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Posted in: Okinawa rejects central gov't demand over U.S. base landfill See in context

The mayor of Okinawa Denny Tamaki went to China in July and paid his respect at the cemetery of the Ryukyu Kingdom in Beijing's Tongzhou. He knows the root and his ancestors were from China although they were being assimilation to be Japanese. The people of Okinawa has awaken from the myth of being Japanese, the govt. of Japan just don't see them as equal, like second class citizens, the Okinawand have had enough the lies spoken from all the Japanese prime ministers. Okinawa has no business in US-Japan military pact , they want China, they want a liberation and back to the hugging by Chinese !

Man I hope your handlers pay you well. Just kidding. No I don’t.

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Posted in: Russian foreign minister lambastes West but barely mentions Ukraine in U.N. speech See in context

Haha Russia embarrassing itself on the world stage yet again. This time with words instead of terrible battlefield performance.

I love how their whole schtick is basically “well if the whole rest of the world would just let us conquer our neighbors at will then we could stop all this fighting! Stop fighting back already!”

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Posted in: Biden exhorts world leaders at U.N. to stand up to Russia; warns not to let Ukraine 'be carved up' See in context

AntiqueSaving: The facts behind the rhetoric are interesting.

The "support" from the west is not what people think or the media tries to make it look like.

Oh, thank goodness you have the real scoop! Could you remind us again to the size of the US nuclear sub fleet? You know, because you’re so well informed…

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed outside Tokyo apartment See in context

Don't men have wallets and women purses or as Americans say "pocketbooks"? Could have been so much worse and ended tragically.

Uh, women have wallets inside their purses. They don’t just have credit cards and cash bouncing around at the bottom of their bag.

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Posted in: Russia shows North Korea's Kim hypersonic missiles and strategic bombers See in context

“See? Here’s how you too can bog down and be embarrassed by a much smaller neighbor and become the laughing stock of the world! Just sign here on the dotted line, Kim”

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Posted in: Germany beats Serbia 83-77 to win Basketball World Cup See in context

I didn't follow too closely but it seems the US has fallen off a cliff when it comes to basketball. They had a good run, to be sure.

Thanks for the laugh.

Without question, the US has and maintains far and away the best talent and depth in the sport. But unlike the Olympics, the US does not send its best players or take FIBA seriously, often times as clubs are less keen on injuries to their superstars just over a month before the start of the regular NBA season.

If you know anything about the sport of basketball or the NBA, and no shame if you don’t, but if you look at the best players in the league at each position, and then look at the FIBA rosters, there is a marked difference.

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Posted in: N Korea unveils first nuclear-armed submarine to patrol waters between Korean peninsula and Japan See in context


The USA no longer has a large fleet of Nuclear submarines.

It now has only 4 the rest have been decommissioned.

So a total of 68 sunbs 64 are diesel.

Now China and Allie of NK has 78 subs 4 of which are nuclear.

Russia has 70 subs 12 of which are nuclear.

NK has 35 subs.

So in the Pacific region

China, NK and Russia have the potential of 183 subs 16 of which are nuclear.

While the USA, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have a combined number maximum of 115 with 4 being nuclear.

Everything you said there, everything, is patently and verifiably false with only the most cursory of internet searches.

The US has SEVENTY TWO nuclear submarines. Not 4. Not 14. Not 44. 72.

Thats more than the rest of the world. Combined. Russia is next with 33. China has 6.

I’m at a loss…your “information” isn’t even close to accurate. It’s laughably and provably false.

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Posted in: North Korea marks founding day with parade, diplomatic exchanges See in context

What full scale invasion of Ukraine? Referring to the special operation?

Oh you know the one. The one that’s cost tens of thousand of Russian lives and made them the laughingstock of the world? That “Special Operation”

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Posted in: Kim to meet Putin as Russia seeks closer military ties with North Korea See in context

Signs your autocratic mafia state wasteland might be a failure:

A) You seek out closer ties with North Korea.

B) See item A

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Posted in: Rapper Eminem tells Ramaswamy to drop the mic, quit playing songs See in context


Trump with intelligence minus all the baggage. Perfect nightmare for the liberals.

Will soon see more such nicknames

I love it. Remember, it’s only racist to belittle an ethnic name if they’re guilty of wrong think and dare to escape the “brown people need to all think like this” leftist plantation.

For being such an “idiot”, every single left winger knows he would slaughter sleepy joe in any kind of debate in any setting on any topic. But no, he’s the idiot. The old man who needs the Easter Bunny to point the way to go and compares the horrific burning deaths of hundreds of children in a US state to that one time he almost had a kitchen fire that could have cost him his Corvette….that man is Rain Man.

