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Posted in: Will an earlier Oscars broadcast attract more viewers? ABC plans to try the 7 p.m. slot in 2024 See in context

Inquiring minds want to know: Are Oscars #Still So White?? lol.

lol! With the pure drek they're pumping out lately, why would anyone want to inflict on themselves the over three hours of virtue-signalling and back-patting awards ceremonies specifically created not for the audience, but FOR the CREATORS of said drek content, anyway??

But if it's your cup of tea, then by all means, enjoy your masochism. As the audience thins even further...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., others vow to triple global nuclear energy by 2050 See in context

Finally. Sanity is coming to the fore. Even if the (oil-produced t-shirt wearing, oil-produced green hair-dye sporting, oil-produced sneakers stomping) Greenies shake their fists and scream ever louder. Release even more cans of soup on even more priceless artworks in rage! (delivered to their doorsteps by oil)

Right now, in the world, NOW, over two thousand five hundred MILLIONS of people survive the cold and heat their food with...wood or animal dung. When measured by Joules of energy, perhaps the LEAST EFFICIENT, and environmentally MOST DETRIMENTAL, way in which they could do these activities. But what do the plane-hopping, protest-fetishizing Greenies care? "JUST STOP OIL! ZERO EMISSIONS!!" But also, stupidly contradictory: "NO NUKES!!" Smh.

It would actually IMPROVE the environment to give these people coal to cook and heat with, believe it or not. As it would IMPROVE the environment to give coal burning countries down on the development scale (along with hypocritical Germany, who've broken new records for awful brown coal consumption after climbing out of bed with gas-rich Russia over Ukraine) natural gas conversion plants and then nuclear power plants to replace that coal with. There is an energy ladder here, but the Greenies don't care about the literal BILLIONS of people stuck at the bottom, stripping forests and burning high-carbon content fires for their livelihood. Do as (super-wealthy) Saint Greta demands you do, or face her shouts of "how DARE you"!

These poor people DESERVE all the energy YOU now flippantly consume without batting an eye. And one way or another, they're going to make moves to get it. YOU can go back to the forests (you certainly will NOT! lol), but WE know that the best way to improve the environment is to LIFT these people out of their energy poverty as quickly as possible. And that's NOT through "EVs" or totally environmentally unfriendly "Green tech" manufacturing. It's through nuclear power, the safest (by far, people), cheapest and least carbon intensive fuel known to man, and let the Greenies' myopic, selfish, self-indulgent and simply ignorant worldviews be dammed.

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Posted in: Tokyo to call governor election on July 7 with incumbent Koike in focus See in context

"Did Koike actually graduate from Cairo University top of her class as she claims or is she just faking her academic credentials?" Do you NOT know how to do a simple internet search? lol. Good grief.

"...stopped the longstanding annual practice of making a statement of remorse..." Oh dear. Top Issue of Tokyo: continuing the Apology Tour for the, what, 100th year? Your Apology Tours are never ending, when perhaps there is a limit. Though I never see "progressives" doing any apologizing for their own horrendous historical crimes. Hmm...

Everyone pretends that Tokyo is so "progressive", yet the most progressive candidate, former failed "actor" and perennial failed candidate Tarou Yamamoto (MMT, UBI, abolish sales tax, pie-in-the-sky promises yada yada), couldn't scrape together even 670,000 votes, compared to "right wing revisionist" (lol) Koike's 3,650,000! Maybe Tokyo isn't all that "progressive" after all, especially when given the ample evidence of the "progressives" being the true authoritarian-minded ones during the COVID scaremongering? By comparison, the "right wing revisionists" (lol) were tame and far less totalitarian and coercive-minded in their approach.

Perhaps it's "progressives" who need to start their own Apology Tours??

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Posted in: Vice minister's exit deals further blow to Kishida's leadership See in context

Vice minister's exit deals further blow to Kishida's leadership...

Does it? lol. Really? The Media sez...

Look at the "sources" for this sophomoric Hit Piece: "Pundits say..." "Analysts say..." "...say some pundits."

And to those crowing about Kishida being "below 30%" lol. My question to you is: what's the support level for the Opposition? (At least 10% lower) I'd like to hear how many people can even name the leader of the main opposition policy, or a single thing he's done to deserve support?

Kishida and the LDP/Komeito/Ishin (in Osaka) handily win the next election. The Opposition embarrasses itself for the umpteenth time. It's baked into the electoral system! Sorry to add a dash of reality to your Kyodo Spin...

