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Posted in: Presumed mastermind of robberies may be in Philippines See in context

Why am I not surprised to see Adachi Ward mentioned. Hope it's not any of my neighbors.

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Posted in: Much of Japan to see heavy snow from Tuesday as winter storm arrives See in context

Kanto Koshin is kind of a big area. I’m not seeing that much snow in Tokyo’s forecast anywhere. Knock on wood.

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Posted in: Exploding Takata air bag inflator has killed another driver in U.S. See in context

Sad to hear.

All three deaths this year were in warm-weather U.S. states

I wonder if it is mainly in humid climates this has happened? When I moved here from a dry climate, I experienced the failure of several synthetic products I owned.

Among them, the cushions of my boots turned to mushy powder, the seam seal on my relatively new tent flaked off and recently some synthetic-rubber grommets I put between some metal parts on my bicycle were nothing more than goo after just one summer and caused the paint to flake off where they were attached.

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Posted in: Sony says it has technology for humanoid robots if it can just find use for them See in context


Leonardo da Vinci invented a mechanical robot

Well, I don't know. Leonardo's robot is the big scary type I was talking about. If you checked out the link I posted above, I show a tiny cute humanoid robot. https://www.danielschallau.com/work#/ideo/

Would also be nice to have some of JF Sebastian type miniature toy robots(replicants) from Blade Runner. Would be cute in a restaurant. Easily kicked though.

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Posted in: Sony says it has technology for humanoid robots if it can just find use for them See in context

When I hear 'humanoid robot', I think big hulking human sized and potentially scary, robot. However, I sketched this idea a few years back for a dementia patient assist robot on wheels, that rolls on its own into a charging dock. Not sure how useful it is, but...


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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context


I have installed a bicycle "drive recorder" on my handlebars,

Do you use a GoPro or something else?

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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

In Tokyo, along most one way streets, bicycles are allowed to ride against the traffic if they ride on their own left.

Just below the one way sign there’s usually a small white sign that says “except bicycles”.

Riding on the wrong side would be riding on the right side of any road, one way or two.

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Posted in: Police drive 'gyoza king' murder suspect 500 km to avoid yakuza public transport attack See in context


Just stick him in a locked car and let his old yakuza friends come and kill him.

So you would sacrifice the police officers transporting him?

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Posted in: Japan WWII poison gas agents still scarring people today See in context

I'm confused. The article says, "...there was no evidence of it having been manufactured after World War II" and then, "A can found at the site, marked as produced in 1993, indicates that the burial did not take place before then."

Is it talking about the same substance that made Ryuji sick? This is so sad and worrying that it might occur again someplace.

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Posted in: Japanese public broadcaster issues apology for calling a train a 'train' See in context

Much Ado.

I don't know, if it was an English mistake like saying Electric engine instead of Diesel engine, I'm sure even non train otaku would point it out to the moderator on JT.

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Posted in: Digital minister Kono asks gov't to stop using floppy disks See in context

...prompting Kono to exasperatedly remark: “I’m not sure where people are even supposed to be able to buy floppy disks anymore.”



And they are in stock!

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

I can just imagine how dirty it still is inside.

I remember watching a show on TV here where the hosts helped clean up the home. In many of the rooms the trash reached the ceilings.

As the dumpster was about to be hauled away, the owner came running out and said there was money in one of the bags. Needle in a haystack, but they found it. I can't remember how much, but it was a LOT!

I hope this person gets some help.

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Posted in: Green sofa See in context

Looks hot.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy drowns in river in Oita Prefecture See in context

So sad to hear. Brings back memories of the summer I graduated from HS. A friend and I swam across a similar sized river. I was in the best shape of my life, but I was shocked at how powerful the water was. It looked slow moving, but I was exhausted by the time I reached shore. I was lucky. RIP

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Posted in: Here are the best ways to kill roaches, according to Japanese experts, and some ways to avoid See in context

Peanut butter(not cream) mixed with poison dabbed in strategic locations--under the toaster/stove, in any holes in the wall, near pipes and appliances and drippy water sources.

When I lived in an apartment in the US, an exterminator used this as his "secret weapon" after his spraying twice was ineffective. The roaches were gone in less than 3 days!

