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A. Apparently, the sustained attention of parents to their children could enable the kids to develop their talents and reach their fullest promise.

B. To the best of my knowledge, well-prepared educators are more likely to lead the session to a lively, two way communication. Given. schools might consider schoolchildren's satisfaction rating over class contents.

C. I for one vote for the policy in Finland to value educators with master's.

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Posted in: BOJ eases monetary grip; gov't to use Y920 bil for stimulus measures See in context

Even when BOJ's move is in the forecast, one can't call it timid. I'd say the outcome will tell everything.

And in my perspective, job creation holds a key to vibrant economy, consumer spending.

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My View : Fundamental Changes Can Ride Out Of This Great Recession Not That Easy

Unsustainable oil price & health care premium, disastrous swine flu pandemic, heartbreaking war waste, tight credit for small businesses and slow implementation of stimulus package ( roughly $155bn out of $787bn ) are straining labor market.

Health care reform & sustainable energy act in conjunction with stimulus package are all about economic recovery and work creation.

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I think energy market also needs competition between sustainable and conventional one to bend the cost curve, otherwise, the global economy stays flat for some time and is plummeting into another great depression as the international stimulus package can't last long.

In this economy, fuel price is hovering around $65 to $75 a barrel, which underscores the actual value might be much the same as $145 per barrel of the peak price. Last year, the petrol price jumped from about $60 to $145 per barrel in quite a short period.

My sense is that this great recession is ascribed to excessively higher price of petrol in recent years. This price spelled about high consumer prices and mortgage rates as a way to slow inflation, which wound up with crash in financial and construction markets. In an attempt to circumvent the censure of two petrol wars, the mainstream economists put focus on the both markets, and it delayed the urgent action on the long and long overdue contemporary energy needs.

As the deposit of fossil fuels has been depleting more than expected, and the population world-wide growing consistently, India and China have chased the costs of cheap labor, the U.S. has trailed the occupation, citing war on terror. Today, global economy seems to be driving along the fence of stimulus package near cliff, and EU is turning around decisively.

As a major driver, IT industry stalled and stranded in a game industry for the lack of 21st energy policy over the stretch of two wars needs to expand into the all but infinite energy, medical, and academic industry where the investors are eagerly waiting for policy-makers to act now, which I guess is why the far-reaching and long overdue health care and 21st energy bill have come into focus.

In brief, only technology and innovation can meet the challenge, and the world of science has potential enough to get past this turbulence and for all over the globe to go along in harmony. Recently, GM and Reva that achieved a fantastic innovation of "wireless electricity"/ "instant remote recharge" have joined hands to develop Electric Vehicles.

Thank You !!

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The commitment of Hatoyama administration seems to make a meaningful contribution to the policy direction of India & China. Earlier on, Japan as well as EU led on the bold deployment of global stimulus package that has lifted the world economy out of brink, today, both are steering the global economy in the right direction.

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