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Posted in: Some 99% of visitors to a recent seafood promotion event in Tokyo said they intend to buy fish caught off the Fukushima Prefecture coast, even after the discharge of treated water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. What do you think of that? See in context

"...visitors to a recent seafood promotion event in Tokyo said they intend to buy fish..."

Imagine my shock. Totally not what was expected at a...(checks notes)...a "seafood PROMOTION event".


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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

Japan can choose one, and only one option: it can either choose to save its bond markets, and thus its ability to finance deficit spending as its spending requirements begin to explode, or it can choose to save its currency.

Japan will choose the former. "Interventions" in the currency markets will have diminishing returns. See: JPY @ 151 plus to USD 1. And rising...

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Posted in: Putin blames West, Ukraine, after mob storms Russian airport to 'catch' Jews See in context

This is troubling. As if Putin wanted yet another reason for foreign air travel to completely avoid all of Russia.

The "Russian" part of the Russian population is collapsing at a record rate, while the Muslim section of the population is exploding, as it is everywhere else in the world. This does have tremendous demographic implications for Russia, and for many other places as well.

Notice, though, how the exact same posters who are unwilling to condemn Hamas' atrocious terrorist actions in the Middle East, also seem content to put the blame for this sectarian attempt at violence against non-members of their sect on someone else's shoulders as well? They seem intent on ignoring the true source of such sectarian rage, no matter where in the world it occurs...another troubling detail...always, always "someone else's fault"?

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Posted in: McDonald's pumps brakes on prices as U.S. traffic falls slightly, but Q3 sales beat expectations See in context

Prices have JUMPED from (using the cheapest burger on the menu) 100 yen for a "hamburger" to now 170 yen, in less than three years. (I know the article is referring to US prices)

It's the exact same thin and tiny burger. But is it now worth paying 70% more for?

Some people think it is. Or unthinkingly think it is, I should say, since fast food's not really an area of the economy known for deep thoughts, lol. Good for them. I think 650 yen for a Big Mac Set or 200 yen for a single cheeseburger is not good value for my money. There are plenty of better, even tastier other options thankfully.

One main excuse for overindulging in fast food is that it's "cheap". Well, it's not cheap anymore.

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Posted in: Outside of families, few relationships are as intense as those between sports teams and their fans. Do you agree and if so, why is that? See in context

lol. Your answer is IN your question!

"...sports teams and their fans..." FAN. As in an abbreviated form of the term...FAN-ATIC.

Fanatic: 1) A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause, often with religious overtones.

To call someone a "fan(atic)" is to admit that their affection is crazy and irrational. It's right there, baked into your own unthinkingly-used terminology, for crying out loud! lol.

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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

People here are (purposely) missing the point. Every little bit helps. China's a bully - they think they can turn off their market...and that will change anything?

In fact, FDI (foreign direct investment) in China this year is...NEGATIVE. For the second year running. Meaning more outside investors of all stripes are pulling out of the Pooh's Dictatorship of China (PDC) than are putting in. That's BAD news for the PDC.

Remember how China tried to destroy Australian wineries, or Taiwan pineapple producers, in what was a form of economic warfare? In both cases, China failed miserably, thanks to the bit-by-bit contributions from non-Chinese allies helping to make up the difference as much as possible. That's what "being allies" means!

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Posted in: The mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has asked Halloween revelers not to come to the scramble crossing and its vicinity. Do you think most people will heed his request and crowds will be much less than pre-corona years? See in context

This "mayor"'s first press conference was in front of...the FOREIGN correspondents' press club.

He then went on to give interviews to...Reuters. AP. The AFP. ALL foreign-based, foreign-language media.

Yet, 98% of the incidents in Shibuya during Halloween are committed by...not foreigners.

It's a JAPANESE problem. But once again, the "leaders" in Japan love to look for "others" to blame.

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Posted in: Russia says it shot down 36 Ukrainian drones as fighting grinds on in Ukraine’s east See in context

It IS getting harder and harder for regular people to discover the true situation in Ukraine. One has to piece together little tidbits of truth hidden in a barrage of "feel good" upbeat Rah-Rah Ukraine reporting. But it's there. For example:

"When both sides' gains are added up, Russia now controls nearly 200 square miles MORE territory in Ukraine than at the start of this year." - New York Times, Sept 30, 2023

Some "counteroffensive"...where you "win" by LOSING territory?


