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Posted in: 37-year-old man gets life in prison for murder of 86-year-old man See in context

I don't understand the logic of his attorney. I understand that he had to defend his client, but to suggest that he had no intent to kill does not mean that his client was fully willing to do so in case his stealing attempt was to be foiled. He could have run away, but NOTHING justifies brutally stabbing an elderly man to death.

Full-fledged cold blood. I applaud the ruling, because prosecutors could also probe his guilt beyond reasonable doubt with the DNA evidence. I just hate convictions on circumstantial evidence.

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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families ask U.S. envoy to help resolve issue See in context

On the Megumi case

Yokota's father and the first leader of the families' group, Shigeru Yokota, died in June 2020 at the age of 87 without ever being reunited with Megumi.


North Korea claims Megumi died by suicide.

That dynasty is beyond the imagination of evil. Just cruel, nasty, and soulless, even if that claim is the truth.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by daughter’s ex-boyfriend on Feb 14 dies in hospital See in context

The fact that she never regained consciousness is so tragic. That woman's last sight may he been that of the violent attack without knowing about her daughter's safety. Just days after Women's Day, I, as a 29-year-old male, feel disgusted.

Not that I perceive women as victims per se. But this cases involving "ex-s" are almost overwhelmingly males attacking females. A hard truth to recognise if we want to build a better society.

I am no judge; I just wish an appropriate punishment for the killer to give the daughter a bit of closure.

Poor woman, may she rest in peace.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution See in context

“The accused were provided with the right to an attorney and were guaranteed their full rights under Saudi law

What law? The judges in Saudi Arabia apply draconian punishments based on Sharia law.

Capital punishment is immoral most of the times. It is truly barbaric what Saudi Arabia has done. A mass execution when the world's attention is elsewhere. Truly horrifying.

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Posted in: 3/11 quake-related suicides in Japan total 246 in 11 years See in context

The next morning, Masahiro woke up alone. He was later notified by police that his wife had died. She did not leave a suicide note

Not leaving a suicide note adds to the immense pain those left behind feel. It brings no closure, and a lot of ifs arise. It's truly tormenting.

Suicide prevention should be an assignment of some kind, along with the de-stigmatization of mental health. Mental health in Japan is somewhat stigmatized.

It's nothing to be ashamed of to call for help. It makes you braver.

As a side note, what I read time ago on CNN which was truly sad, was a man who still dives in the area of the tsunami, eleven years later, searching for his missing wife. That clinging to hope must be a clinging to sanity.

May all those affected be Blessed forever.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 death toll tops 20,000 See in context

To have had close people dead from COVID-19 really hurts me to read people mocking the virus. And I don't care about the childish game of up-down-votes. It's my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan beats Denmark 6-2 to stay unbeaten in women's ice hockey See in context

"If we are able to play our game from the start, we'll absolutely win," 

That's what I call a positive spirit. :D

I would like to be informed if fighting is allowed in the Olympics' ice hockey. I am extremely sensitive and I can't watch the fights on ice hockey. But I am totally ignorant as if it is permitted here.

"It was a game that gives one the feeling that we've developed,"

Endless training is giving its fruits. You reaped sacrifice, you sow success. Kudos!

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Posted in: Suspect in 2010 murder of 16-year-old boy indicted after undergoing psychiatric tests See in context

29-year-old man

I'm 29 too!. I can't believe the years that have passed. This means that both this man and I were 18 or so in 2010. I can't believe for the suffering that the victim's family has had to go through 12 years. Processes should be speeded up.

The insanity defence should be clearly established at the moment of arrest and arraignment. A person's mental health changes overtime. I'm autistic, and I'm far "saner" now than when I was during my terrible hormones-hit teenage years.

I hope this case is solved, in any form, to, as said above, the family of the other boy gets closure.

