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Posted in: Great Tulip Festival in Huis Ten Bosch See in context

I wish I could see it as well. Too bad it is indeed far from Tokyo and I will be in Japan when it would be already over. But then again, it is ironic as I see Dutch scenery every time I go to university, though there are sadly no large fields of flowers/tulips. For seeing beautiful/tons of flowers I advice people to go to Keukenhof (of course when flowers are blooming)

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Posted in: Train groper tells police: 'I had some free time' See in context

He was later released after the girl declined to press charges. Declined to press charges? I doubt it. It is more likely he (also) admitted at police station/box and accepted settle payment. And girl was "convinced" to also settle with this.... A true sad thing (for some reason it makes me think back at それでも、僕はやってない , especially the first 5-10 minutes "What? You again? Just admit it.")

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Posted in: A Geek in Japan See in context

I don't know why, but I have mixed feelings about this book. Interesting on one side, but I have my doubts whether it is realistic. Japanese people’s character and society -> Yes, because every Japanese person is the same... (sarcasm) The Unique Japanese Character -> smells like nihonjinron a lot... (and those are the things we are taught NOT to think, because it can lead to stereotypecasting and misunderstanding) (disclaimer; I know it is impossible to judge a book by it's cover, or in this case, the summary. However, I wanted to give my 2 cents (supposed if the writer really tries to describe "generic Japanese unique character")

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Posted in: Odaiba See in context

I still like being in Odaiba very much even with the statue of liberty and a sort of copy of the "Erasmus bridge" (near Palette Town,.. damn.. I looked surprised the first time I saw it). The background of the Rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower in background is really amazing at night...

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Posted in: Okayama teacher arrested for taking nude pictures of 15-year-old girl See in context

If around 100 girls got that far they exposed themselves to him, how many girls did he even contacted in total (thus did not send pictures etc)??? At least 1000? Yuck...

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Posted in: Video games -- the best Japanese teacher money can buy See in context

Playing Japanese games is a bit too difficult for me now (whenever I see a Japanese sentence I want to translate it fully so even with my denshi jisho it stays time consuming), so I will stick with my Japanese language study for another 6 months. However, I do have learned the majority of my English vocabulary thanks to playing Final Fantasy games (from playing FF VII as a 12 yo kid onward..). Whenever I did not knew a word, I looked that word up, which is really a good way to learn a language indeed imho. Though you must have some sort of base already to extend from.

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Posted in: Subfreezing weather batters Europe, causing deaths See in context

Major football matches were canceled in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Haha, major understatement, many trains (like 80% or so) are cancelled in Netherlands. You are lucky if you can get at your destination with 1 hour of delay. Passengers are stranded at stations and airports because of the many snowfall. Poor passengers were also those who were stranded in the tunnel between France and the U.K. (in a train without electricity,.. kowai?). Advice they give here; don't go traveling by car, train (, plane?) unless you really need to go somewhere. So I am very glad I have winter holiday, gaming and watching TV/movies whole day :D .

Foxie at 01:56 PM JST - 21st December Compared to 20 years ago, there is very little snow in Niseko recently. European houses are not built for for cold weather, it must be dreadful there right now.

European houses are build for withstanding the cold I think. My dad says this kind of freezing weather was normal in his days (also this amount of snow). We will see if there will be a white Christmas again this year.

(I also agree with WilliB, just a global weather pattern. Like I said, 30 years ago this weather was common here)

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Posted in: Woman drowns trying to save son in Miyazaki See in context

With all the horror stories of women out there mutilitating, abusing, and murdering their own children these days, I commend this woman. She reacted with the instinct to save her child, a protective instinct only found in "mothers". My heart truly goes out to the family. No doubt they are suffering right now.

That was also the first thing that came to my mind. I still remember the story of the suicide parents who also took their child's life with them, a little while ago. This woman is a true mother, RIP. My sympathy to the family. I hope the elder son does not get drowned in feeling guilty, poor guy. It was an accident indeed... a very tragic one...

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Posted in: Mystery sign See in context

Don't move the sign? Because 'it' seems to resemble someone that is moving one thing under its arm and one thing on it's shoulder (there seems to be a red cross sign below also).. bit far fetched though (especially considering it is in Japan where people do not move or touch someone else's property like that I believe).. Uhmm.. what else.. Don't pound on the glass.. Do not stab (thinking of The Shining). Don't boast (imagine a body boulder when showing off his muscles, 'it' makes the almost the same pose)... I quite now before my imagination runs too wild

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