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Posted in: Japanese hit song 'Paprika' goes global with English version by new singers and dancers See in context

I actually kind of like the Japanese language version of パプリカ, but this English version is terrible.

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Posted in: Japan to keep pushing coal in developing world despite criticism See in context

Some of the working conditions in these developing countries is sketchy at best. I wonder why someone hasn't connected a bunch of workers up to treadmills in order to generate energy with a scary whipper snapper on a raised podium barking orders. I am half joking, but I can just imagine a sweatshop filled with hundreds pour souls watching Zwift on their stationary recumbent bicycles all day. Of course you have to feed them and your water bill would be enormous. How much does it cost to build a coal powered plant by the way?

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Posted in: Thin skin: Japanese firm develops ultra-fine spray-on face mask See in context

In the future, Uchiyama said it could be used to cover scars or to create an invisible medical patch.

Does this mean it can be used for burn victims or cancer patients needing skin grafts, or would such procedures still be needed. It says 'patch' not replacement. Sometimes a patch can be permanent, as in a clothes patch, a rubber inner tube tire patch, a software patch, etc. What does it mean in this case?

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Posted in: JR East eyes introduction of walk-through ticket gates in few years See in context

I wonder how many people will be accidentally passing through their proposed no barrier gates without knowing it? I can imagine a long line to talk to the gate attendant, "I didn't know there was a gate! Can I get a refund?" Or being charged and not even knowing it. I think there are many hurdles to cross before this becomes reality. As it is now, my phone using the Suica app has trouble being read if it is in a leather pouch for instance.

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Posted in: Anime studio arson-murder suspect undergoes unprecedented skin grafts See in context

Besides the doctors' "duty" to treat this guy, obviously they are hoping to learn something from his treatment. In that way at least something good can come out of such a monstrous deed. It's still hard to believe someone can do what he did.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context


Moving old beloved buildings is nothing new. Amazingly, it is done more frequently than you may choose to believe. As for the location, look at google maps, I think if it weren't for it visually blocking the Meji Jingu Torii, they would hover the new station over the car entrance to the park, closer to Olympic Bridge and create a bigger roundabout on the backside of said station where the current drop off for the park is near Cafe Mori no Terrace.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

I am sorry to be negative, but what an unimaginative, bland, nondescript design the replacement station is. Too bad they can't move the new station a few meters south and restore the old station and repurpose it as a teahouse, visitor center or what not. If fireproofing is their excuse, there are ways to fix that problem. As it is, the land is too narrow for a station. They should borrow some of the park entrance to make a real station. I am not against progress, but it just seems that we are destroying too much history when remodeling for continued use is a viable option, especially for a beloved structure such as this.

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Posted in: 36 Japanese men detained in Manila over alleged phone scam See in context

Great job of international cooperation! I wonder if this will even put a dent in the scamming?

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Posted in: 8 types of men you’ll meet on Japanese dating sites See in context

First off, I am a man. A foreign man and I have heard the complaints before that most foreign guys are taken and the Japanese guys are, well, like you mention above. I have heard that online dating is the thing these days, but I don't know. I see plenty of Japanese men taking part in hiking clubs, cycling clubs, working out at gyms, having coffee in coffee shops, eating by themselves in restaurants, that are probably no.1's as listed above. The question is how to meet them. I met my Japanese wife the boring way, in an empty Starbucks in the states on a rainy day where we were both taking shelter. Somehow we started talking about what I was working on and after an hour, I realized the place was full and I had to go, but I knew I met someone special. You can't ever know that by pursuing photos online. Get out there, sign up for classes, workshops go to art galleries, whatever and wherever the kind of person you want to meet might be. Find a way to make eye contact, flirt, start up a conversation. That's how it's done. It must still work.

