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Posted in: U.S., China work on ZTE rescue; Mnuchin denies quid pro quo See in context

As I said, they'd sell out their own country to make a quick buck.

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Posted in: Saudis step up arrests of women's rights advocates, campaigners say See in context

Jeez, I hate having hope to see change for the better only to see it dashed into the mud at the end. The women want to have equal rights and treatment. But SA once again takes 2 steps forward and one step back from the middle ages.

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Posted in: Airlines caving to Beijing on Taiwan despite White House protest See in context

The Beijing government can easily intimidate corporate entities because corporations only care about money and profit. As it's shown they're very easy to buy or coerce for the almighty yuan.

The HonestDictator wants to dictate what we should and could think again. If China is so bad, why does China is the most rapidly develop country not only on the earth but also on the whole planet ? Are Chinese happy ? probably not, because Taiwan is still not liberated yet.

Nobody is dictating anything to Taiwan except Beijing. I'm just stating my perspective from what I see happening and a lot people around the world just happen to agree that what China's government is doing is wrong and aggressive. The people of Taiwan are making their own choices and Taiwan's current ruling government is making sure they keep that possible.

And if you actually asked a citizen of Taiwan if they want to be "liberated" by Beijing's current government their answer would be a resounding "NO". Also "liberating" Taiwan from itself wouldn't make the average Chinese citizen happy in the slightest, but it certainly would make the authoritarian CCP ecstatic. Notice how "happy" it made the Cantonese... hahaha! Had to stifle their democratic protests against Beijing installing it's own cronies instead of what Hong Kong citizens wanted to choose for themselves. "Liberating" people from their ability to choose what direction they want to lead in their government is not liberating at all. It's exactly the opposite, and known as oppression.

If Beijing's government was so great and fantastic as it is now, Taiwan would have joined peacefully a long time ago. But they still don't want to because the people of Taiwan don't want to.

There is a saying, "If it was NOT given to you as a gift of trust through the will of the people who want to give it to you, it doesn't belong to you." And the CCP expects to be able to take it by force.   Authoritarian governments love to take, instead of being diplomatically sound enough to have others give it to them because of trust and integrity. The South China Sea still does not belong to China, but the CCP is trying to take.... and flying in the face of international law. Just because the CCP is ignoring those laws, doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't paying attention. Eventually Beijing is going to be called to task and it will be a very severe lesson.

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Posted in: Airlines caving to Beijing on Taiwan despite White House protest See in context

Beijing's current government is the oppressive government.  Beijing refuses to honestly listen to it's own people.  That is what a true democracy is.  Tiananmen Square was the first time the people protested because they wanted a true movement towards democracy (so they could be heard about how they wanted to live their lives), and the government showed it was willing to kill it's own citizens (Assad in Syria did the same thing hint hint).

Then they tried to silence the Cantonese in Hong Kong when there were protests to protect their democratic rights (which the people of Hong Kong definitely wanted to maintain) after the handover from Britain.

The CCP doesn't do what's best for it's own people, it expects the people to do what's "best" for the CCP to maintain it's authoritarian power for that small group of rich/well connected individuals who are only interested in taking care of themselves (cough Xi cough).  All the CCP represents is that small group of people in "power" who demand the citizens of China do what the CCP says and denies them rights in a country of over 1.5 billion people.   The CCP attempts to say  everything it does is "right" and laughably expects everyone to believe it's "for the good of the people".   Pretty much the CCP's expectation is "The government is always right!" even when they're obviously not.

Any "government" that murders or disenfranchises it's own people because the average citizens demand the right to properly choose who leads the country is not a good government.   If the PLA truly had honorable commanders it's own brain they would understand a military is not to be used  against it's own citizens who That is NOT how a government that is supposed to PROTECT and SUPPORT it's people should perceive their responsibilities.

Since everything goes over the CCP propagandists head, here is a very simple measure of if a government is taking care of it's people.    How happy are the people with their quality of life?  Do they feel respected by their government or do they really feel oppressed by their government?   Do the people want to be able to think and decide for themselves  or only be told what to think and believe by the CCP?  Even I know the answer to that one...

