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Don't be enablers. Ignoring and doing appeasement has done nothing effective, the results leading to the current situation are consequences of that. Just like sweeping a problem under the rug while it gets bigger and bigger until it can't be ignored....

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context

Keep on believing that. Until it happens. How many of those junk missile launches ended up in the sea of Japan, or landed on the other side of Japan again? Better get out your checklist. I'm not fear-mongering, I'm looking at the reality of what's actually happening. The fact that NK is acting out like a child holding a gun, and nobody is really effectively disciplining it. Just waiting for the day when they actually hit something in Japan or elsewhere.

In addition, the US has one further option:

Launch a nuclear strike on Pyongyang to obliterate the regime, with simultaneous strikes on all the NK missile bases.

Which option do you prefer?

There is also a 2nd option to that. US, Japan, SK and allied countries in the region launch a conventional attack on NK. While it's easy to say, "Just fire a nuke" people keep forgetting how many other countries will be affected by one nuclear blast. That radiation leaves a cloud that goes with the wind and weather. SK, China, Japan, Russia, and others may experience fallout from one nuclear attack. The US military knows this, and that is why the nuclear "option" will most likely not be used unless MAD is in effect.

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Posted in: U.S. signals softer stance on Paris climate pact: EU official See in context

Of course he "might". Many of us in the US (including many corporate big wigs that weren't completely invested in fossil fuel usage), were appalled and angry with Trumps choice to act stupid with this. Many in the US understood the economic impact on our country for being pulled out because Trump believed a little extra pollution (Air, Water, and ground) and deregulation would help 'Murica be great again....

I wonder what could have made him change his stance? 3 hurricanes in a row? Did Irma raze (or at least severely affect) his golf retreat in Florida?

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context

I've got a wonderful example for those who try to pass this entire NK situation as "bluff" and "meaningless". Imagine someone is pointing a gun at you. And every once in a while they pull the trigger, and while they don't hit you directly, they keep making sure you can feel the bullets flying past your body. In some cases the bullets they're firing actually graze you. Anyone with a sound mind would not put up with a person pointing a loaded weapon in the first place, let alone shooting in your general direction. NK is the one holding the gun and firing off those shots.

Enough is enough.

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Every time I hear US backed "Syria Fighters", as a US citizen I can already tell the idiots in our government shouldn't even try to sell these people as "rebels" fighting for a "just" cause. Pointless waste of money and "support".... even if my government is trying to use them to fight against ISIS, screw it. Let them fight ISIS and the Syrian army, whoever is left over between the "rebels" and "ISIS" Syrian leadership should be left to deal with the situation they (and the "rebels) started in the first place. It's time to use discretion as for which problems the US should get involved in, and which should be placed sole responsibility and consequences for the actions of Syrian leadership/involvement etc.

I wonder how many of the "rebels" are just a different form of Islamic fundamentalist fanatics that want to be "governed" by religious ideals.... Turkey is already well on it's way with Erdogan.

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Posted in: 'Missile launch, take cover': Another terrifying wake-up call for Japanese See in context

"Why do certain Asian countries want the US to get involved" is what I meant.... no edit button.

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Posted in: 'Missile launch, take cover': Another terrifying wake-up call for Japanese See in context

Everyone with half a brain knows that Kim has nothing to gain by stopping his weapons program. Sanctions are an act of economic war. They hurt the poorest people in NK.

The US says sanctions are to force NK to negotiate. Negotiate what? NK wants an assurance that they will not be attacked if they stop their weapons program and the US has refused to do that.

Who is being unreasonable?

I don't know the answer to this brinksmanship nonsense, but I think getting the US out of the equation can only help.

Get the US out of the equation? Look up the Korean war history. You do realise the only reason the US is in the equation (and that South Korea event exists instead of a Korea under the Kim family regime) is because of the CCPs and USSR's influence and support during the Korean war. There is about as much chance of getting the US out of it, as taking the white color out of rice.

The last time the neighboring countries kept trying to "help" NK's starving citizens, China kept "secretly" supporting them financially which helped embolden them to continue their nuclear weapons program, and not feed and help their people. It became a method of international blackmail. "Give us money, or we'll start openly working on our weapons program!" NK has had ample time to figure things out. They still chose the, " Give us money, or we'll continue our weapons program!!!" and they still kept it up regardless.

