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Posted in: Police suspect ASKA has been using drugs for long time See in context

"Meanwhile, ASKAs music label has withdrawn all his CDs from stores and stopped online sales as well."

@CokeBill - I also think this is a bad business model. I wonder if this is part of his contract -- a way to control their performers/investments. Chage and Aska are total sell-outs anyhow.

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Posted in: Led Zeppelin lead singer blasts reunion talk See in context

I wholeheartedly agree. Robert Plant wants to keep it real, and big stadium business is not keeping it real.

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Posted in: Abe adviser says revision of pacifist constitution vital See in context

Saying it doesn't make it so.

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Posted in: 30% of women in 40s suffer from 'mother loss syndrome' See in context

The key to their "syndrome" has something to do with the fact that the two subjects never married. One is 45 and the other is 50.

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Posted in: Police inspect plant over tainted frozen food products See in context

I don't understand why they waited for more than a month to inspect the premises. Is there that much red tape to go through to carry out an inspection? This is a type of poisoning (intentional or not.)

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Posted in: China plans joint military command system See in context

The system, which has been popular in the West for decades, is not (aimed at) starting a war, but to kill it in the cradle

This is a good thing. Abe will have to make sure he's got enough firepower before trying anything. Unless, Abe's plan is to sacrifice a jet, ship or two so he can play the martyr -- a likely scenario.

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Posted in: China's UK envoy compares Japanese militarism to Voldemort See in context

This is pretty comedic. Mostly for me because all of my Japanese students (young and old) LOVE the Harry Potter books. This is bound to hit a cultural nerve with the Japanese.

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

"The cause of war is preparation for war." - WEB Du Bois

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

The apologies need to keep coming. The problem is that the current leadership is trying to whitewash previous atrocities. So other nations get nervous to watch history repeating itself. This is like a precursor to WWII.

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Posted in: No contest: Miley is 2013 pop-culture queen See in context

Where is the pole on that stage? It must be just out of camera view...

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Posted in: Man of the moment See in context

Nope. This just seems to trivialize or cheapens Mandela and what he went through. He is not a side show or an carnival attraction. Bad taste, indeed.

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Posted in: Order in the Diet See in context

That's right -- he doesn't have the right to disturb the diet. His time for that has passed. The time to protest this bill was during the last election: the people voted this government into power. Too late now.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones to play 3 concerts in Japan See in context

To me it is a bit creepy seeing them stagger around and hear them singing about their flings with young girls etc etc.

"Making love and breaking hearts - it is a game of youth." - Mick Jagger, Waiting On A Friend

I'm a fan, but I have to admit, I found one of their more recent concert videos to be quite boring. Having the right medication with a group of fun friends could make the concert enjoyable.

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Posted in: No trans fat? Who can taste the difference See in context

There is currently no law to label or even recognize trans fats in Japan. The Japanese food industry does not want to cut out usage -- too much money at stake. Trans fats (hydrogenated oil) lengthens the shelf life and is cheap. How do you think all that conbini food stays on the room-temp shelves so long?

Also, go to your neighborhood bakery and ask if they are using butter or margarine. Almost all that I asked said they're using margarine as "butter is too expensive." Margarine is trans fat. I heard that many doctors in Japan are still recommending patients switch from butter to margarine. The ignorance is mind-boggling.

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Posted in: Back in business See in context

Nice, pro photo!

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Posted in: China polluting Mount Fuji: Japanese study See in context

It's a good thing Japan doesn't have any mercury in their pollution, otherwise one could come to the conclusion some of that is domestic.

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Posted in: Tough wireless speaker for outdoor use See in context

Well in a house or a big condo this is a really cool product! I want two for BBQ parties!

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Posted in: 'Black companies' exploiting foreign trainees See in context

pochan -

One thing is that if we want the same rights as Japanese people we have to accept the same responsibilities. Too many of us want rights and nothing in return for the society, this seems to me to be immature and selfish and part of the reason there is such as sense of entitlement in many of our home countries. The question is- would we really want the same responsibilities as the average Japanese person?

Responsibilities like what? Paying taxes? Already doing that. Volunteering? Check. There is nothing selfish or immature about wanting to get paid the same as Japanese equivalents.

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Posted in: The deeper agenda behind Abenomics - constitutional change See in context

Where is the Japanese language version of this article? Japanese people need to be more informed about this guy's agenda.

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Posted in: Gov't considers setting clock ahead by two hours See in context

Yep - I've always felt that Japan is in the wrong time zone. They made a blunder with that, and moving the clock two hours would be appropriate. The west coast of Canada sees June sunsets after 9:30pm. Would seem strange to move those daylight hours to early morning.

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Posted in: Abe visits Miyagi to inspect reconstruction effort See in context

and assure victims of the March 11, 2011 disaster that they haven’t been forgotten by his government.

"We haven't forgot you. I'm sure one of these years we'll get proper housing for you."

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Posted in: Woman held for throwing 2-yr-old daughter from 4th-floor balcony See in context

I wish we could view their mugshots like in the USA. This woman deserves the public shame.

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Posted in: Obama no match for U.S. gun rights advocates See in context

sangetsu03 - You are mistaken: 90% of Americans DO support background checks. My goodness, that information is only a google search away. http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2013/apr/04/lee-leffingwell/lee-leffingwell-says-polls-show-90-percent-america/

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Posted in: Obama no match for U.S. gun rights advocates See in context

"The American people are trying to figure out -- how can something that has 90 percent support not happen?" Obama said. That is the question, isn't it? I'd have to say that something stinks with this whole thing.

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Posted in: Obama no match for U.S. gun rights advocates See in context

Media and university polls show that yes, the great majority of Americans do indeed support background checks. Many polls show higher than 80% support. Some show over 90% support. Google is your friend.

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Posted in: The graduate See in context

These guys are apparently the coolest people you'd ever meet.

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Posted in: We also recall that the world marveled at the resiliency and dignity of the Japanese people as they worked to overcome the tragedy. See in context

It's true robots will follow orders and march to work despite disasters surrounding them (unless those disasters are in another country, then the Japanese will rush home.)

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Posted in: Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze See in context

Smog from China? I'm so glad Japan doesn't produce any smog, or the combination would be killer!

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Posted in: 2 years after Fukushima, Japan's nuclear lobby bounces back See in context

The disaster also destroyed a carefully cultivated myth that nuclear power was cheap and safe - and mobilized Japan’s often apathetic voters in huge anti-nuclear demonstrations during a 2012 summer of discontent.

Only temporarily. The myth is back and the masses are buying it once again.

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Posted in: Grim reminder See in context

So if other people are finding levels higher than your world of "everything is safe," than surely they must be using their Geiger counters incorrectly? And that means that children only play from areas one meter off the ground? No child ever gets down on their hands and knees to play in the dirt?

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