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Posted in: 106 foreigners disappeared in Japan last year after arriving on cruise ships See in context

How much does a cruise ticket cost, I wonder? I know steerage is probably not available, but are there cheap, short distance tickets?

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Posted in: Japan upgrades downpour forecasts before Tokyo Olympics See in context

They say this is a significant improvement on existing systems that measure only parts of a cloud in up to five minutes.

How long will it before apps like WeatherNews can use this technology? Future cast radar is iffy at best right now. I often say to the wife, "Hey, a big storm is coming!" But nope. Disappeared, or traveled just to the north. This would be cool if the tech actually works.

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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos says National Enquirer owner tried to blackmail him See in context


Well I suppose they didn’t offer Bezos enough money if he didn’t accept

Doesn't extortion work the other way around?

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Posted in: 2 Lawson franchise stores found to have falsified food expiration times See in context


The real tragedy here is that people are starving all over the world and pefectly good food is being trashed.

True, but how does one get the food to them? Logistically a system would be expensive and the time needed to reach the people who need it most would put it well beyond the expiration date. I suppose one could flash freeze it and send it there, but slowly defrosted tonkatsu would be nasty without a way to heat it up, which the people who truly need it probably don't have. And where would the trash end up? Blowing across the sands of the Sahara, I suppose.

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Posted in: Patriots out-muscle Rams 13-3 in lowest scoring Super Bowl ever See in context

Did anyone else who was streaming the game have any stalling problems? After stalling a bunch of times, I paused it for an hour to take a phone call. When I came back, to watch it again, but not live, it stalled for a minute and when it started up again it briefly flashed to a NE player holding a trophy. Ugh. Took the wind right out of the game for me. I wish ESPN player could have streamed the game. It never has latency issues.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

I have encountered 3 people that truly scared me here. One guy was so angry his tongue was rolling. That guy was going through my head when I read this. I would have gone to the police if it involved a child. From experience, it is hard to think when someone is that intimidating, but still, no excuse for this.

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Posted in: Osaka wins Australian Open title; rises to No. 1 in world rankings See in context

It was exciting indeed and stressful. Whew! Congrats Naomi!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over record gold smuggling haul in Japan See in context

I wonder if these guys were met by the same group of 8 customs interns along with a couple superiors that surrounded me when I was summoned to pick up  my belongings which I had shipped via a shipping broker when I moved to Japan. Ha. I still remember the すげい one of them muttered when he saw my itemized list of my precious belongings taped inside and out on each box. They must see people hiding contraband all the time if I rated a this much attention for less than 1 cubic meter of boxes of my loose boxers and nicknacks I couldn't part with.

BTW, I wonder who will have to pay for the lost gold.

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Posted in: Patriots beat Chiefs 37-31 in overtime to make 3rd straight Super Bowl See in context

I'm not a big fan of the NFL overtime rules. It completely depends on the luck of the coin toss as opposed to the teams' abilities. College system more fair IMO. BTW, I'm just as happy to see NE as KC win. My team bowed out in the WC game.

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Posted in: Traffic ticket against monk driving in robe stirs online protests See in context

We had our property blessed by a monk before our home was built. Quite common to see in Japan. I can't remember if he dressed when he got to our site or not. He did drive his own car though.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for 'causing commotion' See in context

Oops. I noticed my typo above. Darned autocorrect. Should read: "At least the management is NOW providing security for the girls..."

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for 'causing commotion' See in context

Sadly I am not surprised by this. I can only imagine the conversation that went on with her and the management, something along the lines that they have to keep the illusion alive that these girls are 'available' in the fanboys eyes and any action against these attackers would kill that illusion. Most groups like this even have no dating policies for members. At least the management is not providing security for the girls and giving them panic buttons, but in reality, these jerks should have been charged with a crime. I am glad she is 'safe'.

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

@Will Goode

And China is so good at not polluting the Earth. I would look to another example. Xi's arrogance is sickening.

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

I think Trump is far too compromised to do anything about it if Taiwan were to be invaded. He has too many business dealings in China. Trump linked companies were granted 18 trademarks in November. He has too much to lose to save a whole country from China. I think the Chinese government knows this too and if they take action it will be before the 2020 election. It is worrying he escalation and silence from Washington. If Taiwan goes, so do the Senkakus.

