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HonestDictator comments

Posted in: Judge fines Trump $9,000; threatens jail for contempt in hush money trial See in context

The sheer amount of delusion the Trumpeteers have to live in to deny reality. I say this about a lot of things when people try to immerse themselves in delusional ideals and perspectives, "REALITY ALWAYS WINS."

The rich kid gloves need to come off for Trump. He violates the orders, he gets put in jail.

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Posted in: OJ Simpson, football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76 See in context

Remember folks, "Innocent until proven guilty." not, "We believe he's guilty, but got away with it!" Good prosecution has enough evidence to prove without reasonable doubt he did it. They obviously didn't have good enough evidence.

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Posted in: Biden surveys collapsed Baltimore bridge, pledges help See in context

It is a given that the bridge needs to be repaired ASAP. "Some" GOP members resisting putting funding towards repairs without tagging a lot of other trash bills along with it? Smells like the toxic MAGAt members rearing their sick heads.

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Posted in: Republicans threaten to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt over Biden documents case See in context

The GOP has a playlist they keep going through. Obstruction, projection, deflection. We will keep seeing them do this forever until they either remember how to do their actual job, or destroy themselves. I'm pretty sure they'll destroy themselves first before they get some form of intelligence back in their enclave.

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Posted in: Mexico's president says he won't fight drug cartels on U.S. orders; calls it a 'Mexico First' policy See in context

Corruption is his game, don't be shocked if he has some kind of kickback from the cartels. Soon the Mexican government will not exist and Drug Cartels will become warlords fighting for control and territory. Global trade for legitimate business opportunities will flee the country and along with that goes your tourism and everything else.

Careful buddy... you don't want to encourage the US crossing the border to fix the problems for both nations. Considering the claim that some US military equipment has been put in the hands of some cartels, the US sure would like to get that back out of their hands and find out how they got it.

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Posted in: 60 dead, over 100 injured in Russia concert hall attack; Islamic State group claims responsibility See in context

The question is how did this happen in the first place. Putin was so invested in invading Ukraine and ruling over Russia as a kleptocratic dictator, while arresting protestors, killing political rivals, and more... He wasn't paying attention to a threat like this in his own country. This is what happens when you don't pay attention to the right things while being too focused on doing the wrong things. If he didn't start this issue with Ukraine in the first place, he would have caught this before it happened.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador says Beijing stance on TikTok ban 'supremely ironic' See in context

The US congress were thieves!

As you don't know what it is like to vote for leadership in China... oh wait, the CCP elites only vote for themselves, you completely miss the point of banning tiktok. The CCP is run by a bunch of autocrats that like to try to control others. Not just their own citizens of China, but globally. A lot of people are sick of the CCP, and they keep doing things to create more enemies for themselves.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim 'drives' new tank during mock battle See in context

All I'm going to say is... look at the North Korean soldiers in the pictures. The Kim regime is so focused on the hardware, he completely ignored the "software" needed to run the hardware. Things are not going to go well for him in any kind of conflict.

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Posted in: Putin warns again Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty threatened See in context

I've got a straight message for Putin and his groupies. He obviously keeps forgetting that MAD means that if he uses nukes for any reason besides a retalitory nuclear strike (aka someone sends a nuke his way first), he will no longer have a country to rule, expand, or live in. No soldiers, no people to rule, no pleasant morning coffee/tea or w/e he drinks in the morning, no more palace, no more luxury lifestyle... Peace brings prosperity, but he chose invasion and expansion of Russian territory for his own delusions of grandeur and "reclaiming old imperial/USSR conquered territory".

There is always a choice for humanity to make this planet paradise on Earth for us to all live in happy, and in peace... or the choice to create our own hell on Earth, where there is nothing but misery and suffering. Putin and the Duma need to figure it out properly, because they chose the path of hell on Earth by their own delusions and self created entitlement.

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Posted in: Senators push forward with Ukraine aid package as their leaders say the world is watching See in context

The MAGA GOP is so far out in crazy land they will destroy the US just to feel like they are "right" about everything and "own the libs". They don't like the US constitution keeping them in line. They think they can act like power mongers, by creating and exacerbating problems when they are not the majority political party in charge, just so they can claim credit and say, "Dems bad, they ruin gub'mint and we are the only ones who can fix it!"

