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Posted in: Former top farm ministry official admits killing reclusive son See in context

Mentally ill people need love, not violence or aggression.

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Posted in: Man says he will admit guilt in court over 2016 killings of disabled people See in context

I have a younger brother (22) with schizoaffective disorder and he's on medication. He's a brilliant young man, a kind, nice, caring person... lovely human being, full of love toward his few friends and we his family. Fighting a day-to-day battle against a mental illness. Just thinking people like Uematsu thinks he doesn't deserve to live just for a mental illness or whatever reason makes me think who is "sicker" (if that term exists). Sad story. Hope justice is served.

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Posted in: Body of slain doctor returns home to Japan from Afghanistan See in context

May he rest in peace ..... but..... who on Earth would murder a doctor helping civilians? Evil to its core

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-month-old son See in context

I'm rather stressed young man, I volunteer to release my frustration and anger onto "men" like these!.

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Posted in: Iran proposes Rouhani visit to Japan amid nuclear impasse See in context

Iran does not represent Japan not in the least. Iran sees Japanese as infidels.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan-S Korea summit being arranged in China in late December See in context

Would be fantastic. South Korea leadership is ready to be friendly towards Japan. It's the South Korean youth, as I've said sometimes, that has shown tremendous animosity towards PM Abe and anti-Japanese sentiment without a sole present-time justification.

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

In face of Saturday's insult-laden rampage against PM Abe from North Korea, I see it a positive response. North Korea attacks; Japan answers back.

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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

@Chip Star, the only thing I have to say, I respect your opinion, but you should never support personal attacks. Only the weakest among the weakest resort to Ad Hominem. It's when you lack of facts.

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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

Excellent from PM Abe not responding EVER to *ad hominems. Not worthy.*

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Posted in: U.S. enactment of Hong Kong law may dim chance of Xi's Japan visit See in context

Long Live Joshua Wong,

Long Live Jimmy Sham.

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Posted in: Abe urges China to maintain free and open Hong Kong See in context

Thank you Abe for respecting the will of Hong Kong citizens. I'm happy for Jimmy Sham who, even on crutches after suffering two attacks this year, campaigned and won the election. That's a leader, that's a person with guts, that's a moral person.

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Posted in: Extension of S Korea-Japan intel pact likely to irritate N Korea See in context

The main opponents in S. Korea are the youth, and I find that rather sad. South Korea and Japan should crush the past and look forward to keep peace in the region. Pity South Korean youth have been brainwashed with a deep-rooted anti-Japanese sentiment.

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Posted in: Japan tells embassies risk of contaminated Fukushima water 'small' See in context

I know that on this website I'll get thumbed down, but I stand by my beliefs. I believe in Abe and I believe in his government.

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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context


Pardon? Fake problem? I may agree with China, but NK? Have you read the news about their constant launching of missiles towards Japan?

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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context

I applaud prime minister Abe, the U.S. blackmails Japan with EIGHT billion demand to keep troops, Japan does this. It's good that NK knows who they are messing with.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

I'm going to be thumbed down but I don't care. I trust the government, years back prime minister Abe ate an octopus at Fukushima, what else proof do you want there's no contamination? Abe would have not certainly risked his health. Years have passed.

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea postpone joint exercise criticized by N Korea See in context

Kim is far more obsessed with damaging Japan than fellow Koreans in the South. The threat is to Japan, not S. Korea dear Americans

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Even more support to PM Abe from me, abolish the peaceful constitution and rearm the country's forces.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters unleash stash of petrol bombs; Chinese soldiers clear roads See in context

Hong Kong people must determine their future. Not China. My inspirations, as a young man, are both Joshua Wong and Jimmy Sham, and it was great pleasure to see Jimmy heading the gay pride march in the city even without police authorisation. This article worries me. No intervention whatsoever. If Hong Kong wants to remain as Chinese, then I'll shut my mouth up and respect that.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korean envoys, execs discuss ways to cool tensions See in context

Time for South Korean youth to realise that past is past. Japan and South Korea must work together to stop the belliference of Kim.

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

I'm not a what is called in English "royalist", but I think that Emperor of the country should work shoulder-to-shoulder with Abe to make Japan great.(er)

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Posted in: Anime studio arson-murder suspect transferred to Kyoto hospital See in context

I wish him well........................... to pay on Earth what he did. Glad he's undergoing this health ordeal however I must admit.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for slashing girl says he wanted to kill someone See in context

This case scarily reminds me of serial killer Yukio Yamaji's case. Murdered own mother in 2000 as a minor, PAROLED in 2003, and murdered again in 2005 for the SAKE of killing. Hope this is not the case.

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Posted in: Abe's mission unaccomplished: Pushing to revise Japan's pacifist charter See in context

@Samir Basu

I appreciate your response, but conscription cannot be applied in Japan for many reasons, especially social issues. JSDF must be armed, I didn't mean arms race.

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Posted in: Abe's mission unaccomplished: Pushing to revise Japan's pacifist charter See in context

I support Abe, Japan cannot stand unarmed in front of rampant belligerence from North Korea regime and Chinese oppression

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Posted in: Protesters blockade universities, stockpile makeshift weapons as chaos grips Hong Kong See in context

Regarding Hong Kong, I can simply say I admire youngsters like Joshua Wong and Jimmy Sham, so young and putting up a fight with a superpower. Kudos for them. May they be protected. (Though Sham was attacked with hammers weeks ago)

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

Speedy recovery for the girl... and come on, Japan is facing difficult times; hikikomoris, alienated youths who randmonly attack others; selfish individuals like the Yua child abuse case. What's happening in Japanese society? Nutjobs like this boy expected more.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. forces cornered IS leader in dead-end tunnel See in context

He committed suicide but instead of dying alone he decided to take children with him. That says all about him. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Father arrested over abuse of 1-month-old son See in context

These people release their anger and frustration on the defenceless, such a cruel thing to do. I'm a really stressed young man, but I'd never take it out onto anybody since it's my own responsibility to deal with the stress.

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto anime studio attack begins rehab See in context

He's got a lot to pay on Earth, get well bad person!, hopefully you'll be found "sane" and sentenced to death for ending young lives over your delusions.

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