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Posted in: More companies, universities begin on-site vaccinations See in context

Look at all those empty seats. SMH.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context


I think this is the reservation site, but it says you need the voucher from your local city office.

Adachi-ku starts sending them out on the 28th. Oldest to youngest over a month’s span of time.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

Open to those 65 and under on Thursday, but I suppose one still needs a ticket voucher. Adachi ward in Tokyo won't start sending them to those 64 and under until the 28th. I won't get mine until July 5th and my kids the end of July.

Lovely coordination going on.

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

In Adachi-ku, from the 28th, people 64 and younger will receive their vaccine tickets for the Pfizer vaccine. They are still figuring out the locations: https://www.city.adachi.tokyo.jp/esekanri/corona-wakuchin.html

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Posted in: Photos show Chinese rover on dusty, rocky Martian surface See in context


Photos look fake.

No they don't. They look amazing.

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context


The Tokyo vaccination center will also begin taking appointments by telephone for the first time. If I understand that correctly, you dont need to wait for this coupon. You should just call...somewhere

That's what it sounds like to me too. Thus the confusion. It seems that the Japanese government is changing the game plan.

Of course it would be very helpfull if JT shares the phone number where to call.

I second this.

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context

So, I told my wife about this and she says that we need to wait for a coupon from the government in order to make an appointment. Confusion abound! Do we need to wait or can we make an appointment from Saturday?

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

Look at all those masses waiting to be inoculated in that photo! (note sarcasm)

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Posted in: Actor Steven Seagal joins pro-Kremlin party; proposes tougher laws See in context

Does that mean he has to pay both Russian and US taxes?

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Posted in: Universities across Japan gearing up to provide vaccination venues See in context

Gotta push in the clutch to shift it out of first "gear".

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Posted in: iTourTranslator helps people translate a phone call or WhatsApp voice calls in real time See in context

BTW, I have not tried the app. I hope it works.

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Posted in: iTourTranslator helps people translate a phone call or WhatsApp voice calls in real time See in context

I'm wondering whether it can handle more complex conversations, based on the answer in the photo above, "I'm fine thank you how?" (Huh?) I think translation apps should stop focusing on simple sentences and really try to break the barrier with difficult sentences and idioms. But how you go about doing this is beyond me.

I'm just tired of getting, "Our chicken toes friendly payment service are not working. Please rot while tomorrow is under a oblong bone pizza pineapple. We apologize while a tatami smiles. Thank you for come again."

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Posted in: Police officer dead, another missing on mountain See in context

We have spy satellites over NK that can read coins, but nothing over japan that can find two humans who are probably wearing reflexive hiking clothing?

These days helicopters which are closer to the ground, have thermal imaging technology that can find people. Not sure Japan has the same equipment on drones like the US does.

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Posted in: Police officer dead, another missing on mountain See in context

This is sad to hear.

I have been on numerous trails here in Japan that scared the hell out of me. Trail building is completely different here than I am used to in the US. Trails go straight up the mountain, while in the US, they usually gently traverse with lots of endless switchbacks.

I don't know if this is where the accident occurred, but check out this section of the trail by scrolling down to the 4th photo. https://www.insidejapantours.com/blog/2018/01/23/mount-tanigawa/

This is very common.

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Posted in: Some foreign residents in Japan consider traveling to other countries for vaccines See in context

For those who file US taxes, the long stay abroad might affect your foreign earned income exclusion. Haha. Sorry to be a party pooper by bringing up the IRS.

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Posted in: S Korea seeks Kerry's support against Japan's Fukushima plans See in context

I'm not sure any of the ocean currents passing by Fukushima go in the direction of Korea or China. Fukushima is on the East Coast of Japan, bordering the Pacific Ocean and not the Japan Sea. I am relying upon Google for my info on ocean currents, so perhaps my info is flawed.

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Posted in: World’s first permanent Godzilla theme park ride opening at Tokyo-area amusement park See in context

I first read the headline as this being a a Godzilla Theme Park! Cool! Oops. Then I read that it will just be a "ride". Sigh. Still, the darker of the images above make it look exciting.

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Posted in: Death of man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing one See in context

His poor wife to have to watch that. RIP.

I agree with the article regarding spray, but....because of last summer's bear attacks and shortages due to the pandemic, the bigger challenge might be trying to find any bear spray in stock in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan. The last time I checked L-Breath, they were out as well as the source in the States.

When I MTB on remote forested roads or trails, I sometimes use my ORP bicycle horn around blind corners. Obnoxious, but better safe than sorry. Louder than a ding-a-ling bell. FYI: https://orpland.com

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Posted in: Japan trails world in COVID vaccine rollout 2 months after its start See in context


Wow that poor woman, whoever these people are they certainly don't know how to give an injection.

Yeah, don't they usually give shots lower down in more fleshy parts. That's up near the bone!

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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context


Are they still using that 'Fukuppy' slogan?

You are thinking of Fukushima Industries and they changed their name to Galilei.


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Posted in: Suga to invite Biden to Tokyo Olympics See in context

So, he gets to come, but my fully vaccinated, healthcare worker sister, who painstakingly chose events and spent 2000 of her own bucks on Olympic tickets doesn't? I don't get it.

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy on bike hit and killed by car; driver arrested See in context

In Tokyo, and probably all of Japan, kids can't ride their bicycles by themselves until the 3rd grade and they do learn about bicycle safety in school before they can. Not many kids wear helmets though. It took a lot to convince my son to wear a helmet, about 3 years worth, but to my relief he now wears one by himself without my urging. However, he rides a road bike and not a mamachari style bike. A bit more dangerous IMO.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

Prosecutors said the Taylors were formally charged Monday with helping a criminal escape.

Perhaps a case of lost in translation, but doesn't this mean the Gsohn is presumed guilty before his trial? Is one legally considered to be a criminal before their conviction? IMO, this is different than one's opinion or the presumption that he is guilty.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in house partially destroyed by fire; murder suspected See in context

How awful. Doesn't look good for the daughter. I am confused by,

"he had returned home and found his wife Meia lying unconscious in the first-floor living room which had been destroyed by a fire."

Was the house still on fire or did it burn itself out?

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Posted in: AI translation company Rozetta bars staff from speaking a foreign language at work See in context

That Onyaku ai translator sounds like Elmer Fudd

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Posted in: Pompeo calls for U.S. to boycott Beijing Olympics See in context

The only thing the boycott did was break the dreams of so many athletes. I wish people would stop playing politics with the Olympics. I'm not a huge fan of the CCP. I just like the athlete's better.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

And a double 'post' in that last post.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

Egads. I wish I could edit posts. Double 'despite' in my post. Sigh.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

I don't like the overhead wires either, but I still love Tokyo despite its seemingly lack of planning, despite what the article says. What an amazing place. I love all the distinct and interesting neighborhoods. There's always some place new to discover. Interesting article.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

@James And why should people who go to the olympics get vaccinated ahead of those who don't? 

While yes, the travel packages that come with olympic tickets are expensive, I would say "the lucky" instead of "the rich". I was the only in my family to get an olympic ticket in their little Olympics ticket lottery thing and it was some obscure sport. It was ¥5000, hardly enough to break the bank, IMO. Same price as the big ticket events, if you were "lucky" enough to win one of those.

I think they should use the stadiums as inoculation sites and have them running 7 days a week, for everyone. The community center near me will only have the vaccines available on Wedsdays. What's up with that? I know that there is a syringe shortage. Again, SMH.

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