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Posted in: Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China See in context

The south China sea, in spite of it's name. DOES NOT BELONG TO CHINA. International waters, and well over 200 nautical miles from China's mainland shoreline as well as the fact that man-made islands don't qualify as China's natural shoreline.   Japan and any other non-Chinese shipping vessel has every right to sail through that area without harassment or "escort" by China's navy.    The rest of the world is against the CCP on this, but the CCP thinks if they just keep acting like this people will ignore it.   Eventually the CCP will be forcefully removed from the area with their current claims.

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Posted in: Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI chief Comey See in context

Wow, Trump blatantly lied. He lied, he didn't fib, he didn't exaggerate.  HE LIED.  He LIED to try to intimidate Comey who is already known for his honesty and is a lot more trustworthy than Trump has ever been his entire life.   TRUMP LIED, accept it.   Now you should be asking, WHY did he lie.   The truth is a lot easier to say than a lie.   But keep on the orange colored glasses, and continue with your idol worship of your false god with clay feet.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

@Bass, it's not the rhetoric talk.  The one thing I believe Trump can take credit for is allowing the ICE to enforce the immigration laws we have.  That is what is driving illegal immigration down.   One would be less likely to stay in the US illegally, or come to the US illegally if they knew that ICE would be more likely to crack down on them at any time.

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Posted in: U.S. asks China to do more to rein in North Korea See in context

And China will have to understand they that are also part of the problem.   Because a united Korea will mean better economic competition to China's economy. So China wants to hamper the ability for a united Korea which would probably be more western/US friendly as well until they can own the region economically and politically.

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Posted in: Islamic State blows up historic Mosul mosque where it declared 'caliphate' See in context

These types of desecrations are an assault on the basic tenets of our civilization. I felt the same watching the Taliban blow up an ancient statue of Buddha that was said be the largest of its kind, I believe, in the world.  

Exactly my sentiments.  875 year old historical architecture and archeological treasure gone in a day because of religious extremism/fanaticism.  The daesh value nothing but death and destruction.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

Simply put, lets say Trump gets his wall, then put's solar panels on it...  The US taxpayers will still be paying for the cost of this wall first, as well as the opposition to seizure of private property by the Federal government... And solar panels?  Who is buying the electricity it provides?  Sure as hell won't be Mexico.  And after the US shoulder's the brunt of the cost getting it built first.. then claim that Mexico will pay us back for it.   And Mexico is saying, "yeah, right. We don't wanna."  What are we going to do, garnish their wages?  

The cost of produce we get from Mexico (please look closely at where a lot of the produce comes from when you go to the grocery store) will skyrocket and American's will still be paying the brunt of the cost for "the wall".  Or the US stops importing produce from Mexico period and people buy locally/nationally within the country, which once again makes it so that US citizens are the only one's paying for the wall.

So where is the brilliance of his logical fallacy?  "I'm rich so I'm smart"

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Posted in: N. Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath' See in context

Oh, I'm truly offended, I really am... what an insult, bigly.

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Posted in: U.S. flies supersonic bombers over Korean Peninsula in show of force against North See in context

The Chinese government will never do anything about it.  Why?  Because they believe having NK as a "mad dog" nation trying to build nukes keeps the US away as well as the fact that a unified Korea would probably be more western friendly...not that the current US administration is helping in that regard either...  

The CCP will milk this for all it's worth, which in the long run isn't really worth it from an intellectual pov.

This issue could be solved so quickly.  But it all depends on how it all goes down and the players that choose to be involved.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner seeks to revive Mideast talks See in context

So why is Kushner being involved?  Isn't this the job for VP, or some other official?   The family run "administration" idea does not sit well with me at all.   I'm sick to my stomach.

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Posted in: China's dog meat festival opens despite ban rumors See in context

I kind of agree with you Bass, but knowing how much more useful dogs are as human companions instead of food just makes this "tradition" nonsensical.  Hunting and finding food with dogs has been mutually beneficial between our species for thousands of years.  If you're starving, then yeah, I could see someone wanting to eat dogs.   But when you're not, why do it with so many other animals to breed for consumption? I still don't understand why one would do this.   Heck, why not breed rabbits?  They develop quickly, breed like crazy, grain fed etc...

