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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to S Korea slashed while giving lecture See in context

Papi2013Mar. 05, 2015 - 12:59PM JST The Japanese media and news is picking this up in a HUGE way currently, making this into a top story at this hour.

It's being picked up in a "HUGE way" around the world. At this hour it's the top news story at the BBC and the Daily Mail. Yep. They're really playing up the "anti-Korean hysterics and state sanctioned propaganda" around the world. Slashing the neck of an American ambassador, how newsworthy can that be? We should all just forget about this incident and drop it down the memory hole, like the murder of Durham White Stevens.

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

I don't know why this hasn't been deleted as off-topic. The moderator must be asleep on the job. You must be referring to the "Mongol" invasions of 1274 and 1281 - which Japan went some way towards provoking by beheading the Mongol emissaries.

The invading army was Chinese and the emissaries were beheaded in 1275 after the Chinese had already killed thousands of Japanese on Tsushima, Iki and sacked Hakata.

Initial study of the artifacts has revealed new information about the khan's forces. Only one percent of the finds can be attributed to a Mongolian origin; the rest are Chinese. The Mongol invasion was Mongol only in name and in the allegiance of the invading sailors and troops.

See http://archive.archaeology.org/0301/etc/kamikaze.html

And that war never ended. It's still continuing today. An no amount of apologizing to China is going to change the current geopolitical situation. Would an apology from Japan have stopped the Chinese from attacking Damansky Island in 1969? Will apologies from Japan result in the Chinese leaving East Turkestan and Tibet?

Take a look at a map of Communist China today. Does it look more like the map of China under the Yuan Dynasty or the Song Dynasty? Hint: It looks more like the map of the country that invaded Japan in 1274 and again in 1281. Apologies won't alter the geography of Asia and it sure isn't going to stop China from its drive to take the western half of the Pacific ocean.

After all, Admiral Timothy Keating, then US Pacific Commander, recalled in 2009 that a high-ranking Chinese naval officer had once suggested to him that the US and China divide the Pacific Ocean between them, with China responsible for keeping the peace west of Hawaii and the US east of Hawaii.

If it looks like the Yuan dynasty and acts like the Yuan dynasty, then maybe it should be treated like the Yuan dynasty.

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

If the Chinese want to keep digging up the past, they should dig back even further to where it all started. China started the war in 1274 and the conflict has never been resolved. There's never been an apology or peace treaty or anything. The war never ended. In fact the conflict is still ongoing. The geography hasn't changed and neither has the politics. The Chinese want to accomplish today what they couldn't accomplish during the Yuan dynasty, namely the destruction of Japan. Let the Chinese apologize first and prove that they aren't trying pull a Yuan dynasty 2.0 by pulling out of Tibet and East Turkestan. History shows, the only thing China respects is force, not apologies. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest protesters in main camp See in context

Now that the elections in Taiwan are over it's back to business as usual. Xi Jinping had refrained from cracking down on the protestors during the elections, but with the pro China party in Taiwan ousted from power there's no reason anymore to play nice. The only thing China respects is force and that is what it will use. It doesn't matter if they're Hong Kong protestors or Taiwanese.

"The Taiwan issue will not remain unresolved for a long time. We will not abandon the possibility of using force; according to the law, it is also an option to resolve the issue by military means if necessary," said Liu, a former president of the influential Chinese Academy of Military Sciences.

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

When are the Chinese going to apologize for the invasion of Tsushima, Iki and Hakata? Last time I checked they've never apologized for killing thousands of Japanese during that invasion let alone paying any kind of compensation. I say 1274, never forget. And to top it off, the Chinese are trying to repeat what they did during the Yuan dynasty.

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Posted in: Pyeongchang Games could include events in Japan See in context

Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics organizers and two international federations are discussing the possibility of moving some sliding competitions from the South Korean city to Japan, sources within the Olympic movement said on Saturday.

The only question that needs to be asked is: Is it good for Japan? No. Japan has more important things to worry about like the 2020 summer Olympics. If South Korea can't pay for the winter games, that's their problem. Maybe they could free up some funds from their lunar exploration program seeing as how they don't have enough money for that project either.

