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Posted in: Imran Khan vows change in first address as Pakistan PM See in context

"We want peace, because Pakistan cannot prosper until the peace is restored," he said.

"I will fight the corrupt. Either this country will survive or the corrupt people," he said.

I like these lines of thought because both are extremely important. Eliminate corruption, you gain prosperity. If you gain prosperity for all, you gain peace.

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Posted in: Uproar as politican praises White Australia policy, urges Muslim ban See in context

Nothing wrong with being opposed to Islam (a religious ideology). People are openly opposed to Christianity (a religious ideology) as well. There is something wrong with being opposed to Muslims (followers of Islam which once again is a religious ideology) based on what they look like. Depending on how they act on the other hand can determine how to approach them. If someone is such a fundamentalist in their religious beliefs that their actions and how they behave run counter to the basic human rights and laws of the society they are to integrate into, then there will be problems. If they are able to adapt and create a balance between their individual religious beliefs and respect the basic rights and laws of the society they are trying to integrate into there should be no problems.

It's hypocritical to claim any dislike of a religious belief system is racist because it's not about a person's ethnicity (not up to choice), but their religious ideology( people can choose their religious beliefs).

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Posted in: Taliban say no peace with 'occupation;' want U.S. talks See in context

The Taliban are useless, and only desire to control Afghanistan through strict religious dictate. They use the excuse of "occupation" and colonization (which is not happening) to justify that they're fighting for the "right" reasons.

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Posted in: Taliban say no peace with 'occupation;' want U.S. talks See in context

Under the Taliban, training camps for terrorism flourished in Afghanistan because the Taliban "government" didn't care or were capable enough to do anything about it. The US demanded the Taliban remove that specific problem from their country as it affected the US and other countries around the world. OBL was suspected to be located in the country, but was found in Pakistan which isn't too far a stretch since those countries share a border and it would be no problem for OBL to bounce between both countries as he saw fit.

If the Taliban had shown enough gumption and power to remove the issue the US had (Afghanistan being a safe haven for terrorist organizations), the US would not have gone there and been situated in the first place.

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Posted in: Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal See in context

In Switzerland, unwanted touching is classified as harassment, so in fact this couple was acting within the norms of Swiss society.

Apparantly not. You're attempting to confuse inappropriate with appropriate. Handshakes during business/official events is normal and not offensive and considered a basic professional greeting. Hugs, or putting hands on another person's body inappropriately is considered offensive touching and harassment. Handshakes are not considered inappropriate unless someone forcefully grabs and pulls your hand off or keeps on holding your hand and massaging it.

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Posted in: Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal See in context

"When in Rome?"

@BB, in the US there was an incedent where some orthodox Jews refused to fly on the same flight as opposite sex passengers unless the women were put on a different flight. Religious tolerance can only be upheld so far until it becomes unreasonable.

This couple wants to live in a country while expecting that country to adapt and change to their religious preferences instead of comprehending integration into Swiss society.

It's high time countries should not be required to adapt their society to a small groups religious dictate or beliefs. The majority of Islamic governed countries are nowhere near as considerate as Switzerland etc.

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Posted in: Trump cancels DC military parade; says he will go to Paris instead See in context

DoD isn't stupid, Trump is. We've just avoided an attempt at wasting our money to stroke his disgusting ego.

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Posted in: Over 350 newspapers across U.S. rebuke Trump for attacks on the press See in context

should be getting different voices and investigative journalists willing to look into both sides of partisan politics.

That's extremely unbelievable considering how partisan you've shown yourself to be.

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Posted in: Trump calls former White House aide Omarosa a 'dog' See in context

Remember when the position of POTUS would never stoop so low to such school yard arguments? Remember when the position of POTUS carried itself with dignity, respect, consideration, and honor?

This administration doesn't know the meaning of any of the above. Welcum to Trump's 'Murica!

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Posted in: Iran's top leader says there will be no talks with U.S. See in context

Iran's government can pound sand. They've never done anything truly beneficial to their people. They've lied too much, and what money they do get from outside their country doesn't improve the lives of Iranians unless they're crooked and well connected.

In remarks carried by state television, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said "along with sanctions, Americans have recently raised two more options, war and talks... War will not happen and we will not enter talks."

The Khamenei is doing the same thing they always do. I can understand them not entering talks with Trumps idiocy, but they also are shutting out diplomacy again in favor of religious extremism.