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Posted in: Record 327 daycare centers in Japan shut due to pandemic See in context

Really sad. I do understand that it's kind of a dilemma between the safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and that's alright. But I do appreciate the work of daycare centers for adults and children alike. I'm 29 and autistic. When I was a child and early teens, I spent my mum's shift work hours at a daycare center where I did drawings and painted. It creates a safe environment and helps mental health in a great deal.

I truly regret this black-and-white decision, which I understand. But I regret it because it's just another sign that the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide will leave deep scars in our mental health, whether we are autistics (or have other disorders) or not.

Stay safe.

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Posted in: Japan, France seek to deepen security ties amid China's rise See in context

Japan is particularly concerned about Chinese military activity in waters surrounding the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands

I think the CCP has higher ambitions, likewise Russia in Ukraine. I think that the one most concerning is Taiwan, though I must admit that I'm too young to evaluate international politics in depth.

What I can say, from reading and reading about the protests, is that China poses a risk to human rights worldwide. Let's not turn the page on the 47 activists in Hong Kong charged with serious crimes of national security law.

In every alliance regarding China, it's important to highlight human rights.

PS: Meanwhile, the IOC celebrating sports in Beijing. Orwellian world.

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Posted in: Emperor hopes for end of coronavirus pandemic in poem ceremony See in context

I think mankind unites you Emperor, to bring about an end to this nightmare. We cannot let divisive voices tear down what has to be done regarding COVID-19.

A poem, a book, a few words of frontline healthcare workers, etc. can fuel and ignite the fire of hope. I do thank you, whatever my thoughts on royalty are, for serving those who believe in you, with hope and kindness.

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Posted in: Trial begins for parents charged with fatal abuse of 4-year-old daughter See in context

hypothermia [...] Doctors found more than 10 bruises on her arms, legs and stomach. An autopsy also revealed that she had suffered malnutrition.

Excuse me moderators, but let me use at least the word: Bastards.

How can you hurt a little girl, WTH?!

Reminds me of the Funato case.

Some in the world cannot have kids and these evil people do these things. I am not a vengeful person but I do truly hope the book of law is thrown into the face of these two.

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Posted in: Tsunami cause no major damage in Japan after Tonga volcano eruption See in context

A total of 22 ships in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, were found to have capsized or drifted.

I am sorry for the owners of those ships (in case they are private yachts or small vessels). But no injuries (major injuries) and loss of life must be thanked.

However, I read today that two women in Peru died when a 2 metres high wave hit them in a coastal city. It's truly sad and terrible that with the distance between Tonga and Peru, these two women had to lose their lives. Truly horrible. I hope their families can be comforted somehow, I know I'm saying it easy, but I sincerely have no words.

What I regret the most is that the Peruvian gov't didn't issue a warning.

Returning to Japan... it is fortunate to be a prepared country. The poor people in Tonga need assistance. Many are missing.

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Posted in: Russia foreign minister plans to visit Japan in next few months See in context

Free Navalny. No kowtow please.

Accepting such visits makes oneself accomplice.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after killing his 92-year-old mother See in context

What a terribly sad case. I'm speechless as to how abandoned by their own family and especially, society, this elderly woman and this man must have felt.

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Posted in: Tokyo same-sex partnership plans highlight road ahead for LGBTQ rights See in context

I astonishingly read some comments on this note that are rather concerning and that makes one wonder how advanced Japan really is (and is not). I'm 29 and gay male. I don't do anybody any harm sleeping with a man and doing any sexual practice with him.

I can't believe those who openly cry foul on homosexuality but openly support organizations, religious or political, that broadly support violence, discrimination and hate.

We are living in a worrying world, where the enemy is the vulnerable, where the enemy is the people who don't do anybody any harm, and the admired are people who are calling for the destruction of democracy and core values of a human being.

I hope that equality can be achieved in Japan for those of us who don't do anybody any harm, just show love for someone (in my case, for a man) of the same sex.