From NY Times in mid-August 2023, also reported in Ukraine Pravda, pro-Ukraine media source: "According to US estimates, the total number of Russian losses is 300,000, of which 120,000 are killed and 170,000-180,000 are wounded. According to the same calculations, Ukraine’s casualties amount to about 70,000 soldiers killed and 100,000-120,000 wounded."

Do the math: Ukraine: 70,000 killed out of a total of 200,000 "active" in the Ukrainian Ground Forces (or 35% of all serving in the ground army at its peak numbers) Ukraine's population is 33,200,000 (so 1 killed for every 474 citizens)

Russia: 120,000 killed out of a total 550,000 "active" in the Russian Ground Forces (21.81% out of all serving in the ground army at its peak numbers) Russian population is 187,182,000 (so 1 killed for every 1559 citizens).

Big difference! Ukraine is running out of soldiers. Russia is not, not even close. Ukrainian Pravda also states: "In addition, despite significant Russian losses, the country has a total of 1.33 million conscripts, while Ukraine has about 500,000, almost three times less, the US reports."

Meanwhile in Russia: "Defense spending in 2024 will almost double compared to this year. While that is less than the 12–17% of GDP that the Soviet Union was spending on defense at the height of the Cold War, it is comparable to U.S. military expenditure in the 1980s. The current peak in spending has its origins in 2011, when the Kremlin embarked on a nine-year rearmament program worth about 20 trillion rubles."


So much for "starving" the Russian economy though sanctions. Will the West also "double" the massive sums already lavished on support for Ukraine's failing "counteroffensives"? It's safe to say, we've seen the peak of outside funding and the results have been...minuscule to negative. Ukraine is broke by itself. And Winter Is Coming.

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Posted in: Former PM Kan won't run in next general election See in context

"Kan was a good guy by Japanese politician standards." lol. More drivel from the "opposition good no matter what" crowd.

Kan lied to the world's face for days about a meltdown at Fukushima which half of Japan had seen with their own eyes recorded on TV. He finally admitted to it, so yeah, "good guy" I guess? Kan guaranteed that no one at TEPCO would face any music, and tried to force all of Kanto to endure freezing rolling blackouts...while precious Tokyo basked in heat and light.

He was inept, and his party was inept. Nothing has changed since. Inheriting the PM seat not through national elections, but after the previous weak-kneed Hashimoto (nicknamed "soft-cream" for a reason) made outlandishly unachievable promises at the UN and to Okinawa and decided to resign in disgrace rather than even try to provide a roadmap to fulfill his fantasies.

That Kan lasted barely more than a year as PM before again tossing power to another non-nationally-chosen "opposition"non-entity says all that one needs to know about "good guy" Kan's record, lol. Good riddance to the whole lot of superannuated power-clingers, one and all! They're all well past their due dates, Kan included!

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Posted in: Anger, sorrow as Indigenous Australians weigh referendum defeat See in context

In a country where voting is required, to have 60% plus of the population, and every state in the nation, vote resoundingly NO to this rash, divisive, and poorly-thought out change to the constitution seems like a resounding VOICE not of "sorrow", but of unity and unison, no?

Funny how the spin is always, always, on the "left" foot, isn't it? Gee, I wonder why? It wouldn't be the "media" pushing narratives, or instructing the country how they must vote, feel, or react, would it? Nah...lol.

Well done, Australia. "Reconciliation" does NOT need to be rammed down all and sundry's throats by the legal compulsion.

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Posted in: Hamas launches surprise attack with rockets as gunmen enter Israel See in context

Remember when Israel suddenly and unilaterally handed back the Gaza Strip? Perhaps people here don't. They left tens of millions of dollars worth in ready-made industry and agricultural assets behind. First thing Hamas did, for the "good" of their people? Completely destroy ALL remnants of anything left by Israel. Irrigation systems were uprooted and shredded into pieces before any Palestinian farmer had access to the land.

A quick look at the dress code forced upon women in the Hamas-controlled areas will tell you all you need to know about "treating humans as animals". Nothing like naming streets after suicide bombers who murdered civilians, right? (There are more than 100 of these). Blow up innocent Israelis on the street, or stab them to death with knives? Hamas will pay your family off for years to come. Isn't that..."innocent"? lol. Look at the apologists, already trying to spin a surprise mass-missile attack on indiscriminate civilian and military targets as "not their fault". Ridiculous.

