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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

lostrune2=It's bigger than the US men's ratings

Yeah. Except that it’s not. Except that it’s only about half of the men’s ratings.

This was discussed like…all of two posts up. With statistics and ratings proving this. Yet this myth continues that the rating are higher or “about the same” as the men’s.

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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

This is as bad as it gets in terms of good faith, serious and worthwhile arguments.

It has absolutely zero redeeming features.

This is a nadir and I’ve seen links to infowars, Alex Berenson and Fox News.

Then why don’t you respond to the statistics that disprove your arguments instead of cherry picking ones that you think paint those who disagree as some sort of conspiracy theorists? Talk about disingenuous and worthless arguments.

The thoroughly lackluster USMNT averaged nearly double the views as the consistently world beating USWNT, on just one platform.

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Posted in: First U.S. Women's World Cup match draws combined audience of 6.26 million on Fox, Telemundo See in context

Your comparisons are very flawed and misleading here. You are not comparing like with like. 

The last women’s World Cup had overall viewing figures of over a billion worldwide.

That looks like it could be broken this time around.

Again, who has been telling sulking teenagers that nobody watches the women’s World Cup? 

Whoever it is should knock it off. These people actually believe it.

So…let’s compare like with like then.

USMNT averaged 11.71 million views during the last WC. Over 12 million in the US V Iran match.

Those figures also do NOT include telemundo, as the above USWNT numbers do.

So what’s the complaint now? The USMNT is of course thoroughly average to below average in the men’s arena and the USWNT are world beaters and easily one of the strongest teams consistently of the last decade…and the men’s team still nearly doubles the viewership.

Looking for truth and asking questions in politically driven debates, however nonsensical, seems to be the last thing a “sulking teenager” would do. In fact, I submit that the sulking teenager behavior seems to be coming from the one who can’t help but lob pejoratives and anyone deigning to question their reasoning.

Perhaps become less personally attached to causes that are so open to personal interpretation and you wouldn’t feel the need to try and feebly fling insults over such petty discussions?

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Posted in: U.S. beats Vietnam 3-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

This was endlessly parroted by rightwing North American podcast watchers. 

Anyone with any knowledge of football would know players wouldn’t be at full-throttle in a game like this. A manager would be furious if they did. The risk of injury in a meaningless fixture is too high. 

Questions unanswered:

What team was put out?

What substitutions were made?

What formations were used? 

I’m sure you watched the game and can answer these questions. 

Looking forward to the breakdown.

Lol was the sun in their eyes too? The fact that you have to ask all of these qualifiers is unintentionally hilarious and obliterated the point you’re trying to make.

Do you think if the best NBA players were blown out by a high school girls squad that the first questions asked would be “well substations were made?!” “Who was playing point!?” “Were they in zone!?!” “Were Ashley and Kim double teaming Lebron?!?”

That’s the point. It shouldn’t matter. The skill level and physicality discrepancy should be so vast that all of those qualifies should be academic.

But they weren’t.

They lost.

I’m sure the substitution strategy was to blame though. :D

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Posted in: China dismisses criticism of Wang's comments appearing to push for race-based alliance See in context

Furthermore the joke is that people that think their Americans aka USA citizens are standing united.

We can all witness how divided and un-united the United States of America is.

It’s so very clear you are not American, have never been to America, and have no idea of what you speak.

I do find it endlessly amusing though that whenever a sordidly foul remark or action comes from the levers of power of a despotic regime like the CCP, the usual suspects, without skipping a beat, will post “But America!”

Endlessly entertaining.

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Posted in: Japan, EU bolster cooperation over semiconductor supply See in context

Rodney: Eu is corrupt and far away. Bankrupt. Just do business with our neighbour Chian.

Great point. If there’s one thing China and all dictatorships are known for is transparency and an almost TOTAL lack of corruption.

Right up there with freedom of expression and human rights. Good call.

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

As for the nonsense that there were other “options”, again, this is like debating with a child. Even the most cursory, elementary knowledge of that war would prevent this sort of silliness from spreading, but suffice it to say that ALL the other realistic “options” to ending that war would have resulted in MANY more casualties and suffering for ALL sides, Civilian, military, and U.S.