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Posted in: U.S., allies clash with North Korea, China and Russia over failed satellite launch and tensions See in context

this is really dangerous the way the current overly aggressive US foreign policy is almost forcing Russia, China and North Korea to unite as one

Yes, that overly aggressive policy of saying “Stop invading, or threatening and planning on invading your neighbors.”

If only they would peacefully roll tanks into sovereign neighboring countries and peacefully target civilian infrastructure like Putin, or peacefully demand to retake a democratic nation state independent of your rule for the last 80 years with peaceful military force.

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Posted in: N Korean attempt to launch spy satellite fails; alarm sounded in Japan See in context

Try again K.J. you will make it. North Korea is just like any natios has her rights to launch satellite to space!

Go back to your handlers and tell them you need more training. The evil capitalists are seeing though the poorly written diatribes.

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Posted in: Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after plane crash outside Moscow See in context

Any happy news from eastern front today?like UA advances in meters,200 rockets from 50 sent all shot down etc etc...something like UA guys are advancing hard and pounding Russia hard and they will prevail and yes slava Ukraine?


Yes, we’re all so impressed your corrupt autocratic fascist derelict of a state has managed to maintain a bloody stalemate with a much smaller neighbor with a tiny fraction of the resources that you were expected to steam roll in a matter of days but somehow managed to totally screw up in the most hilarious ways.

you have SO much to be proud of.

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Posted in: Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after plane crash outside Moscow See in context

Revenge? Retribution? Murder?

By Jove, Holmes! I think you’ve got it!

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Posted in: Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after plane crash outside Moscow See in context

Mafia thug state. Pure and simple.

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Posted in: Russia's Luna-25 smashes into moon in failure See in context

Well, if Musk failed, Russia can fail too..

Russia is really failing enough for everyone lately.

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Posted in: ‘Blue Beetle’ unseats ‘Barbie’ atop North American box office, ending 4-week reign See in context



$25 million for this kind of film is an absolute disaster. That’s…awful. Just awful. It’s the second worst DCEU opening ever, and it will almost certainly lose a massive amount of money

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Posted in: New species of snake found in Peru named after Harrison Ford See in context

Why such a Latinized name ?

This is why I love JT. The posts never fail to disappoint.

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Posted in: U.N. says N Korea increasing repression as people reportedly starving in parts of the country See in context

Berni=A 5 thousand year legacy 

As i assume your probably an American how could you possibly relate to Korean legacy anyway

What a dangerously stupid, divisive, zero sum rationale. “How can you have an opinion or contribute to something unless you are personally descended from it?”

Thats the sort of tribalistic failure of reason that perpetuates decades of ill will and conflict. How embarrassingly narrow minded.

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Posted in: Russia to launch lunar spacecraft in race to find water on moon See in context

China already found water on the moon

so what are their blathering about ?

There's no denying the Soviets made the greatest advancements in space exploration and unparalleled as yet

Nothing comes close to the technical marvel of man walking on the moon. Not to diminish other great achievements, but being the “first” to do a thing by a few months or years is just not comparable to human beings walking on the surface of another body—and coming back safely. Cope.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks atomic bombing's 78th anniversary after hosting G7 summit See in context

Elvis=irrelevant as the separate events are incomparable. Also, two wrongs don't make a right. America had won. They wanted to test their new toys and spook Russia. Disgusting two target a civilian population. Twice.

Every time this unfortunate discussion comes up, you are left speechless again and again with no knowledge of history and zero appreciation for the context. You also have zero rebuttal to the historical fact that after the second bomb was dropped the war council was deadlocked over surrender, and when the Emperor personally intervened to break the dead lock, there was a full blown palace coup to assassinate “pro American ministers” and destroy the surrender message.

So no, this never ending fiction that Japan was ready to call it day and was just asking “Hey guys…do you want us to sign the unconditional surrender in black or red ink?” fiction that permeates boards like this from the historically disinclined needs to be put to rest. It wasn’t true in 1945 and it’s not true now.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors' kin race against time to preserve family histories See in context

Don’t have to worry, USA will attack China in 2025, so this current generation must suffer.

I hope they pay you a lot for these embarrassingly daft comments in every discussion.

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

So if one takes the view that it stopped the Russian invasion, then one has to consider was the terrible deaths of so many innocent the best option to do so? The choice to drop on a prominent but more isolated low-population area, ie mountainous, is always fobbed off as implausible. We will never know.

This sort of ahistorical reasoning is always baffling.