Simple truth is this: Hamas REFUSES to amend their founding charter to erase the statements in favour of "the eradication of the State of Israel". Their leaders still call openly for Israel's death and destruction. Until that changes, treat Hamas as the TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that it 100% is.

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Posted in: Hosting Asian Games will 'wipe away' Japanese doubts, says top official See in context

A colossal waste of money on White Elephant projects and administration, all for a phony and fleeting sense of "prestige" (and for the billions in Corrupt Pork Projects, of course!)

I'd tell the Japanese to "just say no", but naturally, their "representatives" will do as they see fit, regardless.

Oh well, I'll pay about as much attention to the Asian Games in Japan as I did the ones that are about to finish in Hangzhou, China. Which is not at all.

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Posted in: Beware the dark side of health checks See in context

"It opens with a dialogue between Ikeda, 76, and anatomist Takeshi Yoro, 86."

The simple fact that the two individuals, both men, have already lived well past most countries' life expectancy rates for males says a lot about the positives of the health care system in Japan.

I'd also mention that medicinal doses here in Japan are typically at a much lower level of potency, and are recommended much less frequently, than in many of the "habitually drugged up" West. Just sample, for example, American "over the counter products", then compare their potency to what's commonly offered up at Matsu-Kiyo for the same ailments, and you'll easily find this to be the case.

I'm sure there are some phony health check scams out there trying to siphon money off of the elderly, just as there are phony "treatments" that are trying to make a quick yen off the very same group. But for the most part, the fact that Japanese on average LIVE SO LONG (and that they have more health related checks of any kind in their lives, on average, than almost any other group of people) suggests that if it ain't broke, there's not a lot of need to "fix" it.

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Posted in: Pro-Moscow Japan lawmaker visits Russia in defiance of gov't advice See in context

"Putin withdraws his forces immediately, pays his reparations, and submits to a war crimes tribunal along with his subordinates."

Wow...okay. Sorry to awaken you from your pipe dreams, but could I inject just a fraction of Reality into this discussion? Downvote me all you want...

According to the New York Times (not exactly what you'd call a "pro-Russia" source of information, I hope, lol) on September 30, 2023: "When both sides' gains are added up, Russia NOW controls nearly 200 SQUARE MILES MORE territory in Ukraine than at the start of this year."

Did you comprehend that? After spending hundreds of billions of dollars, after hysterically hyping up Ukraine's vaunted "counteroffensive" and the West's "superweaponry" for months, and after untold deaths on the battlefield...Russia now has MORE Ukrainian land conquered than at the start of the year!

Is this what gets Putin to fall into your clutches? His GAINING territory? Okay...

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Posted in: Keeping your cool in a warming world: 8 steps to help manage eco-anxiety See in context

"Eco Anxiety"! lol. Get your (fossil fuel-produced) T-shirts right here! lol.

Be afraid...be very afraid. We're all gonna die from...Global cooling! No, from the Greenhouse Effect! No, from Global Warming! No, rather Climate Change! No, now it's a Climate Emergency! Wait...now let's market it as...

Buzz buzz buzz go the manufactured buzzwords! Has Greta Thurnberg and Family moved out of their massive urban mansion (replete with 8 bathrooms) yet? Nah, I didn't think so. Greta, DiCaprio and The Climate Crisis Incorporated will be the very last ones to surrender their own massive privileges and "carbon footprints" (another buzz term!), and that should tell you everything you need to know about this "imminent" "crisis".

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Posted in: Princess Kako tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

virusrexToday 09:07 am JST

The number of previously vaccinated keeps increasing

As expected, since being vaccinated allows for increased survival, in the same way the number of unvaccinated people unfortunately decreases thanks to unnecessary deaths as well.

You seem to have all the facts, so inform us all: what is the "unnecessary death" rate of an otherwise healthy 28 year old female who has been vaccinated, verses the same, but unvaccinated? 99.9% versus 99.9%?

Out of, say, 1,000,000 unvaxed 28 year olds (surely there are at least this amount in the world, but don't mix them in like media does with 85 year olds, please), how many on average actually die because of COVID? One in a million? Two in a million? I'd like to know how (tiny) that actual "unnecessary death rate" truly is for unvaxed 28 year olds.

