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Russian language is being used outside Russia, even become official language in Belarus, Kazakhsta and Kyrgyzstan. Even being used widely in other countries that not being used Russian as official language, like Ukraine has large population people that used Russian language.

In Ukraine's population russian language it's because For many centuries was total Russification and destruction of the Ukrainian nation. This is proof of the population census from 1863. And during the Holodomor to cover the Ukrainian genocide, Stalin Reviews the territory of Ukraine Russians.

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The President of the Ukraine himself said that this is much ado about nothing and that no invasion is imminent.

The only war happening is between the right and left on American TV.

Ukraine have war from 2014

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Posted in: Russia sees little optimism in U.S. response on Ukraine crisis See in context

EastmanToday  10:26 am JST

lets keep talk

USA with Russia/abt expansion of NATO eastward and russian security and national interests/

Kiev gov with people of Lugansk and Donetsk/never happened since 2014 and conflict goes on unsolved

It russian lie, and you russian bot. From 2014 Ukraine have war with russia. There is a lot of evidence.

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Posted in: Ukraine envoy wants Japan to do more to ease tensions See in context

Japan can block russian money, and stopped investing in russian. Do not buy products from russia.

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