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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan boost data-sharing in response to N Korean threat See in context

It looks like quite a few people regard China as the closest and most influential nation of NK. But I think this idea seems to stand in the way of solving the continued NK issue. In my mind, NK acts on behalf of Chinese military policy, in return, China supports the unimaginable hereditary tyranny in NK. I think, without Chinese support, it won't be possible. Of course, China has condemned the test as well. However, it just looks like a gesture to avoid global criticism. Basically, there should have been at least several times of hunger riots in NK.

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Posted in: Japan announces new sanctions against North Korea See in context

Why do China & NK continuously provoke their neighbouring countries ? In my view, it came from Chinese yuan depreciation and the huge trade deficit of U.S in the past. Facing strong criticism from America, China seemed to opt for comperitive armaments to benefit American armaments industries in a bid to compensate for the U.S loss. Laetly, I've seen a title from bloomberg. Yuan Seen Needing Bigger Depreciation for China to Reap Benefits.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks close down 0.32% See in context

I hear ECB is hesitant to step up and ease euro debt woes because of inflation risk.

In times of recession or stagnation, however, I see the happening of it might be improbable.

For example, as we are well aware, the U.S constantly prints money, inflation has not occurred yet.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks close at eight-week low See in context

I agree that it's the only way that E.C.B steps in and stems break-up of euro bloc.

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Posted in: Rare quake rattles eastern U.S. seaboard See in context

American nuke industry touts its safety, but maybe we should be humble before the greatest nature, and reap the benefit from the overwhelming power.

We've heard that Virginia nuclear plant shut down by quake.

Dominion spokesman Jim Norvelle said the plant was designed to withstand an earthquake of up to 6.2 in magnitude.

Based on its 5.8 magnitude rating, the quake was almost 10,000 times weaker than Japan's quake in March.

The plant, however, lost power and automatically halted operations after the quake.

While he reported no "major" damage to the facility, three diesel generators were required to kick in and keep the reactors' radioactive cores cool. A fourth diesel unit failed

Nuclear power plants can operate safely on back-up power, failure of generators was a key reason for the disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant after a 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami in March

God Bless !

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Posted in: M6.8 quake jolts Fukushima, Miyagi prefectures See in context

I rest assured that there were no reports of injuries or damages.

Given this jolt, it is so good to hear that Japan at long last chooses to walk the safest, yet fastest way, the renewable energy, plus, according to a road map released July 19 by the Japanese government and TEPCO, reactors at the plant will be brought to a stable state known as cold shutdown by January at the latest.

I admire the Japanese resilience, God bless Japan !

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

@SamuraiBlue !

I'm just one of the proponents for renewable energy, not an engineering expert, and so I have no deep knowledge of engineering, literally accept updates.

But I've never seen a hyperbole for Japanese newest innovations on the web.

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

@SamuraiBlue !

" The wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine either."

a. Sumitomo Electric Industries succeeded in developing a molten-salt battery that’s supposedly 90% cheaper to produce than lithium-ion batteries. The rechargeable battery is said to have twice the energy density of a typical lithium ion battery. Sumitomo expects the new battery to be priced at about $240 per kWh, about 10% of the price of made-in-Japan lithium-ion batteries.

b. That might be why countries are spending tens or hundreds of billions of dollars on the smart grid.

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

@SamuraiBlue !

"The present energy policy whether it be solar, wind or nuclear around the world is based on centralized power generation, but this method has a inherent loss through transmission of 50~60% depending on distance and transmission voltage, meaning we lose half of the energy generated at the source"

Sumitomo Electric Develops Superconductive Cable With 50% More Efficiency (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg reports that Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. has developed wiring able conduct approximately 50 percent or about 1.5x more electrical current capacity than existing superconductive cables. The company says its bismuth-based high-temperature superconductors can transmit 200 times the electrical current of copper cables when cooled with liquid nitrogen, resulting in less wiring being needed to transmit power. The technology will allow for more efficient connections with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, says Sumitomo.

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

Connie Hedegaard, the EU climate change commissioner, said declining cost of offshore wind energy makes it genuine alternative to crisis-hit nuclear industry.

She added: "Some people tend to believe that nuclear is very, very cheap, but offshore wind is cheaper than nuclear. People should believe that this is very, very cheap."

Offshore wind energy has long been seen as an expensive way of generating power, costing about two to three times more than erecting turbines on land, but the expense is likely to come down, while the costs of nuclear energy are opaque, according to analysis by the European commission.

Also, according to a new study by two researchers at Duke University, the Holy Grail of the solar industry — reaching grid parity — may no longer be a distant dream, Solar may have already reached that point, at least when compared to nuclear power.

If you refer to the cost curve seen on the webpage, entitled "Study: Solar power is cheaper than nuclear", you might easily come to the conclusion that the nuclear power is not an option. (costs for building new nuclear power plants have ballooned, plus, they are about to become even more expensive as new designs require ever more stringent safety features.)

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Posted in: TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis See in context

@alladin !

a. I've never read a hyperbole about Japanese technology developments on the internet.

b. As we are all aware, the nitrogen injection is most likely to keep the hydrogen explosion away. And there might be some options available, just in case of hot weather condition, I guess.

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Posted in: TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis See in context

@alladin !

"the radiation levels at the plant will probably cause a lot more damage then what it is doing now"

I'd love to ask you to read again a MAINICHI webpage, headlined "Researchers develop technique to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated water".

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Posted in: TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis See in context

I can't help but value the fresh idea to put new, twice as efficient cooling systems as the old ones outside Fukushima reactor buildings, which is the most important part of stabilization.

