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Posted in: Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown See in context

Want to know how to tell when Chinese Communists are lying?

Easy? Whenever their lips move, they're lying.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

"Russia never threatened Finland..."

Your lack of history knowledge is astounding. What does "Finlandization" mean? Was it forced upon the nation or a choice? Who made them "Finlandize"? And after which aggressive, unprovoked war? Why was "Molotov cocktail" first coined and widely used in Finland, against which invader? Why were they called "Molotov" by the way??

Poor "threatened" Russia...sorry, bud, but history for Europeans doesn't start at 2014, as much as the petulant Putin Puppets wish it did. Russians are hands-down THE most aggressive group of people on the continent, with a long record of outright aggression towards all its neighbors. Try reading a book.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

Don't look now, but you got a little egg all over your face there, Vlad The Bad. Whoopsie.

So happy to hear you have "no problem" with NATO's expansion to the East...especially since that was one of the expressly stated excuses you used for your unilateral invasion of another westward bordering nation.

Walls closing in all around you, huh, Pootiee? Enjoy! May you reap 100 fold what you sow....

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

It's based on nothing more than straight up racism, given that by every metric available to the police themselves, foreigners are responsible for a smaller amount of crime in Japan than the natives are themselves.

Police will be police, everywhere in the world. Lowest common denominator bullies with unscientific "hunch" policies. Oh well, nothing new here...

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Posted in: Buffett invests big chunk of Berkshire Hathaway's cash See in context

"supply side rightists"

lol Talk about self-aware! Please list for us all the scores of Democrats who, after making million investing in stocks, have decided to pay their "fare share" that the rest of us pay. OK, then, name just 5. How about 1? The IRS will accept their checks! By they way, doesn't the Left control both houses of Congress AND the White House! So then, where's the tax reform that's obviously coming real soon? LOL. Yeah....right!

How about Buffett? Oh, right, he'll not pay a penny more than he has to, just like all the "supply side leftist" multimillionaires and billionaires you come here, obviously oblivious to your own lack of self-awareness, to clumsily virtue signal for.

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Posted in: Russians try to storm Mariupol plant; strike Odesa See in context

So let's put this into perspective. There's this country, and nearby countries/areas that were created due to a historical reshaping of the relatively recent political order, now have sizeable populations of this country's clansmen/ethnic group living inside those other areas. Oh, and the Leader of this country feels miffed, like his "powerful" country doesn't get enough respect, and that all others are "out to get him and his people".

So the leader of this country, starts screaming "this area over here in that country, they're treating our people horribly, they're murdering them, blah blah blah..." and so he starts whipping his clansmen there into a frenzy against the local area, then claims that all he wants to do is to protect his people there. He'll even give them citizenship in his larger country, to keep them safe. But things get worse, so he invades and takes over that area where his people live. "It's the last time this will happen, I promise," the leader swears.

Yet, the exact same thing happens in a different country: his ethnic group, again, secretly fueled by the "Motherland", start agitating; they are being mistreated yet again, and all this leader wants to do is to liberate those people, let them choose if they want to live to stay in the foreign country or be free.

The leader even starts secretly and surreptitiously sending troops and funding from his country into the offending country, to bolster his separatist peoples, and to destabilize and weaken the offending country. Eventually, he has no choice but to invade: his people cannot possibly be free under the tyranny of their present country. "But this is really, really the final time this happens!" he again swears.

People here supporting Putin are making this exact case: that this is only what Putin aims to do: to protect his peoples, no matter where they might live.

But the leader here I'm referring to isn't Putin. It's Adolf Hitler.

This is EXACTLY the EXACT SAME STRATEGY that Hitler's Nazi Germany used to take over first the mandate-ruled Saarland, then the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland, then Austria (attacking the government this time, not a foreign peoples, a novelty), then the Sudentenland in Czechoslovakia, and when that was not enough, the entire country, non-ethnic brothers included. Because why not? He had "no other choice!" Then...he wanted Danzig...and then most of Poland...and then....well, I hope you know the rest of this historical tale.

