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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

They still talking about it?

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Posted in: Japan's economy crawls out of recession in Oct-Dec quarter See in context

Sorry guys, Japan is out of recession. They can still press the delete button after transfer the debt to an account. If people believe it worth something, then it worth.

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Posted in: Hawking warns artificial intelligence 'could mean end of humanity' See in context

Sorry but I don't agree with him. If an asteroid killed the dinosaurs and humanity will deplet the natural resources, artificial intelligence means infinite possibility using small amount of resources. Humanity will not have enough money to build space stations and cities in space, but it AI may improve it helping humanity to archieve longevity. We may be living over a time bomb and AI maybe the good solution to save it.

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Posted in: Abe's support rate at lowest ever See in context

Good Abe, everything is fine. The only fail is that everything is now made in China.

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Posted in: Russia proposes building natural gas pipeline to Japan: Nikkei See in context

Wow!! Just build it! And contract me :) Pipeline=more job! There is no russian speaking people here so supply will be stable :)

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Posted in: Sharp starts to construct solar plant in Fukushima See in context

Ask them to continue Zaurus production also:)

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

Just replace all TV by computer.

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Posted in: Dozens of lawmakers expected to visit Yasukuni Shrine on Friday See in context

They need the intervention of the current emperor to stop this visit.

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Posted in: The androids are coming See in context

The eyes of this to robot is too small. They need to use better model like blonde supermodels :) By the way, I hope Sony to resume making aibo dog robots.

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Posted in: Super typhoon on course for Japan See in context

I got an Ukrainian made umbrella:) It is typhoon proof :)

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Posted in: Sony develops 'SmartEyeglass' See in context

It still too big. I prefer Epson eye glasses since the price is in the range of 300 dollars and comes with android inside.

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Posted in: Gov't says volcanic eruption will have no impact on nuclear restarts See in context

Well, better to have a meltdown than an inreversible global warming in the entire world and turn it like a Martian surface.

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Posted in: Demonstrators rally against restarting nuclear plants See in context

Reactivate these power plants need to be done for the future of our children and the Earth. If global warming advances even further, there will be no food or no longer humanity and we also wi have disruption in the ocean food chain if there will be no glacial poles. Do it properly and fast.

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Posted in: Demonstrators rally against restarting nuclear plants See in context

I am sure majority of people approve it and nuclear energy is clean. The radiation exists naturally anywhere in the planet and high attitude places from space. Just turn on since global warm may extinct human race and nuclear power may save it.

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Posted in: China's envoy to Iceland arrested for spying for Japan See in context

Japan spying? They don't need it if they have google.

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Posted in: IMF chief says global economy not utilizing women effectively See in context

The world will be a better place if man stay at house and woman go to work and as well work as military :) How will be a war between women?

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Posted in: With eye on Japan, China announces national 'Martyrs' Day' See in context

Without Japan there were no China!

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Posted in: China, S Korea urge Japan to reflect on wartime aggression See in context

Well done Abe, I also have sympathy for them but by the way who are them?

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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation network hacked; exec's flight diverted by bomb threat See in context

They can use the Sony network tdoe virtual meeting. There is not necessary to use airplane

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Posted in: Japan to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch See in context

Well, they have to improve DNA recording before they got extinct, then we will be able to make artificial tuna at will and keep the natural species intact.

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Posted in: BOJ may ease policy for some time to beat deflation: Kuroda See in context

I pay fix interest on my apartment loan :) Let's have more inflation so I will be paying negative interest :))) Well it is working!

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Posted in: Abe calls Latin America 'indispensable partner' See in context

yes ! Better Japan helping these economies than Russia or China!

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Posted in: Airbus says no room for more talks in cancelled Japan jet deal See in context

Europe will start doing sanctions not only in Russia. Time to choose Boing :)

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Posted in: Japan provides Vietnam with 6 vessels See in context

It maybe a very small ship for this price. It does have radar?

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Posted in: Japan wraps up Pacific whale hunt See in context

Well done! Sea Shepherd is now worthless since they lost support from the elders people that was annoyed for month payments. They have no funds to go to South Pole!

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Posted in: Japan wraps up Pacific whale hunt See in context

Wow.. That is nice!!! So I will be able to have whales dinner again. Somebody want to open a whales restaurant in Sydney?

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan resume 'comfort women' talks See in context

It is like Ukraine issue. Americans will have a huge problem if Japan become China and South Korea ally. China and South Korea'a sentiment increased with the development of the internet blogs. It happened in Libya and many other places.

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Posted in: Rebels return 80 fewer bodies than promised from MH17, experts say See in context

Are they insurgents or body a searchers?

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Posted in: Airlines symbolize nations' hopes or reflect shame See in context

I don't think so. Airplanes are a very fragile transportation system. if it break a part it has no parachutes. It is pity that we have no exotic materials to build antigravity spaceships and indestructible engines and materials.

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Posted in: Putin promises to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia See in context

Two brother nations fighting each other. It will be soon like North Korea and South Korea:(

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