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Posted in: Power line trouble seen as possible cause of Okinawa castle fire See in context

@JeffLee Have you never seen an electrical short circuit? Shorts create bursts, which would be hard to call flames, which are particularly bright and hot. Of course it would be picked up on a thermal sensor. These are just clues. Give them time to do their job. They'll figure it out. Since many fires are caused by electrical problems it only makes sense to investigate. Just because the article is lacking in facts, doesn't mean the folks investigating this are inept. Be patient. We'll find out soon what happened.

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Posted in: Power line trouble seen as possible cause of Okinawa castle fire See in context

@JeffLee Did you miss this?

A surveillance camera captured flashing light at the left backside of the burned-down Seiden main building...When the fire broke out, a thermo-sensitive sensor at the building activated, and the police sources said other security camera footage showing a flame flaring up on the first floor has been obtained.

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Posted in: Police say body may be hiker who fell on Mt Fuji while live-streaming See in context

People climb mountains with snow and ice all the time. They are called Mountaineers. But sadly it seems this fellow didn't properly prepare with a GoPro camera mounted to a climbing helmet and I am guessing wasn't wearing crampons on his boots. I have friends who are really good at climbing mountains and one of them skied down Fujisan a couple years ago, but they have all the right gear. Still it doesn't make you immune to accidents if you aren't paying full attention to what you are doing. Poor guy.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Usually the maximum nighttime temp is around 27c. That's way better than 37c. Perhaps they should move more of the events to morning. So what if people have to change their sleep schedule. It already gets light at 4:30am in the summer.

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Posted in: 90% of homes flooded in typhoon ineligible for gov't support See in context

You don't have to build right next to a river to be in danger of flooding. Adachi city put out a flood risk map and the river we live nearest is less than 1 km away, but there is no danger from that river. We live 5 km from the Arikawa and one other to the west and supposedly we could get inundated with 5 meters of water if those rivers flood. Almost the whole Kanto plain, with the exception of the hilly parts of downtown Tokyo, are in this same situation.

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Posted in: 90% of homes flooded in typhoon ineligible for gov't support See in context

Egads. Can you imagine having just 1 cm of disgusting flood water soaking your floors and sub flooring? Even that amount might cause buckling of flooring, depending on the material, and if the water is contaminated with sewage and chemicals, couldn't just be dried out. Insurance companies run the same kind of sham with customers.

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Posted in: ANA, Oregon start-up to develop Avatars suitable for outdoor use See in context

Here's their home page. They are based in my hometown, so my old stomping ground might be crawling with these things soon. haha. http://www.agilityrobotics.com/robots#cassie

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Posted in: ANA, Oregon start-up to develop Avatars suitable for outdoor use See in context

Youtube video of perhaps the same robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghmmYQlFNbo Scroll ahead to 2 minutes to see a terrifying pair of robotic legs.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

She was obviously being sarcastic, which I would be at this point too considering many family of athletes have probably already bought air tickets. I wonder if the marathon can't realistically be held one one of the relatively flat highlands near Tokyo--Hakaone, Fuji highlands, Karuizawa, Nasu. That way, it's just a train ride away. Cycling is already being held in Izu.

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

Kinda late to be asking to change venues isn't it? Love the idea though.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context


According to the current earth wind surface level, it is plain sailing for thousands of miles in all directions around the Philippines .

I often check that page as well, but if you go to the satellite view on the Weathernews Inc App, you can see something churning near the Philippines. Hopefully it fizzles out.

That home in the picture looks like it was beautiful. Hopefully it is repairable and I hope no-one died in that scene. .

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Posted in: Typhoon victims felt worst was over; then floods came See in context

This is similar to what we did, thinking that we would just wait for the ongoing alerts to let us know when to go to higher ground. Probably not a good idea to do next time. Luckily the rivers near us didn't breach. We live 5km from the Arakawa which was really high and just 1km from a smaller river that was threatening to breach just 2.5 km up river.

Time to stop building so close to rivers...

That would make most of the Kanto plain uninhabited, except for the hilly parts downtown. According to google, we live 6-9 meters above sea level which is 3-6 meters above the roads next to the rivers that would flood. Not much leeway.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting young girl in car See in context

I think the question should be, what did this jerk say to convince a JH girl to get into his car? A parents worst nightmare.

