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Thanks garymalmgren. Missed most of this today as I was busy watching the cricket.

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For those above who decry penalties - I think the comments by one commentator should settle the matter where he said, or words to the effect, " well that's one game on the field which is finished. No one won. Let's play a different game - lets see who can kick the most goals in penalties". I have never heard it said that this gives an unfair result; a result from the application of soccer skills.

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I have just spent 15 minutes reading of the problems being faced by the Japanese according to the writers, who mostly it seems are Japanese or permanent residents. The complaints, all, should be directed against the politicians and the economists appointed by them. According to all press reports and my previous years of experience in Japan ( not there now ) the government party, as all previous governments, are not at all popular - unsatisfactory to the extent of 64% (? ) of the population. And yet time after time just something like 30% of all eligible voters actually vote and even among those persons their selection of a candidate is forced upon them.

Until voters turn out and throw out those they know cannot efficiently govern the crises enumerated will continue. How to fix the issues can be forgotten until on next voting day each community stirs themselves enough to go to the voting booth.

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Posted in: Emergency drill 'assailant' on Japanese train goes viral for being too good at the job See in context

Thanks Capuchin, instructive.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

Monty, thanks for the info. What is the time length of the visa?

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Posted in: How Ukraine has defended itself against cyberattacks – lessons for U.S. See in context

A good news lesson.

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Posted in: Japan rules out withdrawal from joint Russia gas project See in context

The project is a very substantial one and to say that Japan, emphatically, must quit itself of it's interests ignores the effects and consequences of doing so. Shell can sell it's interest in the project ( subject to any shareholding agreements ) yet it appears that Shell Eastern Trading has the right to most of the produce at least for the next few years and therefore capable of continuing to earn profits. But we don't know really how the legalities and agreements affect the parties when one wishes to quit or seek changes. This is a most complicated and historical enterprise. Please be aware that Japan has some significant financial risks in this venture, apart from the loss of supplies which are covered by sale agreements and these are highlighted by Wikipedia - Sakhalin - 11 and quoted as " In June 2008 Sakhalin Energy signed Russia's largest project finance deal, securing a loan of US$5.3 billion from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and a consortium of international banks. Japan Bank for International Cooperation provided $3.7 billion of the funds.[22][23]

In October 2009 Sakhalin Energy secured an additional $1.4 billion in project financing, bringing the total Phase 2 project financing up to $6.7 billion. The additional debt was provided by a consortium of international commercial banks and insured by Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI), an Export Credit Agency owned by the Japanese government." As to whether this UpToDate news ( and Wikipedia doesn't do a bad job in this field ) is unknown but look and see that nothing in this Sakhalin episode is simple.

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To Eastman and others. My wife returns in a few days from Japan to Australia and I have sought and received assurances that - if the international arriving traveller has received a negative test prior to departure and is fully vaccinated the only requirement is to return directly to accommodation, or home, take a RAT test ( rapid antigen test ) and isolate until result of test is negative ( 15 minutes ). This so for Eastern States, Qld NSW and VIC. Western Australia and South Australia and Tasmania may have more onerous obligations. No sweat!

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"All you have to do is send an email to the address below with your full name, credit card number, and PIN."'

Am I missing something here? Hope there is more about security which is not evident from the article and not having read the Twitter material. The scam often starts this way, as you know, by the giving of vital information not subject to security. Would you provide number and pin as described? Sorry but I must be missing something. Please tell me if so?

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To follow all the preceding comments, without anything new, I agree with the tones, My wife, Japanese citizen, returns to from Australia to visit her family in a few weeks and is after a long absence looking forward to that. She has made all the 10-14 day hotel accommodation arrangements. She has been fully vaccinated. The news of new standards is met with hostility. My wife's regret is that probably no one in Kazumigaseki will read this and not wake up to reality.

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The real point of this difference is that Djokovic even refuses to indicate whether or not he has been inoculated as that "is a private affair".

