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Cars from America sell less than rice from America. The fact is that American success suffers more than ever, never mind why. American car companies should focus on learning from the Japanese car companies and vice as verse. Moreover, they will end up losing success to China's or India's new companies. Competition should be welcomed and addressed not dismissed and forgotten. I think it is a great time for change and redevelopment for all, let's see who survives the storm. A great need for sharing is now at hand as companies struggle not to lose profits,business or face. Buyer beware...what is right today maybe wrong soon. Place your bets on the big guy with a big gun... Same old same o.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils 2010 fuel-sipper Prius in Detroit See in context

Toyota must learn to share it's success better or face losing popularity and esteem. A giant czar auto company should be mentally capable of not having so much fear and greed. In the near future the average human will be able to read and write with citizens of the first world having the mind and ability to drive. It behooves Toyota to appeal to highly intelligent drivers and omit small talk. Toyota must stand firm and help create a better than yesterday world, with such success it only seams that gaining greater success only needs to the fact of letting go of fear and greed. Today should be seen by Toyota as a great opportunity to a brighter tomorrow one with technology and integrity at the forefront.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting U.S. Marine in Kanagawa See in context

no marine wants his ass kicked..could this be real..if so kick ass marine..threat level delta

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Posted in: Tuna sells for Y9.63 million at Tsukiji fish market See in context

fish is worth more than human life, maybe best to lnvest in fish rather than saving the economy

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Posted in: Yokohama mayor sued by ex-hostess for ending relationship See in context

men run japan,,,same old shit...women are like property,,,escape to love hotels..cheap viagra///wake up...what a life...do the right thing...find love...life a life with true meaning/ has to be one of fair and good acts,,,fight city hall the beginning of legal action...go for it girl/morals are good measure of people...japan needs to update now...give love a chance

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Posted in: McDonald's admits 1,000 people paid to join queue for Quarter Pounder debut in Osaka See in context

very stupid fast food...hahahah...people in japan are boneless...no brains..try waiting to take a dump...freedrom should be a benefit not a sign of stupity or insanity...no way will japan be a first world nation...give up the bullshit...go fine true freedom.....go to America where mcds is shit

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Posted in: BOJ cuts key interest rate to 0.1% to try and boost Japan's economy See in context

sorry guys, a war may be in the brew...as always,the war machine runs the world...what the rich want now is payback, payback to set up the next century of scams and triva...learn to play ,allow your money to grow...take a chance..make a billion...join the gruop...hahahah...China has the right plan...listen and learn....etf on china nnooww

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Posted in: Wentworth Miller makes first visit to Japan to promote season 4 of 'Prison Break' See in context

HELLO WENTWORTH...HERE IS MY CONTACT INFO...himeji castle 7 am sunday...golden temple 7am monday...nara park 7am tuesday...Tokyo city jail midnight tuesday... break me out of this place. Would love to show you my tatoos of ancient Japanese secrets that promise immortal life in Japan. New show potential worldwide as secret is easy for tv reality. arigato

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