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Posted in: U.S. soldier Travis King heads home after North Korea expels him See in context

He'd better still be court martialed and everything else he needs to go through for his insane stupidity. NK expelled him to China. They EXPELLED him. He must have really gotten on their nerves or they really figured out he has NO value.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Japan needs better laws to deal with this nutcase. Harassment, disturbing the peace... repeat offenses should be a three strikes you're out case. This guy needs to not be allowed in the country. He's begging for a vigilante style **-kicking, preferably by another annoyed US citizen in Japan. He really needs some sense beaten into *him. I hope the Japanese will turn a blind eye while other concerned foreign visitors take him in a back alley and give him a physical disciplinary lesson.

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Posted in: Russian foreign minister lambastes West but barely mentions Ukraine in U.N. speech See in context

Oh poor Russia. When your country attempts to conquer, regress, oppress, and subjugate others for their "new world order" ideals don't be surprised that people reject those that desire to take away one's freedom and happiness. The reason why the basic ideals of the "West" and free democratic governments stay in place is because it allows FREEDOM from others greed and selfishness and strives for peace. Putin's Russia is run by kleptocrats, and korruption. Nobody wants that to be the "new ideal".

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Posted in: With House Republicans in turmoil; colleagues implore GOP holdouts not to shut down government See in context

The best thing for America and the world would be if the U.S. government shut down PERMANENTLY. In fact, that nation, which I regret to say I am stuck being a citizen of, should be carved up into smaller nations so the people can squabble properly, with more credible threats behind it.

I'm laughing at this comment. You're never "stuck" being a citizen of the US. You can renounce your US citizenship any time you like... I think the fee for legal documents is $2,350.00

No actual US citizen I know of would say what you said. Dimitryv, is that you? lol

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

Yes, Hong Kong is doing so well that Taiwan has far less trust in the CCP's version of "peaceful" re-unification measures. The CCP still can't understand that if they were so great and amazing, more countries would cozy up to them HAPPILY! As there is no happiness to be found under CCP control, many leave and try to keep away from them.

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Posted in: Biden's son Hunter sues IRS, alleging unlawful release of his taxes See in context

Well, HB will either win or lose depending on his wrong-doing. Don't care, as he is not in any power over the country. Considering it was a whistle blower, he might not win. The GQP on the other hand will explode and bloviate this as much as they possibly can to create false equivalence to their own gargantuan treachery against the nation.

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Posted in: Taiwan blasts Elon Musk over latest China comments See in context

The intelligent fool speaks again. Musk needs to keep his mouth shut about how other countries function and work diplomatically and politically. This is the same guy that believes China's work-aholic requirements should be the norm in the US and those anti-suicide nets around China's skyrises and factories is a good thing. Taiwan belongs to the ROC, not the CCP.

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Posted in: German lawmakers approve a contentious plan to replace fossil-fuel heating See in context

Necessity is the mother of invention. Make it a necessity to generate clean renewable energy and people will actively search for it.

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Posted in: Nihon University suspends football team again over cannabis allegations See in context

Let Japan be Japan. If their government doesn't allow weed, then don't expect them to. Not every country has to legalize weed. Different cultures have different values when in comes to mind altering substances.

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Posted in: Georgia charges Trump, former advisers with illegally trying to overturn 2020 loss See in context

I thought I should share this since it applies to what is going on with DT and his cronies. "To anger an HONEST person, lie to them. To anger a corrupt or narcissistic person, tell them the TRUTH."

Trump world is angry because the TRUTH hurts.

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Posted in: Georgia charges Trump, former advisers with illegally trying to overturn 2020 loss See in context

Yeah, Trump called the wrong Republican in GA state that day to try and rig the election in his favor.... A Republican that put the country and constitution above the individual. Thanks for recording that fool!

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Posted in: Pence seizes on Trump's latest indictment as he looks to break through in crowded GOP field See in context

Lol, 401= 40 years... sorry about the typo... can't let my immortality be known /s

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Posted in: Pence seizes on Trump's latest indictment as he looks to break through in crowded GOP field See in context

@Bass, your MO is tired and played out. I said a long time ago the only thing you spout is, "Dems, libs, dems, libs..." We know you literally despise anything that is not good ol' "conservative" hyperpartisan mentality. The GOP has always taught their base to demonize the opposing party. I've watched it happen for well over 401 years. Actions will always speak louder than words. The GOP has shown the decades worth of actions of what they are. Dems are the only major party that is not the GOP. The US seriously needs a political party that is moderate/independent of both sides to bring balance to this joke of a "bi-partisan" government.

