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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Abe and government will "ask", and "urge" companies to implement the cool-biz fashion.

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context


What do you suggest? They've given lots of won to the SK government, yet nothing has changed. How many are still alive? When they are gone, will this issue end?

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Posted in: U.S. sees threat of N Korean nuclear attack on Japan, S Korea See in context

Now, NK doesn't have the ICBM tech yet. But generally for a reference, I read that an ICBM travelling the distance between the USA and Russia takes around 20-30 minutes. I was shocked at first. Apparently, these things can travel of up around to 6-7 km/s.

Yes, I'm sure it doesn't take a very long for an ICBM to travel from Alaska to Russia.

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Posted in: Google rolls out AI tool to combat online trolls See in context

I just hope their algorithm doesn't inadvertently remove posts. I was trying to post once, "...what is his explanation...", and the AI there said I couldn't post sexual comments (hiS..EXplanation). SMH

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Posted in: Abe meditates as Japan punches time clock early for 'Premium Friday' See in context

“It’s hard for Japanese workers to take a day off so we need to create conditions in which everyone can take a holiday.”

And let's call it, errr, "golden/silver week?"

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Posted in: Netflix adds 7 million subscribers in global expansion See in context

We got Netflix 2 months ago and were looking forward to watching some Japanese movies. Unfortunately, very few have English subtitles. Has anyone else noticed this? It shouldn't be too hard for Netflix to include more than Japanese subtitles for their movies.

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Posted in: Ambulances called 777,427 times in Tokyo last year See in context

A friend of mine (in Canada, in the late 80s) needed an ambulance after an allergic reaction to nuts. The ambulance fee was 75 CAD. Her parents were upset with the ambulance bill, but they know it saved her life. Here, charging a similar fee would make people think twice before having to call an ambulance.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

Had just started to do the laundry in Tokyo and lost all water pressure for about 20 min. I'm wondering if that's normal. Stay safe along the coast everyone!!

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Posted in: Man with guide dog killed after falling off platform on Ginza subway line See in context

Just before 6pm on a Monday evening? The platform would have been crowded with people and not one of them offered any assistance to a blind man with his dog? I'm not really surprised though. I hardly ever see anybody help the disabled, aged or mothers with prams. I make a point of doing it, as should everybody! It's such a selfish society we live in today!

Absolutely, Disillusioned! It was O-bon, so there might have been fewer commuters, but Aoyama-Itchome is a very busy station throughout the day. I always help and ask if disabled/mother's w/ children need help when I'm walking around the city. It's a shame when I see all the able-bodied people walk like they don't see me helping the person. Disgusting!! Something's wrong with people in the city. ; (

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Posted in: Taking a break See in context

Are there any pictures of people without smartphones in their hands these days? smh

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing, groping woman See in context

I was too drunk and can't remember defense should give the maximum penalty, full stop!! How about a drunk driver who kills? I was too drunk and can't remember shouldn't get you less time than if you weren't drunk.

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Posted in: Ad-blocking software use for mobile devices surges: study See in context

Mr. Holly put Ad Block "something or other" on our Chrome browser, and surfing without said ads is so much less intrusive. I have never really understood ads, as any products I buy are usually "word of mouth." I can't say everyone buys products like this, though. Big companies should do a 1 month of no-advertising at all and see if their overall sales are any better/worse.

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Posted in: Gap to close 75 stores outside North America, including all 53 Old Navy stores in Japan See in context

I'm not sure if I can post a link, but for all those wondering where these 53 Navy stores are, I'm guessing right in the link, which comes directly from Old Navy Japan.


I was never good at math, so I'll let someone else do the counting.

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Posted in: Consumer prices, household spending fall in March See in context

Can someone who understands economics please explain to me why falling prices is a bad thing for consumers?

The theory is that if people think that they can get something cheaper by waiting a while for the prices to drop, they will wait for the prices to drop, thereby stifling purchases.

Personally I think that's a load of hooey, not least because if that were true, no one would ever buy anything since they would constantly be waiting for it to get cheaper.

I have always wondered about this, too. Mr. Holly constantly complains about electronics prices being more expensive here than in the U.S. We wait for prices to go down here, but as they never do, we wait for our annual overseas trip to buy electronics. Add another 3% to everything and soon we'll be buying our toilet paper abroad, too. Thanks, Abe.

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Posted in: Yahoo's deterioration accelerates ahead of a possible sale See in context

I have had a yahoo mail account for 15+ years and I always go to yahoo.com by default in my browser. I'm very disappointed with the articles and the continuous errors with mail. It will take time, but I will move all my family/friends to a different e-mail account and stop using yahoo. They are a disgrace and a disappointment, especially with the articles being run...mostly National Enquirer-type articles.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

To Bass and anyone with family in Kyushu...our thoughts and prayers are with you! There are only tears while I watch live feeds on the TV. Most of us had experienced the earthquake from 3/11/11 and I don't think we could wish that on our worst enemy. God bless you all.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 11-year-old son to death See in context

@Bob Sneider- I tend to agree with you. What's causing all this? I wonder if it occurs at such high frequency in other countries as it does here. I sure wish there was an answer, but if I were to guess, I'd have to say the support infrastructure is not in place and is not of any concern to today's government. Abe has bigger problems and this social problem doesn't get him any votes, so he'd rather not waste his time with this.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 11-year-old son to death See in context

I really don't want to nitpick, but a few concerns/questions. First off, how can a paramedic confirm Yusei's death? Usually when people are obviously dead, they attach the "...in cardiac arrest while being transported to hospital."