Reminds me of when a young woman visited the US from China and said how much she felt the freedom of democratic society, and China's government and some of the people said she was insulting her own country.   They couldn't understand that she wasn't insulting China, she was pretty much announcing that the Chinese government was restricting and suffocating it's own society because of how it functions by expecting it's citizens to be able to develop and grow in a small box of authoritarian rules.

The only one's who say nobody else has freedom to choose how to live their lives comfortably or who leads them are only human beings who desire power and control over other human beings (cough Assad+Xi+Putin+Trump+Kim+etc cough).   And obviously not a single human being has the right to do deny certain peaceful freedoms from other human beings just because they themselves want to.

Freedom of speech/expression is very much a real basic human right.  Not even the CCP can prevent a human being from thinking their own thoughts (which can easily translate to speech/expression).

And attempting to brainwash with propaganda isn't going to work on everyone.  Golden rule for the "leadership" of the CCP, "Treat others as you would have yourself treated".

And that rule shows the CCP wants someone to control them with authoritarian dictate.

Only fools desire such things.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

When I hear "responsible" gun owners refer to their guns as "toys" I know just how "responsible" they truly are.

When I hear that the perpetrators in these types of mass shootings have suddenly been determined to have "known mental problems", I know that gun laws are still too lax and the lobbyists and PR teams have been doing their disgusting work.

How much blood needs to be spilled until these people wise up?

Good ol' 'Muricans can't be happy unless our own soil is a self made war zone.

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Posted in: China showing signs of compromise in trade talks with US See in context

With this dumbss administration it's not going to be dealt with as good as it could be. It wouldn't have even started if dumbss didn't go around slinging tariffs in the first place. There is a way to do things properly and he missed them all from the start. There is a reason why Trump had so many bankruptcies due to poor business "decisions".

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Posted in: Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign See in context

Aww, little Trumpkin's is worried about the FBI DOING IT'S JOB. The Trumpeteer's are worried about the Justice Department DOING IT'S JOB. They're all so worried because obviously Trumpkin's literally has some shady $#!+ going on in the background that will hurt their pride about how much "winning" they believe their doing. Which is why they continue to float conspiracy theories to distract from trying to find the truth.

While I know that there are things that need to be worked on in our justice system, it's working well enough to DO IT'S JOB PROPERLY 95% of the time. These folks have been at this for how many decades? I'm pretty sure they know what to look for and where to find it.

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Posted in: Putin: New weapons will maintain Russia's might for decades See in context

Go ahead Putin, Humanity is dooming itself to self destruct anyways. As long as people and governments like him keep doing this, I'm counting down the doomsday. Personally I'd be happy to die sooner, then I will no longer have to suffer the stupidity of mankind.

We could be better than this, but we always end up with corrupt arrogant people with too much power (cough Trump too cough) making the rest of us miserable.

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Posted in: China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan See in context

What's so special about Taiwan that they can't let it go?

It's nothing really special to China, it's only special to the Chinese Communist Party. Taiwan is run by the ROC. The CCP believes that China should be "united" under their authoritarian control. They want power over others even in their own country which is why they are the way they are now. Which was exactly the problem with too many communist countries in the first place, they always end up with authoritarian dictatorships. Xi and no more term limits ring a bell as a repeat of history?

The world needs to make their stance on this very clear to the Chinese Government in regards to Taiwan. Taiwan is part of China, but Taiwan does NOT belong to the Chinese Communist Party. As long as the CCP expect to control Taiwan under their "authority" aka destroying the legitimate government of Taiwan (Formed by the Democratic Progressives Party) and a viable political opponent to the CCP.

China's government has never been about peace, it has always been about control. And until they stop trying to control others then they'll be seen in a different light.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

Thanks Iran, Thanks Trump, Thanks Netanyahu, and thanks for all you idiots and your stupidity for getting this whole situation moving.

Turkey isn't helping. Jerusalem has never truly had a history of belonging to Islam. Turkey is well on it's way to being just another Islamic theocracy that's all about religious fanaticism and no substantial worth.

Netenyahu needs to be called out on this.

Trump: "I'm gonna appeal to my religiously fanatical bible thumping conserva-tuv's by moving the US embassy to Jahruse a lum'. Because I wanna pretend to read mah bye-bull"

So the "white house" declines to comment on the situation... 'Murica done seriously F'ed up with this idiot.

