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Posted in: Trump orders U.S. military to create 'Space Command' See in context

I just can't cope with this idiot.

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Posted in: Outrage as six baby seals decapitated in New Zealand See in context

Just find them and get them off the streets.

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Posted in: Trump panel recommends guns in schools to keep U.S. students safe See in context

So, the only other option is to homeschool/online class teach children to keep them "safe". Serious degradation of learning social skills from natural social interaction with others. That sounds great for the future of humanity... sigh.

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Posted in: Trump panel recommends guns in schools to keep U.S. students safe See in context

Simple question Bass. When you went to school in your youth K-12 did you constantly worry about being shot in class or anywhere on school grounds? I know I didn't have to worry about such things during my school years through 1996.

So it sounds like a great idea to arm teachers because you yourself don't have to worry about it. But your children/grandchildren do. There will be more shootings instead of less... just more teachers will be involved.

Children these days don't get to go to school to focus on learning anymore... they have to survive to get an education now. There is something seriously wrong with that.

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Posted in: Japan to bar Huawei, ZTE from gov't contracts, sources say See in context

Simple fact, China specifically under CCP CONTROL (a party BAE/party power before country) should never be trusted.   They deny freedom to their own people not because of any grand ideal, but because a small group of people in a country of 1.5+ billion want to to control the citizens instead of serving them properly.

Corporations from other countries kept sending their manufacturing to China because they loved "savng" money more than their own security, property and intellectual rights.   China stole the manufacturing blue prints, reverse engineered, and sold bugged tech products to any idiot willing to buy (including the good ol' US of A).  Especially the really dumb corporations and government buyers.   I know African and other Eastern countries that signed up with Chinese contracts are also going through this.    Free money with less restrictions than the US?  Count them in!  Oh wait! Can't pay China back and default on their "goodwill" loan?  China wants to build a military base in your land then since you can't pay them back...  Plus they still sell the cheapest tech/weapons and the only risk is exposing your government and corporate secrets to the CCP.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump resort hired undocumented workers See in context

He will? That’s news to me.

And where are Trump brand clothing and ties made again? Oh that's right...


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Posted in: Indiana girl dies after accidental shooting by brother, 3 See in context

'Helem tells The Lebanon Reporter that her mother is "not reckless or careless." '

We're all in agreement that the fact outweighs the ignorance. Grandparent have to deal with their stupidity costing them one of their grandchildren. Mother needs to accept that one of her parents helped facilitate the death of one of her children.

"Responsible" gun ownership right? Yet the "irresponsible" can get one.

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Posted in: Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn; calls his cooperation 'substantial' See in context

God, this country is having such a s-show.

I'm already focusing on what I can do to protest the un-American/ anti-democratic moves that the GOP has been making in other states.   Blatant corruption and abuse of power.  Trump's GOP in a nutshell.  Party before country in a nutshell.



I'm at the point I want these people removed from their positions by FORCE, as they have no dignity, integrity, nor any respect for democracy.  The Trumpeteers here are also lacking in this capacity, and I don't respect fools.

Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina are all dealing with a literal corrupt Republican REGIME.

Mueller will hopefully get such devastating information to Trumps corruption that the current GOP regime will have to gag on their own evil deeds.   I've never come to despise a political organization as I have today with what the Republican "party" is doing.

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Posted in: Trump wants Kim to know he likes him and will fulfill his wishes, S Korean leader says See in context

A wanna-be dictator fawning over a known dictator. How surprising.

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Posted in: Chinese geneticist says he is proud of baby-gene editing See in context

Probably not N.Korea, but China most definitely.

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Posted in: Trump tests presidential limits with threat to General Motors See in context

For the Trumpeteers, look up how much Trump's tariffs have driven up the cost of steel. It is one of the reasons why GM is shuttering local manufacturing. Trump's trade war is helping created a lot of these problems in the US. I've been smelling the blood in the water for a while now, just remember the expected recession will be labeled Trump's recession once it hits (since he does like having his name on things...). In fact there is already a #Trumprecession.

Not like GM is innocent with the tax cut's being used to buyback stock, but they also did get hit badly from the cost of steel going up...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context

You mean bullet proof vests. Stab "vests" are known as medieval chain mail, suits of armor etc which haven't been use for centuries.

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Posted in: Trump rejects findings of U.S. government climate change report See in context

Trump is basically putting his fingers in his ears and singing, "lalalala I'm not listening!!!!"

