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Will this affect my business dealings with Japan?

Japan has to realize that China is the boss now. No more being the Sick Man of Asia. China can do what she wants, whenever she wants. China controls most of Japan's debt. China will also buy the debts of many European countries.

For 100 years it was the worst time to be Chinese. China's territories were being taken and there was nothing China to do about it except hold rallies. Which is what the Japanese are doing now. The tables have turned indeed.

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Neither Japan nor China have the best claims to the islands. The islands belong to Taiwan and Okinawa. It belongs to the indigenous peoples of these two places. The problem is mainlanders from China arrived in Taiwan and mainlanders from Japan arrived in Okinawa. Japan controls Okinawa and China claims Taiwan and the indigenous peoples get left with nothing.

My solution is to leave these islands alone - never drill for oil there. Keep the natural beauty.

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