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Posted in: White House official mocked 'dying' Senator McCain: media See in context

Good lord, the "conservative" partisan monkey's here can't stop dancing until they get that authoritarian regime they're absolutely foaming at the mouth for. Remember the Simpson's Sideshow Bob speech:

*"Because you need me, Springfield. Your guilty conscience may move you to vote Democratic, but deep down you long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes (short term gain, long term pain), brutalize criminals(especially if they're any other ethnicity but caucasian), *and rule you like a king."

They want a monarchy... the sick unpatriotic partisan fanatics want to eliminate democracy (don't criticize the president... I mean future Emperor... I mean Dear Leader!). He is the epitome of our "moral standards" of "decency"!

Everyone who disagree's is automatically a liberal, even though I know I'm not xD. Utter lunacy on their behalf.

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Posted in: In taking on high drug prices, Trump faces a complex nemesis See in context

I know pharma is a greedy. The entire healthcare industry here is a joke. Trump must just be jealous that they're making a $&#$ more ton of money than he is. But he's got nothing better to offer. The entire healthcare system needs an overhaul (Health Insurance, Medical device/drug manufacturers, healthcare providers, etc) , but since Trump is one of the 1%'ers he's only going to bumble out a way that he and his cronies get a slice of that pie in healthcare... remember, it's all about getting richer for them.

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Posted in: Families of Americans jailed in Iran ask Trump to help See in context

I wouldn't get my hopes up. Not because of Trump, but because Iran's just got terrible folks in power. I'm pretty sure the majority of American citizens are just Iranians that just happened to get citizenship in the US then took a trip home to Iran to visit families (apparantly they try to do it every year), and Tehran in it's old ways of taking hostages labelled them as "spies" just because they needed hostages.

Honestly Iran's government is all about lying to it's people and others.

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

This is the message the USA sent to the Iranian people yesterday. Give us your oil and we will give you peace.

Scapegoating again? How many decades has the "leadership" in Iran stated what their entire goal in life has been?

I'm no fan of Israel either, and I can 't stand religious fanaticism on either end. Iran is more aligned with it than Israel at least in many aspects.

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Posted in: Trump welcomes back Americans freed by N Korea; thanks Kim See in context

I'm pretty sure the CCP got off it's butt and talked to Kim first. China doesn't want a war (especially nuclear) in it's vicinity at this moment in time.

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

Keep up the "faith" that Iran's government is going to be nice with the agreement still in if the US stayed. But if anyone truly pays attention to what Iran's government was doing while the agreement was in affect. I pay attention to the very real actions in countries, which determines if they're going to do better or worse further down the line because of what they currently act. Where is all the money going when the sanctions were lifted? Why are there Iranian troops in Syria? Why are Iranian citizens saying things are WORSE instead of better? Get with the reality, Iran isn't going to change unless the regime CHOOSES to change itself.

@clippityclop, At least in the US we have a chance to fix things. Many other countries don't have this opportunity. Americans have a VOICE, and the ability to take ACTION to right wrongs. And yes, the poor are angry and the people that have been taking from them are going to feel the consequences very soon. Not all the poor are uneducated, nor ignorant.

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

@wtfjapan, don't focus on the nukes, focus on the other things the Iranian government is doing to cause instability in the region. Oh, and the cronies are too busy hoarding all the money to enrich themselves to focus on nukes. Remember Saudi Arabia and a few other nations in the region said if Iran made nukes, so would they. There is only one thing that Iran tries to distract it's most gullible religious followers.... "Destroy Israel".

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

So many misinformed people here. I'm not a fan of Trump nor how he does things. But Iran has to be put under sanctions until the Khamenei (and crew) stops acting like NK's regime.

When Obama removed sanctions and unlocked the money that goes to Iran, normal Iranians said things got worse for them, not better. The money did not go to Iranian's that needed it, nor towards the betterment of the country, it went into the Khamenei and cronies pockets, and then it was used for what Iran's government of religious zealot's and corrupt kleptocrats always do.

Support terrorism, put 80,000 Iranian soldiers in Syria (now why on earth would Iran do that I wonder?) , and then as if there wasn't enough proof of Iran's hypocrisy, when the Iranian people asked their "leaders" why there was no money for the country, they were told, "The US still has sanctions against us, it's all their fault. We don't have a dime to take care of you". The people have no jobs, no medications in their hospitals, losing doctors left and right, and the biggest sign of not taking care of your people properly, they had to stifl a fairly recent rebellion against government corruption because the people were unhappy because their government wasn't taking care of them.

