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Coming back here this year after living overseas, it has been almost impossible to adjust back to what it was.

Why so many young people here are leaving here? The bottom line is this. This is one of the far-east Asian island influenced by the eastern iodides. With knowing that the patience and the love are needed, probably putting some distance between them may work sometimes as to protect your identity as an individual.

Is this article justifying 'Karoshi'? Being a hard work may be a good thing. But if people are here to find self-worth and identity in works they do, it is a problem. Here has a culture that is like 'All people must work hard' It binds and chain people. It is a psychological abuse.

No-one is perfect and there is limits for what we can do and be. Some countries are corrupt in humanity while Japan seems to strive by solo human-power and ego to exceed what human can do and be. It is way too much on people. One day, Japan may bun out and corrupt.

Japan seems like pushing toward higher level of English education. It wants outsource from outside given the fact that so may young people are moving overseas. It seems like they have a blind spot. 'Language, culture and how people think' are very closely intertwined together. When you are bi-lingual, you have two different sets of culture and thoughts. You are juggling two balls. People's perception needs some changes. Here, if you are an English speaking Japanese, people think that you are an outsider or a rebel. Japanese culture is so different from the English/international one. If the governments want people to be fluent in English and be globlized, its culture also has to have international mindset and an international common sense.

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