Korea's ambitious plans to launch a lunar probe in the year 2020 may have to wait a little longer. Why? Because the parliamentary budget committee failed to reflect some 40 million dollars that was supposed to be funneled into the first stages of a moon exploration project in next year's budget. So the plan to launch a test orbiter in 2017 and land a home-grown probe on the moon in 2020 are almost certain to be postponed. It's estimated that more than 600 million dollars will be needed to fund the entire lunar project.

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Posted in: Gov't issues nationwide influenza epidemic alert See in context

According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases, as of Nov 30, the national average number of infected influenza patients at medical centers across Japan reached 1.90 persons, which qualifies as an epidemic level...

Now would be a good time to begin the distribution of favipiravir. What's the point of "stockpiling [favipiravir] against influenza pandemics" if you never use it?

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Posted in: Kenya arrests 77 Chinese in Internet hacking case See in context

Fred Matiang'l, an official in Kenya's ministry of information, communications and technology, told the Daily Nation that China has promised to send investigators to Kenya to work on the case.

LOL. No doubt with briefcases full of cash... There's nothing like a little "Chinese money" to help with the "investigation." Kenya ranks in at 145 out of 174 countries in this year's Corruption Perception Index. China isn't much better at 100. I doubt we'll be hearing any more about this incident once the so called Chinese "investigators" arrive.

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

This sort of thing happens all the time in China. It only became international news because companies like McDonald's and KFC were involved. If you think using expired meat is bad, look up gutter oil.

Gutter oil is a term used in China to describe illicit cooking oil which has been recycled from waste oil collected from sources such as restaurant fryers, sewer drains, grease traps and slaughterhouse waste.

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Posted in: Japan may be first foreign destination for new Indian PM Modi See in context

When you have this:

Analysts point out that, as well as their economic interests, India and Japan are natural allies; both have spiky relationships and long-running territorial disputes with China, whose increasing military confidence is causing disquiet in Asia and beyond.

It follows that you'll have this:

Senior officials from India, Japan and US will hold a trilateral meeting on June 23-24 in New Delhi to work on common approaches to Asian issues.

Which would very likely result in this:

Japan could be the first foreign destination for new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japanese media reported Friday, suggesting the trip could happen as early as this month.

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

Another fine example of China's "peaceful" rise.

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Posted in: 31 dead, scores wounded in attack in China's Xinjiang See in context

When the Chinese get out of East Turkestan, the attacks will stop. The same thing happened in Algeria with the French. What is happening now is right out of Mao's playbook. "A guerrilla", according to Mao Zedong, "can always sink back into the peaceful population which is the sea in which the guerrilla swims like a fish." The Chinese response will be to crack down harder on the Uighurs which will simply create more people willing to carry out attacks like the one today. The only way to end the cycle is for the Chinese to return East Turkestan to the Uighur people.

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Posted in: India's Modi quick on Twitter diplomacy; no mention of U.S. See in context

The article needs to be revised. Modi just talked to Obama and has announced it on Twitter. The title of the article should be changed to: India's Modi quick on Twitter diplomacy; no mention of China

A significant non-mention on the Modi-Twitter diplomacy list is Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who incidentally had called the BJP leader after his electoral success. Nor has Modi mentioned China, or Bangladesh in his any of his tweets, which is crucial given that both have important strategic relations with India.

See http://www.firstpost.com/world/modi-reaches-out-to-world-leaders-on-twitter-ignores-pakistan-1533361.html

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Posted in: U.S. files first charges on hacking, infuriating China See in context

The US government should seize China's assets, sell them and use the proceeds to compensate the affected companies.

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Posted in: Japan to establish military outposts on remote islands See in context

Up to 350 troops each could be stationed on three islands in the far southwest, close to the Senkakus,

It's not a question of if China attacks but when. Just look at what the Chinese did at Damansky Island . As David Archibald states:

The Yaeyama Islands would provide plenty of basing opportunities and have the benefit of enveloping Taiwan, significantly reducing the amount of military effort required to subjugate that island nation.