A traditional, “D day” style invasion would have cost many hundreds of thousands more lives as the Japanese were planning on enacting “Ketsu-go” (look it up), which would have made combatants of every man woman and child in Japan.

a blockade would have led to the prolonged starving deaths of hundreds of thousands more over the course of many months.

Its sad that one of the great tragedies in world history; the most destructive war mankind has ever known and it’s climax has become some sort of perverse modern geopolitical flashpoint for uneducated and underinformed individuals to spout ahistorical nonsense because they don’t like some country or people or nation state NOW, but that’s not how one should approach history as a thinking adult.

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

Elvis is Here: “Estimates are just that. America had options. It wanted to test its new toys. The first bomb might be justified, the second, bigger and better one in Nagasaki; no”

This is just utter and complete nonsense, born of total historical ignorance and modern day prejudices and insecurities .

First off, if you knew ANYTHING about which you speak you’d have known that even AFTER the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki the War Cabinet was split on surrender. Hirohito then met with his full cabinet on August 9th 1945, and it TOO was divided.

Baron Hironuma met with Hirohito that night and argued that the emperor’s power should remain and not be reduced to figurehead as initially demanded. the Japanese responded that they “accepted the conditions of the Potsdam declaration under one condition, that “it did not prejudice the prerogatives of his majesty as a sovereign ruler.”

This would give the Emperor the power to prevent the US from demilitarizing and democratizing Japan.

The US response sidestepped the FATE of the Emperor, but made clear he would have no authority. When this US counter proposal reached the Japanese, the war cabinet was AGAIN split for over 3 days. It took Hirohito himself to personally break the deadlock and accept the terms. Then do you know what happened?

After word of the surrender message from the Emperor reached the cabinet ministers, junior officers launched a coup to try and ransack the palace and find the message before it could be sent to the Americans, killing two palace guards in the process. They burned the homes of prime minister Suzuki and baron Hironuma calling them pro American traitors.

It wasn’t until August 15th that the surrender terms were accepted, nearly a week after the second bomb was dropped.

So, no, this fiction that Japan was realistically ready to surrender prior to the second bombing is just that: a fairy tale. It took the Emperor himself to intercede DAYS after the bombing and essentially force the surrender.

Type less, read more.

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Posted in: New Spider-Man film pulled from cinema programs in Arab world, possibly over transgender flag See in context

The producers forgot that conservatives can't blink. It's an inbreeding thing.

This is acceptable? Really? Someone has political beliefs divergent from your own they must be sexual deviants who are into incest?

Yes, you have thoroughly dismantled the opposing argument and proven the righteousness of your cause while elevating the conversation to just above that of an early high schooler.


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Posted in: Roger Waters says Nazi outfit at Berlin concert was anti-fascist See in context

Interesting discussion and worthy of a deeper dive, too bad half of it so far was reading Wallace man crushing on Bass4funk and following him around like a jilted ex.

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Posted in: Chinese shopping app Temu wows U.S. amid TikTok fears See in context


”The more China growth, the more loser's envy of US..”

Was that English?

Not only indecipherable gibberish, it actually has the opposite meaning of what you intended.


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Posted in: World should 'calm down' about China COVID variants: Chinese scientist See in context

While many Asian countries such as Japan and China followed the scientific and medical advice to wear masks, and therefore prevented millions of deaths.

China, with its lowest infection and death rate in the world comes out on top in the end.

Do you ever wonder why virtually all of your posts are so thoroughly ratioed? It’s because you excel at posting the most mindless of drivel.

Trusting China to be truthful about self reporting well….anything really…but specifically Covid deaths and infections, the very pinnacle of naive absurdity.

So…congrats for reaching the top?

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Posted in: Many questions remain after China balloon shot down See in context

> > And if it's okay to shoot down these balloons which are almost up in space, can China retaliate by shooting down a US satellite that crosses over China?

you…you really are one of the dimmer posters on here, did you know that?

”Almost up in space” lol….the A330 I was on last week was almost “up in space” too then. What a joke.

