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Posted in: Duterte visits emperor See in context

I want a room like that in my home!

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Posted in: How to travel from Tokyo to Kyushu by train for less than Y2,500 See in context

Nice, well written article that gives inspiration to others to try something different Some may try a part of this journey. Thanks for contribution.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

How long are we going to let NK continue? Wait until one lands in a city & kills countless innocents? Time to take out their launch centers & command & control HQ. UN can't sit around & wait for the tragic inevitable.

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Posted in: Millions living in U.S. illegally targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules See in context

The southern border of Mexico is a great template for USA to follow. Mexico utilizes a lot of resources to ensure its' southern border is fortified against illegal entry.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context


So did this happen or not? Is it fake news or real news & who are the suspects?

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Posted in: Cruz drops out of GOP race after Indiana loss to Trump See in context

Many people who seem to dislike Trump don't realize the ongoing issues affecting large areas of the USA that have been more or less ignored by the last 4 presidents. He's finally addressing it. Illegal aliens. During 1.5 years in Japan, I was only asked to show my ARC (Alien Registration Card) once. I was proud to produce it & show local law enforcement. My feeling was that if I had a country I would want to know who is visiting and have some kind of registration system. Over here in the USA we're Here in Southern California every single aspect of life is affected by illegal aliens: jobs, housing, traffic, shopping, education, etc. Something needs to be done. We put great faith in Obama who didn't deliver on everything he promised & I'm sure Trump won't either....

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Posted in: Engaging in damage control following a 'bonenkai' blunder See in context

^^ Everyone has always wondered what company would hire you based on your comments & pix....

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Posted in: Crowd control See in context

What happened to the SEP 6 article on Yamaguchi-Gumi splitting up? It has been removed from archive. http://www.japantoday.com/search?q=yamaguchi

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Posted in: Migrants keep entering Hungary as work on fence speeds up See in context

Allowing refugee's to migrate to another country is simply a band-aid that doesn't solve the real issue. We've seen this time & time again. The long term solution is to fix the problem within their country, educate and provide leadership to make them self supporting and NOT want to leave their country. Let's be proactive & fix the problem.

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Posted in: Harpoonless Japanese whalers heading for Antarctic See in context

I brought canned minke whale back home one year & cooked it up for taco night...best taco's I've ever had! The melted cheese combined w/the minke whale, lettuce, etc was simply delicious! It was much more tender than I ever expected.

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Posted in: Glasses with built-in camera See in context

I ride a bicycle to work & was just thinking today (after many years of commuting by bicycle) that it would be good evidence to have a video of my 20 min journey should something happen. GoPro sticking up from helmet is kinda silly, these would work....

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Posted in: 2 channel leaves 90% of illegal posts online despite police request See in context

Never heard of it. What's the URL?

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Posted in: KISS kick off Japan tour See in context

KISS bought a new Arena Football team in Los Angeles and I bought season tickets at $99 which includes a free full scale KISS concert for season ticket holders only! The surprising thing is that the $99 tickets aren't sold out! 10 games + a full scale KISS concert! Someone should throw in r/t flight from Japan and make a travel package of it.

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Posted in: Dogfight over Tokyo: JAL, ANA vie for 20 landing slots at Haneda See in context

I wish JAL would add an LAX to Haneda direct flight like ANA has....sure beats LAX to Narita!

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Posted in: Heavy rain continues in western Japan as typhoon weakens See in context

Next week I'm heading to Yamaguchi for annual summer vacation....oh joy!

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Posted in: 195 hospitalized for heatstroke in western Japan See in context

As usual, just when we head to western Japan for our annual summer trip the heat is on!

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