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Posted in: U.S. college student learns the hard way to get your Japanese kanji tattoo checked by an expert See in context

Come on folk - help the lady. There are a few alternatives to adding two extra tattoos. For example 正邪 right and wrong, 邪恋 illicit love, 風邪 a cold. Just one more kanji might fit. I would like to see a few more- give a hand here.

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It was reported a day or two ago that Japan was sending (an) aircraft to Kabul to recover Japanese citizens. Other nations apart from USA and UK have now withdrawn their aircraft from Kabul. What is the news of Japan's intended effort?

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Posted in: Passenger killed after minivan fell into river may have been part of insurance fraud plan See in context

Conspiracy to commit fraud, even if not undertaken, is a crime

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 158 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 629 See in context

Could someone ( Aly R ? ) give me a brief rundown on the testing system in Japan. After many years in Japan I am out now, in Australia.

Persons with no symptons, with symptoms, where to get a test ?, free or not ? Differ by city and/or prefecture?

You may be aware our State governments plead with residents to get tested, free, so that the results are a fair indication of the virus in the community.

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Very important drills in view of the significant part that submarines will lay in any future conflicts. But for these drills one needs a submarine(s). Did any other country, presumably including Japan, also seeking exercises and drills provide that?

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For Magnet - "Active cases is a calculation based on total cases excluding persons recovered and lives lost, it does not mean that these cases are infectious. 417" not 1000. Please don't guess - fake news.

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The report above is perhaps not clear in it's description of the benefits being paid

. In part, "business" employees who have been stood down or dismissed as result of the convid virus effect on business receive $1550 per fortnight from the business, funded by a payment from the government. The object is to keep employees associated with their employer so that when conditions improve business staff will already on the books and available to work. Other persons, eg those not associated with a business and/or not employed receive a benefit, as a jobseeker payment, of $1115 per fortnight and a little more if there are dependants. Of course other social services are also available. The object of the government, as I hear it, is that all unemployed will receive some benefit during this difficult period.

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Posted in: Japan to revise criteria on symptoms for being tested for virus See in context

For comparison, up to date figures, 6th May 2020, Australia - tests 722549 deaths 97 cases positive 6896 recovered 6035. Population 25,000,000. In some states now anyone can ask and receive a test.

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Posted in: Oil-hungry Asian nations pounce on low prices to build stockpiles See in context

It has been recently reported Australia increased it's reserves through a purchase of a quite limited quantity of "oil' from the USA, such oil remaining in the USA. This was said to be taking advantage of the cheap prices at the moment. First, I am not an oil expert and I hope that we can have another comment from someone who knows more but --. Oil, hydrocarbons, crude and refined, do degrade, I'm told, particularly refined oils. Stored oils should be either sold and used or care and attention given to maintain their quality, A costly business including the facilities, tanks, land and necessary expensive apparatus. Australia says its storage facilities are filled now so until new facilities become available overseas "facilities" must be used to have the secure reserves. That admittedly not the best situation . However gogogo's statement is a simplistic view, in my opinion. Australia would not buy it's oil and put it in tanks. Australia has probably acquired an allotment of oil, a specified volume, not a specific tank of oil, and subject to conditions, from the USA stockpile reserves for a price. A good deal (?) for the USA and subject to those conditions no rents or carrying costs.

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Posted in: MUFG Bank to end over-the-counter int'l cash transfers to combat crime See in context

From years spent in Japan, now in Australia, I still have and enjoy the uses of an account with Sumitomo Mitsui. I regularly send money, in Yen, to my account ( for holidays etc ) and to family. I always use Transferwise. The costs and exchange rate are very fair, indeed cheap, and arrive in Japan on the next day. The remittance to my account goes in romanji and to family, in kana. Never a query from the two Japanese banks who collect the funds.

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Posted in: Rosetta Stone increases focus on Asia See in context

As for "better ways" - what's the best Kanji dictionary for IPad?

