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This is a really odd coincidence. About two weeks ago, I saw a horrible scene on the escalators at Akihabara.

A young salaryman running full speed and pulling a small wheeled suitcase - the kind you see everywhere - literally ran onto the down escalator knocking people over. He toppled head over heels to the bottom in a gruesome fall. His body was limp and motionless at the bottom as people cleared away. Blood and his shattered glasses were all over the bottom. I don't know what happened to him, but it was very bad. He must've hit his head/face right on the metal stairs. Why he ran so fast onto the escalator, with pull-bag banging down the steps and over people is beyond me. This was far more than the usual rushing commuter pushing past people. It happened around 4PM, so I don't think he was drunk. When I first saw this today, it looked exactly like the same escalator the guy fell down, but it was the escalator to the platform for Yamanote bound for Tokyo.

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