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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

Nixon did something dirty unbefitting of the position of POTUS, but Trump's got Nixon beat 100 times over. Even Nixon wouldn't have sold out his country. Trump makes Nixon look like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

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Posted in: Sessions hits back at Trump over Justice Dept criticism See in context

Keep planting the seeds of division. Only ones that like it are the suckers that fall for it.

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Posted in: Sessions hits back at Trump over Justice Dept criticism See in context

What stands out to me is that Trump wanted Sessions in that position to be loyal to Trump. Just like Comey claimed that Trump asked him to be loyal to Trump. *Just like Trump thinks being president means that the entire US populace is supposed to be loyal to Trump. * Sessions, and Comey and others has never been about loyalty to an elected official (whose very position requires them to be loyal to the people of the US.)

It has always been about loyalty to protecting and taking care of the people of the US.

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Posted in: Trump says market would 'crash' if he were impeached See in context

Of course the economy looks great for those who are already wealthy. Of course the economy looks great for the oligarchy in the US! Things suck for those of us in the 99.9% of the US citizenry.

When I heard the wealthiest were going to get an extra $40,000 (which too many other folks can't even make 1/4 of that as yearly income) added to their already fantastic millions and in some cases close to billions of USD they already get (after taxes mind you...). That's ridiculous.

The economy will not crash if he's impeached, it may crash because of him doing the exact same stupid pattern that causes a crash in the first place!!!! Cut taxes (deficit goes UP because government isn't making enough money), cut back federal support systems (so when the economy does tank again the 99.9% of Americans will suffer in the extreme because there will be no federal/state support to help them get back on their feet. Role back regulations on loans and debt so people end up spending more debt than they can ever pay back in their lifetime, file for bankruptcy and that also helps create another economic crash. Just because money is loaned out, doesn't mean it will ever be totally recovered (with interest too).

I love how Trump always gives himself high ratings. It shows what an out of touch narcissist he's always been. But Cult 45's don't care until it directly affects them so that they can't ignore it.

I wanted to say more, and fix what I've wrote, but I'm too tired right now to care. So meh.

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Posted in: With friends like these: Taiwan's battle for allies and identity See in context

@Goodlucktoyou. Hong Kong got screwed over royally and Beijing destroyed any true democratic elections (and broke a lot of agreements with the UK). The CCP had to silence and blackout any free media in Hong Kong about the protests against installing a "vote" for only CCP controlled candidates.

Taiwan is not that stupid to surrender the ROC government to the CCP's authoritarian government after seeing that. Your propaganda will not fly. Even though I don't like Trump, he at least gave some slight diplomatic support to Taiwan's government as it is a democracy.

Taiwan is part of China, but it does not belong to the rule of the CCP.

As I said, if China under the CCP was so great, Taiwan would have signed up a long time ago, and Hong Kong wouldn't of had protests to advocate for a true democratic government.

We call what the CCP does, "Two faced" as in they always say one thing, but do another. No country with a head on it's shoulder trusts Beijing.

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Posted in: Trump, White House deny wrongdoing after Cohen plea deal See in context

Bill Clinton got impeached for lying about Lewinsky. If the GOP can't follow through on Trump, they'll never be in majority power ever again because of the outright hypocrisy. This is so disgusting the state this country is in.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

When you have corrupt cops trying to take down a duly elected President with the help of partisan Democrats lawyers, talk about corruption to the highest level.

I'm pretty sure you're acting exactly like the hardcore Nixon supporters did back in the day, the only difference now is we have social media and can comment faster on the WWW.

I will remind you the intelligence agencies, department of justice, law enforcement departments have been around far longer than you, or I, and even Trump) were born. They didn't just suddenly become full of "corrupt" law officials just because you individually don't agree with how the LAW and JUSTICE system doesn't work to favor just your personal ideals and desires.

The only reason you say it's full of "corruption" is because you only want to hear "truth and justice" that aligns with your own selfish perception. It's like being in a car accident, and all evidence points that you're the cause of the accident. But you would say law must be corrupt because it doesn't work in your favor, even though the truth and factual evidence shows that you're the cause of the accident in the first place.

All of the agencies from the intelligence, to the justice department only have very specific responsibilities. To protect the people of the US and our constitution(al rights), uphold the law with honor, truth and dignity. All of them have taken an oath. The oath is not to be loyal to the president of the US, but to be loyal to the people (rich and poor, powerful and weak...) of the US equally.

