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The JT title here is correct as these two women checking selfie are “Tokyo tourists” however, they are current residents in Japan and not foreign tourists visiting under the new guidelines.

It may AP’s information provided with uploaded image that may have caused the JT editor to err with their caption: “Foreign tourists take a selfie at a shopping street in the Asakusa district of Tokyo on Friday.

Mr. Hoshiko’s original image is available here:

“Foreign tourists wearing protective masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus take a selfie at a shopping street at the Asakusa district Friday, June 10, 2022, in Tokyo. Japan on Friday eased its borders for foreign tourists and began accepting applications, but only for those on guided package tours who are willing to follow mask-wearing and other antivirus measures as the country cautiously tries to balance business and infection worries. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) June 10, 2022

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As an amateur photographer and admitted former forest huntsman, I can appreciate your points on conservation through the periodic and necessary culling of a few diseased animals from land-based, wild flocks and herds.  However, this is not the case with cetaceans.  

Even those at home in the comfort of their modern, urban environs can see Japan’s choice here is just another antiquated and unnecessary commercial exploitation of a species.

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“You’d have to be a sofa environmentalist to be against sustainable whaling.”

With all due respect Mr. Fxgai sir, may I ask, what exactly is YOUR practical experience at sea regarding the conservation of these cetaceans?

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Yes, Mr.Kipling, “The government should not be subsidising whaling.” Conservation of endangered species should be a priority before it is too late.

Whale hunting was last necessary for sustain communities 200 years ago but the advancement toward commercialization is no longer necessary today.

There is no need for whale oil anymore and whale meat in Japanese schools is an unnecessary and wasteful “cultural legacy”.

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Where is the love and respect today? This cruelty and murder of a parent overshadows yesterday’s two stories of heroism, unselfishly saving the elderly.

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May I suggest “Collision Course”?

This is a second time Nakagami has collided with Rins.

Rins’ wrist is now broken.

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Two “Good News” stories in Japan Today of having courage to help the elderly.

This story, a stranger risking his own life to save another life in distress. The other, a child helping a grandfather roughed up by thieves in the night.

It shows some had a good upbringing.

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The money is gone but the grandfather is unscathed and an innocent child unharmed

for a change.  

The poor child must have been scared but still found courage to step out in the darkness to help.

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Good for Mr. Fukuda pictured here, a humble and kind man. He will be surprised to see he is the subject for a change!

Wish Japan Today would feature his photos, those of other enthusiasts like our photography circle and from loyal readers of this online site. That option would be less costly than always using AP and KYODO images and occasionally poorly shot at the last minute by some staff. How should we submit them?

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Agree with you, dagon. The author is not really “serious” as they claim.

Looks more Sora News 24 level writing here than actual incident and real public health concern.

Puns in those media are common so, this first story must be a fabrication, exaggeration and not a real occurrence.

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Good color, lighting and composition here with the artist slightly out of focus between two furin, drawing the reader into that world. Would like to try it myself now.

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Nice photo again today of Japan city life but appears only foreigners unafraid and confident enough not wear to a mask in public.

Not breaking rules. Japanese government says okay since May 11.

Just keep you distance and have your mask ready in respect to others if you need.

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This looks like a Ghost in the Shell design or smaller version of transport from I, Robot.

The age of robots is approaching.

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Art amongst Art. The perspective, setting, contrast of bright colors, all contribute to tell an interesting story of it’s own.

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The accidental forced perspective looks like attack of 50 foot mom. Cute kids. Admire photographer was willing to get down and dirty.” Many good comments within our Sunday photography circle, all agreeing this to be a winner for Picture of the Day. Please share more good news like this. Thank You.

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Great composition, color and lighting captured by Kajiyama san. That Hitchcockian profile in silhouette adds some keen interest in this locale.

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Great photography with “Picture of the Day” lately.

Photographers and hikers, we have ave seen 2 bear sows (2 cubs each!) and several inoshishi sows with many young foraging in the lowlands and forests during our springtime hikes.

If you are a new photography and hiking enthusiast, stay aware while taking pictures and stay far away from wild animals.

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Not sure of the exact dates and origins of East Asia’s, Mesopotamia’s and Mesoamerica’s cormorant fishing but Europe’s cormorants later became another sport of kings. 

France’s Louis XIII and England’s Charles II had these great birds trained to fish, although in a much different style.

Untethered and trained much in the same manner as falconers did, one cormorant was groomed and trained to fish and return to their huntsman.

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Almost always,

More fitting words to the atmosphere with this changed caption. The earlier was “Out and about” but maybe the editor rethought the mood of the photo and maybe not to encourage children and young women unescorted in some areas of Tokyo at night?

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Such dramatic night photography can be particularly challenging but this is remarkably well captured. Our photography group today reveled in the spectacle as if all were present. Well done.

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Well said and well done. What beautiful bursts of white-gold amongst pink to inspire peoples’ hearts. Our sincerest appreciation to the daring fireworks technicians and to the city.

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Mr. Trevor,

as it has been said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is a color photograph and my praise was of such a contrast of colors. While black and white photography has it’s merits, the use of color photographs appear best suited to this form of online media.

Also, in regards to your critique here, our amateur photograph circle has recently learned it is perhaps best not to be overly critical or to question this editor’s choice for a Picture of the Day. As a professional photographer, we would be welcome you to speak to our group some Sunday?

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Nice Photo. Good composition and contrast of red on green.

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Don’t understand today’s submitted photo here. Can anyone please explain?

As a relatively new and infrequent visitor to this Japan Today news website, I do not yet understand the concept and purpose of “Picture of the Day”.

In previous days, there were more interesting and well composed submissions.

Is POD to showcase photographers or to inform on Japan only related topics?

Is it allowed to proffer a critique in either respect?

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Nippori Nick

Have tried New Orleans Po’boy with fried oyster or fried shrimp?

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Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” - Lao Tzu

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Now, more photographs of people with more smartphones than kimono. Everyone wants to capture their moment in time. Still, this modern activity adds interest to each composition.

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So many beautiful and interesting photographs by MM Sasahara, Hoshiko and Sato.

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Is something wrong in these Japanese public schools foreigner children do not want to attend? Many children fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine taking refuge in Poland were immediately welcomed in public schools. All the world’s children should take advantage of public education when and where it’s available.

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Be safe, Tonga, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. More of nature’s unpredictability, continuing to stir again and again around the Pacific’s Ring of Fire.  Much love and support from all your friends around the world.

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