I wonder, what smithinjapan said, if mother's actually do their research and think they will get off of murder charges considering past verdicts in such cases. The JT community is quick to give verdicts and more often than not, they are correct in the verdict. The mother saw that it was a challenge, figured she can kill her mentally disabled child with justification, and believes that she will not be charged. I don't know the answer, but am curious. It's not right whatsoever, but if I were unstable, had a mentally challenged son, weren't able to cope and knew how to (possibly) get out of it, I think I'd consider her option.

Japan is in dire need of support for said families.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Agreed. It was an accident. They SHOULD have done better but they now have to deal with their enormous mistake. I guarantee that if another child comes into their world, they will be extra cautious when driving. And it's unfortunate that they have to learn from this mistake.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

@Lockke I understand how things can turn out horribly, and in this case, extremely. I have nieces and nephews and whenever I'm in the car, I roll down the window, and confirm that all the little ones are secured. If an adult isn't in the area, then I don't move the car. If there are little ones, I make sure they are visibly next to the car, inside the car with me, or being hand-held with an adult.

I think a lot of accidents are due to laziness on all parties. We've never had an accident because we make sure that all are accounted for when things are in motion. Doesn't take too much out of your day to make sure everything's in order before you start moving a vehicle.

We were taught to inspect all around our vehicles for flats/punctures/etc. before we get a driver's licence, but we don't. But when there're little ones in the area, you do! No exceptions!!!

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Posted in: Group urges changing Buddhist temple mark on maps to avoid Nazi connotations See in context

I really don't understand all the fuss. When I first came here, I had to take a second look on a ward map and wonder what the Japanese were up to. Then, when seeing the manji across the entire map, I realized it couldn't be what I initially thought. GSI, here's a thought that won't cost a whole lot of yen...put it down as a legend, along with forks/knives for restaurants, and stick women/men for toilets. Problem solved. But you probably have a million+ yen budget to deal with this enormous calamity. So never mind.

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Posted in: 'Kirakira' names still excite strong passions See in context

Yoshimi Onishi...Isn't that what furigana is for? My maiden name is difficult, even for native English speakers, but when I write in the furigana of my name, it's totally read-able. Japanese have an easier time saying my maiden name than native speakers.

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Posted in: New stadium to open three months before Olympics See in context

Put a half moon on the right side of the controversial emblem to make it look like a "D" and change the phrase to: doom, disaster, debacle.

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Posted in: Gackt lashes out at Cool Japan: 'Almost no results of Japanese culture exported overseas' See in context

On a trip to Taiwan 2 years back, I came across a very cheap DVD shop selling boxed sets of TV programs around the world. I told the clerk I wanted to practice my Japanese with a good drama and what she could recommend. Answer?: You should learn Korean, as those dramas are so much better. She lost a sale, but even if the clerk can't recommend something good, that doesn't make Japan look cool.

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Posted in: Taiwan marks 70 years since Japan's WWII defeat See in context

2 good friends of ours in their 80s (from Taiwan) told us that Japan rescued them from the KMT. They have their utmost respect and appreciation for what Japan did when they occupied the island and utter disrespect for Chiang Kai-shek. From stories about Chiang Kai-shek, I have to side with our friends.

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Posted in: Gov't employees to start work early, finish early in July, August See in context

My father-in-law has been working from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. most of his life. He's a doctor, but realized long ago that the older patients appreciate an early start time. He has a short lunch, usually between patients, and likes to get out the door by 3 so that he can go golfing. If regular hours are 9 to 5, Mr. Abe, then move it to 7 to 3.

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Posted in: Are futons awesome or simply awful? See in context

@ Tessa: Exactly. Opening my eyes to a slight tickle and seeing a cockroach on my midriff made me wish I had a futon on the ceiling as well. After that, it's been western bedding. But a futon in a large tatami room at an onsen is quite relaxing.

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Posted in: Delivery by drone in 30 minutes? Amazon says it's coming See in context

This advancement of technology will be indispensable for the narcotics rings among pretty much every country.

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Posted in: Which martial arts would you recommend to someone wanting to learn a means of self-defense? See in context

Reminds me of a story Mr. Holly told me way back. In university, he studied karate (this is in N. America), orange belt, when one day as he went into a convenience store he overheard some punks loitering around outside that they were gonna kick his a**. Sure enough, when he came out of the store, one of the thugs was in his face, threatening to pulverize him. He told the goon he agreed that it wouldn't be a fair fight. He said that in 1 minute he'd by lying in a pool of blood, but what fun would that be. The thug backed down and let him go. He said his karate instincts kicked in, as a last resort, but his sensei had always taught him that being physical is always a last resort; to use your brain before your muscles. That said, I think any martial art that trains the mind, as much as the body, would be a good choice.

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Posted in: Temperature tops 30 degrees in Tokyo for first time this year See in context

Although I don't care for Texas' tone, I don't think he understands that the body acclimates to weather over time. Mr. Holly and I were in Denver a few years back during a scorching heat wave...same thing. Many people were passing out and rushed to hospitals in ambulances, while we were enjoying the beautiful "dry" heat. Everywhere people were complaining of the heat, but for us, without the humidity, it was paradise. Texas, come over here in July/August and re-read your comments once more.

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