's a pipeline still running...right through Ukraine! Who's your daddy now, Vlad? lol. And there's one to Turkey...where thanks to Erdogan's stupid economic policies, inflation is at 90% while the Lira purchases only a quarter what it did in Feb 2022 (making gas purchases just as expensive as they were at the start of the war!, even with discounts~!) The EU now knows, after doing everything it can to get through this winter, that relying on Russia for gas is at an end. Perhaps forever - certainly as long as Putin clings to his throne. (You hear that, Oligarchs? You know what you all need to do...)

All that needs to happen now is for one or two of those sanctions-defying second-rate Indian or Chinese oil tankers to "malfunction" or be "forcibly boarded" along route, say right outside of Russian waters? And no firm will ever insure another oil tanker to sail into Russian waters for years. 85% of all shipping insurance originates in the West, while a loss or damage to even one ship will quintuple already crushing insurance prices even if nation-states provide their own insurance (wiping out any "cost advantage" of buying discounted Russian oil). The gas is stuck inside Russia - womp-womp! And lets remember, too, that the West can additionally choose to sanction Indian and Chinese companies still doing business with Russia...if necessary.

Then what? No gas pipelines to Asia. All Russian oil must be shipped, while the largest fields in the Urals are already so backlogged that some capping of wells this winter seems certain to occur...never to reopen without Western help? The West has additional sanctions levers to pull, (think removing Gasprombank from SWIFT, for a start) and Winter Is Coming!!

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Posted in: Abe's controversial state funeral may backfire on Kishida See in context

Those protestors, academics and press who continue to positively hate Abe (I mean it - did you see some of the signage being displayed yesterday? - Wow! I saw several signs of open sympathy for the murder and joy! for Abe's demise yesterday when walking around the Budokan, something conveniently left out of this anti-Abe/LDP slanted reporting), they all once again slip out of reality and into delusional fantasy with their "may...might...could possibly...has the potential to...perhaps" hypotheticals.

As if wishing for something hard enough is all one has to do to make it true! But as others here more firmly planted in this real world have pointed out, Kishida isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The opposition is a mess; they just proved their ineptness in the last disastrous election to come up with anything other than "we're not the LDP" for their campaign, while Kishida's support (not against this one-off event, mind you) is still at least 25% higher than anyone in the other parties.


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Posted in: What advantages does marriage offer that a single lifestyle doesn't? See in context

So far, these are all poor "benefits", sorry. "Shared family registry", "loans", "social security"? lol. Okay. I don't want to be in any family registry, just like I don't want to be in grandpa's burial plot for all eternity, and I have loans and social security already. So...what else?

"Someone waiting for you at home" says a poster with the avatar of a dog...incidentally describing what sounds more like the behaviour of a dog! "Good meals every day"? Sounds like you need a maid, or a mother!

There are probably benefits related to children, I'll admit, but is breeding the only reason to get hitched? Does that "very basic love" feeling comes only through marriage, and not through any other arrangement? I...don't think so. These rather weak "benefits" are only making marriage sound worse, not better! And one in four of all married people in Japan (who end up ending it in divorce) seem to agree?

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Posted in: Russia gives citizenship to ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden See in context

This "hero" is so worried about democracy that he first ran to...China, then when life didn't come up roses in that dictatorship, ended up sucking up to...Putin in Russia? lol. Whatever you say...

Now, his taxes will now help to destroy another independent democracy in Ukraine, while some will also pay to smash in the heads of anyone who voices the slightest hint of dissent. But will this coward actually fight for his new country in their failing, flailing "special operations"? Are you kidding?? Smh~ "hero"...

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