It's all about trust. NK has abused that trust to its last thread, and nobody trusts them. Just as nobody truly trusts the Chinese government (which also had ample time to not help Kim's regime) to fix a problem that they helped create in the first place.

Don't be naive, look at the situation and the probable outcomes based on the behavior of the people involved. The US has Trump in office as an unstable leadership figure. China believes that in order to become a "respected" superpower they should have majority influence and control over the region (The CCP somehow believes that it can control other countries like it can "control" their own people) and want NK regime's to stay as an unstable factor. as an "ally" against the US' presence in the area. Russia's government wants to get in on this too, because they also don't like US presence and influence in the region. And yet even Vietnam (Former US enemy that actually won their war against the US) has been cozying up to US influence compared to China's "gimme all your stuff" expansionism in the area. Why would Vietnam trust the US more than the CCP? Taiwan trusts the US more than the CCP. Hong Kong doesn't trust the CCP and despises the things that Beijing is doing to their society since the handover. And it also goes without saying, South Korea trusts the US more than the CCP.

So the question you should be figuring out the answer too is, "Why is the US still involved in the region." and "why do certain asian countries want to get involved".

North Korea keeps up it's weapons program, it will start making bigger demands and threat of firing WMDs while holding neighboring countries (like South Korea/Japan) "hostage". "If you don't want us to blow up or shoot at you, give us what we want...." Remember NK was the one that was kidnapping Japanese citizens. NK is the one that has people trying to escape the country. The more they improve, the more "hostages" they'll try to take. I know for a fact, with the way KJU's regime works, they will not suddenly become some peaceful, lala land because the US "disappears" from the area. they will work on attempting to get more power to themselves, until China's government gets tired of it and invades themselves and try to turn NK into China's territory "since ancient times....". Y'know... 100 year plan and all that.

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We live in a liberal democracy not thank god an Orwellian dictatorship. Better freedom than state controle of every aspect of an individuals life.

Exactly. The role of government only to support and protect it's citizens. David N. is advocating for control an manipulation over citizens which is exactly how a democratic government is NOT supposed to work. The government has to be for the people. Not the people for the government.

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Posted in: Saudis urged to report on fellow citizens via mobile app See in context

SA has a lot of procedures and things they have to do before anyone will put their trust in them again. While this is being said, I always wait for what happens in action. Their society and theological culture helped create this beast over the course of centuries, and just now they might actually be trying to take real action. A difference will be seen if they're serious about this or not in 5-10 years.

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Posted in: Trump says tax hike on rich possible as he steps up talks with Democrats See in context

I've always believed that the current tax rates for people who make over 400k a year is enough at 39.6% (excluding state taxes which can add an extra 2%-7% on that). I don't think it should be lowered, but I also don't think it should be raised. Just make sure that tax loopholes that are being abused by those who have that income level, are closed and the income the government needs to get will be balanced.

I'm not shocked that Trump is claiming this and working with the democrats, and I'm sad that the GOP even thought that running on their continual "party before country" shtick would somehow keep things going their way.

The dems are going about this the wrong way (by trying to increases taxes on the wealthy) just as the GOP was going about it the wrong way (by trying to cut taxes for the wealthy). Just make sure the taxes are being paid properly in the first place, and once they all determine how much they actually should be getting, then they can raise/cut taxes as needed.

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Posted in: Trump turns again to Democrats on debt ceiling, immigration See in context

I like bipartisanship. My only question is, "Is the end result going to be for the ultimate benefit of the American people as a whole".

Debt ceiling is awful... our country needs to try and get OUT of debt, not make it bigger... lifting the debt ceiling is all they've ever done. And we all know what happens when the axe falls on debt. Anyone who's owned a credit card and overspent their overall financial intake and couldn't pay back the debt, gets stuck in debt for the rest of their lives. How long will this country last? And will we ever get out of the debt hole?

