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Posted in: How come Japan's opposition parties can't mount a credible challenge to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner, the Komeito Party? See in context

I agree with Vince Black.

I think that the very simple reason why LDP and Koumeitou keep majority in Diet is that population decreased in Japan. LDP and Koumeitou relies on organized votes, which means that, if the the rate of voting is low, they won the election. In the past, when the rate of voting is high, LDP lose the election.

In 90's, LDP already lost the majority in Diet.

After that they tied with Komeitou (Soka gakkai cult group) and the crimes called gang stalking committed by yakuza and North Korea often happened.

The misery of current politics in Japan is that Japan is ruled by small group family business politicians and Soka gakkai. There is no democracy in Japan.

Soka gakkai consists of minorities including North Korea and yakuza.

Soka gakkai says that they are peaceful religious group and at the same time they are member of

current ruling political parties. It is against constitution. (There are many large scale apparent crimes in Japan,

for example, in Japan, gamble is banned, but pachinko (large scale casino owned by North Korea) is admitted by Police. Police regulates the randomness of pachinko. )

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