Remember folks, these are the same "Americans" that hold Trump up as their ideal leader. A man who has never done a true hard days work in his life, nor ever did a working class job. Is as corrupt as anyone can be, and blatantly behaves like he wants to be able to RULE America, not LEAD it. I can't say enough how DONE I am with the GOP. The party of obstructionist, insurrectionist, fascist, autocratic, corrupt, greedy, power and money hungry (enter expletives here).

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested solid-fuel missile tipped with hypersonic weapon See in context

I hope they're foolish enough to go ahead. I'm all for getting this obscene stupidity over with since all the autocratic regimes feel they'll somehow win anything once we make the planet unpleasantly unhospitable for human life. Like taking off a very painful band-aid, pull it off quick. So they can all think about if it was worth it when they're dead. Win nothing, lose EVERYTHING.

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Posted in: Yemen's Houthis vow strong response after new U.S. strike See in context

What harm have these countries done to you personally? What country are you from? In war there are no good or bad. There are eaters and losers. For many countries, the Axis of Evil is America and its allies.

Actually, the US and it's allies are only "evil" in the eyes of the dictators, tyrants, terrorists, and autocratic regimes of the world. Freedom and happiness in contrast to their oppression and enslavement. As many have to repeat, Finland and Sweden chose to join NATO.... Not Russia, or China, or Iran..... Due to Putin's INVASION for TERRITORY to ANNEX. People know actual evil when it's shown.

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Posted in: Taiwan slams Chinese balloons as safety threat, psychological warfare See in context

The CCP is full of it as usual. We all know that both the CCP and Putin are repeating the historical pattern of starting global wars. CCP wants to grab territory and control over Taiwan to make themselves feel more powerful... Putin wants to grab territory and control over former USSR satellite states to make himself feel more powerful... Interesting how world wars start because someone wants something that doesn't belong to them.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The idiot "rulers" of those countries haven't learned a **** thing.

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Posted in: Xi urges Chinese envoys to create 'diplomatic iron army' See in context

China is no more communist than the DPRK is "democratic". An authoritarian regime by any other name...

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Posted in: Xi urges Chinese envoys to create 'diplomatic iron army' See in context

USA and China should work together not against each other.

As long as the CCP behaves the way it has always done, this will not happen. Same with Putin's Duma in Russia.

The US and it's allies would have gotten along a lot better with China if the CCP didn't screw over Hong Kong, increased aggression towards Taiwan for a Forceful "reuninfication", and claim that all the south China sea is China's territory in full violation of international law.

Same with Russia. We all could have gotten along until Putin thought it would be a good idea to re-enact the old days of imperial conquest to "unite" the olde Russian "Empire" starting with Ukraine. NATO would not have gained 2 new members if he didn't do that first.

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Posted in: Xi urges Chinese envoys to create 'diplomatic iron army' See in context

The same old same old issue with China... The CCP keeps being a garbage government that can't see beyond it's own self. How different China would be without it, better political and government leadership than Mao's and the Soviets influences. CCP needs to be dead and buried with something far better in it's place.

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Posted in: China, Japan trade blame over confrontation near disputed islands See in context

@TokyoLiving, you wish it was the US fault. The blame lies on CCP China and them alone. They are trying to make an imperialistic landgrab on Taiwan (which belongs to the ROC NOT the CCP), claiming "ownership" over areas that belong to the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and other smaller nations in the region. Cold bony hands applies only to CCP China. You know this.

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Posted in: Putin to seek another presidential term in Russia, extending his rule of over two decades See in context

Russia is bad because Putin is extremely popular.

Any election held in Russia is staged and unfair and therefore, Putin is a dictator......

See, the problem with propaganda, especially with Putin's Russian propaganda is that REALITY always wins. Lies will never defeat the truth, because the truth always will align with REALITY and FACTS. Putin is a corrupt, kleptocratic, power hungry, manipulating person backed by an equally corrupt, kleptocratic, power hungry, manipulative government. The vast majority of people in the world see the truth and call it for what it is. Keeping up Putin's lie and deception will never help Russia's standing in the world. Actions speak louder than words. Putin has kept up his evil, wicked, selfish actions for his own ego. Russia as a country gains nothing.

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Posted in: 'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars See in context

When you have criminally active migrants, don't let them stay especially when they go this far to ruin your society. If they don't uphold your values and societal norms, they got to go.

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Posted in: Australia says hacks surging, state-sponsored groups targeting critical infrastructure See in context

If you treat China with respect, the Chinese government will treat you in the same way of respect as gratitude.

