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The world has hit a tipping point. Societies are frustrated and demand an end to systemic discrimination. Yet we need to avoid nuance differences between “black lives matter” and “all lives matter.” Both are correct, but we have seen a disproportionate number of people who identify as African American being killed at the hands of police while unarmed and sometimes already in custody (as was the case with George Floyd). This strikes our sense as fairness and humanity. Let us leverage this movement to put an end to bigotry in all its forms. And to move away from stereotypes, profiling and over generalizations. Let’s begin to focus on the individual and treat each person with human dignity.

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It’s good to see that the world, not just the US, are becoming intolerant to systemic discrimination in its various forms. And that law enforcement need more regulation in terms of how they carry out policing. There have been too many acts of excessive violence that police carry out with impunity. The world is unifying against such abuse of power.

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Exactly. It’s clear that many people in Japan have a false sense of security because of wearing masks. This pictures is a prime example of no social distancing because of the belief that masks completely prevent transfer of infection. This is precisely why viral spread in Japan continues to rise quickly.

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Japan needs to get serious about this virus and quick! No more pretending it’s not happening. Go home and stay in the house. Exercise social distancing- not because some one tells you to but because it’s the right thing to do. This is a global pandemic, not just a national outbreak.

Akie- there is a good collection of world leaders who need to resign after observing how this pandemic is being handled, Abe, Trump, and Duterte included. I’m appalled by the bizarre decision making and inaction they exhibit.

The world is quite unprepared for this, not just logistically, but in terms of leadership. Demand more from our governments.

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This decision is not data driven. What in the data is telling government officials it is safer to open schools now than it was a few weeks ago? In fact, it’s just the opposite. Schools are being reopened during a time infection rates are increasing, so much so that Abe will announce a state of emergency.

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From Coronavirus being a hoax to being under control to this will soon be fixed to toughest days ahead, we clearly have a POTUS who is clueless and has no idea what to do.

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This is nothing more than foolish optics.

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In our global economy, any nation not taking this problem seriously is a threat to every other nation. Japan, where is the leadership?

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This is not complicated. COVID-19 continues to be a growing threat for the entire world. The Olympics need to be postponed so we can focus 100% of the world’s attention to solving this problem.

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This is a global sports event facing off with a global pandemic. What gives? The Olympics must give way to human health and safety. Holding the Olympics puts so many people at risk (spectators, athletes, and Olympic officials, not to mention those who come in contact with these individuals). And it takes vital resources away from fighting the viral spread today. Moving forward with the Olympics makes absolutely no sense. It undermines everything countries are doing to flatten the curve. It forces athletes to take risks now by training in large teams. And it stresses already overwhelmed healthcare facilities in Japan and abroad. If enough elite Olympic athletes speak out against holding this event, the IOC and Japan will need to relent.

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People may stop hoarding when Trump stops giving misinformation. His misguided advice and misinformation is creating markets to react. People will continue to hoard for as long as they are hunkering down and outlets are closing.

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Yet the Olympics is still a Go! Full steam ahead!

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Oh good grief!

The world will never get a handle on this virus if people are so cavalier about it. The doctors should not need to spell it out when they say, “go home!” ( meaning, go straight home and avoid contact with any human being).

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I remember when Ghosn started with NISSAN and the company was near bankruptcy. The company exhibited the same tendencies as now: blaming everything and everyone. Ghosn would had none of that and disciplined his meetings to stop the blaming and focus purely on the numeasurements. NISSAN has run away the very solution to it’s problem. Now, NISSAN is back to it bad habits and blame game. But this time it won’t be saved.

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If Nissan handled this internally through accounting and internal audit, then Nissan would continue to have healthy profits and a trusted brand. Instead, Japanese Nissan managers were more interested in making a point about Japanese nationality by bringing in Japanese prosecutors.

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Is this news? Two individuals who happen to be Muslim are photographed at an art exhibition and that’s considered news?

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Good grief, Nissan! Put an end to the leaks and send Lebanon your evidence (before the deadline expires) if you really want to try Ghosn in a court of law. Resorting to ‘he said/she said’ is futile and does nothing to improve your company’s image.

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Was she terminated from her role and served a lawsuit for damages?

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I’ve worked with real-time interpreters in Japan and must admit they can be incredible people. The truly professional ones take their jobs very seriously. The work is extremely stressful as people’s lives and big business can ride on the accuracy of their translations. And the work is quite mentally taxing. I object to not paying interpreters for the preparatory work they perform prior to an interpretation. It often requires interviewing the main speakers and reading volumes of documents to gain context.

