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I had a student who often traveled the world with her husband. She loved local cuisines, but her husband hated it and always stuffed his suitcase with instant Japanese food for the long haul. That being said, I often enjoy western food here in Tokyo and I am from the west, which is East of here.

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So sad to see another similar accident.

Newer cars like our Subaru have drive recorders and an automatic braking systems. Do busses? And would a drive recorder be able to determine whether the pedal was pushed by the driver or whether it was a mechanical fault?

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki still looking for talented staff to join Studio Ghibli for new anime production See in context

2,600,000 yen/year is considered to be poverty level in Japan. Hayao is offering just above that at 3 million. No wonder he is still looking for help. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter killed, 8 others injured after car, garbage truck collide in Tokyo See in context

Sad story all around. Mostly sad for the victims. RIP. Also sad for the driver because any mechanical car failures mentioned above will be ignored because of his age. While I think driving for the elderly should be case by case with testing, I know how hard it is to get someone to stop driving when they shouldn't. We are trying to convince my father in-law to stop but he absolutely refuses. He is too embarrassed to carry his portable oxygen concentrator on the trains. So even when the family goes by train, he drives. Infuriating. We are powerless. My wife says she sought advice from the police but since he passed the drivers test, there is nothing they can do.

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Change is going to happen regardless. I doubt they'll be able to find 13,000 300-400 year old clear wood oak trees similar to that used in the former roof. They'll either make the roof out of steel or concrete like the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de Nantes mentioned in the article.

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I can see it full of Harley Davidsons in the summer.

I'm NOT the one who downvoted you but I would say it isn't the Harley's that would be the problem, but the sports cars. I was up above Tabayama in Yamanashi getting ready to MTN bike and nearly got run over while crossing the highway by a stream of 3-4 very fast curve hugging cars. Terrifying! My impression is that Harley riders are out to enjoy the scenery, unless you have experienced otherwise.

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I wish I could fix my typos. "..., I think Yakimochiya..."

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When my kids were small, we stayed in a thatch roofed hotel called, it think Yakimochiya, やきもち家. It was along a mountain road that followed the terrain, half way between the river valley and the mountain tops and linked various mountain villages and high mountain rice farms. Beautiful is an understatement. I wished I had had my road bike with me when I visited for sure. I would put route 401 on my list of places for cyclists and no improvements are needed. BTW, Route 401 is above and to the west of Nagano city and south of the main road to Hakuba from Nagano. Not a fast route at all.

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Too bad he won’t be going to a real prison, like in the US.

I have heard they are pretty harsh here, no heat and AC for starters. Pre-trial, I have heard they keep you awake to try and get you to confess and interrogate you for hours on end with no lawyer. That's the reason for the 99% conviction rate. In the US inmates have internet, can enjoy painting, lifting weights, get to go outside in the yard. Some prisons have a choir and put on plays. etc. Not sure they have that here. Anyway. I wouldn't want to be in either one. Yes, he will go to prison.

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I am not sure why are discussing men working around kids when no children were involved in this horrible crime.

That being said, I had some great male teachers growing up and I am a teacher myself, but I draw the line at teaching no younger than elementary school age in our after school program, for my own sanity. However, I have male a friend who is a day care teacher here and he has the perfect temperament for the job. He seems very normal and doesn't give me any weird vibes what so ever.

How awful this news must be for her family. RIP

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hooktrunk2 - that's not entirely correct.

Thanks for the clarification. I am obviously not an eel expert. I wonder if Anago are endangered as well?

By how popular unagi is, one would never know how threatened they are. Eyeopener for sure.

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Which eel is the article referring to, Anago or Unagi? Anago is saltwater and Unagi is fresh, I think. If they migrate, I assume Anago.

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Japan would have to adapt its garbage collection system. There are no dumpsters for folks just dump trash directly into to skip the step of bagging trash. Most people don't have giant trash cans at their homes like in the US and keep shopping bags as trash bags. If stores eliminate plastic bags we would probably have to buy shopping bag sized plastic bags for the trash, which seems counter productive towards cutting use. The garbage trucks don't have a way to lift dumpsters like in the US. Most are tiny. There might be room for a neighborhood dumpster in the suburbs, but downtown, it would be a challenge.