What a spoiled man-baby. At least I can rest easy in my conscious knowing that I had no part in putting this S-$how in power.

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

Fox still hasn't changed it's bias. The only thing I see on Fox is sensationalism. If they're not pro-Trumping, they're spouting weak sensationalist news like.




And this is pretty much all they post when they are NOT pro-Trumping propaganda....

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Posted in: Climate change could cost U.S. 'hundreds of billions' a year: study See in context

Eventually Mother Nature is gonna grace us with another Ice Age. Maybe if we burn more fossil fuels, we can slow it down, lol.

Either way it will impact human survival. Too cold, no crops, no pollinators. So try an use greenhouses? Limited production of crops and feed for cattle and human consumption. Fishing? The seas are already being overfished and there will be mass extinction. Wars will start over resources again because the human population will be too large for effective production (not like it isn't already apparently). I think LOOONG term effects and connect the dots to future problems caused by these kinds of situations.

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Posted in: Climate change could cost U.S. 'hundreds of billions' a year: study See in context

The earth has been here for a few billion years, survived the dinosaurs, wars, the Black Death, meteor hits, two nukes and I’m sure the planet will survive this as well. She’s one tough old bag.

Oh, the planet itself will be fine. It will always be fine until the sun dies. As for humanity's ability to exist on this planet in a LIVABLE environment is a completely different matter. You can't live in a house that is on fire.

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Posted in: Incoming Mexico gov't: No deal to host U.S. asylum-seekers See in context

@seadog538, when I see US citizens that are starving and impoverished have their living situations improved first, then I'd feel much more compelled to assist foreign nationals, and even then they have to do it through legal means, not rushing the border just because they want in. How can you take care of others when you can't even take care of yourself?

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Posted in: Trump backs Treasury Secretary Mnuchin after reports of dissatisfaction See in context

Lol, Serrano I warned you. The magical fluff of an economy "boosted" by tax cuts, and rolling back federal regulations has CONSEQUENCES as well as Trump's specific brand (and complete ownership) of a global trade war he started.


Did the writers have a psychic on their team or what?

I wonder how much the incoming congress can prevent further long term damage in the coming year.

Inflation (and the increasing cost of living) to me is like having wages garnished off a paycheck for not paying off credit card debt for too long.

Short term gain, long term pain...

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Posted in: Trump clashes with conservative U.S. chief justice over judiciary See in context

Trump doesn't like actual law and order... probably because they can find something that he's guilty of and can be put away for a very, very, very long time. Oh that's right, he's trying to undermine everything about our US judicial system he can.

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Posted in: Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity See in context

Yes, Trump is so clean that he has to manipulate and destroy the rather effective law and judicial system of the US to prove his innocence! Cult 45'ers know their god emperor is pure of heart and mind!

If him and his nepotism are found guilty on a state level charge, he'll be in for a treat once he's out of office... hopefully very hard on his rear end.

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Posted in: Climate change could cost U.S. 'hundreds of billions' a year: study See in context

Rich people will be living on Mars and taking holidays on the moon. Why would they care about global warming?

They think they will, when actually scientists have proven that that is exactly where they'll die. Human beings need earth level gravity specifically to stay healthy. We're evolved to live on this planet, not other places. The first thing that is needed to live on mars is earth level gravity, atmosphere, and water. Mars is covered in rust, so water could be pretty toxic unless there is a way to make it the right pH balance. The moon has no atmosphere, and no gravity.

You guys really get worked up over this climate change thing. Wow!

Think of it this way Bass. Imagine not having any water to drink, food to eat, or air to breathe. You, me and everyone else on this planet will be DEAD. And not just that, any plants or animals human beings need will also be DEAD. No bee's or insects to pollinate the plants, no plants to feed the cattle, no plants and animals that people like to feed themselves with. So what awaits the ignorant is starvation, thirst, and suffocation... oh, and WAR, lots of WAR. We'll all be fighting over whatever resources are left to survive...

Even those that think money is more important than the environment will suffer from their arrogance, because money can't buy what I mentioned above to salvage human existence. We'll just have to move aside for some other new sets of species that may evolve on this planet.

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Posted in: 18 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Niger, official says See in context

Animals. No other words.

Logically all human beings are animals, these folks on the other hand are inhumane and evil.