Clean up your own mess.

That is what this President is doing.

No, he's trying to sweep a potential elephant of a mess (of his own making) under the carpet, and since that isn't working, he's trying to shoot it and stuff it into a dark closet full of skeletons.

I see the corruption completely with the intelligence agencies, Mueller and his gang of Democrat lawyers are as corrupt as they come.

Working for the corrupt Democrats and one being a communist sympathizer.

I’m not a liberal.

You've devolved to ranting about lib/dems again. There are more political leanings and ideals besides just Dems/Repubs and conservatives/liberals in the US. And need we remind you, the GOP holds all 3 branches of government? Majority rules and all that. But conspiracy theories will abound in order to deny reality again. Screw "deep state", just go full Illuminati and base it all on that.

I'll leave you with MLK's jr. saying with my own personal tweak,

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, their political affiliation, but by the content of their character."

You've sold your soul not as a liberal, democrat, republican or even conservative. You've sold your soul as an American...

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

No, if it were a crime Trump would be in a striped suit, that won’t happen. Manafort is smiling, he knows he’s got this. Trump won’t fail him.

That's called corruption Bass. That is what organized crime syndicates do, that's what corrupt government politicians do, that's what anyone who only looks out for fellow cronies do. You're advocating for blatant obvious corruption at an executive level. Party before country, president before country, self serving interests before country. And you have the nerve to think that is what a truly patriotic American stands for?

There is this thing called "Truth, Justice, and the American way...."

You've sold your soul.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

Wow the absolute denial of reality for Cult 45'ers is a fact. They will grasp at anything to pretend that everything is just fine and peachy for their guy, and big bad people are out to get him. Oh yeah, since I'm not a liberal or a dem, I must be invisible to them. Or they'll just try and slap a liberal/dem label on me just to make themselves feel better.

Should this reach it's ultimate conclusion if favor of the betterment of the US, I wonder what they'll do when they finally have to see the reality that it was themselves all along.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

Apparently, Michael Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, said on MSNBC that Cohen will tell Mueller (a) Trump colluded with the Russians, and (b) his collusion involved knowing about Russian hacking in advance.

Links please, oh please give us links!!!! I'm salivating at the mouth! The more legitimate sources the better!

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Posted in: Russia says Taliban plan to attend Afghan talks in Moscow See in context

They’ve beaten the best Russia, Britain or the Americans have thrown at them.

Not really, the "best" that can be thrown at them would be a war crime. They're just lucky certain nations haven't been evil or stoop low enough to do it.

Taliban is still a useless Islamic fundamentalist grouping of people. They're resilient only because it's easy to hide and lay low when needed only to pop back up and try and take control again.

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Posted in: Trump cites woman murdered by illegal alien at West Virginia rally See in context

The FBI/State authorities is doing it's job as usual. Notice Trump will focus on anything except the justice department's investigation of his own wrongdoings.

I've been saying it for so long, but yes the difference between legal and illegal immigration is very important. Yes murders whether by US citizens or immigrants (both legal and illegal) are the same, but many US citizens feel like murder by someone from outside the country is much more preventable if said illegal immigrants are prevented from getting into US in the first place.

I want stronger border security, but I don't believe a wall is going to magically prevent it, short of fully militarizing the border with "trespass under pain of death".

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

This "mess" is a minor issue, most people are pretty happy to be working in the best economy in history.

Because Obama's administration fixed it from garbage, and idiot Trump inherited a good economy. Although I already know that we're prepping for another economic downfall because of the same exact pattern over and over again.

This peripheral fluff will be gone by next week and the economy will STILL be what voters care about.

Yes, we do still care about the economy. Especially when it crashes AGAIN thanks to Trump's administration.

Roll back regulations, cut taxes, make it seem like it's going to keep going well forever... although all it does is provide short term gains for long term pain. This will be the 3rd time I've experienced this same sick cycle in US politics. My fellow citizens very rarely learn from history... especially since this has only happened in under 2 decades.