Love defeats hate, that's a truth that shall prevail.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

I do not know whether it's an issue of generations. I'm a millennial (born 1992) and I see that sometimes in every single corner of the world, the COVID-19 crisis and the vaccines and facemasks become politicized in every single debate and discussion.

About the article, all I can opine, is that every single member of an Armed Forces should follow procedures as told as to how behave and control the spread of a virus that did not arise yesterday. It was declared a pandemic in March 2020, with its initial roots in December of 2019.

Mankind is failing again by making it political, and I detest, not the average citizen, but those in places of power who politicize it all while the vulnerable die.

I hope Okinawa can control this. We must unite against COVID-19.

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Posted in: 2 men re-arrested over child prostitution and pornography with minors See in context

I think that these disgusting individuals should be held accountable to the full extent of law. / I am very moderate when it comes to enforcing the law. I do not believe in using the justice system as vengeance or revenge, but rather as rehabilitation.

But honestly? I've come to the conclusion that child molesters, rapists, and sex criminals are rarely rehabilitated. They are wicked individuals who, unfortunately for them, are very likely to reoffend.

I think the best punishment is monitoring them at all times, no privacy at all, aside of the prison (or whatever) punishment imposed by a court of law.

I myself was shocked when in 2018, one of my teenage years' idols (Glee's Mark Salling) was caught with child pornography. I loved his character in Glee and I felt destroyed. But I have come now at 29 yo to see him as a failed man.

As we can see, monsters of this kind come in shape of actors or, as said above, unemployed or company employee as these two.

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Posted in: Boycotts, COVID and controversy with one month to go until Beijing Olympics See in context

It's concerning how the IOC (and for those of us who like football, FIFA) prefer money over human rights. And I meant FIFA for Qatar.

In his book Freedom, exiled HK activist Nathan Law explains to the world the terrible ways that China has treated Hong Kong people, and how they have curtailed its freedoms to appease the CCP and silence opposition voices.

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Posted in: Suspect in Osaka mental health clinic fire that killed 25 dies in hospital See in context

I am 29 and due to my autism, I was hospitalized in my teenage years, those hospitalizations at mental health facilities not lasting more than a month. However, every time I was discharged, I returned home with deep resentment towards society. (I blamed society for 'committing me to the mental health facility').

That said, I consider this man, that as a former patient, could have had motivations similar to the sentiments and feelings I felt when discharged. That's said, easily with him dead and we will never truly know why.

Perhaps, he was only too mentally ill to even have a motive.

I just wanted to give the hindsight and insight of someone who has been at mental health facilities.

At the end, a very sad case, so many dead, and a case that will never bring an end about. I just hope that those left on Earth can feel closure somehow. My sympathies for them. Deep sympathies.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict Abe over dinner spending scandal See in context

Abe the untouchable brought great shame to Japan on many issues and this decision by the Prosecution does not meet what Japan's justice system should be up to. I'm not saying Abe is guilty from indictment; he had a right to defend himself... but starting off from non-indictment plays foul.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman See in context

Sad that his lawyer will use the alcohol issue as a mitigating factor when indeed it should be an aggravating factor.

I have no sympathy for sex criminals. Not the slightest.

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Posted in: Woman held over murders of husband, son to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

I support the psychiatric evaluation. I will be honest, I am a 29-year-old man with autism, and I do truly hate when lawyers use the autistic (or any other mental disorder) defense, as I do believe that most mentally ill/developmental disadvantaged person are not dangerous, myself included, I would never harm a fly.

BUT, some cases, the red flag of mental conditions are truly influencing in the actions of a human being, and without passing evaluation (I could not, I'm not a psychiatrist), I just only guess that this woman was stressed to skyrocketed levels, due to have to take care of two close relatives who could not live a normal life.

Taking care of her husband and son for who knows how long may have affected her emotionally deeply and I do truly believe, as I said, that cases of extreme stress and trauma can trigger these actions.

I hope some conclusion can be reached in this very, very, sad case for a 65-year-old woman.

