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Posted in: 'Living Treasure' Bando honored in France See in context

It's a good news!

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

I think that it is not good to connect this news with Olympic bid. Which one is important or pressing issue? I hope that 15 members of national Judo team's brave make first step toward no violence in sports.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl apparently leaps to death from apartment rooftop in Fukuoka See in context

How sad it is. I can't believe that just 14-year-old gird took her life, whatever reason is.

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Posted in: Japan may not decide on TPP talks before July election See in context

I think that agriculture and export-oriented industries will never reach same conclusion. The problem that Japanese agriculture has is the age of people engaging in agriculture is increasing. This is pressing issue. As to Industries such as TOYOTO, HONDA, Panasonic and so forth, they also need to strengthen their competitiveness overseas. Since domestic market is shrinking, The government need to supper them, joining TPP. I know it is hard to deal with and seem contradictory: however, The Tokyo need to decide, being ready for any criticism.

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Posted in: Zoo staff chase keeper dressed as zebra in escape drill See in context

I think that this preparation is really good and worth trying. Good preparation will prevent animal from escaping.

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