There are some Chinese that own dogs as pets and have a very good reason to worry when their dog goes missing.   The "missing dog" flyers won't work all that well.  (Dark humor, sorry couldn't resist)

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Posted in: McCain: Americans 'stupid' to still want to travel to NKorea See in context

So who decides which country you can visit? Big brother?

As an American, I can clarify to you that the US doesn't prevent any American citizen from going to any country at any time.   The US embassy website that the Gov provides always gives travelers with warnings or notifications about any countries that have hostile relations with the US, as well as other things to look out  for.   Pretty much it gives one a chance to use common sense and understand the risks that may be involved with travelling to a foreign nation engaged with hostilities or political aggression with the US.

Pretty much McCain is saying, "Make them sign a paper absolving the US government of any duty to retaliate for their individual stupidity."

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Posted in: Canadian man found guilty of trying to join IS group See in context

Am still concerned that the far rightists, Trumpologists and right wits are spreading their poison here in Japan. How is this allowed to happen?

Huh?  Aren't  the Japanese nationalists/Nanjing~Korean sex slave deniers doing enough of that on their own?

Apart from the dreadful perversion and interpretation of a religion; there's something very disheartening and sad about so many people willing to die for a nebulous ideology and alleged "state".

You're not Muslim, who are you to actually know what's considered "perverse" and what's not in Islam?  Study more in depth about Islam.  I have, and it's not pretty.    As to whether or not how strictly each individual believer of Islam chooses to be religiously involved is a different matter.  Talk to Muslim apostates. They know a hell of a lot more about Islam than you can conceive and can tell you exactly why they left Islam and what is wrong with it.   You'd be surprised at how many want to leave Islam, but don't out of fear of persecution, harassment, assault, and much worse.

Sure I've heard the same lines, "But but... the crusades..." and "Christianity has it's bad side!"

It all goes down to the founders.  The histories of Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed acted over the course of their lives is vastly different.   Just like the teachingsTorah/Old Testament/Qur'an and Jesus and Buddha's teachings in the New Testament/Peace/Goodwill to all human beings.   Only one left behind a cult indoctrination system for it's followers.

This is the modern era, and it should be harder for people to go full religious fanaticism with all the science and technological knowledge we've gained so far.

The question you should be asking is, how can so many people across the globe flip their extremist switch so quickly in Islam? 

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Posted in: America's widening role in Syria's civil war See in context

This is the consequence of Trumps incompetence as POTUS.   When he gave more "free" reign for military actions to be carried out without overseeing certain military operations (pretty much because he felt it was too much work for him...) we ended up with more of this.  Added up with a half-*ssed mess of "cabinet" choices , administrative postions, and "advisors" with mostly "yes" men, brown-nosers, and family members.  And the people who are more than willing to give Trump good advice, he won't listen to unless he feels it will make him look good.

"Widening its role" should read illegally invading a sovereign nation. Oh sorry...illegally invading another sovereign nation.

Rhetoric.  The US has no intentions of staying in Syria should the country stabilize.   Russia will probably stay on afterwards.

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Posted in: Trump goes from regal to rustic this weekend at Camp David See in context

Has Trump actually done anything as President..?

He actually has. Just some people don't like it, and some people do.  The only thing so far I can see that he's actually done is allow the ICE to enforce the law which has netted a lot of foreign nationals who have either entered illegally, or overstayed their visas.   That is the ONLY thing I've seen that he's accomplished successfully.  Everything else has been a s.show.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

Luddite's first comment pretty much nailed another thing I was thinking about. Either you have the retaliation by random members of the general public, or you have extremists trying to frame each other to instigate more negative perception of their "enemies".