The CCP has done nothing to earn respect on a global scale. Respect is earned, not freely given. China under the CCP has done nothing but hypocritical methods and ideals worldwide, so therefore nobody trusts or respects the CCP of China.

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Posted in: Russia says it rehearsed delivering a massive retaliatory nuclear strike See in context

I find it kind of hilarious that the pro-Russian crowd doesn't even comprehend the "Wild Card" when it comes to trying to start a nuclear war... When nukes are launched but never land... or they try to launch nukes and suddenly everything is deactivated... or things just start...disappearing. If Russia attempts any kind of nuclear first strike, and the wild card takes affect, Putin's regime is DONE and it will be a forced regime change.

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Posted in: U.S. Army charges Private Travis King with desertion over dash into North Korea See in context

Well, the US got him back... Now the US military can finish giving him his dishonorable discharge, and penalties for whatever they had on him. There are others in the US military station in SK who never would try to do what he did, so something is wrong with him.

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Posted in: New York City mayor wraps up Latin America trip with call for 'right to work' for migrants in U.S. See in context

Nah, get the homeless mentally ill, substance abusing, and down on their luck after the pandemic Americans off the streets and with jobs and housing and then you can whine about giving migrants jobs... if they're not here legally, then he's way out in left field.

Sorry, but I have to see a ton of garbage every single day. Because idiots like this would rather go for optics taking care of other countries citizens that aren't here legally, than the desperate Americans in our own back yard that need help.

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Posted in: Russian journalist who staged TV war protest given 8 1/2-year jail term in absentia See in context

The obvious Russian propaganda shills are earning their rubles. The attempt to influence international opinion in Putin's favor is a very old tactic used since WW2. It only works on the MAGA cult though, since they lack the ability to see the correlation between what Putin's Russia says, and the propagandists say.

So yeah, Russian "democracy" is non-existant, freedom of speech, and criticism of Putin's poor push to recreate the Russian "Empire". Remember how so many fools kept insisting US was "imperialist"? Putin's actions are actual imperialism. Conquer and ANNEX territory for expansion.... that is IMPERIALISM. Russians that actually call it for what it is, get arrested... For being against imperialist expansion.

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Posted in: U.S. soldier Travis King heads home after North Korea expels him See in context

He'd better still be court martialed and everything else he needs to go through for his insane stupidity. NK expelled him to China. They EXPELLED him. He must have really gotten on their nerves or they really figured out he has NO value.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Japan needs better laws to deal with this nutcase. Harassment, disturbing the peace... repeat offenses should be a three strikes you're out case. This guy needs to not be allowed in the country. He's begging for a vigilante style **-kicking, preferably by another annoyed US citizen in Japan. He really needs some sense beaten into *him. I hope the Japanese will turn a blind eye while other concerned foreign visitors take him in a back alley and give him a physical disciplinary lesson.

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Posted in: Russian foreign minister lambastes West but barely mentions Ukraine in U.N. speech See in context

Oh poor Russia. When your country attempts to conquer, regress, oppress, and subjugate others for their "new world order" ideals don't be surprised that people reject those that desire to take away one's freedom and happiness. The reason why the basic ideals of the "West" and free democratic governments stay in place is because it allows FREEDOM from others greed and selfishness and strives for peace. Putin's Russia is run by kleptocrats, and korruption. Nobody wants that to be the "new ideal".

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Posted in: With House Republicans in turmoil; colleagues implore GOP holdouts not to shut down government See in context

The best thing for America and the world would be if the U.S. government shut down PERMANENTLY. In fact, that nation, which I regret to say I am stuck being a citizen of, should be carved up into smaller nations so the people can squabble properly, with more credible threats behind it.

I'm laughing at this comment. You're never "stuck" being a citizen of the US. You can renounce your US citizenship any time you like... I think the fee for legal documents is $2,350.00

No actual US citizen I know of would say what you said. Dimitryv, is that you? lol

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

Yes, Hong Kong is doing so well that Taiwan has far less trust in the CCP's version of "peaceful" re-unification measures. The CCP still can't understand that if they were so great and amazing, more countries would cozy up to them HAPPILY! As there is no happiness to be found under CCP control, many leave and try to keep away from them.

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Posted in: Biden's son Hunter sues IRS, alleging unlawful release of his taxes See in context

Well, HB will either win or lose depending on his wrong-doing. Don't care, as he is not in any power over the country. Considering it was a whistle blower, he might not win. The GQP on the other hand will explode and bloviate this as much as they possibly can to create false equivalence to their own gargantuan treachery against the nation.

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