A Chinese plan for seizing the Yaeyama Islands would likely involve staging naval exercises southeast of Taiwan and from that postion attacking the Yaeyamas from the south. This would be combined with swarming of fast missile attack boats from the mainland to the northwest. The first stage of the attack would involve Chinese special forces seizing the four airfields in the Yaeyamas, denying them to the Japanese and making the defence of the Chinese positions much easier. The Japanese may get only as little as half an hour's warning of the Chinese attack. The Chinese may be able to concentrate 40 capital ships and 40 fast attack missile boats in the Yaeyama Islands overnight. China would rush reinforcements into the airfields that it was able to capture intact. Japan would then be in a difficult position of trying to recapture the islands with a traditional opposed landing.

If Japan wants to avoid this scenario, it had better have enough troops on these islands to deter the Chinese from attacking in the first place.

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Posted in: China, S Korea lash out at Japan foreign relations report See in context

The same countries that attacked Japan in 1274 continue to "lash out" at Japan. What's happening now is nothing more than Yuan Dynasty 2.0.

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Posted in: Tokushima City wages war on toilet paper bandits as 900 rolls go missing from public restrooms See in context

Put RFID tags into the toilet paper roll tubes.

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Posted in: Italy picks up 4,000 migrants at sea in 4 days See in context

This is only going to get worse. According to population growth studies, Africa will have a population of 4 billion people by the year 2100. That's quadruple the current population. Less than 90 years from now Italy could be looking at a situation where they're picking up 16,000 people or more every 48 hours.

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Posted in: Japan to halve tuna catch in northern Pacific See in context

bluesea67 said: No other poorer nations will catch more and sell to Japan.

Poorer nations? Try Australia.

Australia's Southern Bluefin Tuna quota has been increased for the next four years. ... The 2014 quota for Australia will be just over 5,000 tonnes, an increase of 500 tonnes over last year.


The commission agreed to a 20 per cent increase to the quota over the next two years, lifting it to 5665 tonnes - the highest catch limit since 1989.

The increase comes on top of a 32 per cent lift to the quota for the 2011 to 2013 catch.

Port Lincoln fisherman Marcus Stehr, 48, welcomed the increase in the fishing quota, saying there was no question tuna stocks were thriving.


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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

Two years ago, one Uighur made a donation of ~$1000 to a member of a fringe political party in Japan.

That "one Uighur" was the head of the WUC. You also missed the part about the WUC meeting being held in Japan. The Uighurs that "coudn't give a damn about Japan" decided to hold their meeting in Japan.

The World Uyghur Congress began its general assembly Monday in Tokyo, with some 120 representatives from the ethnic group's communities in more than 10 countries participating.

China's propaganda failed with the Uighurs and it failed with its neighbors. The fact is, you only need to see the arms race going on right now in Asia to realize that no one buys China's propaganda.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

The Uighurs couldn't give a damn about Japan, and most Japanese don't even know what a Uighur is.

Wrong. It seems you know very little about the Uighurs. Take Rebiya Kadeer, head of the World Uyghur Congress, for instance.

[Rebiya] Kadeer made a donation of 100,000 yen ($125) on Friday to Takeo Hiranuma, a member of parliament and the party representative of the Sunrise Party of Japan, after the meeting of the WUC assembly, and declared that she would help the Tokyo metropolitan government "buy" the [Senkaku] Islands.

Kadeer also asserted that she hoped "Japan or the world" could buy [East Tukestan].


As the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

They ware winning that propaganda war as well.

The Chinese aren't even winning the propaganda war inside East Turkestan. The Chinese are so reviled there that the Uighurs are willing to lay down their lives to strike back at them.

China is seen as the biggest threat to stability in Asia. The Australians released a paper in February pointing to China as the biggest threat to Australia. Indian opposition leader Narendra Modi told China to abandon its "expansionist attitude" while campaigning for the upcoming general election. The President of the Philippines likened China to Nazi Germany.

"At what point do you say 'Enough is enough?' Well the world has to say it -- remember that Sudentenland was given in an attempt to appease Hitler to prevent World War II," Benigno told the New York Times in an interview.

A court in Spain issued arrest warrants for China's former President Jiang Zemin and Prime Minister Li Peng, charging them with "genocide, torture and crimes against humanity." And on and on it goes...

