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Hehe, your honestly is refreshing and slightly amusing.

Ha. Thank you.

If you were organised - and let's face it, if there were no convenience stores you'd have to be - you wouldn't ever set foot in one.

Very true! If I were more organized and if there weren't any convenient stores, I would take the time to pack a lunch. I often commute 10-20km into Tokyo on a bicycle and I find an Onigiri or a bento perfect as I don't have to take as much time to grab a bite to eat. When we go out as a family, my wife wife will often pack lunches for us.

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That initial investment might be more where you need more land for a parking. In the suburbs if you don't have a parking lot, you will go out of business.

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what do you mean that the capacity is not there?

The article mentioned a 'labor shortage,' for whatever the reasons being. If they can't hire more people to work in their stores(among other things probably not mentioned in the article), then they don't have the capacity to open more stores. I hope I am using the word 'capacity' correctly.

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Where I live in Tokyo I have a choice between 6 supermarkets and about 20 convenient stores(at least) in the same sized area in where I used to live in Portland, Oregon that served 1 supermarket, maybe 2 and just a couple convenience stores serving drunks only. Of course the density is off the charts in Tokyo, but I live in the suburbs with single family homes and such.

Is there any alternative to the continuous need for companies to grow regardless of the actual need for more of what they offer, especially when the capacity to even support that growth is just not there? Is there such a thing as sustainable stagnation, but in a positive sense? Probably not.

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It is time the cause of HIV infection is determined and measures enacted for prevention.


Then you might find this informative.

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It would be interesting to know the reasons for the hiking incidents. Weather related, health related, getting lost, etc?

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They took fingerprints and DNA for a lost dog poster?? Remind me not to even breathe on the pole outside my home.

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Traffic is a problem regardless of whether tourists are here or not. First of all, there need to be less lights and they should be timed with the flow of the traffic instead of grouping them in groups of 5 lights. I take my kids to running practice and there are 25 stop lights in the 5 km we have to travel! I have had to stop at 19 of them before. It usually takes me 30 minutes to travel this distance even when traffic isn't heavy.

Then you add more tourist busses and taxis because of the increased tourists and yeah, the problem becomes worse, but the initial problem is not because of the tourists.

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I assume the kids are right outside his window and with most places using single pane windows, it probably sounds like the kids are right inside his home/apartment. Perhaps he should have approached the parents and asked for help paying for double pane windows and other sound proofing instead.

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Yes, the facility itself looks very humane. That's fine and dandy, but that it can't erase the fact that you aren't allowed a lawyer to advise you during interrogations in what I assume is a very confusing stressful situation to be in--being incarcerated and not knowing what is the best decision to make regarding your future in Japan. That is, if you are a foreigner. That and no bail, in most cases.

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Trash can? What trash cans. I haven't seen any in stations for years! If Osaka has them now, I am envious.

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I wonder if there might also be some unconventional reasons for this, for instance how you hardly ever see couples holding hands or kissing in public. I never see a man with his arm around the shoulders with a woman snuggling against him like in a movie theater or park bench or anywhere. I have never heard of any my married friends here hiring a baby sitter and going out on date night and on television you never see romantic material, only straight-up porn after hours. My wife watches plenty of dramas on TV, but mostly featuring noisy families arguing. How appealing. Sheesh. I know there are some logical reasons as mentioned above, but getting in the mood is also important.

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Our 11 year old son has complained that there is an old man that bothers him and his friends at the park they play at. They have spoken to the Police and their teachers at school about it, but it sounds like there isn't much they can or will do until something happens. SMH. We have asked our son to play at another park, but it sounds like they are staying put and being vigilant. Next time my son goes to this park, I'm going there and looking on from a distance to see for myself. It could just be innocent, but there are other parks in the area that old men usually hang out at and do old man stuff, like the fishing ponds and gate ball(croquet) parks. This park is for the kids IMO.

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I think heels look very nice, but can you imagine having to stand in them all day? That would be torture.

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Regarding my post above, I was referring to the possibility of taking a cab for the elderly or anyone for that point instead of driving.

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The Japan times had an interesting tidbit of info about the cost of driving vs taking a cab: Wow, that includes 2 trips to Tokyo station per month for me:

"The magazine also urged elderly drivers to consider the cost of car ownership vis-a-vis taking taxis. For the former, estimated costs for fuel, parking, maintenance and safety inspection, insurance and taxes came to ¥40,475 per month. If taking a taxi a total of 48 times — broken down as 30 short trips, 16 medium trips and two longer trips of 14 kilometers — came to a total of ¥35,040 in fares, representing a saving of more than ¥5,000."