So my question to the Putin Bots here is: since you support Putin's Hitler strategy in 2022, do you ALSO support the original creator of this strategy, namely, Nazi Germany's moves to defend their peoples from outside tyranny, no matter the cost? If it's good enough for the Fascist Russian, why was it bad for the Fascist Germans? And do you REALLY think that after doing this to Moldova, and to Georgia, and in many, many other places besides, that this will be the last time he tried the Hitler strategy?

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Posted in: Russians hold anti-war rallies in 48 cities despite ominous threats by Putin See in context

It's ridiculous to belittle these brave protestors by trying to lamely link their very dangerous actions to any other previous protest (just to virtue signal or to score your own dumb political points).

To compare protests in downtown, democratic London almost two decades ago (where absolutely nothing bad will happen to you, and protestors have ZERO real skin in the game, to be honest), with protesting inside an authoritarian, autocratic, viciously anti-citizen Russia, where protestors face beatings, banning, prison and even worse for simply standing on the street- it's a disgusting and inept comparison some people here clumsily insist on making at such a time as this.

Try to rise above your pathetic partisanship, and keep your tepid claims of "support" free of such ham-fisted politicization, if you can, yeah?

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Posted in: 2,000 Ukrainians, Russians and supporters in Tokyo protest against Russia invasion See in context

All across the internet, right now, particularly in the English usage Western-oriented media that allows comments, suddenly, there's a huge surge in brand new accounts posting, almost unamimously, either outright pro-Russian/Putin talking points or else outright denigration of Ukrainian sovereignty/The West.

This place, apparently, is no exception. Understand that you are being manipulated by new accounts with western-sounding names that want you to think that all this pro-Kremlin talk is coming from your own ranks and not from the agents of aggression.

The protests are good, wherever, whenever and however they occur. Russians who are joining in the demonstrations are especially welcome (given that to do so inside Russia is likely to end in violence and a stripping of their freedoms by the regime).

The worldwide outrage against Russian totalitarian aggression is real, and it's growing. Stay tuned, Vlad-lovers.

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Posted in: Johnson scraps remaining COVID restrictions in England See in context

Lead, and the coward countries will follow. They'll watch the UK from their holes and their hiding spots, but if the UK can live with COVID, the rest of the world will have no excuse not to, too.

Take away the government autocrats' fig leaves of excuses they use to justify xenophobic, unscientific, knee-jerk politically-motivated reactions to what is now in most vaccinated countries an ENDEMIC, not pandemic, situation. Then demand that they surrender back to the people all the power they stole for their "emergency" tyrannies, all in the name of the "people." And then investigate how those who lusted for said powers manipulated, withheld, heightened fear and exaggerated scientific evidence and data to achieve their designs.

Well done, Boris. I often criticize you for many many things, but this is what leadership looks like.

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Posted in: Beijing's Olympics close, ending safe but odd global moment See in context

Boycotted every single minute. Don't feel like I've missed anything at all, other than supporting a disgustingly authoritarian regime patting itself on the back as "host". The coverage (headlines) I've seen have been rather ho-hum as well, so no regrets so far!

Instead of sitting on the couch, wasting a life vicariously watching others live theirs, I went out and played some sport with friends. It was fun! No medals, no records...but no cruel Covid Bubble, fake snow or supportting a soul-crushing regime like China, either. So again, don't feel like I missed anything that matched in excitement what I actually did in my own life. Not bad!

But I heard that some Russian athlete was caught with drugs in her system...and they let her compete for a medal anyway? That's...pathetic.

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Posted in: Every police station in Kanagawa accepting funeral home bribes, according to former officer See in context

"I regret that I’ve been unable to tell my boss to stop doing this..." Oh, right, the "just following orders" excuse!

According to the article, YOU were given 2 million yen, of which YOU kept 1.7 million, and then YOU passed on the measly leftovers to your subordinates.

Go look in the mirror, boss. YOU were/are the problem. Don't blame others for what YOU did.

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Posted in: Australian man killed after explosive vest detonates while he was driving car See in context

Good old speed bumps! I mean, hey, if your "explosive vest" can't make it over a speed bump...lol.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan sells entire recording catalog to Sony See in context

They won't be trying to sell albums (or at least that's 5% of the plan).

