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I will do the same as regards to the House Democrats.

If they were being ultimately corrupt, I'd uphold the same for them too. The problem is, you've been showing you're completely unable to acknowledge the current and absolutely obvious corrupt acts that the GOP and Trump are blatantly flouting around, and it can cost this country DEARLY as long as you keep your fanatical partisan view.

Right now the Democrats, a few truly responsible Republicans, and other minority "parties" are maintaining rule of law and equal justice for ALL. You don't seem to be able to support that.

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Posted in: Judge orders White House to restore CNN reporter's access See in context

While Acosta was unprofessional, Trump had to be told by a Federal judge that he cannot violate constitutional rights nor the laws which uphold them! This has been the issue with Trump and his looney bin followers since the beginning.

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Posted in: Migrants won't see armed soldiers on border See in context

And Trump can't do anything about his previous statement of stupidity, "They'll be shot..."

I said that the DoD knows what it can and can't do in spite of this pathetic excuse for a CIC.

I'm glad that they're only able to assist and support Border Patrol and local law enforcement.

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Posted in: Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions See in context

Well, we don't know what the questions were, and we don't know how he answered them. But knowing Trump, he probably couldn't stop lying on at least one of them. Like I keep saying, let the investigation finish properly (no more BS interference from the corrupt GOP cronies or Trump). We'll see where it goes from there.

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Posted in: Trump seethes against Russia probe 'disgrace' See in context

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I get it, but if he is found guilty of collusion, then what? The Senate won’t remove him, so what will the Dems do then?

There are more than just the democrats that want him out. If the GOP senate majority thinks this is just about partisanship power, they're going to feel the fury of the people. Remember the "swing" voters Bass? Those of us that don't support either party? The GOP is so corrupt they're more than willing to destroy any shred of democracy this country has. It's going to get vicious when the GOP is so blatant against doing their job for the good of the country instead of trying to force control over the people of the US to support an authoritarian dictatorship of their own making. I will help make sure the senators who are attempting to do this will face impeachment for not upholding their responsibilities to the well being of the average US citizen.

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Hitler ultimately turned into an devastatingly evil person infamously known through history, but if he had made different choices he could have been very, very different. There was a book I read quite a long time ago focusing on Eva Braun which showed that Hitler was still a human being. Weak spirited, and ultimately corrupted by his own perspectives... but human.

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Posted in: Woman wears wedding gown alone after fiance dies on Lion Air See in context

Wow...that is heart breaking.

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Educate the women, help them become literate, learn to protect not just themselves but their families and those they care for. It's obvious that strong, intelligent women scare Islamic fundamentalists like the Taliban. Why else do they destroy the schools? It's the exact same situation during the southern US in the days of slavery. Keep them ignorant, and uneducated... and under control... you get the similarities.

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Agreed Fu. Seems folks have forgotten that Afghanistan under the Taliban had many terrorist training camps that they didn't do anything about so they could spread it around the world. But hey, what do we know.

Also the biggest reason that the Taliban has taken so much territory back is because the Afghani government is corrupt as usual. The US has tried to train the Afghani's to have a stable and responsible military. Afghani soldiers want to go back to the way things were... hence the internal attacks right?  Taliban is corrupt in it's ideology, and the Afghani government is corrupt in it's greed.

They want to live in a hell hole of their own making? I say let them, but make sure they can't get out. The women are going to suffer the most... unless they take up arms against the sick system. I just had an idea. Stop training the idiot men, and start training the women to protect themselves. I'm pretty sure things will change really quickly if they're the ones who are empowered.

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Posted in: Domestic matsutake mushrooms more affordable due to good harvest See in context

That's sad to hear for Japanese residents that they still get charged extravagant prices for domestically produced goods.

In the US if we buy domestically produced goods from the state we live in (meat, cheese, milk, produce) we get much cheaper prices than if it was imported from a different state.

They need to stop being greedy. But I'm sure that's not going to happen unless they get called out on it.

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Posted in: Driver found guilty of murdering six in Australia car rampage See in context

No, the death penalty isn't just about retribution (for some it may be). But it is a very effective method for permanently removing a known harmful element from society with no redeemable value. Of course it has to be proven that an individual is 100% guilty of said crime beyond reasonable doubt.

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

North Korea is defending herself! K.J. has done nothing wrong!

Countries that are "defending" themselves don't threaten others with "Seas of fire" etc. The reason why other countries don't think countries like NK, Iran, etc should have access to Nukes is the rhetoric they spew that they want to use them to "destroy" their perceived enemies. I know the government of China likes to keep it's own people blind with their propaganda, but the rest of the world doesn't trust NK with nukes.

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Posted in: Migrant caravan moving to western Mexico city of Guadalajara See in context

I see what you mean. It's not better for Mexico, but in a way it's giving Mexicans an understanding of what has been happening to the US for quite a long time. As to whether or not the country and people learn from this is another story. The US has been dealing with nearly half a million illegitimate immigrants PER YEAR for the past few decades.

If Mexican quality of living standards become better on par with nations like Canada, EU, US (which is decaying under Chump sad to say), etc, the nation is going to learn EXACTLY what the US has been going through. Everyone in South America will be trying to crash through the Mexican border.

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Trump wants to BE the LAW of the land. It's pretty damned obvious. And Trumpeteers keep lapping up the sewage that is spewed. No surprise there. The "President's" word will be law! No congress, no senate, no constitution, no democracy... just the "President" first of his name! I hope the karmic backlash for this will be on a "entirety of humanity" scale. It's very much deserved.