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

Is the word "couple" appropriate if we're talking about people who identify as non-binary and/or two-spirit?

> > oh please, please tell me that was tongue in cheek?

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Posted in: Kishida's weeklong trip focuses on China-Taiwan tensions ahead of G7 summit See in context

If the US military is leading then please explain why the new stealth Bomber is so much slower than than the new Russian stealth Bomber?

Why is U.S space technology so far behind ?

it’s not, it’s just as usual you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Par for the course.

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Posted in: Lennon, Ono asked Japan to allow A-bomb film to be shown abroad See in context

WW2 Japan War was started last century when USA blocked Japan’s access to resources. The funny thing is…because of USA orders, we sanctioned Russia, basically blocking Japan’s access to resources.

Ohhhhhh….the poor Imperial Japanese. Just needed to steal their neighbors resources to continue one of the most rapacious, destructive conquests of an entire continent of the last several hundred years.

of course , the big mean ol’ US said “No” so they were just asking for thousands of their troops to be slaughtered in their sleep completely unprovoked.

Honestly, people like you are reprehensible in how you will twist history to excuse evil because of your modern day issues and psychiatric hang ups with other entities (re: the Us). It’s shameful and taints every one of your awful posts.

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Posted in: China sends ships into Pacific near southern Japan See in context

this is clear harassment and against the “freedom of navigation” in international waters. We should officially apologize.

You clearly have no idea how anything works, and even less of an idea of what you’re talking about.

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Posted in: N Korea fires suspected long-range missile designed to hit mainland U.S. See in context

The best solution would be for the super power to be the bigger man and stop the war games around the coast, stop the flights from Guam and stop the regime change rhetoric. This would help peace and stability but wouldn't help in encouraging Japan to spend more billions on US arms which is a major goal.

Do you ever wonder why your posts are so ratioed? Maybe bad takes mixed with outright lies are transparently wrong-headed.

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Posted in: Halloween revelers fill Shibuya with security tight after Seoul disaster See in context

just one question-what is all of this "celebration" about?

sorry I dont get it...

You’re literally posting this on the internet, from the comfort and ease of a super computer in the palm of your hand with answers to almost any question on earth or in history available to you in a matter of milliseconds.

But we get it. Googling “Halloween celebration history” or “History of Halloween celebrations” wouldn’t allow you to register your jealous indignation for all to see.

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Posted in: Japan to expel Russia consul as ties worsen over Ukraine See in context

Ukraine had been attacking the Donbass for the last 8 years with the loss of more than 14,000 peopl's lives. Putin has finally put a stop to it.

> yup, and now he’s got many times that number in Russian combat casualties. Bra.Vo.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context

It's like church, where if you don't fall in line, people give you the side eye. If you don't tell a soldier you thank them for their service in America, you may as well be a traitor in that person's eyes.

It's a really weird part of American culture.

That’s…just utter nonsense. I’ve never once “thanked a solider” and I’m friends or acquaintances with half a dozen of them. Most do not care for the attention.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess your exposure to “American culture” begins and ends with YouTube.

And yes, you’ll probably get that dreaded “side eye” that follows whenever you voice a silly contradictory opinion based on nothing.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context

Sorry, but, Americans, whether they can admit it to themselves or not, live in a warrior nation of uncertain principles. The very fact that they greet soldiers with "thank you for your service" is militaristic and a sign of extreme nationalism

Oh my! You don’t say? THANKING someone for electing to serve in an entirely volunteer armed forces?! That EXTREME nationalism! Why, at that point you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from The Triumph of the Will!

AND a bird of prey as the national animal?! I can almost hear the Imperial March playing as I type this!

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Posted in: Biden rebukes Putin after Russian reservists called up for war See in context

Numan ,I generalize about American, because I live in America,all my life and I generally know the psychological thinking of an American

If what you’re saying is true, which everyone knows it’s not, but if it were, I hope you go to every teacher you’ve had and get a formal, written apology for failing you to such a degree.

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Posted in: Japan must not obscure stance on Taiwan issue: China's Wang See in context

Nobody cares or wants to be wherever the CCP decides China’s Wang should be inserted. Go away, China.

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