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Posted in: Global food prices rise after Russia ends grain deal and India restricts rice exports See in context

What are you talking about???

The mental gymnastics of Putin's propaganda pushers...

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Posted in: Pence seizes on Trump's latest indictment as he looks to break through in crowded GOP field See in context

The GOP is dead to me. They could have taken Trump down during the other 2 impeachments put on him while he was in office. But the GOP enabled and protected him with their hypocritical methods.

The GOP made sure they put themselves before the country, the constitution, and the people of the US. Now they want to pretend that they didn't....

It literally took Pence to feel like he was going to be "disappeared" to stop blindly following the orange creep and GOP cronies.

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Posted in: Ex-intel officer says U.S. hiding info on alien craft See in context

To be honest, many Americans already know this. The US government (and certain other countries governments) are still terrified of confirming exactly what is going on because it would drastically harm a lot of influence and control over people, and the actual nut jobs who can't handle reality would become even more unpredictable. Let's cause an INTERGALACTIC incident with a different sentient species because Billy Joe Bob wanted to shoot a demonic alien being for being alien. Imagine understanding that confirming extraterrestrials exist would force HUMANITY as a whole to work better together as a species when faced with multiple advanced beings with far more abilities and intelligence than us observing our societies. Everything humanity has done will look like a mere atom of a grain of sand in the unlimited beach of the Universe/muliti-verse/dimensions/planes of existence.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim shows off banned missiles to Russian minister See in context

Yes, thanks in large part to the choking sanctions which have been placed on them.

@Moonbloom, poor attempt at trying to distract from REALITY and FACTS.

Sanctions that were placed on them because they violated the agreement that NK would not proliferate nuclear weapons while US and other nations provided food aid. Here is the problem. When the US and other nations provided food aid to prevent starvation in NK, Kim's regime diverted money towards nuclear weapon's research... instead of feeding his people. When the US and other nations stopped the food aid because he was diverting money towards nuclear R&D (which was violating the agreement), the NK regime continued to put money towards nuclear R&D.... instead of FEEDING HIS PEOPLE. NK literally tried to make suicide illegal for it's own citizens because those same citizens believe death is far better than continuing to try to survive the Kim's completely messed up priorities and oppressive rule. The Kim's run their own country into the ground. No citizens left = no country.

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Posted in: Taliban use tasers, fire hoses and gunfire to break up Afghan women protesting beauty salon ban See in context

I admire beauty in women. Most men do on a global scale... except these weak hearted, salivating lustful freaks. Men who are truly spiritually disciplined like the Taliban claim to enforce on their society, would not be so easily led astray. Women can express both beauty and dress modestly. Taliban, and their ilk just can't comprehend it.

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Posted in: Belarus Red Cross sparks outcry after its chief says it brought Ukrainian children to Belarus See in context

Ah, good old human trafficking. What an amazing tactic to win the world to your side Putin. Literally kidnapping the children of a nation whose parents you're murdering in some crazy invasion and conquest scheme.

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Posted in: North Korea silent about its apparent detention of U.S. soldier who bolted across the border See in context

Lets remember he is no Dennis Rodman. But hey, he might get to ball with dear leader as his personal 1 on 1 play buddy for thy dear leader. If he is lucky...

I was thinking the same thing! Dennis Rodman puts in a good word, and King will end up staying in NK playing on their basketball team. That is the "good" ending. We already know how the "bad" ending will be.

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Posted in: North Korea silent about its apparent detention of U.S. soldier who bolted across the border See in context

Remember this phrase BL? "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". He played a stupid game, and the US should not have to deal with the stupid prizes. If the circumstances of him ending up in NK were completely different than him running head first over the DMZ, we'd be all for it. Idiots get what idiots deserve. He apparently wasn't worth keeping in the military in the long run considering what a trouble maker he was.