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Posted in: Migrant caravan moving to western Mexico city of Guadalajara See in context

Why is that better for us?

You're kidding right? The US will not have to expend resources if they stay in Mexico. Do the math. As I've said before, until I see the current issues with homelessness and housing resolved for US citizens on our own soil (which I not only see, but experience myself on a daily basis)... I know there is absolutely no responsibility for the US to take care of migrants coming here through illegitimate means. The responsibility belongs to the leaders and governments of their own countries, and they have to be held accountable for the situation. This is the worst game of pass the buck I've ever seen.

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Posted in: Trump seeks end to Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink See in context

Gillum conceded, but apparently the law worked in favor of a required recount due to how close the ratio was. So all the conspiracy theorists here with their imaginary consipiracies (Trump included) can cry all they want, but it was started by state law. The dem's had nothing to do with it. So according to state law, the recount will go through until EVERY vote is counted.

It is much harder to conceal a lie than it is to expose the truth.

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

In light of this, I say get back on schedule with the SK and US war games. How much Trump thought he could just get this completed with a visit and an obvious paper signing of nothingness is beyond sanity.

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Posted in: Vietnam ratifies Pacific Rim trade pact abandoned by Trump See in context

Interesting that Trumps idiotic tariffs costing the soy bean farmers in the US trade with China could have been bypassed a bit by having them sell produce to the countries in this pact... ah what a fool.

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Posted in: Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races See in context

The panhandle was hit by a hurricane recently, yet they had no problems counting their tally. Something stinks & it ain’t the Republicans.

It's more like the old south prejudices and voter oppression tactics on minorities and anyone else who doesn't fit the old rank and file "white Christian conservative" mentality. That is why there is a re-count going on.

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Posted in: Woman in critical condition after being stabbed on Yokohama street See in context

I just hope they catch this loon.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

@Strangerland and anyone else that knows Trump for who he is. Here is a very accurate opinion piece about Trump and his cult.


It's why they excuse everything he does, and the blind adoration of these foolish followers. WW2 means nothing to them nor the meaning behind it. They want to be RULED.

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

No intelligent and wise human being can respect someone who doesn't respect others.

Holding a position doesn't automatically gain respect unless it's actually earned.

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Posted in: Death toll rises to 23 in California wildfire See in context

I do recall Trump cutting the budget for national parks and forests... apparently it was more important than the idiot realized. So he put the blame on the state.




"Our focus is on the Californians impacted by these fires and the first responders and firefighters working around the clock to save lives and property - not on the President's inane and uninformed tweets," said Evan Westrub, a spokesman for California Governor Jerry Brown.

Remember what I keep saying about reality vs idealism? Here be the consequences.

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Posted in: Trump in Paris calls Macron's EU army proposals 'insulting' See in context

Trump is the only reason Macron thought to add the US to the list. And as an American I know from Trump's own behavior he wants to have carte blanche as the "leader" of the US. The people, the government, and the military are supposed to bow down to his every whim and want in his mind.

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

I just want the democrats to do their job appropriately. Don't make stuff up, just target what Trump is already doing every day and go from there. Then any US citizen with a brain, should the fruits of Mueller's work (and anyone else's) turn up what most of us suspect... we have to lean on the Republican majority Senate to do their job appropriately as well, or forever lose any sane person's trust in their "party" again.

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Posted in: Some survivors of bar shooting also lived through Vegas massacre See in context

I can comprehend this may have been caused by PTSD and manic/severe depression as the person was a veteran. So I see this differently than other mass shooting incidents.

And once again, "mentally unstable" with access to firearms... This is why psyche evaluations, an a whole slew of other requirements are needed besides the chump change background checks to purchase fire arms. It should be at the point where if you're getting law enforcement called on you for violent domestic incidents, you should probably be receiving more scrutiny attempting to purchase firearms.

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Posted in: Expert: Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored See in context

There are multiple videos from different sources of the same incident. But Sanders specifically used the low quality, doctored looking version (from an untrusted "news" source) instead of all the other different ones to "justify" their stance. For our executive office to use such tactics is exactly by the Russian, Iranian, and other despotic nations playbook makes Trump look no better than dictators, oligarchs, tyrants, and imperialists in the past and the present!

You advocate for this kind of $#%# in the USA? You folks are so far gone there is no hope for you. As I've said before you have sold your souls as AMERICANS. Make shift false patriotism with the ultimate goal of totalitarianism. SICK SICK SICK!!!

I know Acosta was unprofessional, but that was on him. But for the WH to do something even worse and degrading to this entire nation is just downright destructive to the entire country!

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

Yeah, absolutely nothing shady about this... at all. Sorry my eyes are rolling so far in back of my head I might see my brain from the inside...

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Posted in: Trump's media relationship frays more: CNN reporter's press pass suspended See in context

Trump is no great person, but Acosta was being unprofessional. Poor judgement decision... Like Hannity showing up at a campaign advocating withTrump instead of doing actual journalism. Disgusting.

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Posted in: Pentagon balked at U.S. border troops building detention facilities: officials See in context

The department of defense is telling Dump (Their CIC by the way), "You don't know what we're here for do you?"

They have rules they have to follow, and Trump doesn't have the last say if it's unreasonable by legal standards.

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