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HowardStern comments

Posted in: Karate kid: From childhood fight to entrepreneur See in context

We used to get our motorbikes fixed at the same shop many years ago and would often chat about this and that. A real down to earth nice guy with a friendly personality. Wishing you continued success Nicholas.

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Posted in: Japan clobbered by weak inflation, business confidence See in context

Wrong, in a democracy, an election is a mandate for whoever wins.

Yes but this is Japan where the LDP has held power for 61 of the past 66 years. It´s hardly a democracy here and this is no secret to anyone.

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Posted in: Singapore bank suspends loans for London properties after Brexit See in context

OR... Brits who have been priced out of the market for so long will finally get a chance to buy in.

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Posted in: Post-G-7 yen gains halt dollar rally See in context

Sell em if you gottem.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn infant found in park toilet See in context

It's sad that she engaged in behavior that resulted in an unwanted child, disregarding the potential consequences of her actions It's sad that she ended a defenseless human life because it was inconvenient for her

What boorish comments.

first: she was just as likely raped second: it was just as likely to be still born. third: see #2

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Posted in: Abe hails new trade era; hopes China will join pact See in context

Stop calling this a "free trade" agreement. It is not. There are tariffs abound. It is a "trade agreement" only.

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Posted in: Abe unveils 3 new arrows for reviving economy See in context

Its all headed towards the cliff, I care but my wife.....oblivious, makes life a REAL challenge, we don't have kids, I really FEEL for those that do have kids, the future is getting bleaker by the day!

My kids are what keep me sane and happy and give me joy to live everyday. I know not of this cliff you speak of.

Your wife sounds like she gets it just fine, but you... you sound like you are in pain. I feel for you...

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

For those calling for a referendum, surely their chance was the previous elections where Abe clearly had this on his platform? No democracy is perfect, however to suggest the Japanese havent had their chance to rid themselves of Abe and his policies is laughable. Is it not possible that the majority of Japanese are actually in favor of this?

It's not over yet. The lawyers have to battle it out before the supreme court. However as pointed out earlier:

Every nation gets the government it deserves. -Joseph de Maistre

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Posted in: Girl stabs stepmother for hiding her smartphone See in context

Stabbing is never the answer HOWEVER stepmom should not have taken the phone.

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Posted in: Crowd control See in context

This is a democracy?

The sooner you realize that "democracy" is merely a facade term (not just in Japan) and not real, the sooner you will be joining the protesters (be it here in Japan or overseas).

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Posted in: Wearable tech market bursting at the seams: survey See in context

Think about it - how many people do you know wear an iwatch? It is a flop for Apple yet their media machine is trying everything it can to convince you it is not.

"Smart" investors have shorted the stock.

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Posted in: Apple Music aims to strike modern lifestyle chord See in context

Time to short Apple stock.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro invites you into her world with interactive music video See in context

On her last album she was declared the "Queen of Japanese Hip Hop"

True story.

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Posted in: Canada risks being sidelined in Pacific trade deal: USDA head See in context

For an easy to absorb perspective of the TPP watch former Minister of Labor Robert Reich's video linked below. Lest anyone in Japan think all of the USA are in support of TPP. It seems the only people supporting and pushing the TPP are the higher ups in government and big corporations. I have not met one citizen form any country who supports it.


I can see why there is a "fast track" to push this.

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Posted in: Drone may have been on roof of PM's office for days See in context

Creating a breach like this allows them to create regulations. Wag the dog...

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. seek compromise on rice, auto trade See in context

Lest you think all Americans are in to the TPP.

The story of the TPP explained in 2 minutes here:


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Posted in: Okinawa governor orders halt to work related to U.S. base relocation See in context

I would agree the "democracy" mentioned does not seem describe the current situation with the central government -- but how does one make a change? There are times when it is important to act against those in power and the Okinawa issue(s) is one of these times. When issues are racist, or persecute the powerless or endanger to the world what do you do. Standby? Gov. Onaga is doing what he was elected to do.

The only alternative is that the people "get what they deserve".This holds true across Nations.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor orders halt to work related to U.S. base relocation See in context

We are not in the days of feudal Europe and Tokugawa Japan where the rulers do not listen to the people. It is the other way around in a democracy.

You either misunderstand the term "democracy" or misapply the term wrt Japan.

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Posted in: JOC officials 'astonished' by Tomita's theft denial See in context

From the media reports he appears to be guilty but Id like to see the video evidence before passing judgement. Admitting guilt to get himself back in Japan is reasonable (not saying i agree with it, but it is believable).

If, as has been reported, the video evidence is not clear enough to identify him, and assuming he has an "exemplary" past, surely he has a good chance to beat this? He has nothing to lose in defending himself.

Show me the video!!

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Posted in: Tsunami evacuees caught in Y3 tril money trap See in context

Makoto Kitamura, the deputy director general of the Reconstruction Agency, says local government spending of reconstruction money has been accelerating. The pace of the construction projects has also been picking up, he told Reuters, sitting in his office in Tokyo. So it is not something you should worry about.

Such arrogance.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits, kills 5-year-old boy on crossing See in context

Really? Because I think that if you look up the word, it means something slightly different,

Speaking of ridiculous...

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear restart may be delayed until 2015 See in context

The long-awaited restart of Japans nuclear power plants

I dont understand where "long-awaited" comes from? Biased reporting.

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Posted in: 116 cases of babies falling from baby slings reported See in context

Pressured to be the all perfect mother, whilst also being able to multi-task a job, a household and whatever else (judgmental, dictator) society wants to throw at them.

How silly.

What are you talking about? I know very few Japanese mothers (of infants) who have to multi-task to that extent. Especially not the job part.

plus 1

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Posted in: Scientist predicts another major earthquake in Japan by 2017 See in context

Living with the possibility of the next "big one" is and has been a way of life for years. Nothing new here.

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Posted in: Fans greet Neymar See in context

Never heard of him before the WC. Now I know all about him. I hope he milks his fame for as long as he can, hangs on to his riches until the day he dies and continues to appear to be an all-round nice guy.

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Posted in: No fear for confident Nishikori against stars See in context

For me, I dont feel any fear to play them any more after beating them a couple times.

To give this Kei-love-affair article perspective, Kei has a career 15-29 record vs top 10 players/ Since July 2013 he has a slightly better (yet still losing) record vs top 10 players at 6-9. Finally in his last 10 matches vs top 10 players he has a 5-5 record. Kei has a long long way to go. Clearly the arrival of Chang has helped but I doubt he ever gets a sniff at a Major final.

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Posted in: Tokyo seeks repeat of Olympic legacy bonanza from 2020 Games See in context

If things get worse in Fukushima is there a chance Tokyo could lose the Olympics?

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Posted in: Angry Bitcoin investors demand answers at Tokyo creditors' meeting See in context

the only thing that gives these value is people's belief that they have value.

It's tough to argue against this.

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Posted in: Apple profit climbs along with iPhone sales See in context

Our record June quarter revenue was fueled by strong sales of iPhone and Mac

Because sooo many people are buying iphones now. All of the data you are reading in this "news story" is provided by Apple. Reminds me of the nuclear watchdog giving the "OK" to restart reactors.

Best of luck to Apple but come on people, were smarter than this.

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Posted in: Japanese firms near crisis point as labor shortage deepens See in context

Jolted out of two decades of deflation by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s reforms,

Can you guess whom the author supports politically?

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