No. The plan is to sell these songs to grace every single commercial for toilet paper to smartphones.

"Cause the times they are a'changin"....So now, remember to use Penzoil when you make your next oil change! Penzoil...Bob Dylan approves this marketing!

This is the dictionary definition of "selling out" after all. But hey, nothing is sacred anymore, right? Nothing.

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Posted in: U.S. puts 8,500 troops on heightened alert amid Russia tension See in context

...And the Ruble has lost almost 10% of its value against the dollar, falling to near historic lows.

...And the Russian Central Bank has stopped all purchases of foreign currencies of any kind, forcing average Russians panic buying reserve currencies to do the same.

...And Russia's raging inflation is twice the level of the US, in spite of massive rate hikes by the RCB, and rising.

But yeah, half-activating 1/10th the number of Russian soldiers now fully armed and currently menacing the borders of Ukraine (alone with thousands of "volunteers" already long shooting inside parts of the country)...and it's the West's fault, right? Smh.

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Posted in: Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 34 of 47 prefectures See in context

20,000,000 passengers packed into commuting trains multiple times each working day, and then half that number again on their day off.

But no one allowed to drink alcohol after a randomly designated time at night.

Problem Solved? lol. This is lunacy.

Once again, we'll just have to wait for COMMON SENSE to finally outrun KNEE-JERK INEPT REACTIONS and catch up to REALITY. Once again....

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Posted in: What are some movies that couldn't be remade today because social norms have changed? See in context

Gone With The Wind. One of the best movies (and novels) ever. In spite of the Wokists' revisionist critiques, notice how they skip over the many true and historically factual acts of bravery committed by the actors in support of Hattie McDaniel, who also just happened to be the first African American to ever win an Oscar. You should look up the story, before the Wokists erase that inconvenient part from our history forever.

Blazing Saddles. Mel Brooks said it himself: "political correctness will be the death of comedy. ""They" wouldn't let me make a comedy like that now...nobody can. Comedy has to walk a thin line, take risks. It's the lecherous little elf whispering in the king's ear, telling the truth about human behaviour...It's OK not to hurt the feelings of various tribes and groups. However, it's NOT good for comedy."

We all know who are the "they" to which Mr. Brooks is referring. The Revisionist Wokists would have us all in Mao Suits, enjoying a dull, dead, monochrome "culture" so vapid and devoid of humanity just so they could politicize entertainment into a mass indoctrination of the "masses" into being politically correct! Sad, but true. Look around you at the "wonderful" PC Kulture they're spewing out for us today...

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Posted in: Final valuation of Prince's estate pegged at $156.4 million See in context

Worth every penny.

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Posted in: Baldwin hands over phone to 'Rust' investigators See in context

That didn't take long at all, now, did it? /s It's been, what, a month, since they first requested the phone?

"Fully cooperating". Yeah, sure...

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Posted in: Thailand to introduce $9 visitor fee from April See in context

1,044 yen charge? lol.

If anyone bothered to look at their own country's international travel fee breakdown, they'd discover that this new Thai charge is rather small potatoes.

Here's a list of typical US-Japan surcharges for one round trip between the two: 1) United States - September 11th Security Fee (Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee): 610 yen (still charging after 20 years!); 2) Japan - Passenger Service Facilities Charge: 2610 yen; 3) Japan International Tourist Tax: 1000 yen; 4) United States - Transportation Tax: 4060 yen; 5) United States - APHIS User Fee - Passengers: 440 yen; 6) United States - Passenger Facility Charge: 490 yen; 7) United States - Immigration User Fee: 770 yen; 8) United States - Custom User Fee: 640 yen.

8 separate taxes for a grand total of 10,620 yen! But gosh...Thailand is now charging 1,044 yen? How dare they! lol...wake up and realize...sneaky surcharges for travelers is old hat!