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Posted in: Senior Saudi prince says CIA cannot be trusted on Khashoggi conclusion See in context

Another individual with no credibility. What has Saudi Arabia done that makes anything that the royal family there says is the truth and not made in their own self interest?

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

If a family or mother and child came to my house, hungry, persecuted, abused, and in need of help, I'd do my best to assist them. I think that's the Christian (and decent) thing to do.

In fact, I think we should start calling these migrants the Christian Family Caravan - they are from Latin America which is almost all Catholic. So what about it Trumpsters, are you going to help your fellow Christians or are you going to continue to advocate they be met with deadly force?

Not everyone is Christian in the US. Nor is everyone religious. Also my Christian (and currently Catholic) conservative mother did this and there have unfortunately been more times that it turned into a bad situation. The main thing one needs to remember with this kind of idealistic optimism is that discretion matters.

And another thing one needs to remember is we already have enough people (US citizens mind you) that are hungry, abused, and definitely in need of help. I can't tell you how many times I just go on my way to work and see tents lined up by the river nearby, or people who are living out of their cars.

Religion has nothing to do with breaking the law. History has shown us this.

Wow, something I can actually agree with you on. It's been a long time.

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Posted in: Head of Russian spy agency accused of British poison attack dies See in context

To be honest, Russia has absolutely no credibility. There is no proof this man died. It could be a faked death, it could have been a burn notice, it could have been anything. Putin is a corrupt thug. So until there is 100% undeniable proof this announcement means nothing.

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Posted in: 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, in shooting at Chicago hospital See in context

For all of you saying the NRA is innocent of anything involving these problems. And then saying you want "proof" and "research"... look up the Dickey Amendment. Pushed for by the NRA, gun manufacturers lobbying for it.

This is how BS US politics are where people /corporate entities with lots of money control the government, and not allowing it to be controlled by the people. The very opposite of democracy that we like to tout.


So, yeah... they have to get rid of that 'rider" they installed so we can probably move forward on better and more effective gun control/licensing requirements etc.

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Posted in: Trump warns of government shutdown next month over border security See in context

The quantity of government shut downs Trump keeps threatening is just increasingly showing his ineptitude as POTUS. How many times did he do this in a YEAR?

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

Jcapan The guardian article was a very interesting link. Hillary's choices on the matter pretty much screwed up the entire situation in the Honduras making way for the military/corrupt corporate coup. She made an extremely ignorant choice and it is biting us in the @$$.

Not America's fault in the slightest.

Sorry Atilla, unfortunately the US head of the state department at the time (Hill Clinton) did help in creating the situation. Hillary was head of state at the time... and she done f'ed up. I'd still pick her over Trump though... better the devil you know and all that. Plus she would be more likely to listen to the people compared to "It's ALL about me!" Trump.

As I said, neither party can claim higher ground in certain aspect to how this country is at times.

We have to take responsibility as far as helping to repair their country due to the negative consequences of our involvement, but we don't have the responsibility to take them into our country just because they want in.

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Posted in: Trump clashes with conservative U.S. chief justice over judiciary See in context

@Strangerland, it won't just affect they're children and grandchildren. But it will also affect their QoL in retirement. I'm working with people who are too scared of retiring because they can't afford to live anywhere decent in the US unless they move out into the boonies where cost of living is so dirt cheap, you can die quicker due to lack of effective services.

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Posted in: Trump clashes with conservative U.S. chief justice over judiciary See in context

This comment shows just exactly how clueless you really are. is the economy better or worse since Trump took office? is the threat of war with N Korea greater or lesser? is ISIS stronger or weaker?

The economy is getting worse. Below a certain secure income level there is a lack of financial security/stability. I'm in that group and the effects are felt there first. It's already started. You'll be feeling it in a bit yourself eventually no matter how financial stable you think you are. Keep believing in the falsehood, it's all you can cling to.

N.Korea hasn't gotten better or worse, they've always been playing the same game. Attention for concessions. Trump stopped war games with S.Korea, N.Korea currently is suspected of continuing to develop missile launch sites...

ISIS has isn't much weaker than it was before, just destabilized even before Trump started his stint in office. You're constantly trying to contribute other peoples hard work to make you feel good about the idiot. 2nd Thanksgiving in a row where Trump's narcissism has shown through. Everything "good" he attributes to himself, and everything "bad" is blamed on others.

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