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Posted in: Muslim teen assaulted outside U.S. mosque; found murdered in Virginia See in context

So there was an traffic altercation that led to a first assault, then that was followed by a kidnapping and murder?!  I just hope they have the right person who murdered her, because they're not right in the head at all.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

I predicted this was going to happen.  The ineptitude of a overly-PC government not protecting it's citizens from a hostile anti-democratic ideology,  putting the comfort of Islamic ideological values over their own in hopes that they'll "integrate" into the local society (news flash, that doesn't work) , is resulting in vigilantism, and societal self-"Justified" retaliation against the problem.   Have to identify the problem before you can deal with it.  I don't this situation at all... but I predicted that if the country's leaders don't get their heads out of the PC realm, its all going to go downhill from there.

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Posted in: Trump goes from regal to rustic this weekend at Camp David See in context

Dems and libs... pretty much the only two words guaranteed to come from a partisan monkey post. Tax money is being wasted here in a very shady manner.... but it doesn't matter right, because he's "your" man!  Dance monkey! Dance!

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Posted in: Trump goes from regal to rustic this weekend at Camp David See in context

Trump should have been using Camp David in the first place.   Not his own personal resort.  Sure its not "currently" under his name, but in the end the tax money goes into his family's business dealings which he'll get back later... assuming he comes out of office naturally if the investigation clears him of any wrong-doing.

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Posted in: Trump announces he's being investigated See in context

Well, depending on how the investigation goes the people will pressure the government (GOP majority or not) to impeach Trump.  When enough people start marching outside government offices of congress, senate, and WH with "Impeach" signs, it shows that the citizens of the US have lost confidence in their leadership.  And in the face of public pressure either the GOP members will vote in favor of impeachment, or destroy themselves in the next election for their positions.

As with Nixon's situation, it all depends on how much the citizens feel they can TRUST their leaders.   Nixon was impeached because the majority didn't trust him.   Trump?  Very few trust him at his word.

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker shot, others wounded in Virginia See in context

Putin's laughing his butt off at us. Why?  Because he's learned that with the right amount of disinformation and manipulation, American society is more than willing to destroy itself from the inside out.   Keep playing the pawns in his kind of game.   We're the only ones that will lose.

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Posted in: 196 Democratic U.S. lawmakers sue Trump over foreign state payments to businesses See in context

What is bad is that the GOP has been dragging it's feet with ethics and governence... why?  Because once again, they're drunk on power.   If a majority opposition party didn't exist at this point in time to counter-act their party before country mentality, nothing would be done about Trump cronyism and the US would be completely ****ed.

Once again, since some people don't listen.   Greed leads to CORRUPTION, Corruption leads to DESTRUCTION.  Apparently some people don't want our country to be around any more because they're too "party before country" minded.

A case to sue the POTUS has to have strong enough evidence to build an effective case.   Or it would be pointless to bring up a case.

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker shot, others wounded in Virginia See in context

Yeah, party before country right guys? You're being part of the problem and NOT the solution.  Instead of dealing with the very real fact that you've devolved into your partisan shells so much that instead of the natural and civilized debate, you'd rather just blame partisanship and rely on partisan propaganda which led to tensions so high we now have violence based on one's political affiliation.  You've lost your souls as to what it means to be an American.  The first time I heard that Pro/Anti-Trump supporters started carrying brass knuckles, baseball bats, axes, knives, and now guns I could tell that nobody knows how to be civil and respectful anymore.  United we stand... divide we FALL.  Figure it out, but apparently you're too braindead on partisan propaganda to know when to stop running full head into stupidity and trying to spread it.  That's alright, when our country ceases to exist because of this kind of stupidity and arrogance, it might finally dawn on you.

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Posted in: EU sanctions Hungary, Poland, Czechs over refugees See in context

Bleeding hearts who blindly go along their "I'm being such a good person" path lack wisdom. Any country's first and utmost priority is to take care of their own citizens FIRST. Not foreign nationals before the safety and protection of their own citizens.  When you ignore your own citizens first, you end up with a lot of anger and resentment of the government by the indigenous people of that country. It's a very simple and reasonable concept.