But the Chinese will still have you believe they are"winning" the propaganda war.

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Posted in: Nakamoto denies he's bitcoin creator See in context

Leave the man alone.

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Posted in: U.S. defends Japan against China's plutonium criticism See in context

Japan agrees to return 300 kg of plutonium to the US and China suddenly throws a temper tantrum. Considering the way China has been doling out weapons grade nuclear material, it's China that needs to be stripped of its uranium and plutonium.

"China, a staunch ally of Pakistan's, provided blueprints for the bomb, as well as highly enriched uranium, tritium, scientists and key components for a nuclear weapons production complex, among other crucial tools. 'Without China's help, Pakistan's bomb would not exist' said Gary Milhollin, a leading expert on the spread of nuclear weapons."

Pakistan then helps North Korea on behalf of China.

In June 2002, the CIA delivered a comprehensive analysis of North Korea's nuclear ambitions to President Bush "that Pakistan, one of the Bush Administration's important allies in the war against terrorism, and chief recipient of Chinese nuclear technology, was helping North Korea build the bomb." Pakistan's "A.Q. Khan, is known to have paid at least 13 visits to North Korea."

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Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand See in context

There's one bit of good news. The family no longer has to worry about medical costs for the time being.

The Accident Compensation Corporation moved to clarify the situation on Wednesday, after the hospital said it would start a donation line to help support the girl, as she didn't qualify for state-funded care.

ACC says the girl is covered under a scheme that looks after overseas visitors injured in New Zealand and it will cover the costs of all of her medical care including surgery. It said Sakurako may also be entitled to further funding down the track, depending on her injury-related needs.


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Posted in: China blames separatists for knife attack; 33 dead, 143 wounded See in context

technosphere said: Uighur separatists always make serious problems for Beijing.

That's because the Han Chinese are always making "serious problems" for the Uighurs. As long as the Han Chinese continue to occupy East Turkestan, there are going to be casualties on both sides.

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Posted in: China worried by Japan arms exports ban revision See in context

"We hope that Japan can really learn the lessons of history, respect and face up to the legitimate and reasonable security concerns of its Asian neighbors and ... take real steps to promote regional peace and stability."

Japan is addressing the "legitimate and reasonable security concerns of its Asian neighbors", namely Vietnam, the Philippines and India, by revising its export ban on weapons. The better armed China's neighbors are, the more peaceful and stable the region will be. It's called the balance of power.

At the core of the balance of power theory is the idea that national security is enhanced when military capabilities are distributed so that no one state is strong enough to dominate all others.

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Posted in: Romanian youth says he didn't mean to kill Japanese woman See in context

couversaka said: Romanian people seem to hate the Japanese for some reason.

This is ridiculous. The so called "Romanian", Vlad Nicolae, was a Roma/Gypsy. If anything, the murder of Yurika Masuno increased anti-Roma sentiment in Romania.

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Posted in: 'Game-changing' Japan stem-cell study questioned See in context

Frungy said: It is just a sign that the research is a promising start in a new direction... but not the game changer the media made it out to be.

The real game changer happened when Shinya Yamanaka discovered iPS cells in 2006. STAP cells are interesting but not all that 'game changing' in light of Yamanaka's Nobel Prize winning discovery.

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Posted in: 'Game-changing' Japan stem-cell study questioned See in context

igloobuyer said: Indeed, or perhaps you mean a 'Shinichi Fujimura' since Hwang Woo-suk is Korean not Japanese.

Not at all. Hwang conducted research on stem cells just like Obokata.

In February 2004, Hwang and his team announced that they had successfully created an embryonic stem cell with the somatic cell nuclear transfer method, and published their paper in the March 12 issue of Science.

Hwang published his findings in Science, Obokata in Nature. Hwang claimed he created pluripotent cells just like Obokata. Hwang worked with US researcher Gerald Schatten, Obokata with Charles Vacanti.

And the issues that cropped up are almost identical to what is happening now. There were issues with duplicated photographs. There were issues with not being able to replicate Hwang's work.

It just remains to be seen whether it ends the same way although I see nothing to suggest at this stage that it will. We'll know more when Obokata releases the exact protocol she used.

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