The Iraqi's aren't happy, because the Iranian government wants to control Iraq, they also want to control Syria, they also want power. Iran's president is nothing but a facade, he holds no power only the Khamenei (supreme leader) does.

This is a situation where the EU needs to get it's head out of it's butt, and start paying attention to HOW the Iranian government USES the money released by it's sanctions and understand what they're doing with it is not in the best interest of a peaceful future for the region.

You'd be surprised at how many "well connected" Iranian relatives to the people in power have billions and hundreds of millions of cash in their own private accounts while the average Iranian is miserable as hell. It's a simple "follow the money" case. If they truly followed the money they'd see any "deal" with Iran's regime is not beneficial for anyone, not even the Iranians. Look up rich Iranians. You'll see how many are spoiled children of corrupt Iranian officials.

I have a friend that is Iranian and he is very concerned about this situation. He keeps in touch with his relatives at home constantly, and because he knows I pay attention to world politics, I get some pretty interesting input from him about his home country and what he goes through. Iranians don't want to live in Iran because there is nothing of value to stay there for. He can't do his annual visit due to the problems going on in Iran, and he is very close to his family because it's part of his cultural values.

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Posted in: Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech See in context

Thank God the EU doesn't have our problems here in the US. Yes all countries have problems but gun culture in the US is disturbingly twisted and warped. Trump's still showing his idiocy. Best to ignore the village idiot when nothing good comes out of their mouth.

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Posted in: Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card See in context

His parent's should make him pay off the debt he racked up when he's old enough to work. As well as the interest accrued up until he's old enough to get a job.

The airlines should be held accountable for this too. And did the credit card company not notify the cardholder "hey this amount is above x.x.x. money, did you make this purchase?"

Credit card charge limits need to be approved by the card holder before such a thing... unless these parents are wealthy and not very good at managing their card accounts.

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Posted in: In big shift, Trump assesses Kim Jong Un as 'very honorable' See in context

caused by hourable US sanctions targeted at civilians

No, it's caused by Kim's (and cronies) ineptitude at putting the money he's been blowing on his regime, luxury purchases for himself, and nuclear weapons "development" that is making his people malnourished. The millions of dollars put towards those things could easily be put towards agricultural development and support to feed his own people. Maybe your propaganda land doesn't tell you that though.

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Posted in: Korean Air suspends 'nut rage' sister from work over tantrum See in context

Spare the rod, spoil the child. Daddy didn't discipline his children at all and he's raised self entitled arrogant monsters that are of no functional enhancement of Korean society.

This is what happens when you give your children everything they want without having standards they have to meet to get a reward if they do good, and punishment if they do bad.

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Posted in: Starbucks CEO apologizes to 2 black men arrested See in context

@Crazy Joe, yeah the US has always suffered from "subtle racism". Some are still into blatant racism, and others just think in a prejudiced way without really noticing that they're being racist by judging someone by who they look or their ethnicity. The news about the 14 year old being shot at for trying to get help finding directions to his school was a good representation of how our society is still having serious issues.

@Kurisupisu, obviously things work differently here than what you're used to. It's pretty normal in a coffee shop in the US. Some might be more stringent than others though, but apparently it wasn't the case with that Starbucks as other individuals were doing the same thing those two men were doing. The manager made presumptions because of their ethnicity.

Whose to say they weren't going to order something after the person they wanted to meet showed up?

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Posted in: Starbucks CEO apologizes to 2 black men arrested See in context

@ Ossan, It was racism on the part of the manager of the store who called the police in the first place. According to the full account, the two men were waiting for another person. At some point one of them asked to use the restroom, and were told it was only available for paying customers. So they continued to wait for their acquaintance who said to meet him there. The manager working told them to leave if they weren't going to order something or they'd call the police. They did tell the manager we're waiting for someone again, the manager called the police, and once the police showed up and started arresting the two men the person they were waiting for showed up and asked them why the two men were being arrested.