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Posted in: Scorsese slams Marvel films as 'not cinema' See in context

I have kids that enjoy seeing them, so I must watch Marvel flicks as well. As good as they are, the affect these kinds of movies have on the reviewing of true sci-fi flicks worries me. People who are used to more action judge anything else as boring and slow by comparison. I have tried to introduce sci-fi movies I grew up with and my kids just can't watch them. They fall asleep.

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Posted in: No kidding: Japanese airlines offer seat maps to avoid bawling babies See in context

Not to be preachy or anything, but again as a parent of formerly young, potentially noisy kids, I used to take both of my kids all by myself back to visit my folks in the US. It isn't just babies that can be annoying it is toddlers and nursery school age kids and even elementary school aged kids. By the end of the flights, I was usually plum exhausted from entertaining and distracting them so they would stay quiet. One flight, a man came up from behind me when we were disembarking and thanked me. He said he was full of dread when we three first sat in front of him, but that he was amazed how quiet my kids were. I must say, those kids activity books they stack in bookstores before holidays are great! Unfortunately, dads usually have to put the puzzles together, but my son loved helping me. Ha. The art of distraction.

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Posted in: No kidding: Japanese airlines offer seat maps to avoid bawling babies See in context

As a parent who survived traveling with young kids, I have to say that it is also torture and embarrassing for the parents when their kids scream. Luckily we found ways to calm them down fairly quickly, sort of. Usually it was from being super tired being in a strange place. A binky was a godsend for the air pressure, although not always helpful. Parents who ignore their kids drive me nuts.

JAL's plan probably won't work if a baby is placed at the last moment next to someone who wanted to avoid sitting next to one. Might cause more rage than it intended.

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Posted in: Japanese cattle farmers fear U.S. trade deal will be death knell See in context

The US beef I can currently get in the store is like chewing on shoe leather, just like it was when I grew up in the US. I was amazed at how tender beef could be when I moved here. I hope it is not the end of Japanese beef.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

Slides and the like happen locally here and there where as wind damage can be widespread during a typhoon. Technology is changing all the time. They are burying some utilities in the US in underground precast concrete pipes that can be accessed via a manhole. Sure this is future stuff, but replacing technology would happen little by little and paid for over time.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

and can you imagine if it had been U/G

I doubt there would have been any damage if they had been buried. The concern with buried cables is with liquefaction during earthquakes. With wind damage, underground cables are safe unless a huge tree uproots the cables or there is a flood and the road is washed away, but with this typhoon it was the winds that were the problem. If cables are buried within prefabricated access tunnels, it would be easier to access a break.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

Photos like this make it easier for me to understand the scope of the problem. I think it would have been extremely dangerous to have volunteers wandering around with live wires strewn about before crews could assess the damage. Also, poles like this normally take at least half a day to install and that is when cables are not in disarray and can simply be transferred to a new pole. What a nightmare this must be for the crews. I bet they are exhausted. Thank goodness the weather has cooled a bit.

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Posted in: Mayor of town in Miyagi bemoans lack of Olympic funds See in context

I took a trip up to Tohoku in August and noticed a lot of infrastructure construction going on. We took the Tohoku-chuo expressway from Yonezawa to Fukushima and it was FREE! and brand new. It is partially owned by the central government. Also, as we were headed north, either along the Joban or Ban-Etsu expressway, there was a convoy of a total of 100 dump trucks traveling south from Tohoku with the same green banner on the front. Someone is paying for whatever massive project it is and I doubt it is a private company. I'm not saying the mayor is lying, I just think that the central government is investing in infrastructure to help locals and businesses with logistics. Can you imagine how much folks are saving on Expressaway fees between Yamagata and Fukushima? That would normally be a ¥2000 yen trip one way. Of course the article speaks of Miyagi.

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