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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Not only is the passport the property of the issuing country, but any contract can be terminated- otherwise it is not a contract. A contract is an agreement between two parties which must include a termination clause stipulating the terms of notice when one party wishes to end the agreement.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

A government has failed when voluntarily giving up your freedom is the easiest road out of poverty

Well said. Poverty is a complicated global epidemic that shows up in least expected ways. Japan’s rigid employment structure coupled with ageism makes it extremely hard for those 40+ to recover from a financial setback. The labor market, although more flexible than 20 years ago, remains tight and exclusionary, rebuffing women, older Japanese and foreigners. Tradition sustains these practices even as cracks in society become clearly visible.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to discontinue decades-old i-mode internet service in 2026 See in context

NTT Docomo Inc said Tuesday it will stop services of i-mode, an internet-capable mobile phone system introduced in 1999, at the end of March 2026 due to the dwindling number of users.

From i-mode to iPhone!

Apple’s smartphones write the death certificate for i-mode, a technology that was impressive at its launch, but failed to attract an international audience It’s both amazing and unfortunate that after numerous attempts, NTT Docomo could never take i-mode global. As a result, Apple dominated the smartphone market, not only in the US, but also in Japan itself. RIP i-mode!

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Posted in: Koike remains defiant over IOC decision to move events to Sapporo See in context

There has also been criticism from organizers that the IOC did not allow athletes the opportunity to voice their opinions while at the same time pledging to put the "interests of the athletes first."

Why would IOC need to ask the athletes for their opinions? The athletes are focused on running. It is not the athletes’ responsibility to track the heat conditions. And if the athletes are ambivalent about the heat, it doesn’t change the fact that the marathon in Tokyo is dangerous. In the same way you don’t ask athletes if they want to follow concussion protocol, you don’t open up a decision to consensus-building when it comes to athletes’ safety.

IOC holds the responsibility and has made a decision decisively. Tokyo organizers should ask themselves why did they fail to addressing this critical safety issue sooner rather than criticizing IOC for catching this at the 11th hour.

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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

This golf resort should have never been considered for the G7, and it’s up to the American people to investigate how this could have ever been an option. Are there any adults in the room when Trump blatantly violates the emoluments clause? America is literally running on auto-pilot.

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Posted in: Future of Japan's imperial dynasty rests on shoulders of 13-year-old See in context

Greeting his hosts in traditional hakamakimono and trying his hand at archery, the visit was rare public exposure for the boy on whose shoulders the future of the monarchy rests.

The monarchy has no power, so there is nothing of consequence that rests on his shoulders. It is fascinating how human civilizations can endow unnecessary social constructs with such value that artificial pressure is manufactured in order to maintain them.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

Lagune is right. The IOC seems to have stepped in because Tokyo 2020 was not closing on the issue in a timely manner. I can imagine the Tokyo 2020 delegates were locked in indecision because they couldn’t achieve consensus (the Achilles heel of Japanese management). The IOC essentially overrode Japan and made the decision for them, before it was too late. Before Japan takes on hosting such a major event, it needs decisive decision makers.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

I have a better idea. How about plan the Olympic events in safe conditions for athletes early in the planning process or don’t host the Olympics at all. Koike’s not being constructive at all with her sarcasm.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

Another “Titanic” situation: the first and second class passengers get life jackets and boats. The third class passengers are barred from the deck and locked on the ship to die. Humanity at its worst.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

This was an state of emergency. Refusing to take in the homeless was basically a death sentence to those individuals! Disgusting and unforgivable. Where is the value of life?

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Posted in: Artists protest hate underlying attacks on Aichi art festival See in context


Some people looked offended because they saw these works simply like a clear political protest against Japan rather than an art festival

This is what art is!  It’s not always intended to make you feel good. Art is to focus our attention onto a particular subject matter and invoke thought and emotion - good or bad. 

Political protests through art have been one of art’s greatest contributions to society. Dadaism, an art movement started around WWI, was designed to ridicule the meaningless of the modern world and its wars. It spawned a number of modern art forms like surrealism and pop art. 

All artists should show solidarity with the censored artists and protest the festival entirely by removing their works. And yes, the public should pay for this festival. Japan needs to stop trying so desperately to preserve ‘harmony’ because that essentially means to those challenging popular beliefs to put up and shut up.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

This is exactly why Asian nations do not want Japan to have an active military again.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

Please don’t tell me Japan is just realizing this! All the more reason Japan and South Korea need to de-escalate their economic feud and look at the serious security threat of a rising China.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

For those who wonder what happened to the “good old days” when we could joke about anything and laugh it off — well, those days are thankfully over. We’ve realized that such jokes steadily reinforced stereotypes and bigotry in our lives, leaving audiences to say, “oh well, that’s just the way it is.” We need to redefine what we find as funny.  More and more we are calling out people who are desperate for a laugh. Society has called out Eddie Murphy for senselessly joking about homosexuals early in his career, Donald Trump for mocking the disabled, and Larry Wilmore, who thought it would be cute to present his stream of racial jokes at the Obama Correspondents’ Dinner - which explains why he no longer appears on Comedy Central (or anywhere for that matter). Society has had enough of bad jokes — bigotry shrouded as entertainment. The message is clear: “If you can’t make intelligent jokes, then get off the stage.”

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

Japan continues to struggle with clear, non-ambiguous apologies. If these “comedians” can joke about a person by name, then the apology should be just as specific. But not only did they fail to specifically apologize to Osaka herself, but their reasons for apologizing reveals they are only sorry for “causing trouble” and not realizing that diversity is a ‘thing,’ like the latest fad.  