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Posted in: Abe, Putin slam N Korean nuclear test; differ on denuclearization path See in context

Mr. Putin while I understand his perspective, I do not believe is the right course. I'm thinking long term. And lifting sanctions against KJU's regime only will allow him and his elitist groupies to accelerate towards military programs and personal wealth. If you want an example of how this type of corruption works, look at Iran's government and leadership. Billions of dollars wasted on the personal endeavors of their so called "leaders" and corrupt groupies. NK is more belligerent than Iran, but equally corrupt. Further down the road when NK's regime has enough money, their government will not turn into a nice wonderful friendly government. They will become confident they can take down anyone (like the CCP and their expanding territorial "claims", as well as look what's happening to formerly democratic Hong Kong and the CCP's intent for Taiwan) who stands in the way of their personal greedy self serving interests.

The way I see it, Russia just wants a trading partner while under sanctions, and NK's regime seems to float Putin's boat. How corrupt is Putin? As with other people, all one has to do is follow the money, and you'll see the rats.

It's a shame... If Russia's government does the right thing, and China's government does the right thing, NK's regime would cease to exist, and Korea would be whole again, would be rebuilt and more prosperous and thriving with a peaceful government without KJU's oppression, belligerence and threats of blowing up and shooting actual missiles over neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Facebook says likely Russian-based operation funded U.S. ads with political message See in context

Facebook can say what it wants, but if they're truly an American made corporation, guess who they should also be sharing that particular information (as well as the contributors) with? CIA and FBI. That's what they should be doing. Unless they're already doing this on the down low, they're just making noise with no effective proof and I don't trust corporate entities who are only out to make a profit to pretend they're being "patriotic" by saying words while "protecting the privacy" of people from a foreign nation attempting to interfere with US's national elections. It's a concern valid enough to take it to the proper federal authorities who can actually DO something about this in spite of our inept leadership.

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Posted in: Florida on edge; evacuations coming as Hurricane Irma nears See in context

Hmm, I wonder if Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort is in the path of the hurricane? Maybe a higher power is trying to send a message to Trump and friends?

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Posted in: Man falls to his death from bridge after proposing to girlfriend See in context

It's the idiot's fault. He climbed OVER the railing and then fell. Alcohol makes people do stupid, stupid things. I feel sorry for the fiancée.

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Posted in: Trump expected to scrap protection for 'Dreamers' program See in context

I think I've got a solution, kinda... Allow the DACA to remain in place, so only the "children" of the adults that immigrated illegally can stay. But because the adults are the cause of this entire situation, do not allow them or other relatives to be "sponsered" back into the US by their children because they need to understand there will be permanent and severe consequences for their breaking of US law.

Blacklist them so that the adults can visit for xx amount of time at most, but restrict their ability to stay for more than a week/ or two. Or prevent them from coming to the US ever again and allow their DACA children to go visit them south of the border.

Do not enable those who stay illegally in the US to keep doing what they've been doing. Hammer it home that this pattern that has been abused for decades will not be tolerated any more.

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Posted in: Trump hugs children, serves food in Houston as city fights back from flooding See in context

I'm going to put this as clearly as I can.

Trump had to be TOLD to do this, when he shouldn't HAVE to have been TOLD to do it.

There is a difference between charity and compassion given from the heart which come's naturally, and those who "give" to charity and attempt to show compassion only to try to make themselves look good.

Trump has failed too many times for anyone to truly be able to see what he's doing now as anything more than trying to make himself look good.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction' See in context

Take KJU out than what?

It would take a more globalized effort to rebuild and help smoothly transition Korea into a single nation (without KJU of course).   One of the things I believe is that China's Government is afraid of is a unified and stable democratic and western aligned Korea.   Because that right there could be a very competitive economic powerhouse right next to them capable of challenging China's desired economic dominance in the region.

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Posted in: N Korea accuses U.S. of driving peninsula to 'extreme level of explosion' See in context

CCP propagandist. Yawn. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. The CCP "secretly" supports Kim's regime and thinks that nobody suspect's their constant two-faced double dealing.

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Posted in: Trump to visit Texas Tuesday to survey storm damage from Harvey See in context

I wish those people luck. No one should have to go through that.

It's better to just accept that natural disasters happen and that as human beings on this planet we'll have to do our best to survive it.   It's one of the basic hazards of our environment on this planet.    Other animals have done it for millions of years, our ancestors did it with a lot less access to what we have now and no help relief.

