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From the photo, they are not practicing the "Social Distancing" at all. More like a "Social togetherness"! What are they doing being out and hanging out "together" so closely?

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His name is Toyoda?

Yes, Toyoda 豊田 and 田(Da) can be read as Ta. So you know who he is.

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@Burning Bush, exactly what I thought. The first instance of the examples given she was told to do and she didn't agree with them she should have said something then and then quit.

@Burning BushToday: 10 years of “abuse”?

Why didn’t she simply quit?

We don't understand unless we have been a victim of this type of abusive relationship. . So, it's easy for anyone to say or criticize by commenting like "Why didn't he/she just get out of the relationship?" or " Why didn't she simply quit?". I personally have never been in either side of this type of situation or relationship. The studies show that the perpetrators, in this case Robert De Niro, has such power over the victims and the victims feel so powerless. I can simply pray for her and hope that she learned from this horrible experience.

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@Patrick 3 hr ago,

In regards to " multiple citizenship". FYI: A Japanese national is assumed to have renounced their nationality upon naturalization in any foreign country.[6][10]

Under the revisions made to the Nationality Law in 1985, Articles 14 and 15 require any person who holds multiple citizenship to make a "declaration of choice" between the ages of 20 and 22, in which they choose to renounce either their Japanese nationality or their foreign citizenship(s). Failure to do so entitles the Minister of Justice to demand a declaration of choice at any time. If the required declaration is not made within one month, their Japanese nationality is automatically revoked. A renunciation of foreign citizenship made before Japanese officials may be considered by a foreign state as having no legal effect as is the case with, for example, United States citizenship.[11]

Japanese nationals who hold multiple citizenship by birth, and who do not wish to lose their Japanese citizenship, are required to declare their desire to retain Japanese citizenship by the age of 21.

In her situation, Naomi Osaka's father is American and mother being Japanese, she chose to use her mother's citizenship as her own for financial purpose such as endorsement. She realized being Japanese would give her more advantage to gain all those financial backers to have. She is only 20 years old now so she still has more time to enjoy being a multi citizenship to be Japanese or American until such time that she has to make her important decision. Enjoy the ride Naomi in the meantime!

My wife and I live here in US, and have been following her progress and we are very proud to see her a big win at the Indian Wells.

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love her films. One of the best actresses. They way she is resting her right arm, looks like she is 3 or 4 months pregnant..... No being negative intended.

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@ KurobuneOct. 11, 2016 - 10:51PM JST Her Majesty Queen Mathilde is very tall. I have always loved the story of how the Japanese Royal couple met.

A long time ago, when I was in my 6th grade. It was a fairy tale meeting which led to their wonderful marriage, a great marriage I may add. Miss. Michiko Shoda was her name and she has changed the entire Japanese Royal family household, almost entire but not quite. They both are very elite and well respected by both older and younger generations.

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@ WolfpackSep. 25, 2016 - 10:45PM JST She is a full Japanese citizen and is really making her mark in the sport.

Yes, she is only a teenager, 18 or 19 years old, so she has a great and bright future.

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@ WakarimasenAug. 24, 2016 - 03:11PM JST

I love the line of girls all on their Japanese flags.

They are ONA, 全日航空, flight attendants, see their uniform?

It is very exciting to see how well they are preparing for this big event. I was there in the 1964 event as an teenager and it was awesome.

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