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Posted in: Syria regime welcomes returning refugees with charm offensive See in context

Syrian refugee's are wary to return to Syria since everything has changed. Assad's government murdered it's own people which helped increase mistrust in the first place of the Syrian government. If anyone believes that "all's well that ends well" is going on right now in Syria, I've got a bridge to sell them.

I hate being pessimistic, but the actions and goals of Syria and Russian governments are full on not anywhere close to being in the best interests of the people and refugee's of Syria. Only for those who stand to make money or hold a grip on corrupt manipulative power.

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Posted in: Erdogan says Turkey will boycott U.S. electronics See in context

Erdogan is ruining Turkey, and Trump is obviously ruining the US.

@CrazyJoe ain't that the truth.

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Posted in: Afghan Taliban considering Eid holiday ceasefire See in context

Why does the Taliban even do anything in the first place? Simply because they want power to control others with religious extremes and dictate. Their actions only benefit ignorance and zealotry.

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Posted in: Trump still fuels racial divide a year after Charlottesville See in context

This is sickening.  I personally don't like racism or tribalism.  I can comprehend the motivations of tribalism more, and see that it is a lot easier to overcome than people who choose to be racist or believe in ethnic "superiority".

@Silvafan So far you've put up the most perceptive posts imo.  Too many others here are attempting to spout excuses for why racism (subtle or not) should be "acceptable"  and "tolerated" in modern western society.  Being from a mixed family, and dating outside my ethnicity I'd rather live in a society that does not tell me how I should live my life because of my ethnic birth.   I already know I have an ethnic "cultural heritage", but I choose not to dwell on it as if it leads my personality.

If a Caucasian couple adopts a child from India, that child's personality and behaviour will be tied to the societal culture of the adoptive parents depending on where and how they raise them.  If a couple from China adopt a child from an African nation, that child will also have a personality based on the how those parents raise them and the environment they live in.

If I'm gonna be identified as any kind of "supremacist" I'd rather be indentified as a human supremacist... although if we run into any extraterrestrial life, that will cause this situation all over again (poor humor attempt.)

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Posted in: Trump's legal team responds to Mueller interview request See in context

Keep the blinders on Serrano. Trump is more important to you than the well being of the people of this country and the constitution. Cos if Trump says "You're fired" many others will tell Trump, "You're impeached". Go ahead... make my day.

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Posted in: U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps See in context

It's a country with well over 1.7 Billion people. Millions mean nothing to them.

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Posted in: Trump's legal team responds to Mueller interview request See in context

Even Nixon was responsible enough to say yes to the special investigation request. Trump had better say yes. He doesn't have to, but it would make him look better if he said yes. A confident person would not be trying to fight such a serious investigation.

For those worried about a "perjury trap", an honest president wouldn't fall in one now would they? A good leader has the trust of their people. A bad leader does not... You scared or something?

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Posted in: U.S. Senator Paul delivers letter from Trump to Putin's govt See in context

Depends on how the letter was written. Besides, I'm sure that simple things like letters (even by the president) are looked over in order to make sure no national security issues are created.

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Posted in: U.N. backs plan to unblock humanitarian aid to North Korea See in context

And only thousands and thousands of innocent people unlucky enough to be born on that piece of soil instead of this one, will die.

That's reality. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying in many other countries every year besides NK man. And yet there is silence... you wanna fix it all? Short of a magic wand to manipulate human nature, you're going to be SOL. NK's regime is responsible for this mess. Don't fix their problem for them, make them learn to take the steps to fix it themselves. And when they finally do take the correct steps forward, then be willing to help them.

Enabling hurts more than it helps, no matter what the cost.

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Posted in: More than 700,000 foreigners overstayed visas in U.S. last year See in context

I've never overstayed my visa. A long time ago someone I was with got their visa extended instead of overstaying... because they could. So once again this is the difference between legal and illegal. Quite simple folks. Obey the laws of the country you're in.

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Posted in: Trump says firms doing business in Iran to be barred from U.S. See in context

Conservative extremists in Iran are likely to gain in influence as they will be able to blame the U.S. for Iran's economic woes.

Uh they've always been doing this regardless. So the difference is? To be honest, the world needs to stop molly-coddling Iran's government. When they cross the line, then there will be military action. But don't keep supplying them with money that Iran's corrupt government will continually misuse and abuse to support continual problems in the region.

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Posted in: U.N. backs plan to unblock humanitarian aid to North Korea See in context

I can only imagine if Kim did anything useful such as put all that money his regime has been dumping into nuclear research towards agricultural R&D to feed his people, which would make them more productive, which would lead to more economic development.... But nah, they want their WMDs.