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Posted in: North Korea silent about its apparent detention of U.S. soldier who bolted across the border See in context

There was a photo of this brilliant young man who thought it was going to be easier to escape being held accountable for his foolishness in the military. He has no idea how much he just effed up and found out. Well, another American idiot getting a final dose of reality. Pretty sure he isn't getting out of NK except in a coffin.

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Posted in: Xi calls for 'solid' security barrier around China's internet See in context

"We must adhere to the Party's management of the internet and adhere to (the principle of) making the internet work for the CCP," state-run Xinhua news agency cited Xi as saying.

There, I fixed that for them. The CCP hasn't been for the people of China for quite a long time. As I keep saying, the CCP and the average Chinese citizen are completely different. None of the average Chinese citizens ELECTED the CCP members. The CCP members "elect" themselves.

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Posted in: Sweden considering making Koran burnings illegal See in context

Fact is, religion is a PERSONAL choice. One can't claim freedom of religion if they use their own personal religious views to oppress others who do not adhere to their religion. You'd be surprised of how many Arabic and middle eastern immigrants are well over the over-reaching beliefs of Islam in their lives. Erdogan expects other countries to cow to his religious beliefs. And that must NEVER be allowed for true freedoms that Sweden and other countries uphold to succumb to theocratic oppressive views. Turkey is just being a jerk just to be a jerk at times.

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Posted in: As more women forgo the hijab, Iran's government pushes back See in context

I would really like to see Iran attempt to return to it's pre-Islamic revolutionary self. Of course the theocratic regime keeps trying to shift blame to external enemies for their own corruption.

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Posted in: U.S. readies for migrant influx as COVID-era border rules set to end See in context

I am beyond 1000% against illegal immigrants trying to run over the US border. Every single day I go to work, I personally see hundreds of homeless AMERICANS on the streets. Homeless encampments, Americans living out of their CARS. Until America can help it's own citizens, the US is not obligated to take care of a swarm of migrants running into the country illegally. As the saying goes, "Get in line". The US is a first come first serve system, and the government can only prioritize the ever growing list in that order.

There are many Americans who are homeless due to mental issues, unaffordable housing for the elderly/retired/working poor, job loss during the pandemic, and of course heavy substance abusers.

Until I see these issues taken care of first, Biden's (every other administration afterwards) needs to focus on deportation, permanently banning repeat offenders as they refuse to follow the US laws on immigration (tough $**+ if it takes so long... get in line).

Obviously the border needs to be severely upgraded and funded with whatever measures we can find. Hold the countries the migrants are leaving responsible for their ineptitude and corrupt governance. Encourage migrants to stay and fix their own country. The US has more than enough of it's own problems. The EU is cracking down on their illegal immigration problem for the same reason.

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Posted in: Proud Boys verdict boosts Justice Dept in Trump probe See in context

The DoJ isn't going to play around. Hopefully Trump and fiends (no "r") will be held accountable for their attack an American democracy, and our constitutional rights.

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Posted in: New Chinese envoy to Japan says bilateral ties at critical juncture See in context

@Paul, The CCP is not fascist (yet), but they are totalitarian over China and it's citizens. A lot of us wish the CCP was either a better governing party, or just disappeared from China altogether. China has the potential to be an amazing country. But the CCP keeps focusing on keeping their power, and not helping China become the best the country can be on the global state.

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Posted in: Philippines reports 'confrontation' with Chinese vessels in South China Sea See in context

There is actually an ancient map showing exactly this.

Interesting that the CCP never even existed when this map was made. Mao wasn't even born... There was a Chinese emperor and a monarchy... Even the ROC is older than the CCP.

What territoriess does Russia claim rights to, where its foot has not stepped on? Pure curiosity

See the above response. The Czar and the monarchy ruled Russia well before the USSR came and went. Putin's Russia can't claim the territorial conquests of governments that no longer exist any more. Otherwise, how much territory can China claim from Russia under the CCP due to ancient times? And Japan too?

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Posted in: Canada repatriates 14 citizens from camps in Syria; arrests two See in context

They’re Canadian citizens.

While true, would you want to bring someone back who has shown how easily they don't care for the country? Traitors who don't appreciate what they had, intentionally joined a terrorist organization.

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