PS: My position on the mental health defense varies by case. In this case, I believe it's worth an evaluation.

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Posted in: Tokyo train attacker served new attempted murder warrant See in context

I could never sympathize with someone like him. But however unpopular my opinion, this man may have been asking for mental health (not directly) for a long time, and no one intervened. Mental health worldwide is at stake. It's not a new problem. In 1999, two teens in Colorado, US, escaped for nearly a year undetected by the mental health services of a diversion program and committed one of the worst killings at a high school.

Does this man on the Tokyo train deserves punishment? I think so. But he also deserves mental health treatment as no sane person would ever do what he did to "get a death sentence".

Treatment and punishment must get along.

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Posted in: Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise See in context

I don't care how or how much talking it needs to take... but I'm a 29-year-old man. In 2050, I will be only 58, I don't want my kids (in case I have someday) or anyone to suffer from climate change effects. I celebrate every single deal in climate regards.

Selfishness of the powerful must be set aside for the vulnerable.

"Please embrace this text so that we bring hope to the hearts of our children and grandchildren.”

I celebrate this part (quote) of the article.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting boy in game center toilet See in context

I get very angry at people like this degenerate. So angry that the worst comes out of me. I have conflicting feelings of a civilized country and backwards punishments. That's why I prefer to not opine on the very deserved punishment this man should get, whatever it is. I have lately (on these cases) preferred to focus attention on the affected/molested boy or girl. In this case, I hope this little boy can put this past in his life and look forward to a future where this incident does not impact in his interaction with others and that every memory disappears from his little mind.

I remember a very old case, I believe it was three or more years ago in Chiba, a young man who could not be ID because he was wearing sunglasses and face mask that had molested a boy in a bathtub doing something certainly disturbing I wish not to bring about. He was never caught as of I know.

People who harm children have no redemption from my POV. And they may have the forgiveness of God, but not mine.

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Posted in: Blinken to Taliban: Any legitimacy 'will have to be earned' See in context

I doubt the Taliban will change. Its leaders have promised reforms and be more moderate, but I recently worried more when CNN's Clarissa Ward (a very very brave woman reporter) was confronted by a regular street Taliban member in Kabul for not covering her face, it sent chills to me. In the video, Ward attempts to build a dialogue with the young man but he has something in his hands with which he beats those who attempt to help her. Finally, some men convince the Taliban member to leave her in peace, but when Ward tries to make him explain his position, the men protecting her tell her "He doesn't want to talk to you".

It's on YouTube. With this I try to say, perhaps the Taliban leadership is willing to make changes, but its regular members, usually young men from rural or inner areas of Afghanistan are rather radicalized students (Taliban means students) who do not know of the reforms.

They are indeed, very scary young men with a large share of uncontrolled power in their hands.

God Bless the innocent of Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested over sexual assault, death of 80-year-old woman in nursing home See in context

Sheer evil. I hope he gets the punishment that fits him. If life in prison it's OK, and if it's death, then I wouldn't certainly shed a tear for him rotting on death row until hanging in spite of my ambiguous position on capital punishment.

That lady had to be protected by him. He's a piece of garbage.

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Posted in: Reports of targeted Taliban killings fuel Afghans' fears See in context

Poor people. They never changed, America trusted them almost in a childish naivete style during the Doha agreement. They continue to be the same murderous terrorists of the 1990s.

I feel despair for the Afghans, and I hope they can sometimes free themselves from everyone. Including corrupts such as Karzai and cowardly Ghani.

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Posted in: U.S. military not ready to seek, rescue potential Kabul evacuees See in context

Poor Afghan people. There are a lot of people to blame for this. Especially the two corrupt (utterly corrupt) presidents of Afghanistan after the 2001 invasion... Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, two men who put their pockets before the security and well-being of Afghans. They should be held accountable.

Best of luck to "acting" president Amrullah Saleh and the son of the "Lion of Panjshir", Ahmad Massoud.

There's no much to be said about Afghanistan right now.

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