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Posted in: Energy unrest See in context

If Mr Noda can find another country to replace the complete wasteland of Japan after nuclear disaster then he is sincere with his " Watakushi ga sekinin wo toru". Otherwise what a meaningless, useless promise.

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Posted in: Man cooks, serves own genitals to 5 paying diners See in context

21st century of Japan ...law ? cannibalism? Nobody can imagine the possibility of it or it is psychologically acceptable in Japan? We are talking about a first class country , famous with Toshiba ,Hitachi ,Toyota..etc but somehow , someone do this and ... there is .no law for it !! How ignorant I was for thinking before that cannibalism is impossible in Japan. When morality is gone , you just don't want to think about unlimited amount of weird , strange things that human can do . I feel sorry for him , he should read the Bible to see whats wrong with his action.

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Posted in: More than 120 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in second anti-school attack See in context

If the Taliban is still a member of human race , how can they be able to treat little , innocent schoolgirls like COCKROACHES.??..!

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Posted in: Defiant Australian legislator rejects brothel claims See in context

If people could cry for ALP over so much mess on so many things , including this unbelievable case, they would run out of tears by now.

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Posted in: Paralyzed woman drinks coffee with thought-guided robot arm See in context

In the future , we may be able to "command " enemy's soldiers just surrender and go to our side. Great !

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Posted in: Two men steal Y49 million diamond ring from De Beers boutique at Nagoya department store See in context

So staffs did not check the ring before allowing customers to leave? No security camera? What if somebody of store took it then using those two foreign men as sacrificial lambs?

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Posted in: China slams Japan for allowing in Uighur activist See in context

Unlike China , Japan keep its free speech so it will never have problem of some no good citizens making " health medicine" from dead human fetuses !

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Posted in: Uighurs 'face fight for existence' against China: Kadeer See in context

You won't face extinction at all , just obey the law of the authority : one child policy ? then... one child per family until the law changed. Besides ,there are billions of muslims around the globe.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson arrested in Germany See in context

He should only concentrate on stopping "shark finning"; while keep monitoring "whaling" , non violently . That will make more sense of his action as a fighter for ecosystem.

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Posted in: Obama becomes first U.S. president to back same-sex marriage See in context

In Genesis2:22-24, God already established marriage between a man and a woman . That is marriage. As a Christian , you should love your neighbour like yourself. But gay or not gay , we all have to answer to God in the end.

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Posted in: China expels first foreign journalist in 13 years See in context

When China will learn that free press is so necessary for a country 's sanity and morality ? Proof ? Can one find any other country with free press on this planet grind dead human foetuses into powder then made into capsules for sale on the South Korean market as health medicine? China authority did not discover this but South Korean authority did.

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Posted in: A mouthful See in context

Its fun to imagine about what kind of mouth big enough to have a bite from top to bottom...

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Posted in: Chinese activist calls his situation dangerous See in context

Of course his situation is dangerous, extremely dangerous, perhaps he can die at any time. He is free to think highly of the US , as high as he wish, but reality is that every country has its own limitation. US will do as much as possible I guess, but China is a powerful country, very powerful. Whatever happens he must still thank US for looking after him.

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Posted in: Australia can become food superpower for Asia: PM See in context

Oh well , we all can wait and see how this will turn out.. food superpower controlled by China and other Asian countries , perhaps?

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Posted in: Solitary deaths among middle-aged single males living alone increase See in context

Oh my goodness why so many minus on mine? Never mind, any Christian who know the Bible will understand what I am talking about.

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Posted in: May Day See in context

The man's triangle- shape hat looks similar to the Pope's hat who is also against nuclear power.

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Posted in: China denounces U.S. as blind dissident Chen leaves embassy See in context

Chen Guangcheng is "normal " human being with huge courage and enormous conscience,. The fact that he is looking to America for help will make people LOVE U.S.A even more. Why it must be America? Why not ? and who else?

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Posted in: Learn how to sleep in a toilet stall like a pro See in context

How come mankind advanced, civilized, progressed...etc and end up sleeping in toilet like a pro??? lol.

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Posted in: Australian billionaire to build Titanic II See in context

He said too many things in a very short time, all big. I have more worry for him that he might " forget" them very soon.

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Posted in: Solitary deaths among middle-aged single males living alone increase See in context

How sad , if all these people have Lord Jesus Christ in their lives they will never experience loneliness , in life or in death. Please seek God while you are still alive , because its too late to change anything after your death.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

Will so- called "netizens' do the same thing like she does after criticisms? Maybe kids just want to play and have a little bit of fun, nothing serious.

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Posted in: Great heights See in context

A man of knowledge uses words with restraint ; and a man of understanding is even-tempered . ( Proverb 17:27) The emperor ( and empress) must be very happy about the achievement of Japanese people.

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Posted in: OECD chief says Japan needs nuclear power See in context

Japanese people need a safe country to live, for themselves and for their following generations..You just can't have a huge nuclear power industries on a small island country with endless earthquakes and tsunamis. Where all people go if the island becomes inhabitable.? Can OECD provide anything for Japan from insurance to security? Don't think so.

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Posted in: Chinese students beaten, robbed in Sydney See in context

The incident happened around 12:30 am Monday , and 5 kids (three boys age of 19, 18,14 and 2 girls of 16, 17) were already arrested by police at 12:45 am at Rockdale station and they have been charged with a number offences related to robbery and assault. So somebody did call Police!

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Posted in: Chinese students beaten, robbed in Sydney See in context

Get good lawyers and sue the government...it is how it works in Australia.

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Posted in: N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South See in context

zzzzzzz...While China and Russia are still sane , NK's special actions will mean... special actions , just words .

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Posted in: Sacked Australian workers take Toyota to court See in context

Its because many Australian lawyers are desperate for works...and Toyota is such a healthy , rich and nice target. Nothing new here.

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Posted in: Saudi boy, 4, kills father for refusing to buy him PlayStation See in context

Is it safe to conclude that violent games (guessing) accidentally produce a youngest murderer ,ever??

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Posted in: Court in shock as Norway gunman describes massacre See in context

I think it is extremely hard to impossible to find a suitable man-made punishment which fits his monstrous crime!

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Posted in: All for one See in context

In ideal world , the picture should include the Dalai Lama and President Hu jintao ,since Mekong river originates from Tibet and runs through China as well... Oh well, maybe someday.

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