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Time for these agencies to start eating Trump and cronies alive. Trumpco continuing their "distraction" of their own corruption by trying to redirect at agencies of the US government that can dig up dirt and actual evidence on the turn of a dime.

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Have some respect for POTUS. He is the leader of the free world. This whole debacle is just a distraction from him doing the great job we all expect of him

Respect is EARNED not blindly given. From the American point of view, he has not respected the position of POTUS in the first place in both word and deed. American's do not respect the POTUS just because of a title. The people do not SERVE the POTUS, the people do not SERVE the country nor the political party. It is exactly the OPPOSITE. The POTUS (who is a PUBLIC SERVANT) serves the people at the leisure of the PEOPLE of the US.

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I keep hearing the same hyper-partisan rhetoric BS spouted by the Trumpophiles.   As an AMERICAN CITIZEN, not as a Democrat, not as a Republican (of which I am neither), not as a liberal, not as a conservative (also of which I am neither),  I am extremely concerned of the behavior that Trump's administration AND the GOP has enabled in order to destroy the basic foundations of stability in this country.

When I see Trump advocate putting his relatives in positions of control in this country, I am concerned.

When I see Trump demand loyalty to himself, and not the citizens of this country (looking at you Barr) as a PUBLIC SERVANT, I am concerned.

When I see Trump elect big business/Corporate associates to positions in government so they can twist the "rules" to corporate America benefits, I am concerned.

Betsy DeVos in the Department of Education:


She has also gone out of her way to reduce proper investigations and oversight on for profit privately owned corporate colleges.


Ajit Pai for big ISP corporate interests as acting head of the FCC:



Making sure ISP giants can keep charging outrageous prices for throttled and directly manipulated internet and trying to allowing them to TAKE (not make) more money from consumers and service companies that use the internet to run their business (streaming, gaming, etc..).   And yet many other countries (that have faster and CHEAPER ISPs) outclass the US services and DON'T throttle the internet.  Come June 11th, watch the $#!+ hit the fan.

Patrick Shanahan for Department of Defense:


Serving corporate interests over American Citizens much???  As I said, the United States of CORPORATE AMERICA.

If you wonder WHY the younger generations are leaning hard to blind SOCIALISM, it is because of the amount of CORPORATE CAPITALIST GREED that has been allowed to run rampant with this current administration!

IMHO, good capitalism with PROPER planning and oversight promotes prosperity to ALL in the country and not just a select few (the 1% compared to a much more reasonable 50-100%).   Prosperity for all equates to less poverty!  It also equates to a better economy, because you'll have more people who aren't poverty level capable of SPENDING MORE, creating a much more robust economic foundation!

So all of the actions and choices that Trump has been instigating has never every been for the American people and has violated the oath of office that he took upon becoming POTUS. This isn't about "do-overs", it's about protecting this country and its people before a corrupt, selfish, arrogant, conceited wanna be dictator. Because that is EXACTLY his attitude. "I can do anything I want because as president I believe I'm a KING!"

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Better for me as well. Too much meat is not a good idea, and I would rather support local producers.

I do agree with this, but it depends on what products are locally produced (and how much they charge). In my state there is plenty of farming done to give us locals really good quality products from beef to produce. I think the only things that aren't grown here is some avacados, lettuce, and a few specific items that are usually imported from Mexico, or other states in the US. Fresh freshwater fish is fairly easy to get. But saltwater seafood costs a lot more.

Locally bred angus, milk, butter, pork, lamb, buffalo, tea, are some products I can name off hand.

It has occurred to me that the folks that have only had access to US "beef" that has tons of fat may be only kind given in order to make the locally grown beef seem better (aka stacking the deck). I've never gotten fatty steaks in the US unless it was by choice. I'm more of a lean cut person though, and there is PLENTY of that in the US.

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As I live in CO, there is a lot of Angus that is locally bred here. I hear all the haters, and yet when my aquaintance from Japan had some of the steaks I made, she asked me if I had more... I only defrosted one pair of steaks too... US beef has many different qualities, and people can CHOOSE how much fat or lean ratio they want. Depends on the cut. Ground beef ranges from 80% meat 20% fat to 98% lean 2% fat. 80%~83% is great for burgers, 90%+ is great for chili, tacos, pasta etc.

But let's not let that stereotypical mindset keep you from spouting mistruths. The Kobe farmers love charging "premium" prices for suckers, just like "premium" strawberries and melons etc...

Some beef is non-GMO, and some is. People pay more for the non-GMO, and it doesn't last as long.

In the end Trump and cronies aren't helping with their force buy 'murican mentality either.

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And the Trumpeteers applaud, because the United States of Corporate America will certainly uphold the basic constitutional rights and laws for every wage slave... I mean... US Citizen in the country. The elite won't get richer... they'll just get vastly more wealthy than before! The supreme court of Disney. The US Defense department of Boeing! The FCC board of Comcast! The CDC of Pfizer!

v@&!^& idiots.