Natural disasters suck, but man-made disasters (such as war, pollution of air and water) are much worse because they're unnatural, and could be prevented with some sane intelligent thinking.    Give me a hurricane any day over that.   There are at least support systems in the event of such things.

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I think putting them all in a prison cell with a tv screen that only shows "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" and "The Distinguished Gentleman"  over and over again would be a pretty good disciplinary action.   It might sink in that it's what they've made our government become.

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The GOP is soulless now.  Their "guy" won the battle for their "team", and now they have to own up to their party before country politics.   I'd gladly shove it as far down their throats as I can if I could.

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Posted in: Trump defends response to Charlottesville violence; hints at pardon for Arizona sheriff See in context

The war loving corporate MSM has NEVER gone after a President like this before.

Screw the MSM you love to lay all fault on.  I'm an unaffiliated non-partisan US citizen, and as I've said since the beginning to the end, he's not fit to be president.   He's made it pretty obvious himself.  

He's petty, arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, inexperienced and incomprahensive when it comes to even the most basic social problems in our country.    Some thought that having a business man would magically make our country run like a business, which once again is not how a COUNTRY works... at all.   I tried to give him a chance when he won the "election".

People need to be educated, he put a wealthy crone in the Department of Education to push her agenda for to make more federal (taxpayers) cash to "for profit" schools, when her main duty in the Department of Education is to make sure US citizens are educated well enough for competitive jobs and ensure continued economic growth in the future.   FAIL.

US Citizens need access to clean water, habitable environments that keep people HEALTHY.   He puts another wealthy corporate hack in the EPA to tear down those pesky regulations so US citizens can quite easily become less healthy and suffer from MORE sickness due to the industrialists not having to pay as much attention to their hazardous wastes and other byproducts of manufacturing because "It saves them money!"  Never mind that it costs the health of the people who may buy their products/services, and causes more workers health problems who work for them so they'll end up paying for their healthcare in the end due to job related illnesses, or contaminated lands that are no longer habitable.   FAIL.

Then the Department of Energy... another wealthy corporate hack whose only goal is to promote non-renewable and increasingly obsolete fossil fuel usage so he ends up being shocked when he finds out that's not what that job position does.  FAIL.

Then Trump tries to pass a budget plan that screws over every single US citizen in this country that doesn't make a 6 figure income after taxes because, "He doesn't see any results" as in "I thought these were for profits... there are no profits".    They were federal programs meant to uplift and support those struggling with various setbacks and opportunities that many need to even survive.  There are federal programs that are meant to encourage inspiration (Arts), innovative thinking and new ideas(educational/intellectual programs),   He fails to understand that it's not for financial profit at all.   It's for making sure our citizens are supported so they can become better, and potentially more productive in the future.  FAIL.

He stated he was going to replace ACA instead of fixing it . Which the GOP arrogantly tries to pass as Obamacare, and yet they were the ones that negotiated it to be what it is right now to get it passed by Obama in the FIRST PLACE.  So while he's going around crapping that up. Insurance becomes so costly that even corporations are complaining about the costs.

He opens his mouth during diplomatic travels and completely embarasses our nation as the REPRESENTATIVE of the PEOPLE of our country!  Even Bush Jr. had more tact than this fool ever has, and I really didn't have any grudge or utter dislike for Bush despite some of his shortcomings.   But with Trump I've never despised such a foul human being somehow managing to become the "leader" of our country and leading it to ruin because of it.

Don't even try to pull that BS that Trump is being bullied.   He's an ignorant golden spooned spoiled brat that is so used to a life of luxury, he doesn't know what's really going on with the US citizens that work for a living from the working poor to the middle class.   Ignore it if you will, but as I said, I really really get enraged when people try to promote destruction of the very structure that tries to promote our country towards a productive, healthy, happy society towards a better future to a despotic political wasteland filled with ignorant rubes glorifying a foolish and ignorant dimwit.    

As a Gen X'er, who still wants to see a future for himself, Gen Y, Gen Z, and even the Millennial generation (and the ones that come after).   I'm tired of this ultra regressive baby boomer BS.   We want a FUTURE that is not a man made hell on earth.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim orders production of more rocket engines, warhead tips See in context

How long are we going to play this "game"?  It's got to get resolved one way or another, and the sooner the better.

