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Posted in: New film questions China's effect on world See in context

First of all, I completely agree with the comment from rgetty (1st comment on this blog). But let's put this "China is an eminent superpower" thing into an economic prospective as it relates to the U.S. and it's alliance with Japan. First of all, China's current GDP totalled USD 4.9 trillion compared to Japan's $5.1 trillion while the U.S. was close to $20 trillion! China has 1.3 billion people and the U.S. has 300 million and Japan 125 million. Think about this for just a second. On a GDP per capita basis and assuming China's ecomony contines to grow at 10% per yr every year (not realistic) and the U.S. and Japan economies doesn't grow at all (also not realistic), it will take China over 150 to 200 years to get to the same individual weath standard as Japan and U.S. China an eminent superpower? I don't think so. Not in my lifetime nor in my great grandchildren's lifetime. BTW, I've been living in China for over 6 years now.

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