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And Kim knows Donny qont do anything. This is Kim continuing to play Donny like a fiddle.

Kim's not playing anything really, we all know the CCP controls Kim. Don is just the US village idiot who was made the village chief elder thanks to 'Murican stupidity and hostile foreign instigators.

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I'm for impeachment, I just want to make sure they have their "t's" crossed and their "i's" dotted so it will be a straight case in . Trump, Barr, and some other corrupt GOP enablers have made this entire mess and the whole party is going to have to own it. When Trump put himself before the country (like anyone with a brain didn't see that coming), broke the oath of office repeatedly by much of what he both says and does.... he needed to go. The GOP has put the entire party before country for their own personal gains whether for financial and/or power, they chose to do as much underhanded, corrupt, deceptive, obstructive, conceited method they could think of. The party is dead in my eyes an American.

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If only we had a nationalized healthcare here in the US. It won't be perfect, but it's a start in the right direction and can be improved upon moving forward.

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Texas! 2nd amendment rights! Responsible gun ownership!

Wait... scratch that last one. I'm pretty sure this is an example of a legal licensed gun owner this time. Why shouldn't he/she just leave a firearm sitting somewhere where the kids can get their hands on it?

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Sad news. Airline crashes with fatalities should be extremely rare these days due to expected high safety procedures for the pilots, crew, and mechanics for countries like this. I hope they'll release the cause of the crash as soon as humanely possible.

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Y'know, this entire scenario makes me sad. Many countries that have/had monarchies started ditching this kind of thing when they learned how to modernize and become a king/queen/emperor for the people. People should only do this because they "choose" to, not because they "have" to. Being born into the "right" family means ***t all because in the end, we all die the same and become food for worms.

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Pfft, that's nothing. Trump's already put in the order for sharks with laser beams attached to their heads!

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As a US citizen, I'm going to start recommending impeachment from the ground up (Barr, Trump, and anyone else that isn't doing their job for the people of this country). Too many GOP cronies have thrown our country, it's constitution, and law under the bus to satiate their own desires for power and control. Corruption through the roof.

Maybe the Democrats should be wary before pushing Barr’s hand.

There is no Justice, if there is corruption. (Barr misleading Mueller's report)

There is no Freedom if there is oppression. (Trump calling anything critical of him "fake news" and "enemies of the people")

There is no Democracy if there is manipulation. Electoral college, foreign hostile interference and attempts of instigating division... which thanks to the idiot self proclaimed "conservative" aka "authoritarian fanatics" who are more than willing to shoe in a dictator to control their lives than be proven "wrong" and "lose" in any way.

Pride comes before the fall.... (MAGA, will become a synonym for the things that destroyed what actually made America "great" in the first place.)

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They need to drop the pretense and put away their US flags at Trump's Vegas lounge act rallies and start waving the hammer and sickle...just like Trump, that's who they are beholden to...

The hammer and sickle isn't coming back.  The USSR is dead, but a corrupt Russian government that rules over it's own people through manipulation, deception, and cronyism is much worse.  Putin wants the US to become like Russia.   Fake elections, oligarchs, and no prospects for a better future.  How long has Putin ruled Russia?   I was still a teenager when he first got in power... I'm now in my 40s.    He doesn't know how to step aside.   And like the generational gap we have in the US, the younger generation is being screwed by the older generation in politics and the future potential of the country.

The Trumpeteers are being controlled like the useful idiots they are.  Just let them hear the right kind of propaganda they want to believe in (doesn't matter if it's a lie...) and they'll eat out of the IRA's hand like a loyal dog.  They want to believe that "Not enough evidence" equals "No evidence of any wrong doing" is what they want to hear.   Because it's the same con game that many corrupt businesses engage in to hide their misdeeds.   "Anything is ok, as long as you don't get caught", and "It's only wrong when you do get caught..." motto. 

Trump only puts people he thinks are loyal to HIM, to protect HIM, and will only do what he tells them to do... instead of their job, which demands loyalty to the people of the US... NOT HIM.   There are still people who are loyal to the country, and not the orange dictator.    Some chose to resign from those positions instead of being "fired" for not protecting Trump above country.

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Time for some whistleblowers to show up these crooked cronies.

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And people wonder why I still use the term 'Murican's to refer to other citizens of this country.


Followed up by plenty of "Thoughts and prayers" checks, and the NRA's "Let's show them another propaganda article that less gun control is good!"

Don't forget to throw in the, "The shooter suffered from mental issues, and had a history of mental instability..."

'Muricans: Let's try and make abortion illegal so any children who are born can try and survive into adulthood or older if they don't get shot first. Besides, we need more meat bags to sacrifice their flesh for the corrupt corporate and elite that keep income inequality going to create more wage slaves and cannon fodder for the military.