Supposedly the peanut butter masks the smell of the poison(sorry I don't know what kind of poison). A bit messy, but better than having roaches.

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Posted in: Kishida blames inadequate police protection for Abe's death See in context


Why was Abe endorsing a candidate on the streets?

Because that's how all candidates do it in Japan. Grass roots. He should have at least been standing with a big bus behind him so his back was covered.

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Posted in: Police apprehend the 'Lego Kid' and accomplices See in context

I'm guessing it's Nishiarai Ario. The windows in the video see familiar. Adachi-ku is the poorest of the wards in Tokyo. Sad to start out life with a police record.

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks 10 years as symbol of capital's skyline See in context

I love the Skytree! Responding to several above...

-No it doesn't cost ¥40,000 for a family of six. ¥16,000 at the most.

-The Skytree was tested well during the 2011 Tohoku quake. Didn't fall down. I wouldn't want to be in it either during a big quake tho.

-Yeah, Tokyo is a concrete jungle, but it's fun. The rest of Japan is super green.

-Sure the view from the Tokyo Metropolitan building is great, but nothing compares to the Skytree, especially on a clear day or when there are big puffy Laputa clouds. It's like being in a stationary airplane.

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Posted in: Western multinationals congratulate Hong Kong's new leader See in context

Brown nosing comes to mind.

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Posted in: Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader See in context

How can you have an "election" with one candidate? What a sham.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

I'm confused by the title. Shouldn't it read:

"Yoshinoya refused to let Japanese student of foreign descent attend recruitment event",


"Yoshinoya refused to let Japanese 'foreign-looking' student attend recruitment event",


"Yoshinoya refused to let Japanese student with 'foreign' name attend recruitment event"?

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Posted in: Harris positive for COVID-19; Biden not 'close contact' See in context

The vaccines were only meant to prevent you from developing serious symptoms, not prevent you from being infected. You can still pass it on to someone else too which is why she is isolating.

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Posted in: Nissan ending production of Datsun brand vehicles See in context

@Thomas R Mountcastle Yeah, the '63 Bluebird sure was cute. Classic for sure. But I was thinking more of the '68-'73 510 Bluebird which was boxier. Something sad happened in the 80's and the Bluebird turned into a grandpa car.


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Posted in: Nissan ending production of Datsun brand vehicles See in context

Instead of the uninspiring Datsun redi-GO, Datsun should have revived a sportier version of the 510 in a nod to those who tricked them out. Just a spoiler makes them look cool. Redi-go? Pffft. No wonder Datsun is gone again.

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Posted in: 10 confirmed dead after tour boat with 26 goes missing off Hokkaido See in context

"Water temperatures in the area have been around 2 C to 4 C in recent days"

"all were believed to be wearing life jackets"

I hope they had survival suits available as well. That's mighty cold water.

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Posted in: 2 anglers referred to prosecutors over damage to rare island plants See in context

If you've been hiking in Japan you probably know that trails often go straight up the mountainside with little or no traversing. Sometimes trails here can be several meters wide! These guys were building a short cut, so I can imagine there was no plan to have the trail carefully avoid trees, which they could have done.

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Posted in: Japan to join U.S., EU in blocking some Russian banks from SWIFT system See in context

Good move. Now ban their ships from the Panama and Suez and the Isthmus in Turkey.

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Posted in: Putin's giant table sparks jokes -- and speculation See in context

I saw the same table at the St. Petersburg Ikea last week.

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Posted in: Tokyo and surrounding areas brace for heavy snowfall See in context

I saw cars driving around in the rain this afternoon with chains on.

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Posted in: Watch where you ride See in context

Security guards walk with public notice signs saying in Japanese, "No bicycles allowed on the sidewalk,"

No it doesn't. It says to walk your bicycle. There is a distinction.

There are places where you can't even WALK your bicycle. Having parked my bike and gone into places to get some lunch and then eaten next to my bicycle only to be told my bicycle can't even be IN the spacious plaza. Then being stopped on my way out and told by a different security guard that I can't WALK my bicycle in that area. Madness. I don't argue, just roll my eyes and proceed to exit.

BTW, I understand completely the rules about not riding on busy sidewalks. I don't do it.

Moderator: The caption has been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

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