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Posted in: Trump aide Manafort found guilty on 8 of 18 charges; Cohen to plead guilty See in context

Still not a liberal... but I'm keeping that crow pie nice and piping hot Cult 45'ers.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

I'm just waiting until the final conclusion. I just hope all the dots get connected and watch the consequences of Trump's (and the Trump GOP loyalists) arrogance catch up to him/them. Manafort's got 8/18 charges he's been found guilty of by a jury. The other 10 will show up again in a different trial.

Cohen is singing, but just how much he's actually told and provide evidence for prosecutors to make an even more solid case will be the icing on the cake.

For the Cult 45. The president is not above the law, no matter what you say, or how you spin mis-truths or silly distractions. The truth is the truth. The only time "the truth is not the truth" is when its a LIE. Giuliani already choked on his own words with that hilarious statement he put out.

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Posted in: Microsoft uncovers more Russian attacks ahead of midterms See in context

What I'm saying is that it is not helping to improve the situation and only makes it worse when people cannot trust the government to do it's job due to such external interference to our society and democratic ideals.

You're talking to an American citizen that has suffered (and still suffering) from poverty, lived in a high crime neighborhood, been homeless, unemployed, dealing with economic instability and more for the majority of my life. Remember what they say, "Walk a mile in my shoes..." I know very well how every decision, choice, and action of the US government from the federal to the state level effects every aspect of my life.

Yes, I'm concerned about Russian espionage causing problems, and exarcebating the problems that already affect my average US citizen livelihood. Why would Russia care about using proxy agents to support the NRA? Or attempt to fiddle with societal ideals to try and manipulate the average citizens political opinions?

I'm not fearful of a "Big red threat" like the days of the USSR. I'm upset that a foreign government run by very corrupt individuals and leadership that can't even take proper care of their own people in poverty, or struggling to live a comfortable life, intend to create the same type of corruption and inequality in my country or have the audacity to even try and interfere with my life.

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Posted in: Shots fired at U.S. embassy in Ankara; no casualties See in context

Perhaps Trump is trying to destabilize NATO.

That's what Putin wants, and Trump is obeying. Erdogan's fundamentalist Islamic attitude isn't helping either.

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Posted in: Microsoft uncovers more Russian attacks ahead of midterms See in context

@Japan4Life you don't get it. All those problems you mentioned, the Federal and state government are supposed to help created laws and legislature that protect and support the citizens of the US. If the government is destabilized by any foreign hostile organizations, then those problems cannot be fixed because of said instability. You cannot hold up all four corners of a roof without all 4 pillars.

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Posted in: Trump worries that Mueller interview could be a 'perjury trap' See in context

That bill lowered taxes on everyone and to the bitter disappointment of liberals the economy is booming and Trump's black support had doubled.

@Serrano, I did notice a $40 increase in my paycheck. But right now at this very moment my pharmacy has been cutting my (and everyone elses) hours for those who are on an hourly wage.

So yeah, the magic only lasts so long unless the top executives start cutting back their own salaries and bonuses to save the company money. But instead they target the rank and file employees that have to worry about financial stability and living from paycheck to paycheck, whether they can pay their bills, and put food on their table. This has just happened to me AGAIN for the 10th time over the course of my LIFE!

Reality and fact outdoes your partisan bubble dreams. Me and other's have to live with such your foolish idealistic partisan visions and it's not going so well for too many Americans.

Trump is not doing his job, because he only sees making the rich richer, widening the inequality gap to keep allowing the wealthy to continually screw over the middle class and poor until their is nothing left for them to take money from but themselves.

I hope that Trump will be subpoenaed, because he can't hid from whatever he's trying to hid from his past/present actions. Come November, there will be no more partisanship obstruction on a federal level and the air can be cleared up from all the blatant smoke the majority of Trump's GOP has been blowing out of it's @$$.

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Posted in: Imran Khan vows change in first address as Pakistan PM See in context

"We want peace, because Pakistan cannot prosper until the peace is restored," he said.

"I will fight the corrupt. Either this country will survive or the corrupt people," he said.

I like these lines of thought because both are extremely important. Eliminate corruption, you gain prosperity. If you gain prosperity for all, you gain peace.

