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Posted in: U.S. dairy industry calls for greater market access to Japan See in context

It's baffling why people still consume dairy. Milk is designed for baby cows, not for adult humans. We don't need to be breastfed as adults (and certainly not from another species!).

Not only that, but you also have the abhorrent cruelty of the dairy industry and the massive environmental degradation caused by this nefarious industry.

Yes, indeed, dairy is scary.

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Posted in: Elderly owners having to put their aging pets in care See in context

Clearly sensei258 lacks any compassion and has no understanding of what an important family member an animal is.

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Praying for all the animal victims of this devastation. I was up doing animal rescue work in Miyagi and Fukushima. Heartbreaking - not just the animals themselves but the animal guardians who have lost their pets or are struggling to keep them. And, also all the farm animals. We saw numerous dead cows. Please support Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) and/or Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) as mentioned by Harry Gatto above if you can.

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Posted in: Ko Shibasaki celebrates Hollywood debut as Keanu Reeves’ lover in '47 Ronin' See in context

Hiroyuki Sanada....NOICE!!!! :)

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Thanks for a great night Yoshiki. I really enjoyed the show...well, not so much the fashion but X Japan. You are truly the world's greatest band.

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Posted in: Japan hosts visit by 5 Australian World War II POWs See in context

As an Australian I too commend them. We can never know what they went through. They have my utmost respect.

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Posted in: What do you think of all the hype over the arrival of two pandas at Ueno Zoo? Do you think it will boost the local economy and really help Sino-Japan relations? See in context

Ueno Zoo is a miserable place. It's a prison for those who committed no crime. Poor pandas, stuck there for their lives having "kawaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii" screamed at them all day by the igoramus public.

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Clearly she's oblivious to the fact she's standing next to the greatest musician ever.

You might think Yoshiki looks silly in sunglasses (personally I don't) but his music encourages me everyday. God speaks through his hands. I couldn't care less about the glasses (well, I'd like to see his face...he has a lovely face).

Naysayers: Criticise away. I'm no crazy fangirl. Just commenting on true talent. No Johnny Boys here. Until you can create the magic he creates perhaps you are in no position to comment.

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