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Posted in: Record 98 pregnant women in Tokyo had COVID-19 in July: study See in context

That's where the problem lies in Japan. The rule is made that mild covid patients cannot be admitted without giving thought to other issues like complications in pregnancy. The hospitals are following the rules blindly, which resulting in a lack of empathy.

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Posted in: If you live in Japan and haven't already been tested for the coronavirus, do you wish to get a PCR test? See in context

Why does everyone need to be tested, rather should test everyone who needs a test? Money and time do not grow in trees.

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Posted in: Diner leaves $10,000 tip at Florida restaurant See in context

There is an another NRA (National Restaurant Association) in the USA. NRA does not want to pay their employee a minimum wage rather left them to survive by throwing away money. I personally feel tipping is a bad culture. I find it is disrespectful, even when I pay for it. It is also a job like any other job. Sometimes people argue in favour of tipping for a better service. Their job is to serve you nor to entertain you. Just pay them what they deserve according to federal law. If it requires to increase in the food price, increase it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,405 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,876 See in context

The actual number of cases is far more. There is no point in debating. There is no published seroprevalence study so far from the government. Our University (UTokyo) did some study almost a year back. Unfortunately, the results are still unknown even to the participants. Recently, I was reading about an extensive seroprevalence study conducted in India. Antibodies have been found in nearly 70% (1 billion) cases where their reported value is just 32 million even though they (India) have tested almost 2.5 times more per million than Japan. However, we can not equate with them there is a huge difference in living standards and basic health infrastructure.

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Posted in: China pushes adoption of language, cultural symbols in Tibet See in context

"from autocracy to democracy, and from closeness to openness": A nice Friday morning entertainment.

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Posted in: New Zealand says it has solved COVID outbreak puzzle See in context

As if they found the cure for Covid.

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Posted in: Briton handed jail term in Singapore for not wearing mask See in context

Good job Singapore, and kick out him. We also need it here in Japan.

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Posted in: Vaccination site for younger people to open in Tokyo's Shibuya district See in context

And the other 322.8 billion yen???

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

A report from the Science Magazine

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

We really need to impose restrictions on the driving age and consistent evaluation of driveability. There are many such unfortunate incidents in the recent past.

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Posted in: Taliban promise women's rights, security under Islamic rule See in context

A gold clay pot. Taliban also learning the propaganda tools of the CCP.

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Posted in: Japan extends, expands state of emergency as cases surge See in context


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Posted in: Suga says Japan has secured enough COVID-19 'antibody cocktails' See in context

Our suga san is great.

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Posted in: USDA to permanently boost food stamp benefits by 25 percent See in context

What an irony, 13 % of the population surviving on food stamps. So-called the great country of the universe, a fool's paradise.

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Posted in: Swift Taliban takeover leaves U.S. image in tatters See in context

Does the USA won any war after WWII.

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Posted in: 3 cabinet members, Abe visit Yasukuni Shrine; Suga sends offering See in context

It seems Abe San has plans to reenter active politics.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,773 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,293 See in context

It seems, soon we will be hitting the 10k mark in Tokyo.

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Posted in: China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe See in context

Who cares WHO.

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Posted in: Japan's cumulative coronavirus cases top 1 million See in context

Great relief, finally we are at the one-million club.

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Posted in: Japan starts accepting applications for 'vaccine passports' See in context

What about the USA?

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Posted in: Bunch of grapes fetches ¥1.4 mil, hitting record for 3rd straight year See in context

Grapes are sour.

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Posted in: Bunch of grapes fetches ¥1.4 mil, hitting record for 3rd straight year See in context

It is not the farmer who makes a better living from these auctions. It is the corporate that makes the profit. It also increases the regular market price, which makes it almost unaffordable for the general public.

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Posted in: India protests 'unfair' Tokyo Olympic rules for COVID-hit nations See in context

To add further, Narinder Batra, president of the Indian Olympic Association, I just searched about him. He is a businessman, closely associated with the current ruling party, and played hockey at the college level. I guess this explains all.

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Posted in: India protests 'unfair' Tokyo Olympic rules for COVID-hit nations See in context

It is nothing to do with the athletes. It seems to me Japan govt restricted the number of visitors along with the athletes. Many politicians in the name of sports administrators plan to have a free trip to Tokyo with the Government's money. It is their free lunch, which is at stake. By the way, how many medals India expects to win?

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Posted in: More companies, universities begin on-site vaccinations See in context

Bunyip: Why you need more time to fill a yes/no (willing or unwilling to take the vaccine) google form.

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Posted in: More companies, universities begin on-site vaccinations See in context

UTokyo will be starting in early July.

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

Our suga()-(san)daddy looking tensed.

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Posted in: Protected passengers See in context

Mask is also under the nose.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context

quoted him as saying he did it to ease------------

*At least good, he did not commit any crime against women to ***ease his stress and anxiety.**

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Posted in: India virus death toll passes 300,000; 3rd highest in world See in context

Modi is doing everything possible to contain the spread of this evil...........................

Modi is doing everything possible to make life miserable for his people. It is for the Indian people to decide whether they want such an incompetent pm to lead. I do follow a little bit of Indian politics. It is all, religion caste, and ultranationalism. I do not see any real agenda for improving the lives of common people.

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