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Posted in: Nuclear plants ordered to check outside power links See in context

As we know, researchers have developed technology to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated water, furthermore, the cleaned water can be recycled to cool down nuclear reactors.

Given, when the removal of tainted water from the trenches, basements and then fixing the cooling capability is complete, the constantly leaking water in the basements can be recycled to cool down nuclear reactors.

I think the breakthrough technology could virtually put break on this painful nuclear crisis.

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Posted in: M7.0 quake jolts eastern Japan; two killed See in context

As we are all aware, by default, every nation has pros and cons in geological nature, most of great civilizations arouse from resilient response to the seemingly insurmountable challenges.

From what I understand, that's why Japan has been at the forefront of the global economy thus far.

And shortly after the clean-up process of radioactive water is complete, the problem at the plant is expected to stabilize soon as plenty of advanced technologies available stand ready to mobilize.

There is no doubt in my mind the prepared technologies are set to win eventually, should my argument prove wrong, I'd stop posting on the web afterwards.

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Posted in: 4 killed, 141 injured after 7.4 quake hits Miyagi Pref, vicinity See in context

Too bad the tragedy happened again.

However, on a positive note,

a. Pretty clear to me the status of N-Plant entered a stable phase.

b. The radioactivity level in the seawater now should be far lower following temblor.

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Posted in: Shutdown talks yield no deal in U.S. as clock ticks See in context

I'm too tired of the rep's unceasing hostage taking, government shutdown this time around, aimed at pay for the previous hostage taking.

Are they listening people ? The vast majority of public back upgraded health care package, renewable policy, instead of roll-back of them.

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Posted in: Nice day See in context

Recently I've learned the Japanese love running.

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

Facing adversity with admirable fortitude, the Japanese have got worthy credits from all around and set the very example as to how best surmount the unfolding recession.

All we need is neither overreaction nor oblivion for this painful accident, probably it should be to turn such heart-rending incident into a spring board for a better energy future, as we can see BP is about to resume off-shore drilling.

At this point, the nuclear complex is on fast track to recovery, and will surely deliver great results sooner rather than later. Let's continue to pray for the workers' safety and take great care of disaster victims.

From the overwhelming quantity of donations, I'm quite sure the desperately-needed recovery is here to stay.

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Posted in: Absorbent yet to soak up radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

"The water in the pit is believed to have come from the No. 2 reactor core, where fuel rods have partially melted.""

Given, alongside the effort aimed to plug leak, it would be better off pumping out the radioactive water from the basement ASAP.

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Posted in: Libya rebels flee assault as world leaders say Gadhafi should go See in context

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya Protests, and the likes, share one thing in common.

It would boil down to unstoppable wave and movement of freedom.

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Posted in: Unsure future for city in shadow of nuclear plant See in context

I'm hoping and quite sure Japan is going to rise above this challenge like it did before.

As we've learned, the innovative cultures are the products of challenge, based on this, I'd suggest the crisis-hit area be the epicenter of promising renewable energy.

That'll present renewed hopes for the region, world, and the young ones ahead.

The Japanese are better known as those loving their country. Presently, I'm eagerly waiting for the affluent people to put a lot more in the "Future" energy.

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Posted in: Air raids force Gadhafi retreat, rebels seize east See in context

The artillery, tanks and snipers' onslaught against its own innocent civilians should be a big deal, unacceptable misbehavior.

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Posted in: Air raids force Gadhafi retreat, rebels seize east See in context

It needs to be noted that some critics suggest the motive behind this intervention comes downs to oil, but much fewer republicans in America get behind it.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

"Pressure readings still indicate no damage to the containment vessel."

Need look no more !

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Posted in: Japan looking to sell 'smart' cities to the world See in context

Home-networking :

As a home network or home area network (HAN) becomes widely available, more households are going to feel the clear differences in their utility bill along the way.

By using wireless technology & the setting of consumer's choice , energy-hungry appliances are able to handle electricity use automatically.

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Posted in: Berry fruit mix juice See in context

As is clear from the latest finding that Fruits, Veggies Help Ward Off Lung Cancer, I still think Fruits are instrumental to stem even a broader spectrum of cancers when vitamins and the other ingredients in them Are Mixed with Other Nutrition, if quite a few media cover it up in favor of livestock businesses,  noticeably in the U.S.

It might sounds outlandish, but the Vital Vitamins Mixed with Other Nutrition seem able to initiate us into the world of Vitalization, improving resistance to depression.

Plus, as we are all aware , taking a bath day-to day is best for improving resistance to depression as our body is also breathing.

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Posted in: Obama urges action on campaign finance bill See in context

Of the money, By the money, For the money, is getting a society nowhere near prosperity.

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Posted in: Chinese hold anti-Japan protests over boat dispute See in context

A Win-Win Deal :

There is a wide consensus that a renewable market is an optimal middle ground for both parties to join hands.

High-tech & a spacious market could supplement each other and move this partnership closer to recovery.

I've been waiting for this partnership to push the world for a global RES accord to make sure this planet gets around today's energy crisis. Supposedly, Investors might favor a specific goal over a differentiated one.

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Posted in: Toyota settles suit over high-profile crash in U.S. See in context

The Prius hybrid, which boasts 60/51 mpg (city/hwy), should be a formidable menace to the major competitions, whose mind is the tar, oil sand. One day, when Toyota was ready to roll out this amazing model, I chanced on an article where a reporter claimed the 50 mpg was just a hype.

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