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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context


Are they still using that 'Fukuppy' slogan?

You are thinking of Fukushima Industries and they changed their name to Galilei.


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Posted in: Suga to invite Biden to Tokyo Olympics See in context

So, he gets to come, but my fully vaccinated, healthcare worker sister, who painstakingly chose events and spent 2000 of her own bucks on Olympic tickets doesn't? I don't get it.

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy on bike hit and killed by car; driver arrested See in context

In Tokyo, and probably all of Japan, kids can't ride their bicycles by themselves until the 3rd grade and they do learn about bicycle safety in school before they can. Not many kids wear helmets though. It took a lot to convince my son to wear a helmet, about 3 years worth, but to my relief he now wears one by himself without my urging. However, he rides a road bike and not a mamachari style bike. A bit more dangerous IMO.

RIP little one.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

Prosecutors said the Taylors were formally charged Monday with helping a criminal escape.

Perhaps a case of lost in translation, but doesn't this mean the Gsohn is presumed guilty before his trial? Is one legally considered to be a criminal before their conviction? IMO, this is different than one's opinion or the presumption that he is guilty.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in house partially destroyed by fire; murder suspected See in context

How awful. Doesn't look good for the daughter. I am confused by,

"he had returned home and found his wife Meia lying unconscious in the first-floor living room which had been destroyed by a fire."

Was the house still on fire or did it burn itself out?

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Posted in: AI translation company Rozetta bars staff from speaking a foreign language at work See in context

That Onyaku ai translator sounds like Elmer Fudd

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Posted in: Pompeo calls for U.S. to boycott Beijing Olympics See in context

The only thing the boycott did was break the dreams of so many athletes. I wish people would stop playing politics with the Olympics. I'm not a huge fan of the CCP. I just like the athlete's better.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

And a double 'post' in that last post.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

Egads. I wish I could edit posts. Double 'despite' in my post. Sigh.

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Posted in: How the Great Fire of 1657 shaped modern Tokyo See in context

I don't like the overhead wires either, but I still love Tokyo despite its seemingly lack of planning, despite what the article says. What an amazing place. I love all the distinct and interesting neighborhoods. There's always some place new to discover. Interesting article.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

@James And why should people who go to the olympics get vaccinated ahead of those who don't? 

While yes, the travel packages that come with olympic tickets are expensive, I would say "the lucky" instead of "the rich". I was the only in my family to get an olympic ticket in their little Olympics ticket lottery thing and it was some obscure sport. It was ¥5000, hardly enough to break the bank, IMO. Same price as the big ticket events, if you were "lucky" enough to win one of those.

I think they should use the stadiums as inoculation sites and have them running 7 days a week, for everyone. The community center near me will only have the vaccines available on Wedsdays. What's up with that? I know that there is a syringe shortage. Again, SMH.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

How are they going to have fans in the stands of the general population won’t start getting their vaccine until July? It’s a 2 shot regime. Smh.

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Posted in: 2 high school girls, 50-year-old man found dead in car in apparent joint suicide See in context

I am thinking perhaps the reason some are calling this a murder is because with the life experience a 50 year old has, one would like to think that they should know that there are help lines and counseling available and perhaps should have steered the girls towards a better resolution.

But that is what a rational, lucid thinking adult would do. People with depression work under an entirely different set of rules governed by their tormented minds.

Sad all around. As a parent, I can't imagine what their parents are going through.

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Posted in: What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect? See in context

Disney just put a disclaimer on The Muppets that it might be offensive to some people. I don’t have the exact words but it seems a bit extreme. I loved that absurd show as a kid.

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Posted in: Japan considers creating waiting lists for COVID-19 vaccine: Kono See in context

Again I can't believe they are just now talking about this. It should already have been decided.

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Posted in: Saitama begins plans to regulate how to use escalators; prohibit walking up and down See in context

If they are going to do this, at least install pull down stools for the looooong ride up. Oh wait, that's Tokyo where it takes about 15 minutes to emerge from the coal mines.

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Posted in: Oita woman loses lawsuit and pays damages without ever knowing she’d been sued See in context

This method of serving subpoenas seems dishonest in itself. When I was a bicycle messenger I used to find creative says of serving them. They always had to get into either the defendant’s or their attorneys hands. Most of the time they were expecting them, so no problems. Other times...weee.

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Posted in: Oita woman loses lawsuit and pays damages without ever knowing she’d been sued See in context

Wow. Hopefully the Yaks don’t learn how to do this.

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Posted in: Saturday's quake brings back memories of deadly 2011 disaster See in context


I wish I could help the bookstore owner.

The caption says it's the Iwaki City library.

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context

You'd think they could have thought of these problems much earlier.

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Posted in: Train cars launched between Narita and Tokyo for overseas travelers See in context

Cute name for segregation cars. I guess the Japanese who came back from Britain and brought the new virus with them wouldn't have to ride them.

What name? It says "Travelers arriving from overseas" as well as "incoming visitors and returnees". The article only mentions "nonresident foreign nationals" in the last sentence.

I would say by all means Japanese nationals are to ride in these special cars along with returning foreign residents if they don't have a private car lined up to ride in.

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Posted in: Train cars launched between Narita and Tokyo for overseas travelers See in context

Why did it take such a long time to come up with this plan? Are the same ones responsible for the slow roll out of the vaccines?

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Posted in: Oedo subway line in Tokyo cuts services by 30% after 15 drivers test positive for coronavirus See in context

Where are you reading about a drinking party? The news I have read says it was spread in a break room and cafeteria. Or are you just joking?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for slashing shopping mall customer with sickle See in context


A sickle! My image of a sickle might be totally off from theirs I hope.

Ha. I thought the same thing at first, but I believe a sickle fits in one hand and is used for weeding yards while the scythe is the large one that the Grim Reaper carries around. Still, the small weeding tool can be pretty sharp. Ours sure is.

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Posted in: 'Twitter killer' drops death sentence appeal; wants to get married See in context

How does the saying go? There's someone for everyone. Hopefully not in this case. I am surprised that this would be allowed in a Japanese prison.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 556 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,496 See in context

Very fashionable. And in Ginza no less.

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Posted in: Australian COVID vaccine dropped over false positive HIV result See in context

That's too bad. A lot of hard work down the drain. I don't understand the lingo either, but I don't automatically jump to the conclusion something is pseudo medicine. These days most medical terms are over my head.

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Posted in: COVID-19 antibodies remain in human body for 6 months: study See in context

Does this mean we will need to get a yearly inoculation just like for influenza?

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Posted in: Why is it always restaurants that are made the subject of these restrictions? Are authorities just trying to give off the image that they're taking effective measures? See in context

Later hours = more alcohol served = inhibitions out the window = less careful, all while not wearing masks(unless you are an anti-masker).

I don't think there is some grand conspiracy against restaurants. Many hot spots have been linked to places like this. It isn't rocket science. If people are just sitting quietly eating their meals there probably wouldn't be as big of a problem, but that isn't as fun.

If trains and busses were as noisy as they are in the US, perhaps the government would target them as well, you could hear a pin drop inside a train in Japan. At least in Tokyo, that is.

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Posted in: Married couple arrested for assaulting 2 employees at train station See in context

What's a self-employed worker? If you're self-employed, doesn't that mean you run your own business?

Self-employed is the correct title and you don't have to run your own 'business' to qualify. It just means that you are your own boss. Like me! Not sure you need the word 'worker' because that implies they are an employee, IMO. Anyway, angry drunks should lay off the sauce.

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