I'm a black male and I've been in my local Starbucks multiple times, sometimes I ordered something, sometimes I didn't. They never came up to me and asked to buy something or leave. I could use the restroom without any problems It is a community hub. I've waited for people there, and people waited for me there as well.

So yes this is racism, not of the entirety of Starbucks, but all because that one foolish manager was prejudiced. And now the corporation is being blamed. I think they'll probably need to terminate someone for this.

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Posted in: Trump's re-election campaign has raised $10 million so far in 2018 See in context

Oh, Trump is not going to be re-elected unless our nation is hell bent on destroying itself. Over the next few years there will be more younger voters registering to vote for their first time once they hit 18 and they're not going to be so into some old well off dotard that is intent on destroying their futures.

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Posted in: Russia's Putin predicts global chaos if West hits Syria again See in context

Putin can talk tough, but the fact is, if chemical weapons are used NATO will respond back with force until they're no longer used.

Corrupt "leaders" like Putin and his cronies will always try to make it seem like their the epitome of virtue and blame others for their corruption, manipulation, and lies by trying to point the finger at others to try and misdirect from their own misdeeds.

Iran want's Syria under it's control because their "leaders" believe it will give them an advantageous strategic advantage to attack Israel. Russia wants to keep it's only naval base there so they support Assad's government. And Turkey's "leader" just wants to commit genocide on the Kurds. Assad (who started this whole mess in the first place by murdering his own citizens), wants to maintain the authoritarian rule of his family. Oh and a little tidbit.... The Iranians and Russian kleptocrats have some of their ill gotten financial gains in Syrian banks.

You know what they say, "Birds of a feather flock together".

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Posted in: Fired FBI director Comey tells ABC Trump 'morally unfit' for office See in context

After seeing blacklabel's bizarre attempt of only seeing and interpreting what one wants to see instead of seeing what actually is there, how desperate are Trumpeteer's to try and prove themselves right even when they're completely in the wrong? They've lost their minds because they can't accept the reality of their choices. So they have to pretend it's all good and well in their own mind and they didn't make any errors, because... well they believe their ideals are perfect and unquestionable.

Don't try to take someone out of a cage that they put themselves in of their own making. They have to figure out for themselves if they want to leave that cage or not. It's obvious they can't talk anyone else (with a conscious mind attached to reality) into joining them in the cage, no matter how hard they "try". Bubble worlds eventually pop.

Aside from that, I have no interest in a book by Comey. The only people interested are sensationalists who eat this kind of stuff up. I'm only interested in the final verdict after Mueller's investigation is finished, and hopefully those who have to be prosecuted under the law will have their day in court. And justice shall be served accordingly, assuming this country will have any left by the time Trumpy dumps is out.

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Posted in: Mexico reviews cooperation with U.S. over 'blatant' tension See in context

I'd say too many democrats aren't allowing the laws already in place to be effectively enforced and are being complicit in enabling those who enter (or stay) in the US illegally to continue to stay. And they're left with hopes that they will eventually be given a free pass without being properly vetted or documented to see if they're even worth allowing to stay in the US. Some states give state ID/Driver's licenses to undocumented (ILLEGAL) immigrants just because.

Ask the immigrants that took the time to stay in the US legally how they feel about that? I know quite a few that are complaining about the stupidity of this situation. How about the first nation natives of North America?

The above picture is just one of too many of the same thing. Why can't they come into the US the legal way?

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Posted in: Enforcement actions at consumer watchdog agency halt under Trump See in context

@Clamenza until you yourself find your pockets getting pillaged by blatant corporate greed and scammed out of your money. You must love learning reality the hard way. Keep it up, you'll be living from less than paycheck to paycheck someday yourself.

Then from there you'll drop to working poor, and from that perch you'll drop to just barely surviving, then existing for the sole purpose of earning money for other people who are far wealthier than your family would be for multiple generations.

But it's all good! It's what you want! Good job for the 1%ers! Until there is nothing left for them to bleed dry of cash.

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Posted in: Trump vows quick action on Syria chemical attack See in context

@Burning Bush, because there is nobody worth trusting in Syria right now. Can't trust the Russians, can't trust the Syrian pro/anti-groups, can't trust Turkey, certainly can't trust Iran, can't trust nobody buddy. The credibility factor in Syria is below -1 on too many sides to count.

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