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Posted in: Talking Heads on the once-in-a-lifetime 'Stop Making Sense' See in context

Tina Weymouth is still one of my favourite bassists.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man referred to prosecutors over hit-and-run of dog See in context

This story makes it WAY less serious than it actually was. Video shows the tiny girl crossing the street with her dog, with her hand high in the air as they've been advised to do...and the geezer flies by at over 30 kph crushing the girl's dog and nearly the girl herself.

He knew what he did immediately afterwards...and kept driving. "I'm too old to get in serious trouble," he knew in the back of his mind...just act feeble and surprised and promise it won't happen again.

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Posted in: U.S. drops anti-whaling wording opposed by Japan in Indo-Pacific pact See in context

"I guess it is an inverted version of those men of a certain age in the US who boycotted Bud Light."

LOL. I could not think up a more inept analogy. Try again.

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Posted in: Okamoto's A-bomb mural in Tokyo to be restored See in context

I challenge anyone who doesn't know what they're looking at to view that "art" and spontaneously conclude, "Oh, yeah, this is all about nuclear weapons." LOL.

Give me a break. Most people would ignore it because its ugly, and its "meaning" is lost to all but a very few already in the know.

No Pearl Harbor, No Hiroshima. It's pretty simple. You can name all the other times atomic weapons were used without using any fingers to count...Zero. And if some rogue state like Iran is allowed to develop "peaceful" atomic weaponry, then decide to use them to fulfill their decades-long promise to "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth", for instance? They won't give a damn about some abstract work from Japan.

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Posted in: Int'l team captures footage of sunken Japanese WWII aircraft carrier See in context

If you could ask Admiral Yamamoto, Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy, he would have told you, and I quote:

"In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain. I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have NO expectation of success." (In a statement to Japanese cabinet minister Shigeharu Matsumoto and Japanese prime minister Fumimaro Konoe.)

Sure enough, the Battle of Midway, June 4th - 7th, which ended EXACTLY SIX MONTHS to the day after the "infamous" bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, signaled the time from which Japan was constantly on the DEFENSIVE. The tables had turned with the Battle of Midway. Japan had run wild a mere six months. But from that point on, all Japan could do was to delay the inevitable defeat which was sure to come.

Sometimes, the events that unfold are so amazing, and history can be so astonishingly precise (like Yamamoto's prewar prediction), that it's rather eerie.

Japan should've paid more attention to the American-trained Isoruku Yamamoto. He knew America's power.

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Posted in: Thousands in Australia rally for struggling Indigenous referendum See in context

"If we can do just three things - accountability, jobs and education - then we'll resolve most of the problems we've got," Mundine told ABC.

You don't need a constitutional referendum to achieve that.

Once the No vote wins, what slurs will the sore losers smear the majority of democratic voters with this time? Like Brexit, will they be labelled "dupes, xenophobes, or uneducated old people" or might the Mighty Race Card get pulled from the deck, yet again? If I were a betting man, I'd wager All Of The Above!

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Posted in: Hackers target YouTube channels in Japan as online fraud cases rise See in context

As was already mentioned by others, this is Phishing scams, NOT "hacking". The owners of the channels GAVE their private info to phishing sites out of ignorance, naivety or simple greed.

So, you followed a stranger who promised "more money" (basically), and went to their website AND entered your private info? You were fooled. You fell for it.

Did "Canon" suddenly promise someone something, and did greedy YouTuber VOLUNTEER their private info to get something for nothing? You didn't get nothing, but what you got was SCAMMED.

Happens all the time in the West. People will continue to fall for these shenanigans until they learn not to trust absolute strangers promising them things online.

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Posted in: Musk, Zuckerberg visit U.S. congress to discuss AI See in context

Does this Zuckerberg Borg 2.0 actually blink, unlike the last one? Have they fixed his bugs? Updated this Zuck droid to "simulate a realistic-sounding heartbeat"? lol.

You will be assimilated...

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Posted in: Game makers seek unions as digital entertainment booms See in context

Do it. Get some of that money, before the elites running the companies squander it in "share buybacks".

It would do far more economic benefit in the hands of the workers, rather than in artificially inflated bonuses or stock valuations...

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Posted in: Kishida's new cabinet reflects PM's focus on gender, defense See in context

LOL. Take a good look at that photo of "Japan's new cabinet" and tell me those superannuated insider politicians are the face of "change". LOL.

Too funny, Japan.

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