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Let’s stop the madness of discriminating against Chinese and Asians. This is a regional virus that must be contained. Chinese nationals are just as worried about infection as everyone else, so not only is discriminating against Chinese and Asians wrong, it’s unscientific. Viruses can start anywhere in the world and do not care what its hosts looks like. If it spreads, anyone can potentially contract it, meaning xenophobia won’t help you. Only logical medical practices are the solution.

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The Japanese prosecutors are confused. There’s no misunderstanding about jumping bail. Ghosn knows that it was illegal and has no intentions of returning. No new revelations there. But the idea that Ghosn is guilty simply because he fled is preposterous. That’s like blaming a woman for escaping detention in Saudi Arabia for not wearing a burka. At some point you need to question the fairness of the justice system detailing the person.

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The House of Representatives has laid out a very clear case of wrongdoing by Trump, even without additional witnesses. Yet, Trump’s defense lawyers say the evidence is flimsy and that the prosecutors have not met the burden of proof. That’s exactly why the Senators should vote to allow more witnesses to testify and for the White House to turn over requested documents - to fill in whatever gaps are missing. Trump and the Republicans don’t want that because it would likely corroborate all the evidence of wrongdoing already presented. Republicans want it both ways - the evidence is flimsy but we don’t want to allow more witnesses or turn over documents.

Meanwhile, the biggest tragedy will be if the Senate allows Trump to continue obstructing justice by ignoring subpoenas and all requests for documents by the House with impunity. If this happens, we can no longer call America a democracy, because no branch of government could ever investigate the President’s wrongdoing. That would effectively make the President a dictator and would be the day America ceases to be a democracy as we know it.

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If Kelly is acquitted that would pretty much wrap it up for the Japanese prosecutors. It would show that the allegations against Ghosn and Kelly should have never resulted in detainment. In addition, others in Nissan were not detained for the same allegations. The inconsistency in how members related to this case are being treated and the fact that these financial matters should have been addressed internally in the first place is quickly eroding the prosecutors’ credibility worldwide. The prosecutors realized this, which is why we see defensive declarations from the prosecutors that Japan’s justice system is humane. But it’s too late. The prosecutors know Japan’s justice system is what’s on trial and that There Will Be Books!

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Japan’s justice system is on full display, clearly showing no consistency with people “suspected” of wrongdoing. I’m sure many are seeing Japanese prosecutors as completely disinterested in justice and simply serving as a mechanism to reinforce Japanese culture. Conform and you’re fine. Don’t and face the wrath of Japan.

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"I've been training my whole life for this (tennis)," she told reporters. "I shouldn't let outside noise -- no offense to you guys, love you guys -- but outside noise dictate how I'm feeling."

Great statement. She’s an elite tennis player and learning how to ignore distractions that come by way of the press.

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If an employee (even the CEO) were to spend company money for truly personal expenses, the controllers department will flag this quickly because those purchases could not be expensed. Executives at Ghosn’s level, however, typically mix critical business networking with “personal” events. Whether Ghosn’s expenses were truly personal is a judgement call by the Board, accounting department and Ghosn.

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Most or all of these applicants do not know Maezawa personally. That may be fine for a casual date. But we’re talking about going to the Moon. If something goes wrong, they both need to implicitly trust one another. God forbid if they face a Titanic situation where one must sacrifice his/her life for the other to live. You don’t want to find out then that the relationship is not deep enough to agree on that decision.

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Hire a Japanese CEO next time. You picked a clown from Renault who cut down on quality of cars produced, besides being a thief and criminal he did a poor job! With customers being disappointed with the shortcuts made because of this clown.


What part about Ghosn rescued Nissan from near bankruptcy don’t you understand? If it weren’t for Ghosn, we wouldn’t be hear talking about this case, because there wouldn’t be a Nissan to talk about. And the entire educated world knows that.

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Japanese prosecutors and Justice Minister Masako Mori have repeatedly defended the nation's system as upholding human rights, noting Japan boasts a low crime rate. Mori said the system follows appropriate procedures under Japanese law, stressing that every culture is different.

The Japanese prosecutor attempts to justify Japan’s justice system by asserting that all cultures are different. This is a very weak excuse. Fairness is not arbitrary. There is a science to fairness. Research shows that even other animals know when conditions are unfair (see the Capuchin monkey fairness experiment). Achieving fairness requires numerous checks and balances and procedures that do not presume guilt. This again is the Japanese government believing that just because it says procedures are fair makes them so.

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Nissan has created a public relations nightmare. Any issues Nissan execs had with Ghosn’s spending should have been addressed within the firm to avoid damage to its brand image. But based on the coordinated actions between Nissan and Japanese prosecutors, there was clear intent to remove Ghosn above and beyond the alleged financial misconduct charges. The ruse has now backfired and Nissan is likely to suffer even more losses if investors lose faith in the company’s management and if consumers find the brand unappealing because of this event.

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