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hughjohnson comments

Posted in: Jetstar's 3rd anniversary See in context

why can't they have direct flights to Sydney?

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Posted in: Yuko's style See in context

she looks nice. I like her.

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Posted in: How well founded is Japan's gastronomic pride? See in context

Food in Japan is easily the best in the world. It comes down to the quality of ingredients and the meticulous preparation of the food. Chefs in Japan are often the owner of the restaurant and therefore take great pride and care in their offerings. Many are as passionate as Gordon Ramsay. I worked in a ramenya for 3 years and the passion and hygiene consideration was inspiring.

In my opinion: Best Italian food: Japan. Best Chinese food I ever had was in Osaka. Best hamburger in the world: Tokyo, and yes, it had bacon. Best Korean food: Japan. Best Indian curry: Japan. Best Japanese curry: COCOichi. Best pizza: Japanese izakaya in Nagoya, close tie with Escape from NY in San Francisco. Best bread: Japan. Best tea: Japan. Best poured beer: Japan's Asahi Super Dry (not only the beer, but the way its poured and glass chilled).

However, best burrito: San Francisco. Best steak: Sydney, even though it was Wagyu. Best Thai food: Sydney. Freshest seafood: Phuket, Thailand. Best chilli cheese burger: LA

Just my opinion.

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Posted in: Vroom vroom See in context

Very sparkly!

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Posted in: Yamato shorts See in context

She is dressed up as the main female character from Battleship Yamato.

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Posted in: Marie gives the lowdown on being 'half' See in context

I've gotten used to being called a "half" although at first it did seem a bit derogatory. I did like it when I went to Thailand though and they said I was "Eurasian".

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Posted in: Jewish human rights group protests 'anti-Semitic' ad in Nihon Keizai Shimbun See in context

Hold on one minute! The newspaper did NOT write an article promoting anything. It simply printed an advertisement for a book. I find it ridiculous that there is a religious organisation that goes around telling respected media producers what they can and can't print. Who do they think they are? It is this sort of whining and whinging that makes people lose respect for the Jewish.

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Posted in: Head of JFA calls J-League boring See in context

Thats the first thing I noticed when I first watched J-League years ago. Nobody was taking the shot!

I wish there was Rugby League in Japan.

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Posted in: Holy mackerel: A breakthrough in tuna science? See in context

They should make a new law regarding how tuna is caught. Right now whole schools of tuna are caught and fattened in their cages leaving hardly any survivors. Not only that, quotas are almost always exceeded and in Italy, the mafia control the fishing.


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