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Posted in: Popular T Card began giving personal info to police in 2012 See in context

Wow. This is exactly the reason I’m still reluctant to give my MyNumber to any one - I have absolutely no faith that the people holding my details will act in good faith.

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Posted in: JOC chief 'did not know' of lobby firm's links to middle man: investigators See in context

It’s interesting that he has been charged by French prosecutors, yet he’s still able to make public statements by holding press conferences to protest his innocence.

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Posted in: Train hits man on platform, sends him flying into 2 women See in context

He was probably peering down the tracks trying to work out why the train wasn’t coming despite having just heard the platform announcement... only for the train to actually be coming the other way and hit him from behind.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Dear Japan,

It’s 2019. Get with the times.

Many thanks.

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Posted in: There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48, claims ex-member See in context

They are certainly being taken advantage of - most people can see that.

They are sexualised, forced to work very long hours with very few holidays, and have contracts with clauses stating they must not have boyfriends (and god know what else).

I’m pretty sure a large number of them are mentally unwell.

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Posted in: Google Japan unit found to have underreported ¥3.5 bil in taxable income See in context


That is very interesting information. I hope a serious news agency picks up on it and investigates further.

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Posted in: At your service See in context

Can’t that female member of staff just give the information?

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Posted in: Google Japan unit found to have underreported ¥3.5 bil in taxable income See in context

I agree with Alex Einz - when are the arrests coming?

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

Move to Canada and then see how often you want to visit Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

and have trust in their legal system

Then you don't properly understand their legal system.

The criminal justice system has a conviction rate that exceeds 99%.

That statistic on its own should cause you to question their practices and methods.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

Ghosn is effectively being held hostage. It is beyond belief that a developed country could treat someone in this way for alleged non-violent offenses.

Japanese authorities literally turn a blind eye to companies run by Yakuza. I'm sure if investigators looked hard enough, half of Kabukicho would get closed down.

Oh and don't mention the overt corruption / discrimination of medical schools extrance exams fixing. Where else is this kind of thing yet to be uncovered?

The PM making sure his mates and acquaintances get discounted land deals and OKs to open vet schools.

The TEPCO fiasco.

Japan is one messed up country.

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Posted in: JOC chief Takeda denies corruption allegations See in context

Of course he did nothing wrong - he's Japanese, and he's working for the government.

Just like Abe did nothing wrong with the vet school and the sale of public land to the school in Osaka.

Nothing to see here.

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Posted in: Nissan unveils new Leaf car after Ghosn's arrest delays it See in context

458 kilometers per charge, as measured under Japanese regulations

So taking into account the recent scandals regarding fuel efficiency and stating figures in brochures that come from perfect tests conducted in wind tunnel conditions etc. it's safe to say that the new Leaf actually does less than the stated 458 km per charge.

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Posted in: Mochi can be made more delicious by smothering it in creamy carbonara sauce See in context

Try making it with real bacon, real cheese, and real parmesan and it may at least be edible.

Adding any sauce to simple mochi will no doubt elevate it beyond its natural blandness.

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Posted in: Japan to announce new era name on April 1 See in context

Is that a carpet, and why are they wearing shoes inside?

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Posted in: Tokyo bullet train disruption affects 230,000 passengers See in context

One little problem and the wheels fall off.

Better to fix the little problems than actually have the wheels fall off.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

If he is that passionate about the future of Japanese society and the effects of more foreigners diluting Japanese culture, maybe he'd like to explain why he uses "Yes Takasu" as his commercial slogan rather than "Hai Takasu".

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Posted in: Sumo governing body takes steps to curb violence against young wrestlers See in context

Sumo grand champions who assault lower-ranked wrestlers will be forced to retire

I'd suggest they should be prosecuted if they have assaulted someone.

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Posted in: Shibuya calls for stores to refrain from selling alcohol in glass bottles on New Year's Eve See in context

Yeah, because it was the glass bottles that caused that kei truck to be overturned on Halloween wasn't it...

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Posted in: Trump panel recommends guns in schools to keep U.S. students safe See in context

The next 'logical' step, following an incident of a teacher shooting loads of students, will be calls for students to carry guns to protect themselves from teachers.

This is America. Land of the 'free'.

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

I can't understand why nobody has been instantly arrested following these revelations.

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Posted in: Groovey See in context

Its practical uses are limited to simple tasks like baby monitoring or watching over the house via a camera that users can access through a mobile app while they are out.

This is, in my opinion, a very dangerous product description.

How long before we hear stories of parents going out shopping or playing pachinko and leaving the baby at home under the watchful eye of LOVOT?

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Posted in: Japan gov't sticks with plan to unveil new era name before May 1 See in context

How do birthdays work?

I presume someone born on May 1st will be born in ‘OO 1’...

but if someone is born on April 30th will that be ‘Heisei 31’ or ‘OO 1’ ?

I suppose what I’m asking is will 2019 officially have 2 Japanese years?

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Posted in: Triumph sums up Japanese women, trends and achievements in Heisei bra and skirt lingerie set See in context

No matter how long I stare at the picture, the last thing I’m seeing is ‘Tokyo Skytree’ and the progression of women’s issues.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

A good start.

Now, what about all the biscuits individually wrapped in plastic, sitting in a plastic tray, wrapped in more plastic?

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Posted in: Robots working as tour guides at Yokohama Landmark Tower See in context

I appreciate the technological feat, but what a shame that real people can't be doing this job.

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Posted in: 23 years sought for man over fatal road rage accident See in context

For the sheer audacity of pleading not guilty coupled with the lawyer’s approach to defending his actions, I’d up the punishment to 30 years.

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Posted in: Ghosn, Kelly formally charged over financial misconduct; Nissan also indicted See in context

Holding without bail, and preventing the two in custody from speaking publicly - for what appears to be a technicality, if even that - is a disgrace.

The main ‘crime’ seems to be that Ghosn didn’t report remuneration that he hasn’t received. Who is at a loss here? He’s been fired now, so he probably won’t be receiving that money.

If he has avoided paying tax on some remuneration he hasn’t yet received then just make him pay the tax with a fine.

It would seem to me that there might be a whole lot of company presidents and CEOs in Japan that may be on similar remuneration schemes. Indict them all.

We all know that the main issue here isn’t Ghosn’s remuneration though.

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Posted in: Japan’s single point of failure in the data falsification scandals See in context

This is great reporting.

One reason why these problems continue to happen is that the quality of journalism, and investigative journalism in particular, is so poor in Japan. It's so important for journalists to find out this kind of information, report it to the masses, and ask the difficult questions to people in power.

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