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Posted in: Plan to renew Osaka subway stations before Expo 2025 draws fire See in context

I can't remember how well Osaka Station works, but many stations need complete navigation redesigns. So confusing to get to the train you need.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2 injured in car collision in Mie See in context

While the article doesn't mention this, recently I have been noticing a lot of drivers with their lights off at night and flashing your lights on and off to signal them means nothing here like it does in the US. Also some cars are using daytime running lights at night which don't help much on a busy, confusing 6 lane road. I suppose a drive recorder could tell if this was the case. T-bone crashes are horrible. RIP.

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Posted in: Shibuya calls for stores to refrain from selling alcohol in glass bottles on New Year's Eve See in context

Does Dom Perignon come in a can?

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Posted in: Sapporo blast occurred after 120 spray cans were emptied See in context

I suppose the tiny amount of gas left over inside each of the hundreds of cans adds up when multiplied by hundreds of cans. Why would they keep such cans inside? Yikes! A while back, I inquired with the local trash dept. about what to do with my used spray paint cans and they said just leave them next to the recycling bins and they will pick them up. No need to release the left over gas or paint.

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Posted in: Foreign couple detained after newspaper set on fire at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Hmmm. -14 dislikes. Perhaps I should rephrase. By saying that only tens of thousands to 200,000 were killed instead of 300,000 to make one look better seems ludicrous because 10,000 killed is still a tragedy and outrageous. And to those who claim that it never took place, your voice is far out numbered. At some point reconciliation is the best way to move forward. Look to other countries who have done this despite the differences. This endless hatred has to stop.

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

Hmmm. It's not the actual flag though. Also there is blue, not white between the red rays. It is a cool mural though, but as an artist, I would personally avoid its use. I know what the actual flag symbolizes to those affected by Japanese imperialism during WWII, but I think there is a difference between the Swastika and the rising sun motif. The Swastika is actively being used world wide by hate groups where as the rising sun is only used by the right wingers here in Japan where it is not banned. Or is it?

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Posted in: Foreign couple detained after newspaper set on fire at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Tens of thousands, two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand. After a certain point it is just a heck of a lot of people that were killed.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

And would you like a side of splinters with your drink today sir?

Anyway I hope it works out.

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Posted in: 69 foreign technical interns died in Japan between 2015 and 2017: Justice Ministry See in context

So we can't use the term Manual Labor? Or are some of these 'interns' the highly skilled nursing staff that take care of the elderly?

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree tries new method for snow, ice removal See in context

Just looking at the photo I can guess how far the strong winter winds must blow that ice. Yikes!

Man, looking at this vast, concrete sprawl, I sure am glad I don't live in a Japanese city.

@kawabegawa198 That's a shame because Tokyo is an amazing city! Plus, there are mountains way higher than the 600m Skytree just an hour and a half from downtown.

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Posted in: Wild boar bites off woman's finger See in context

I wonder if the use of batons and knives had something to do with the boar being cornered in a residential area and near a school.

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Posted in: Pet black bear kills caretaker See in context

Can you imagine having a big bear in a cage in your home? Was it a rescued bear or unable to forage in the wild on its own? Questions abound.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed while walking along street in Chiba Pref See in context

@Do the hustle

However, being a middle aged man, my only fear at night is missing the last train. None of these cowards are gonna pick on me.

While I mostly agree with you, to your last comment I would say that it is hard to defend yourself against something that you have no idea is coming your way. If you were always prepared, you would be a pretty tense, twitchy guy. I hope you stay safe and thank goodness this woman didn't die.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't ordered to pay damages for noise at U.S. Yokota air base See in context

I realize that usable space is precious in Japan, but is amazing to me that they have allowed development so close to bases. I suppose it was unavoidable, but still I wouldn't have moved in next to a base. I am blaming the victim aren't I. I think the prudent thing to do is to pay for sound proofing. That's what Tri-met does in Portland, Oregon when they put in a new line, at least they did this for the line going through the West Hills. But the scale of such a thing around Yakota would be massively expensive because of the airplane traffic.

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Posted in: French-American man abandons attempt to swim Pacific See in context

he wasn't swimming across the Pacific anyway he was swimming bits and pieces of the Pacific

Of course he was. Even cyclists who bike around the world or across America need rest and food, yet no one says, "Oh he wasn't actually riding across America because he wasn't continually pedaling 24 hours day." The human body has limits.

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Posted in: Japan snow crab recognized by Guinness as getting most expensive bid See in context

I miss Dungeness crab.

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