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I remember the days when POTUS and the other branches of government always tried to uphold and respect the law. This crew is doing everything they can to BREAK THE LAW!

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This is what blatant and willful obstruction looks like...  Transparancy, honesty?  Trump is terrified and desperate.   Welcome to a blindly corrupt POTUS everyone.  It stinks to high heaven.   Deu

And the Trumpeteers and current GOP keep selling out the entire country regardless of the consequences.   Deutsche bank will definitely be looking up their options at getting back their money from loaning to Trump regardless of his abuse of power as a wanna be tyrant.

Good move, Mr. President

It's called corruption and abuse of power Bass.   And you're still advocating for this.  Disgusting.   You've sold your soul as an American just like the rest of the so called GOP.


Amazing how well the GOP and Trumpets have been psycho-analyzed so accurately.

-Greed, whether for money or for POWER, leads to corruption, and ultimately destruction.

Welcome to the US version of the Chinese Communist Party.   Power and control above all else.

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Posted in: Trump to pull U.S. out of U.N. arms treaty, heeding NRA See in context

I've never cursed about a human being more than this disgusting excuse for a "president".

Remember when the NRA used to only be about sportsman shooting and hunting while trying to properly show people how to responsibly use firearms? That was over 20 years ago...


And now they're politicized, gun lobbying for the manufacturers, and even influenced by foreign nationals that don't have the US' societies best interest at heart. And getting worse day by day.

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The group said it had sent volunteers to the area after the raid. "We have instructed our volunteers to take the utmost care in future when engaging with the enemy, and put in place measures to help ensure this," read the New IRA statement.

Disgusting attempt. The only "enemy" they made up is the one they've made for themselves.

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What a load of manure. This is 100% not try. As a former transplanted California resident, the Gay community is so overly protected, it’d the Christians that are on the endangered list as well as men and White men in particular.

Hmm, interesting enough that you're finally exposing your blatant "white nationalist" inspired tendencies. Like I said, racism is exceptionally alive and well in the US. Just not as subtle as it used to be. It's also convenient that racism, prejudice, bigotry, and "conservative Christian" have been going hand in hand for literally centuries.

"I'm not racist, I have black friends and minority friends too..." right? We've heard that cover and back track before.

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Religious fundamentalism/fanaticism is a terrible man made perspective of "following" ones own personal religious beliefs. Religion is about governance of self, not of others. And the perception that one's religious beliefs should govern others in society leads to the exact problem of fundamentalism and fanaticism we see in theocratic governments like in the ME and Indonesia etc...

Funny thing is that the US was founded by colonizers from Europe that wanted to leave the religious control of the church at the time so they could follow their own brand of "Christian beliefs".

State should never ever be controlled by religion and religion should never be overcome with state. Hence the importance of "separation between church and state."

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Once again, Trump is running a bait and switch on the people of America, and his Trumpets support him on it. Party over people.

Actually it's more like Trump before country, party, and definitely "the people". He definitely think's he's above the law.

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Let us know how the polio, measles, and other wonderful diseases that still exist due to willful ignorance continue to make their own lives miserable. I'm all about leaving them to the consequences of their own choices for better or for worse.

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There is a problem with the idea in the first place. The Outer Space Treaty has to be considered period.... and 2nd, this is a freaking solar system, located in one spiral arm in the galaxy, located in a full galaxy, in a universe, which may or may not one of many universes, located in a dimension/parallel reality, with multitudes of timelines.... We sure as $#!+ aren't the only "sentient" beings with weapons, and we shouldn't be going out to space with our little paltry squabbles between countries trying to get over on each other when something else, or a whole organized group of non-terrestrial beings could make us space dust in 0.0001 milliseconds.

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I said he wants to be one not that he is one. The only reason he's not is because we do have a reasonably effective system to keep a balance of power.


Good article about how dictators and those who support them think. You're fitting it to a T.

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Meanwhile in the non Russian propagandist world, things will carry on as they're meant to.

To be honest, corruption is the biggest problem for nations like these... and Russia's leadership is right along there with them with corrupt people in power.

A country can only be as good as it's leaders, and every time the leadership is corrupt, the rest of the country will suffer from the greed of the few.

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Posted in: Whistleblower says Ivanka, Jared got security clearance over experts' advice See in context

Yeah, Trump is an utter and complete wanna be dictator. Been saying this forever as well.

Nepotism (x)

Abuse of power (x)

Obstruction of justice regarding a legal investigation (x)

Only giving positions of power to "loyal" cronies (x)

Upholding and protection the constitution of the US.... (_)

Protecting and supporting the citizens of the US... (_)

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Not just the democrats... I really wish they'd stop it with the partisanship BS. But the GOP has always been about "Us vs 'Them'" mentality who ever they decide to make the "them".

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