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Posted in: Filmmaker tries to rebut dolphin hunt documentary 'Cove' See in context

Oh yeah! Gonna buy a camera (no tripod) and get me some of that old time, Nationalist money.

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Posted in: China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation See in context

The moment China stops talking is when the world should start worrying.

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Posted in: Abe mocked on Twitter over use of props to explain security bills See in context

I think many here are over estimating the intelligence of the general public.

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Posted in: Japan demands China halt oil exploration in part of East China Sea See in context

"Stop oil exploration now or, so help me, we WILL build another Toyota factory in your country."

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Posted in: Abe says Olympic stadium to start from scratch; Rugby World Cup misses out See in context

Japan and the Olympics were made for each other: Old men, corruption, nationalism and lies.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines to deepen ties as China asserts sea claims See in context

China: bringing the world closer together.

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Posted in: Japan CPI weak at 0.6%; jobless rate drops to 18-year low See in context

Those part-time, 800 (gutted) yen an hour jobs aren't loosening the purse strings? Go figure.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief says U.S. flights over South China Sea will go on See in context

Countries really need to reconsider doing business with China. Will it be economically painful? Yes, of course it will. But how do we think an all out war with China will affect the global economy? We need to quit enabling this country, yesterday. But with most of the world running on pure greed and short-sighted monetary morality, I just don't think it will happen.

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Posted in: Abe eyes new action plan to boost tourism to Japan See in context

Japan is a nice place to live. But I wouldn't want to visit.

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Posted in: Oita mayor says no name change for Charlotte the monkey See in context

Much ado about nothing.

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

Really, most people these days are just too busy worrying about themselves.

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Posted in: Japan to increase investment in Asian infrastructure See in context

How did that Beatles song go? "Can't buy me love." Come on Aso, you know the words ... or soon will.

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Posted in: Abe offers 'eternal condolences' for Americans killed in WWII See in context

How long until Abe forms a committee to review his own speech? I'm betting next Thursday by the latest.

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Posted in: Abe hails Japanese Holocaust hero Sugihara See in context

The story of Sugihara should be known and told ... by anyone other than Abe and his revisionist / neo-fascist ilk. Quite frankly Abe and the LDP have much more in common with the government of that time than the heroes.

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

She seems quite young for the casting couch the stands between her and AKB48 "fame". The family should really do their homework before signing on the final dotted line.

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

What is the going rate for an average Japanese childhood?

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Posted in: Laughalong See in context

Ahh, the TPP negotiations: who said vaudeville was dead?

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Posted in: Gov't discusses ways to keep streets, sidewalks cool during 2020 Olympics See in context

Well, ripping up one of the few remaining greens spaces in Tokyo to build yet another stadium is probably not going to help the cause much.

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

Marriage: it's the small things.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Beijing against destabilizing South China Sea See in context

Ah, the poor West, living in the 21st century all alone while China and Russia play it old school and get exactly what they want.

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Posted in: LDP wants 20% nuclear power in energy mix See in context

Why can't these fossils get their corrupt fingers into the solar/wind/geothermal industries and get their kickbacks that way?

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Posted in: More than 890,000 new graduates start work See in context

Resistance is futile.

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Posted in: Japan makes a start on sharing lessons from nuclear crisis See in context

I can truly think of no other country that learned less from the nuclear crisis than Japan itself.

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Posted in: Major firms heed Abe's call to raise wages See in context

Devalued currency, decimated savings, tax increases and a lifetime guarantee of part-time/temporary/low wage employment. "But hey, here is a 1.4% raise so you can call someone who cares."

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Posted in: Japan eyes MI6-style spy agency See in context

Oh, the laughs we will have.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to lower voting age to 18 See in context

So basically a bunch of young people are going to vote for a bunch of old people.

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Posted in: Abe faces questions over improper political donations See in context

I'm sure the ever vigilant and ferociously independent Japanese press will not rest until the truth has been found and reported to the equally vigilant and concerned populace. nods

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Posted in: Abe pledges to carry out sweeping reforms See in context

Ohhh! An entire bushel of poppycock, and just in time for the weekend!

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Posted in: Prayers for hostages See in context

Religion isn't going to kill the hostage. Religion isn't going to save them.

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Posted in: Genetically altered rice could solve Japan’s pollen allergy problem See in context

Like any of this would actually happen. Progress + Japanese agriculture = an eye roll at best.

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