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Posted in: Japan's embassy in Kabul attacked in Taliban's 'spring offensive' See in context

It is a serious matter in guarding an embassy abroad particularly in a "war zone" like Kabul. The guards are usually armed members of the relevant defence force. Who guards the Japanese Embassy in Kabul considering Japans reluctance to post armed servicemen abroard?

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Just be patient. JAL/Jetstar will operate from late 2012 and there may then be competition. You can now buy a Jetstar return ticket from Narita to Manila Yen35,000 ( for some days ), time 5 hours

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Posted in: Woodford to sue Olympus, citing lack of investor support to get his job back See in context

To tokyokawasaki - why do you suppose this? The company is not ( or ought not ) be under the control of the past executives but rather the major shareholders who have real money to lose ( or in this case recover ). I doubt they are fools and have already shown their consideration of the situation by not appointing Woodford ( who has been obviously strongly endeavouring to have himself appointed to the top job - perhaps understandably). This is not the time for sentiment and we should wait and see who does get the job; I shall be most surprised if it goes to someone other than a real "heavy".

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Posted in: Woodford to sue Olympus, citing lack of investor support to get his job back See in context

Woodford did a good job in disclosing the situation. However restructuring the Group as well as dealing with the many issues now facing the company and it's ( genuine ) investors is not within the reported experience of Woodford. As much as the investors have appreciated the uncovering they now want a "heavy" ( legal and financial orientated executive ) to clean up. For this purpose Woodford is too close and too biased ( understandably ); I said this at the beginning of this reporting.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Olympus sets up panel to examine legality of deals See in context

As I read the posts there are no experts coming forward to give a clear guidnce as to the Japanese law on this situation and my contribution will add little, meaning almost nothing. But on the face of it there has been some evidence of transactions of such significant magnitude (and which even the company suggests need to examined) that to say they at least border on not being genuinely incurred expenditure. As to whether it is the FSA or it's branch being the Japanese SESC responsible to look at this it not clear. There are however many necessities in an investigation including without limitation, access to documents, calling of witnesses, orders to prevent disposal of evidence, requiring evidence under oath etc etc. Any evidence collected will be worthless in a subsequent civil or criminal proceeding. The committee appointed to investigate has no legal powers which might be accepted by a court, not even to require officers and excutives to ( even! ) talk. It has already been shown that the minutes of meetings, and of course only those which were created and still exist, and money movements just emphasise the problem and that is all the committee will see. What is the object of the committee - to confirm the transactions as being "reasonable" or to open up the company and executives to claims of "abuse". Just can't imagine the second. Best of luck.

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to Mexicano - Qantas is a privately owned company and is well run and one of the few airline companies in the world which paying it's way, domestically. There is no argument that it pays it's employees and pilots better than most. But it competes with airlines from "everywhere" when it comes to international business and those airlines are invariably govt. owned or fully supported by a foreign government - and those foreign airlines run from much cheaper centres than Australia. Qantas has been screwed for months and months by unreasonable unions ( described by the court as such ) and affected by strikes in customs and immigration staff. So what should Qantas do but say enough is enough and stop. As the news reports, this withdrawal to the court for support was the right course to take. There will be those passengers who complain ( fairly so ) but the blame shouldn't be with Qantas but with "you know who". If you have "travelled", meaning if you have been around for a few years, you will know that there are more often complaints with other airlines than Qantas. Try to find a perfect airline in the difficult business today and you will find Qantas on a higher level than most.

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The advertisement depicts Japanese characters. 3 weeks ago I checked the Sony ereader at BIC Camera and had it confirmed that the then reader was limited to one language format, English; that is roman characters. With the new Sony can I now download Japanese? Can anyone tell me whether the new ereader Kindle can also now handle Japanese?

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Posted in: 6 Japanese freight forwarding companies agree to plead guilty to price fixing in U.S. See in context

This conspiracy has been exposed because of the strict laws imposed in the USA for this commercial "fraud" . Now for this activity, price fixing "fraud', restrictive trade practice, where is the effective law and supervision within Japan itself?

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