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You are joking right? Most of the folks tromping around on Japan's rugged peaks are seniors and 64 is NOT old. Some 64 year olds are more capable than many 25 year olds. The oldest person to climb Mt. Everest was 80 and Japanese: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuichiro_Miura

And...a 93 year old has climbed Mt. Fuji and that is not as easy a feat despite many folks making the trek.

That being said, I am horrified every time I read of a fall of several hundred meters. Rest In Peace fellow adventurer.

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I wouldn't use the word celebrate in this case. I don't agree. Keeping people informed of how horrible a deed this was is the best way to prevent more attacks. Education works, ignorance doesn't.

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Posted in: Amid hoopla around Ichiro and Mariners - A's are here, too See in context

Yes, his two outs on defense were the highlight of the game for sure. Too bad he couldn't connect with a hit instead of that popup. Kinda disappointed in the crowd too. The atmosphere in last year's MLB Allstars vs Japan Samurai was electric by comparison!

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No reason to feel sad. He has had an amazing career and it is super cool that I will be able to see him play tomorrow as I take my son to his second pro ball game. The Samurai's win over the MLB Allstars was his first. Inspiring the future generations is what he is doing. Whether he continues this season is irrelevant to me.

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And people are going to continue to stash cash around their homes because they don't get any interest back for putting it in the bank.

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I have been to the older Moomin themed park and it is really popular on the weekends. Of course it is free, but fun to go with young kids: https://goo.gl/maps/A2PiwZ57G4R2

I'd have to see the new park myself to give an opinion whether it will shut in a couple years. Sanrio Puroland in Tama is kind of obscure with many whom I know having no idea it exists, but that place is always busy. When my kids were younger, I got tired of going to the same places, so another one within the Tokyo area will be welcome.

I hope they do well.

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Next time I curse the bus for being late, maybe I will think of this and perhaps be more patient. Perhaps.

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@Samit Basu @Nero Archangel, Are your comments specifically about the Xperia1? Did you try it at the event? If you did, I think folks might be curious about it. Otherwise, you are just trolling Sony.

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In some special cases, the emergency services do not really have to hurry that much. You know, wait until the creep is beyond recovery, then throw him into the ambulance

I strongly disagree. Judging is not the job of anyone but the courts. I wonder if the EMT's even knew the extent of this guy's crimes at the time. That kind of attitude puts emergency workers at risk of attack by those who feel as you do. Don't blame them for doing their job.

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How much does a cruise ticket cost, I wonder? I know steerage is probably not available, but are there cheap, short distance tickets?

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They say this is a significant improvement on existing systems that measure only parts of a cloud in up to five minutes.

How long will it before apps like WeatherNews can use this technology? Future cast radar is iffy at best right now. I often say to the wife, "Hey, a big storm is coming!" But nope. Disappeared, or traveled just to the north. This would be cool if the tech actually works.

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Well I suppose they didn’t offer Bezos enough money if he didn’t accept

Doesn't extortion work the other way around?

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The real tragedy here is that people are starving all over the world and pefectly good food is being trashed.

True, but how does one get the food to them? Logistically a system would be expensive and the time needed to reach the people who need it most would put it well beyond the expiration date. I suppose one could flash freeze it and send it there, but slowly defrosted tonkatsu would be nasty without a way to heat it up, which the people who truly need it probably don't have. And where would the trash end up? Blowing across the sands of the Sahara, I suppose.

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Did anyone else who was streaming the game have any stalling problems? After stalling a bunch of times, I paused it for an hour to take a phone call. When I came back, to watch it again, but not live, it stalled for a minute and when it started up again it briefly flashed to a NE player holding a trophy. Ugh. Took the wind right out of the game for me. I wish ESPN player could have streamed the game. It never has latency issues.

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I have encountered 3 people that truly scared me here. One guy was so angry his tongue was rolling. That guy was going through my head when I read this. I would have gone to the police if it involved a child. From experience, it is hard to think when someone is that intimidating, but still, no excuse for this.

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It was exciting indeed and stressful. Whew! Congrats Naomi!

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I wonder if these guys were met by the same group of 8 customs interns along with a couple superiors that surrounded me when I was summoned to pick up  my belongings which I had shipped via a shipping broker when I moved to Japan. Ha. I still remember the すげい one of them muttered when he saw my itemized list of my precious belongings taped inside and out on each box. They must see people hiding contraband all the time if I rated a this much attention for less than 1 cubic meter of boxes of my loose boxers and nicknacks I couldn't part with.

BTW, I wonder who will have to pay for the lost gold.

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