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Posted in: U.N. backs plan to unblock humanitarian aid to North Korea See in context

I understand what people are saying about concerns that humanitarian aid could let the DPRK's rulers off the hook, but we're talking "critical, life-saving humanitarian activities" here. Are you really willing to sentence millions of people to undernourishment and worse, just for the sake of a political principle? Isn't that what the Dear Leader is doing to his people in the first place?

Unfortunately, there are some times when you must step aside and allow nature to take it's course. It's the only way to teach the necessary harsh lessons that there are severe consequences for one's actions and choices. Many people in NK will flee the country or die trying rather than starve to death until Kim has no more people. It will cost the regime much more than it would cost the rest of the world that is concerned about the situation.

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Posted in: South Carolina TV maker laying off most workers, blaming Trump tariffs See in context

I'm still trying to figure out how almost 13+ years ago I was making $10 an hour and could still save up to $450 a month, but now I get paid a lot more and can barely save $200 a month. Same services, same bills, same necessities.

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Posted in: South Carolina TV maker laying off most workers, blaming Trump tariffs See in context

Yes, we working class citizens are being screwed.   Sure I've got a raise, but my rent, transit pass, cost of groceries, and some utilities bills I pay have gone up even more.  Lets say I get a raise of $100 a month, my cost of living will go up by +$250 a month.  If I get a raise of $250 a month, my costs for living will probably increase +$500.  Not because I'm spending more money, but because I'm being charged more for the exact same services and basic needs I get.   So I'm not really "making" more, I'm just getting a raise to keep my head above water to keep up with the increased cost of living due to corporate greed.   One can't invest in the economy as a working class citizen if they're barely making enough to keep surviving paycheck to paycheck.  

Also the unemployment is low only because some folks gave up because they have no more hope.   If the employment statistic is low, try looking to see if the homeless rate has gone up.  There is the rest of your unemployment rate.

I can understand very clearly why the old soviets version of "socialism"  called folks capitalist pigs, because of the insatiable greed and pursuit of excessive wealth. Capitalism should be about making ALL citizens of a country prosperous. Not  a select few


I liked this article because the people who have more than enough money, have been buying the ability to twist legislature in their favor over the decades. Jeff Bezos wants to go to space... instead of focusing on trying to permanently fix the problems of poverty, homelessness, and income inequality down here on earth.  Only the wealthy will go into space, while the workers who earn them all that money scrape what they can to survive.   

And now with Dump in office (enriching himself and his cronies) keep expecting to get more while never "trickling" down more.

As for the so called "conservative" partisan posters on this board, you're all the same. "I've got mine's, to hell with everyone else."

And you've yet to prove otherwise. And when you think your showing compassion, you're doing nothing but crocodile tears just to show, "See I care... but not really...".

I've never been a democrat, and used to be a republican a long time ago until I got tired of both sides BS.

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Posted in: U.N. backs plan to unblock humanitarian aid to North Korea See in context

I know people are suffering in NK, but the UN should not do this. Why? Because it will free up Kim and regime to keep doing what they've been doing for decades. If you stop it, eventually NK's regime will have to step up to the plate and do their job of taking care of their own people, or suffer the consequences of not doing so.

Do not enable NK to keep doing this. It is time for some of that "tough love" through inaction until they realize they need to take action themselves.

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Posted in: Five killed, 44 shot in night of violence in Chicago See in context

How is it possible for so many bad people to get hold of these filthy devices?

They're thug lives. They will get their hands on the weapons through robbery (peoples homes and businesses have been broken into because thug lives want guns), smuggling (there is still the organized crime element).

Chicago hasn't had the best track record when it comes to gang violence.

Availability is a problem, and we can thank the NRA and their backers both foreign and domestic for creating such a toxic gun-happy environment for criminals to take advantage of.

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Posted in: First woman fined in Denmark for wearing full-face veil See in context

Hijab is not a problem in my opinion. Niqab on the other hand is a total problem for the ultimate reason that one can not be identified at all due to religious beliefs... which is not a perfect excuse in my book. Many Islamic countries are getting rid of niqabs for the exact reason that a woman can not be identified at all in any situation.

Niqabs have no place in western societies due to constant safety and effective identification concerns.

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Posted in: British warship arrives in Tokyo as UK expands presence in Asian waters See in context

Even though it is only one warship, I'm glad to see some alliance support from a European nation.

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