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Even thought the article mentions the true condition at the end, I think it is mean and not helpful to those affected if we are supposed to laugh at rare medical conditions. I am sure it is not funny for the man affected. My high school band director had this condition and had a heart felt talk with us about it after people thought he was drinking on the job. Check it out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-brewery_syndrome

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The extension was helpful. I had a question whether the tickets were transferrable to non-residents living outside Japan so we could sit together instead of buying tickets in separate countries and not being able to sit together. It took a while for them to email back but finally they did and said that yes it was OK to do. I just can't scalp the tickets for a profit. No, I did not wait until the last moment to put in my bid. I think a lot of people bid with two different ID's and will probably sell their duplicate tickets back to the Olympics, so there will be seats available when the first come first serve becomes available in the Fall. So no worries if you didn't get enough time to put in a bid for the lottery.

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That would be an epic journey and probably more scenic than starting from the 5th station. And also one of huge temperature swings, if done in August. Sweaty at the bottom, then potentially really cold at the top. However, I was in short sleeves at the top for a while until the afternoon rains hit. I'd love to hike through that mysterious forest at the bottom, if I knew I could avoid stumbling across the poor souls intent on leaving this world via a coal stove in a tent.

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@Arturo Jamilla

You want to climb Mt. Fuji but you are too lazy to walk to the 5th station?

Most climbers start from the 5th station. It isn't a question of being lazy. Even the busses that go from Shinjuku or Gotemba go directly to the 5th station. This is a matter of alleviating traffic that is only getting worse. That being said, those who start from the first station have my respect.

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I think this is a great idea. There can be a 1 hour traffic jam near the parking lots of the 4th or 5th stations with people idling their engines. They should have everyone leave their cars at the park entrance and ride the train to the 5th station. You have to pay to drive the road anyway, so a train ride actually might be cheaper and faster. As for trash, I have climbed Fuji twice and both times took a plastic bag to pick up trash. I found 1 piece of trash. Ha. There is currently a tractor road all the way to the top on which they haul the trash and goods too and from all the huts.

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Why can't they just simply say "single" and list their age somewhere nearby?

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@vince black At what age does one become elderly. He was stubborn when he was 32 years old according to the article.

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Maybe his punishment should be to have to sit through all the boring lectures he skipped. I was just about to get a gold license and I go and get two tickets. Curse that obscured no u-turn sign and yield sign hidden within the visual pollution of street full of restaurant signs! The blue license folks have to sit through a 2 hour snoozer. Purposefully designed to be the most boring 2 hours of your life!

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The last actual eruption was in May of 2015, so it would have been quiet when you went there in 2013. I last went there was in April of 2017, a year after they reopened the ropeway and it was still very smelly. The first time I visited was probably 10 years earlier and there was hardly any sign of any activity. Barely any steam. I was really comparing the 2015 event to any steam that is there now and quite visible on the Youtube Live feed I posted. Thanks for your recollection though :)

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Here's a live feed of the crater from Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJPVQnzXEFQ

Of course it is nighttime as I post this, so nothing is visible, but you can scroll back in time to see the steam. Not sure that is more steam than usual. We took the ropeway after they opened it back up the last time and it was difficult to keep from gagging as we passed over the fumarole. Phew. I bet it is extra stinky up there right now. Right now the feed shows a small light in the lower right hand corner. I bet that is the top of the ropeway station.

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I question Trump's timing on all this, with unemployment being very low and the market high(at least before this). I also wonder why China doesn't go after Trump were it hurts, like pulling his and Ivanka's trademarks and sanctioning his suits. Not that I would condone it, but it just seems that the US goes after individuals with sanctions all the time. Or is that next on their agenda?

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20 meters is not that far and to get serious injuries. Is 'slid' the correct word? Did the bus also roll? How steep of a slope? Regardless this can be terrifying. My mom forgot to set the brake when I was 6 in the parking lot of a post office. It was really scary. Luckily the car was stopped by a curb 5 meters back.

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@Joeintokyo That google street view link you posted is so telling! They are just sitting ducks on that exposed corner. No place for them to hide behind safely while waiting to cross, if that is what they were doing. So sad.

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