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Posted in: Woman arrested for injuring 3-year-old daughter with hair iron See in context

Oh my... whoever's done that, how can you... I mean, a 3-4-year-old little girl is among one of the most vulnerable beings on the entire world. Whoever does that is a coward.

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Posted in: Suga, Abe attend memorial for father of N Korea abductee Megumi Yokota See in context

The issue of the abductees goes beyond politics. It's an issue of humanity. A father passing away without seeing his daughter ever again is just plain evil, cruel. Even if she died in N. Korea, as a father, he had the right to hold a funeral, and pay respects to her. I hope Mrs. Yokota lives enough to see something as closure, but I highly doubt it. I can't imagine the hell they have gone through for decades. What an inspiring married couple. May Sakie remains strong.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman apologizes for remarks against LGBT rights See in context

I am gay and I accept his apologies as part of a very ignorant statement. I find it funny he actually blamed Japan's low birth rate to homosexuals. I am 28 and I am dreaming of earning money by my 35th birthday and have a surrogate mother have my little boy/little girl. As for the rest, it's not worth discussing. I accept his apologies.

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Posted in: Man on death row since 1999 dies at 88 See in context

He committed his crimes in the 1970s, convicted in 1999. So long. Regardless of your position on the death penalty, it's a waste of a life... and of tax payers money.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car on crossing; driver arrested See in context

Agree with first comment, for love's sake, he's got his whole life ahead. Get well little guy.

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

especially countries like India and Brazil are really rising on the world stage

Two countries that have people starving to death like India and Brazil deserve a seat?. Wow.

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Posted in: Aum founder's 2nd daughter to receive his remains, Tokyo court rules See in context

I read Underground by Murakami. Incredible how some people are so morally weak. As for this news, I feel empty, too much sadness involved. From Matsumoto to Tokyo. [including the Sakamotos]

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl he met on TikTok See in context

including kissing and hugging her against her will

Repulsive. What does a man see in a little girl? Disturbing. It is a parent's duty to check their children's activities on the social medias. What a sicko.

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Posted in: Jail term upheld for mother over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

I remember the case, that "man" Yudai Funato was said to tremble in court. So, a real "man" to take his frustrations out on a defenceless little girl, but when faced with consequences he trembles in court. What a coward. Abusing a 5 yo little girl, whatta ??? is wrong with those two.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after daughters, aged 6 and 3, die in overheated car while she goes drinking See in context

She didn't call emergency until afternoon?, what a gross and reckless behaviour. And then you wonder why some people have kids when there are plenty of others who wish to be parents and can't.

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Posted in: Abe to hold press conference at 5 p.m. Friday See in context

I hold tremendous differences with him, but I find it shocking to wish ill upon ANYONE on Earth. I believe in the dignity of human being, and that includes not sinking low and wishing ill on someone.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested after decaying body of husband found at home See in context

I never got how the people who do this deal with the odor and putrefaction of a corpse. Never got it. As for the news, I'd say arresting her is useless, a waste of the resources that could be offered.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

Agnes Chow, being only 23, is risking her freedom and liberty to fight for democracy and freedom of everyone in HK. She's worth a prize. May she stay strong.

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Posted in: Trump's coronavirus retweets spark claims of censorship See in context

Twitter, Facebook, and every single online newspaper and social media must understand that they are not more powerful than President Trump. They are going to lose their battle if Trump decides to order them to stop ceasing operation. They will have to move out of America.

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Posted in: 4th anniversary of stabbing rampage at care home for mentally disabled marked See in context

Attacking people who can't defend themselves is just... low, very low.

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Posted in: UK asks Japan for Huawei alternatives in 5G networks: report See in context

There have to be alternatives. I follow closely a brilliant young man of just 27 years of age named Nathan Law from Hong Kong. He recently left HK to stay in the UK out of his safety, and he began lobbying for a boycott of Huawei. It was then when I realised what it was.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of mentally disabled son See in context

I am 27 and I was a special needs student, I have autism, and I can't think of anything that made her feel tired of her own son to the point of killing him. I must also say that it is not specified in the article what level of disability this boy had, but anyway, nothing justifies it. It's a sad.... but repeated story.

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Posted in: Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, dies in suspected suicide See in context

Just 30. Life ahead of him. RIP. Don't judge please. It's painful enough.

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Posted in: Father arrested for flinging baby daughter across room See in context

Oh, I am his same age and I can't believe it. I don't have children because I don't even have a partner but I've always craved for a baby girl. Some get lucky with things they don't value. Put this little girl away from this man.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman dies after being stabbed as she gets off bus See in context

I have autism and I find it senseless the lots of people on here saying the "mentally unstable" should be locked away. This woman claims to be schizophrenic, it's not even proved. But jumping to conclusions before proof is the typical hysteria from yellow journalism and its followers.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing elementary school daughter See in context

In my 27 years of life I've heard so much of abuse of children in Japan that doesn't surprise me, it's disgusting. Abusing a child is BEYOND cowardly.

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Posted in: Names of 18 and 19-year-old criminals to no longer be concealed from 2022 See in context

Since leopards can’t change their spots

There was a case which deeply disturbed me, that of Yukio Yamaji who as a minor murdered his mother in 2000 and was then released in 2003 just to rape and murder two young women. He was then sentenced to death and hanged. These laws helped him end two more precious life at an age in which an individual clearly can differentiate between right and wrong.

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Posted in: Pilots on trial in Turkey over Ghosn escape released from jail See in context

The Ghosn case is an international embarrassment for the Japanese govt. and judicial system. I hope justice be served to those who helped him escape.

And remember this well-known saying "You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide".

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

Helping someone escape from a judicial process is a crime, for those asking what Japan is asking for. Simple as that.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of 5-month-old daughter See in context

5-months-old ... what the hell ... I can't make a full remark on her because I don't know her mental health or if she's suffering from post-pregnancy stress, or things like that. All I can say is murder-suicide is selfish, cowardly.

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Posted in: Rise in game addicts prompts Japan to enhance consultation system See in context

 prioritizing them over daily activities and other interests leading to significant impairment in health, education, work and other areas.

I'm 27 and that's exactly what happened to me, I ended up dropping out of nursing career. I am now overcoming it, but I was addicted to Team Fortress Classic, a 1999 videogame. I love to play games but I know it gets worrying sometimes.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to molest baby boy mistaken for girl See in context

His preferences are irrelevant since he's a sick, sick, sick man.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old daughter See in context

Poor little girl. I am amazed how, intoxicated or not, these so-called men who abuse kids always take out their, anger, frustration, whatever on a child. Why don't they go out to the streets and find somebody their size to fight?

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Posted in: Shigeru Yokota, father of N Korea abductee, dies at 87 See in context

RIP. This death shows the cruelty of some regimes in the world. A father deprived of seeing her daughter again. Just horrible, disgusting. I have no words. And remarkable that he did not promote racism in any form. Respects to this man.

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Posted in: Hong Kong marks Tiananmen anniversary, defying a police ban See in context

Funny how they use the COVID pandemic to oppress HK people. It's important for the U.S., UK and other countries to maintain support for the HK activists, from Joshua Wong, to the whole Demosisto party, and to the CHRF organisation and its leader, Jimmy Sham, who was brutally attacked last year. Also, never forget professor Benny Tai and his Occupy movement. So many to mention, all worth of respect.

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