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Posted in: Gov't to raise ¥5 tril via stock sales for 2011 quake recovery See in context

If the Japanese government has some stocks they want to sell, now would be as good a time as any. Denationalizing of things like the Tokyo Metro is also a good idea, if the proceeds will be spent on national strengthening (as in Tohoku.)

This is especially true since national banks the world over have started increasing their rediculously low interest rates to fight inflation, as well as slowing down if not reversing their various non-rate quantitative easing policies (reducing their stock and bond portfolios, eliminating their habitual purchasing of new assets monthly, etc.) The stupidly over-valued stock prices we've come to take for granted are about to flip...

When the Federal Reserve quits their own asset purchases, speeds up the retirement of old debt without purchasing new debt, and starts jacking up the interest rates, the top of this seemingly endless bull market fueled by non-stop access to cheap loans and central-bank-fueled asset inflation is in sight.

Get some cash out now while you can, Japan.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

This is 100% political. It should be obvious. And for those who freely chose to travel in the middle of this emergency for fun...what did you expect? Some "exemption" on your return because you're a "special" member of this society? Some slackening in rules when the last government fell exactly because of such slackening??

Think about it: the last PM quit, citing severe criticism from the public for his "lax handling" of the COVID crisis. This new PM is from the exact same party...do you expect this new politician, specifically elected in part thanks to promises to do "whatever it takes" to fight COVID, do you expect him to be forgiving or lenient to people who CHOSE to leave this country in the middle of a new spread of a global pandemic? Really?

Seems like only yesterday everyone here was screaming at the government's "inept" handling of the COVID, or the Olympics, etc. I had plenty of criticism, too. Now, though, everyone's done a 180 lol. Well guess what? The real Japanese (the other 99.9% of the public who don't even bother reading this foreigner-focused tabloid), have spoken, and in poll after poll after poll, they've said they APPROVE of these draconian measures, that they SUPPORT the banning of foreign entries into Japan well into the future, and that they HAVE ZERO PLANS to travel abroad in the middle of a global pandemic where every single elected official on earth is overreacting in order to preserve their own popularity and image of "doing something to fight COVID"!

I LOATHE the freedom-curbing measures all governments have opportunistically imposed on their peoples. Many of the freedoms we used to take for granted will forever now be compromised by these government-encroaching precedents...and by the support that a long-misinformed, long fear-frenzied populace will give to them for some supposed fleeting and temporary safety (which never seems to come...only more encroachment of rights!) But theis flip-flopping of people's stances on what Japan is doing...it's a spectacle to behold in wonder, I'll give it that!

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's 17-year-old son found dead See in context

This woman just cannot shake her woes. Ever since she ripped up a pic of the Pope...it's been one tragedy after another. Not superstitious or anything, just saying...that was the top of a long slide for Begum Sinead...

Perhaps the Immortal Prince Rogers Nelson should have refused to let this unstable woman sing one of his immortal songs into the top of the charts, thereby sparing her the fame neither she nor her close ones could handle?

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Posted in: 'Japandi' is the new trend taking homeowners by storm. It brings together two positive philosophies. Wabi-Sabi, the art of accepting the imperfect, and Hygge, a Danish concept to embrace joy. See in context

Neologisms that will surely fail to catch fire! Portmanteaus where anyone can simply smash together to unrelated concepts and voila! You, too, can create a "new trend".

So here we go: Japandi is so dumft. (There, I created my own trendy new word...mixing the American common saying "dumb" with the British term "daft").

Voila! Easy-peasy! I hereby proclaim that the Dumft trend is truly sweeping the nation right now!

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Posted in: Taking on Trump is Biden's reluctant calling See in context

Such blatant, openly pro-Biden propaganda here, non-stop. Oh, look...it's the Associated Press. But of course!

Meanwhile, almost any critical comments about Biden get eviscerated by the pro-Brandon mods.

This article forgot to mention that Biden's approval ratings are actually LOWER than Trump had even in the worst periods of his presidency? According to even the most left-leaning pollsters? Why? Because...propaganda!

