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hotachichi comments

Posted in: Japanese porn makers demand cash from Taiwanese See in context

All Japanese Porn looks like underage porn compared to American Porn. I see BIG business.

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Posted in: What do you think about the Blu-ray disc format? See in context

No comparison. I sold all my DVDs. But the upconvert to 480i to 1080P was OK.. depending on the content.

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Posted in: Hiroyuki Sanada guest stars in 'Lost' 6th season See in context

As a fan of lost....He did kind of ruin it for me. Hopefully he gets a feel for acting during the show. It always makes me really upset when I see bad acting from my countrymen. Yuko Takeuchi is doing well so far on Flash Forward. They should have gave the Dogen role to Takeshi. But for the time being I'm going to hope he watches all the previous episodes and realizes what he has done. You can't suddenly drop quality like that.....

Ossan america's little info on Sanada upsets me even more. 5 Academy awards for Tasogare Seibei? I remember fast forwarding through that movie feeling seriously robbed.

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Posted in: Do you support Sea Shepherd's tactics against Japanese whalers? See in context

Such a great show. I think it's about time to show what the whales are used for. Show us what good comes out of the research, and how many whales are needed. Or I can't help rooting for Japan like it's the World cup.

Nisshinmaru should start throwing bottles of Natto at the Steve Irwin. (Not dangerous) We need to see the whalers fight back. It's already a pretty good war, but somethings missing.

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Posted in: Kyushu sex worker tries to drown 5-year-old son in bathtub See in context

The boy is 5. He will remember every bit of it. Poor kid...

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Posted in: The Tiger Woods brand will bounce back See in context

If you have enough money you can do anything you want. Hopefully he doesn't end up like Tyson. Anyway I'm still a fan of both of them.

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Posted in: Rumors circulate that Sawajiri will do nude photo shoot See in context

She should have been more humble. Her career would've lasted longer.

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Posted in: Yukie Nakama's new TV drama suffers low rating See in context

Too bad we're all wondering about who's fighting who.

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Posted in: Mona Yamamoto sighted at Midtown park with new man See in context

Anybody who can go out with her kind get's my respect. You just wonder WHY?!

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