Hungary, Poland, etc have every right to say, "No, we're not going to in order to keep our own citizens safe".  It is the EU's fault for having such a terrible immigration system that didn't have any effective method of vetting immigrants and instead saying, "The doors are open! Come on IN!".  A bird brained idea on how to do immigration.

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Posted in: 3 U.S. soldiers killed, one wounded by Afghan soldier See in context

@Raw Beer the US actually did have a good reason, but apparently it's long been forgotten.   Now there really is no reason to stay, but I'm guessing the DoD wants more bases for "strategic" locations.    The US should leave, pack up all bases, and leave Afghanistan's corrupt government/society to destroy itself.

Although as a parting gift, I think it would be nice to toss a ton of flyers in the native language informing them that they can either grow up and get better, or wallow in the  oppressive system of their own making. Either way, we're no longer going to help them.

Reminds me of what an Egyptian secularist said, "They spend so much time raiding, pillaging, and destroying farms and villages for food and resources.  They don't take enough time to grow crops, breed cattle, and develop economically so they continue to raid, pillage, and destroy until there are no more farms and villages."

Just how stupid is that?

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Posted in: Australia to build first prison aimed at isolating militants See in context

This is a good idea.   I'm thinking more along the lines of man made islands/land reclaimation and build a much bigger prison.    AS for costs of running the facility. Isn't this supposed to be the era of green an environment compatible building structures?  Could reduce the electric bills quite a lot using solar/wind/ocean currents to power each facility.

In the US prison system Islamic doctrine also get's spread in the prison population, and not in a good way.   In many cases, the prisoners who decide to go with Islam just become more fanatically religious.

@Veejay, they should have those rights until they commit such crimes.   Sadly, that is how the system works.  Once they either plan to carry out, or actually carry out such crimes, then yes, they should lose their rights.   But then they're protected by basic human rights.... which I'm sure many "civilized" countries, are starting to dwindle in their support for these types of religious zealots.   I pretty much predicted the erosion of support for many western/democratic values in the case of Islam due to the actions of "true believers".   I predict that eventually the kid gloves are going to come off.    And it won't just be "western" nations either.   Too many non-Muslim countries/societies have been affected by Islamic influenced terrorism or subjugation.    SA owns this mess...  And the Baha'i are the best chance of reforming Islam, except other Muslim's reject them.

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Posted in: Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit goes on sale See in context

While I am sick of this mindless fluff, some imaginary swimsuits from anime/games do look quite cool enough to be made irl.   DOA extreme vollyball had some great swimsuit designs.   Even the woman I was dating at the time wish they made more real life copies.

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Posted in: Comey says Trump fired him to undermine FBI's Russia investigation See in context

The GOP fanaticism here is just hideous.  No facts, no critical thinking, just blind faith "patriotism" in the GOP which has shown itself for the disgusting bunch of greedy, self serving, power hungry, corrupt group they have become.   Fallen so far they don't even know how to effectively govern anymore or even know what it actually looks like.  As long as the banner is waved is all that matters to die hard Trumpeteers.    This thing needs to be removed from office.  If the GOP doesn't do it (which with the way they're acting doesn't look too hopeful), next year they'll be replaced as much as possible.

There is a growing number of average Republican citizens who have lost their stomach from the show and Trump's behavior and are at the point they want him removed as well.   He's embarrassed them, or hurt them with the types of legislature him and the GOP want passed.

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Posted in: N Korea fires what appeared to be land-to-ship missiles See in context

Get rid of the Kim's regime in the north, unite Korea. And it will be a hell of a lot more peaceful in the neighborhood that it is now.   Waiting for one of the days when Kim shoots a missile off and it lands in the wrong area... Like China/Russia.

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Posted in: California police kill heavily-armed man in Fresno gunbattle See in context

Gang bangers and criminal organizations don't get guns the legal way. You can still have gun control and still have smugglers that can get everything else by either theft, or their own black market channels.   Getting access to a high powered  Ex-cons and convicts aren't supposed to have guns, but they try (and sometimes do) get them anyway.

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