And to make this joke more insulting, they tell it while Osaka is elevating Japan’s name in tennis to the highest level it has ever been. This is no way to show appreciation for all Osaka is doing for Japan. It seems regardless of her accomplishments, many simply cannot see past her skin. That is the epitome of immaturity and bigotry.

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

Has Abe turned into a Trump mini-me?? First Abe weaponizes trade against S. Korea the way Trump weaponizes it against other countries. Now Abe is suddenly interested in a Space Force?

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

CanadianExpat is right.

The estranged relationship between Japan and South Korea has remained problematic over the decades largely because of Japan’s refusal to sincerely apologize for its wartime atrocities. This is about unresolved damage during Japan’s colonial rule. Although the War is in the past, the anger will remain fresh.

The US needs to play a more visible and proactive role in bringing its two allies together. With growing tensions with China and North Korea, the US, Japan and South Korean alliance needs to remain unwavering.

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

Junichiro Koizumi was regarded as an outsider, even within his own party. It remains to be seen how much his son has adopted the insider maverick streak from his father. And

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Posted in: Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named See in context

Onward to the next chapter. What a series of events.

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

This is exactly why I left Japan before my son turned school age. I have no confidence that Japanese school know how to address bullying. I do not think it’s even viewed as a problem. Teachers and school administrators hold the belief that students will simply work out the issues themselves.

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Posted in: Nissan to discuss Saikawa successor at meeting on Monday See in context

It will be interesting to see if Renault will assert strong influence on who will be appointed next CEO. So far Saikawa has turned Nissan back into a significant liability for Renault. To protect future profits, Renault will need to insist on someone who can arrest Nissan’s plummet and take firm leadership of the firm. In other words, Renault needs another Carlos Ghosn. But we’ve seen how Japan reacts to foreign execs. This next appointment will determine the survival of the alliance.

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Posted in: New prosecutor defends handling of Ghosn case See in context

Asked about criticisms of Japan's criminal system as "hostage justice," referring to prolonged detentions of suspects possibly leading to false confessions, Tetsuya Sogi said he didn't really understand what that meant.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

I’m hoping someone in Japan can please explain this to him!

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Posted in: Democratic candidates blame Trump, NRA for inaction on guns See in context

It is perfectly justified to blame Trump, leader of the Republican Party, for his inaction on mass shootings.

When Obama faced some of the most horrific acts of mass shooting, he urged Congress to pass gun reforms. The Republicans obstructed any legislative review, which frustrated Obama and many Americans. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which claimed the lives of 6 and 7 year olds, was the ultimate shock to America. And when Republicans refused to act on that incident, I realized that America had truly slipped into a state of political dysfunction.

Now a Republican is President, a person who could push his party to support gun reform and stronger background checks. But Trump is not interested. Once again we see politics placed over country.

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Posted in: Democratic candidates blame Trump, NRA for inaction on guns See in context

Anybody who focuses on guns is misguided, and is only wasting their time. 

Wrong. Anyone not focusing on guns and all other factors contributing to mass shootings has a problem with critical thinking and isn’t good at basic problem solving. You need two factors to make mass shootings possible, a person with criminal behavior and a high assault weapon. You need to address both factors to lower the probability of mass shootings. If we are serious about addressing this problem, do the statistical analysis and address the significant variables. You can then calculate the probability of a mass shooting given the intersection of a person with criminal behavior and an assault weapon: P(A|{E1, E2, ... En})

Don’t dismiss guns because you don’t ‘think’ they are the problem. Do the math and find the significant variables. Then address them. Take a scientific approach to solving this. Nothing less will do.

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

I’m seriously starting to rethink how “safe” Japan really is.

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

Interestingly I just did a quick search for the most rat infested cities in the US. Baltimore was number 9... Washington number 4.

Good research, Haaa Nemui!

Sounds like the American people need to drain the swamp in Washington DC by clearing out the rat infested White House. Trump and his entire administration need to go.

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

The only reason Trump is attacking Cummings and the city of Baltimore is because Cummings is attacking the immigration policy and deplorable conditions at the boarder. Since Trump is not really a leader of the people, he flagrantly attacks anyone who criticizes his policies. Trump holds the presidency but does not fulfill the role (not even close). He is not an American President because he doesn’t really care about Americans. His statements are not designed to help the people of Baltimore. They are designed to insult them. And up to this point, Trump has made no effort to remedy poverty - only attack it. America has many areas in need of solutions. We don’t need a President who spouts insults when criticized, yet offers no solutions. Time to elect a real president in 2020.

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Posted in: Stalker mixed urine into face lotion of object of his affection See in context

“I felt as though I could stake a claim on her by marking her with my essence.”

Righhhhhhht! These are disturbing trend indeed.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Twilight Zone episode:

The court rules against Ghosn but rather than sentence him to prison the court orders him to lead Nissan and recover the firm from near bankruptcy (again). Once he miraculously recovers the firm back to profitability, Japanese executives conspire and accuse him of financial wrongdoing. One of the Japanese executives takes over the firm and drives it into the ground with poor decisions while Ghosn awaits trial. The court rules against Ghosn, but rather than sentence him to prison...

Enter Rod Serling

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Ghosn was the face of Nissan at major US car shows and announcements. If Nissan is to have any chance of recovering the US market, they will need someone other than Saikawa. And without the US market, a true Nissan recovery is unrealistic. It appears the tide is overwhelmingly against Nissan. Sell, Sell, Sell!!!

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