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Posted in: Trump defends response to Charlottesville violence; hints at pardon for Arizona sheriff See in context

There is a mental sickness in our society.  It's just a lot more noticeable these days to those with some actual sanity and firm grasp of reality these days.  

A healthy society is the foundation for a healthy and strong country.   Our society is NOT healthy, and our country is spiritually and morally weak which leads to our current lack of leadership, integrity, and dignity the world over.   The rest of the world see's this and our country will pay very dearly for it.   Keep up the stupidity, it's how failed governments destroy themselves.

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Posted in: Pyongyang calls U.S.-South Korean war games a step to nuclear war See in context

At the rate things are going, there is only going to be a military solution if Korea is to be united properly and allow more peace in the region.  Unless by some bizarre off chance lil' Kim's regime just decides to up and quit and walk away him and his cronies have to be forcefully removed.

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Posted in: A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments: poll See in context

I thought about this situation for a long time.   Then I did some research.   After I did the research I came to the conclusion that the statues and monuments to confederate "heroes" have to come down, and if anything remains of them put them in a museum about the civil war in it's entirety.  

It's true that these statues were put up well after the civil war by the Southern confederate relatives and glorifiers of the region, and KKK not to "honor" their war "heroes" but to intimidate and continue to oppress afro-americans with their white supremacist views and make others feel inferior for such a foolish notion.     It is why the white supremacist groups are holding rally's to preserve this continuing method of intimidation against other ethnic groups.

The problem lies with when and why the statues and monuments were put up.   It's that simple.  Supporting it to remain, means supporting white supremacist views of ethnic inferiority and anti-civil rights in the modern and "civilised" era no matter how much some folks here try to defend it as "history".   It should remain in history books and in the estates and fields where the battles of the civil war were lost and won. 

Fact is, the monuments are being and have always been intended to be used as visual reminders and methods of intimidation against the former enslaved populace by the supremacists that erected them in the first place.   Nothing can change the truth.   And it is very ugly.

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Posted in: Australian far-right senator Hanson wears burqa to parliament in bid to ban them See in context

The main point is that the burqa niqab causes problems due to the fact it conceals the identity of a person.   If it weren't for that (for example if the veil were more transparent) it wouldn't be a problem at all.  

For all the PC fanatics here, I will use an everyday example of how it causes a simple errand to turn into a mess.    Just a few days ago I went shopping for some items and was asked for my ID because I was paying with my debit card and they needed to verify that the person using the card has the same name and identity (by my FACE).   So instead of being a simple process, the burqa/niqab turns it into a completely unnecessary  and efficient process that could have easily been avoided entirely if it weren't for the choice of one person's religious rights being lorded over public safety.  

Xxx commit's a robbery or murder (which actually happened in Qutar or the UAE if I'm correct) and guess what.   With all the security camera footage they had, they couldn't identify the person because they were wearing a burqa.   I'm pretty sure that may have been part of what sparked even some Islamic countries to completely ban the stupid thing.

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Posted in: Australian far-right senator Hanson wears burqa to parliament in bid to ban them See in context

There are Muslim-majority countries in the world who do ban this garment. It seems this is seen as too extreme for many Muslims.

This is actually true.  And some women do actually CHOOSE to wear it, even if some of their own family members ask them not to... in Islamic governed countries no less.

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Posted in: Australian far-right senator Hanson wears burqa to parliament in bid to ban them See in context

I don't believe the niqab has any place in a modern society.  Muslim women can get by just as well with a hijab and they can adhere to covering up their head (not their face) while not making it difficult to identify the person behind it.

The rights of religious fanatical choice  for a single individual that poses problems to law enforcement/government officials doing their duties (every single time the burqa's face veil causes problems when asking for ID during a plain old traffic stop) does not outweigh the rights to the majority of public safety.  

The niqab creates way too problems from the person wearing it getting their ID in the first place, travelling overseas with a passport, walking into a bank, and any other situation where ID is required.   Certain companies and government positions require people to have their ID/badge exposed at all times so that the face on the badge has to match the face of the person wearing the badge.

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