Oh, and let's not forget how almost 50 Democrats in Congress are now refusing to lose...I mean, run for re-election in 2022, while even the most pro-Biden polls show his party has put America on the "wrong track", is blamed first and foremost for the rampant rise in "Bid-Inflation", and is set to be destroyed utterly come November.

No, no...Biden, the guy whose Attorney General refers to school children's parents as "domestic terrorists" and who seems content to use the Government Gun to force people to do things against their will, in flagrant violation of the Constitution (as will soon be shown in the US Supreme Court)-no, Biden is the "defender" of all things good in America?

Smh!~ The People will show their righteous wrath and vote against Biden's inept incompetence and power-overreaches come November.

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Posted in: ‘Jeopardy!’ champion Amy Schneider robbed in Oakland See in context

lol. Hey, "she" was wearing expensive sneakers that just happen to fit any large-sized man's feet, so...they got took! And "she" got shook!

What is "Just another day in Defund The Police Oakland", Alex?

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Posted in: Japanese firms adopt AI dating app to help staff find love amid pandemic See in context

This article sounds like one big "compensated news" story about a phony "AI" company barely three months old!

How much does it cost, how does it work, and what do people say about it? Oh, and please mention the company's name at least 10 times in the article? And don't forget to have all the companies currently using the system to sound oh-so empathetic towards their overworked minions?

Thanks for the "news". And here's your compensation!

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Posted in: Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis See in context

Isn't it AMAZING how Germany gets ZERO criticism for massively increasing their reliance in Brown Coal, the worst type of coal, in their effort to "go Nuke Free"?

It's almost as if the "environmentalists" weren't interested in the...you know..the ENVIRONMENT? No, it's all about what's PC at the moment. And nuclear energy trumps coal pollution to these people, time after time again!


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Posted in: Hundreds of Afghans denied humanitarian entry into U.S. See in context

Oh, yeah. Because everyone knows that the point of wars is to...import as many of the local population as possible?

I hope you're not this foolish in real life....

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Posted in: Japan faces royal dilemma as ancient monarchy shrinks See in context

"this 'news story' seems to be on a loop...."

100% correct. How many times can you spin the very same story into another story? Guess we'll find out soon!

"If...if...if..." OK, but as of right now, we have: a thriving former Emperor, a reigning, healthy and relatively young Emperor (12 years younger than the UK's Crown Prince), a relatively young Crown Prince (15 years younger than Chuck the Bucked-Toothed), and a very, very young Son of the Crown Prince. "Only" three generations of Emperors left! LOL. Some "royal dilemma," huh?

Oh, and look, "some experts" make their appearance yet again! "Although traditionalists say Japan should not sever the "unbroken imperial line", their logic is flawed, Okawa argued, because Aiko -- who turned 20 this year -- is both the emperor's direct descendent and older than her cousin Hisahito."

Or, Mr. Expert, perhaps your own logic is flawed, since the reigning Emperor's brother, the Crown Prince, is also directly descendent of an Emperor, and older than Aiko? And "some say" look no further than to the UK for an exact example, where the Queen is only the Queen and not a married-off duchess, since her father became King not because he was the eldest, but because the eldest abandoned the throne in a REAL crisis. From brother to brother, just like in Japan! See how this works? "Some" say this, "some" say that (though notice only "some" whose views fit the writers' pre-conceived narrative of a "dilemma" make the print!)

Tempest in a teacup. We have a decade, or two, at least, before any "dilemma" makes its appearance. In that time, all the princesses will be married off to commoners, so this whole push to have an Empress is going to become moot well before this medi-manufactured non-"dilemma" rears its head, and if the boy prince should marry young and have a son, like most married people can/do? Where's the "dilemma" then??

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Posted in: Despite defense buildup, Japan's arms industry struggles See in context

"Tank warfare. Went out with cavalry charges."

For the historically challenged, to say this misinformed claim is an overstatement...would be an understatment! Tanks have proven extremely effective in real battles long after cavalry charges "went out", and are still going strong.

I'd like to see, for example, how Ukrainians would respond to thousands of Russian tanks rolling over their eastern border. If I had to bet, I'd say it'd be similar to a cavalry charge...but charging in the opposite direction!

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