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Posted in: Uproar as politican praises White Australia policy, urges Muslim ban See in context

Nothing wrong with being opposed to Islam (a religious ideology). People are openly opposed to Christianity (a religious ideology) as well. There is something wrong with being opposed to Muslims (followers of Islam which once again is a religious ideology) based on what they look like. Depending on how they act on the other hand can determine how to approach them. If someone is such a fundamentalist in their religious beliefs that their actions and how they behave run counter to the basic human rights and laws of the society they are to integrate into, then there will be problems. If they are able to adapt and create a balance between their individual religious beliefs and respect the basic rights and laws of the society they are trying to integrate into there should be no problems.

It's hypocritical to claim any dislike of a religious belief system is racist because it's not about a person's ethnicity (not up to choice), but their religious ideology( people can choose their religious beliefs).

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Posted in: Taliban say no peace with 'occupation;' want U.S. talks See in context

The Taliban are useless, and only desire to control Afghanistan through strict religious dictate. They use the excuse of "occupation" and colonization (which is not happening) to justify that they're fighting for the "right" reasons.

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Posted in: Taliban say no peace with 'occupation;' want U.S. talks See in context

Under the Taliban, training camps for terrorism flourished in Afghanistan because the Taliban "government" didn't care or were capable enough to do anything about it. The US demanded the Taliban remove that specific problem from their country as it affected the US and other countries around the world. OBL was suspected to be located in the country, but was found in Pakistan which isn't too far a stretch since those countries share a border and it would be no problem for OBL to bounce between both countries as he saw fit.

If the Taliban had shown enough gumption and power to remove the issue the US had (Afghanistan being a safe haven for terrorist organizations), the US would not have gone there and been situated in the first place.

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Posted in: Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal See in context

In Switzerland, unwanted touching is classified as harassment, so in fact this couple was acting within the norms of Swiss society.

Apparantly not. You're attempting to confuse inappropriate with appropriate. Handshakes during business/official events is normal and not offensive and considered a basic professional greeting. Hugs, or putting hands on another person's body inappropriately is considered offensive touching and harassment. Handshakes are not considered inappropriate unless someone forcefully grabs and pulls your hand off or keeps on holding your hand and massaging it.

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Posted in: Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal See in context

"When in Rome?"

@BB, in the US there was an incedent where some orthodox Jews refused to fly on the same flight as opposite sex passengers unless the women were put on a different flight. Religious tolerance can only be upheld so far until it becomes unreasonable.

This couple wants to live in a country while expecting that country to adapt and change to their religious preferences instead of comprehending integration into Swiss society.

It's high time countries should not be required to adapt their society to a small groups religious dictate or beliefs. The majority of Islamic governed countries are nowhere near as considerate as Switzerland etc.

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Posted in: Trump cancels DC military parade; says he will go to Paris instead See in context

DoD isn't stupid, Trump is. We've just avoided an attempt at wasting our money to stroke his disgusting ego.

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Posted in: Over 350 newspapers across U.S. rebuke Trump for attacks on the press See in context

should be getting different voices and investigative journalists willing to look into both sides of partisan politics.

That's extremely unbelievable considering how partisan you've shown yourself to be.

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Posted in: Trump calls former White House aide Omarosa a 'dog' See in context

Remember when the position of POTUS would never stoop so low to such school yard arguments? Remember when the position of POTUS carried itself with dignity, respect, consideration, and honor?

This administration doesn't know the meaning of any of the above. Welcum to Trump's 'Murica!

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Posted in: Iran's top leader says there will be no talks with U.S. See in context

Iran's government can pound sand. They've never done anything truly beneficial to their people. They've lied too much, and what money they do get from outside their country doesn't improve the lives of Iranians unless they're crooked and well connected.

In remarks carried by state television, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said "along with sanctions, Americans have recently raised two more options, war and talks... War will not happen and we will not enter talks."

The Khamenei is doing the same thing they always do. I can understand them not entering talks with Trumps idiocy, but they also are shutting out diplomacy again in favor of religious extremism.

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Posted in: Syria regime welcomes returning refugees with charm offensive See in context

Syrian refugee's are wary to return to Syria since everything has changed. Assad's government murdered it's own people which helped increase mistrust in the first place of the Syrian government. If anyone believes that "all's well that ends well" is going on right now in Syria, I've got a bridge to sell them.

I hate being pessimistic, but the actions and goals of Syria and Russian governments are full on not anywhere close to being in the best interests of the people and refugee's of Syria. Only for those who stand to make money or hold a grip on corrupt manipulative power.

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