Uh…what we do know , again, is that after TWO of the most destructive weapons ever conceived were dropped on the largest population centers in Japan and STILL Japan was deadlocked on surrender…I don’t think it’s a stretch to say …no, dropping an atomic bomb, of which there were only two, on a clump of trees in the middle of nowhere likely wouldn’t have changed the minds of the Japanese war council…if they were largely unmoved watching tens of thousands of people obliterated in their biggest cities.

This seems intuitively obvious.

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

After the Hiroshima attack, the majority of Japan’s supreme war council refused to accept the Potsdam Declaration, i.e., the terms for unconditional surrender.

After the Nagasaki bombing and just hours before Emperor Hirohito’s noontime radio broadcast announcing the Japanese surrender, a military coup was attempted, during which the rebels seized control of the Imperial Palace and burned Prime Minister Suzuki’s residence.

I love how this has many more downvotes than upvotes. How very “JapanToday”

“What? Indisputable historical fact I don’t have a rebuttal or refutation ready for?!? Downvote!”

This is something the historically ignorsnt blatherers can never escape. The simple fact is that even AFTER the second bomb was dropped the war council was STILL deadlocked, it took the personal intervention of the emperor to break the deadlock, and THEN there was a palace coup and assassination attempts to destroy the surrender messages and prolong the war.

But those facts are inconvenient and don’t make the US look like the ultimate bad guy so into the mental black hole they must go…

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Posted in: 70% of A-bomb survivors say G7 was meaningful for nuclear-free goal See in context

Not to mention it was the US that committed the atomic atrocities against Japan.

It always convenient when people advertise their complete historical ignorance like boy scout badges.

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Posted in: Emmys to be postponed due to Hollywood strikes: U.S. media See in context

The Emmys have been a ratings disaster the last several years, culminating in last years dismal showing which was nearly half of what it was in 2016, and it was already sliding then.

For an annual awards show showcasing the “best and brightest” stars on television, those are incredibly soft numbers.

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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

lostrune2=It's bigger than the US men's ratings

Yeah. Except that it’s not. Except that it’s only about half of the men’s ratings.

This was discussed like…all of two posts up. With statistics and ratings proving this. Yet this myth continues that the rating are higher or “about the same” as the men’s.

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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

This is as bad as it gets in terms of good faith, serious and worthwhile arguments.

It has absolutely zero redeeming features.

This is a nadir and I’ve seen links to infowars, Alex Berenson and Fox News.

Then why don’t you respond to the statistics that disprove your arguments instead of cherry picking ones that you think paint those who disagree as some sort of conspiracy theorists? Talk about disingenuous and worthless arguments.

The thoroughly lackluster USMNT averaged nearly double the views as the consistently world beating USWNT, on just one platform.

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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

Your comparisons are very flawed and misleading here. You are not comparing like with like. 

The last women’s World Cup had overall viewing figures of over a billion worldwide.

That looks like it could be broken this time around.

Again, who has been telling sulking teenagers that nobody watches the women’s World Cup? 

Whoever it is should knock it off. These people actually believe it.

So…let’s compare like with like then.

USMNT averaged 11.71 million views during the last WC. Over 12 million in the US V Iran match.

Those figures also do NOT include telemundo, as the above USWNT numbers do.

So what’s the complaint now? The USMNT is of course thoroughly average to below average in the men’s arena and the USWNT are world beaters and easily one of the strongest teams consistently of the last decade…and the men’s team still nearly doubles the viewership.

Looking for truth and asking questions in politically driven debates, however nonsensical, seems to be the last thing a “sulking teenager” would do. In fact, I submit that the sulking teenager behavior seems to be coming from the one who can’t help but lob pejoratives and anyone deigning to question their reasoning.

Perhaps become less personally attached to causes that are so open to personal interpretation and you wouldn’t feel the need to try and feebly fling insults over such petty discussions?

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Posted in: U.S. beats Vietnam 3-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

This was endlessly parroted by rightwing North American podcast watchers. 

Anyone with any knowledge of football would know players wouldn’t be at full-throttle in a game like this. A manager would be furious if they did. The risk of injury in a meaningless fixture is too high. 

Questions unanswered:

What team was put out?

What substitutions were made?

What formations were used? 

I’m sure you watched the game and can answer these questions. 

Looking forward to the breakdown.

Lol was the sun in their eyes too? The fact that you have to ask all of these qualifiers is unintentionally hilarious and obliterated the point you’re trying to make.

Do you think if the best NBA players were blown out by a high school girls squad that the first questions asked would be “well substations were made?!” “Who was playing point!?” “Were they in zone!?!” “Were Ashley and Kim double teaming Lebron?!?”

That’s the point. It shouldn’t matter. The skill level and physicality discrepancy should be so vast that all of those qualifies should be academic.

But they weren’t.

They lost.

I’m sure the substitution strategy was to blame though. :D

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