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Hugo Kempeneer comments

Posted in: Disaster recovery debts in Japan proving tough to service See in context

Maybe Japan should not buy expensive military hardware and take care of their citizens, what’s more important?

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Posted in: Kyoto revamping crowded bus services amid rise in foreign tourists See in context

There is a mistake I believe in the number of people visiting. 55 million to Kyoto and 28.7 to Japan in 2017?

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Posted in: Philippine president-elect urges public to kill drug dealers See in context

Things must be really bad out there to ask for such drastic measures......

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Posted in: Indonesia scraps fiercely contested rail project in favor of slower train See in context

I lived in Surabaya for quit some time and often boarded the night train for Jakarta, nice view, tasty meals, what more??? I enjoyed it very much

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Posted in: Netflix starts Japan service See in context

You can sign up for better quality, works great on my Apple TV box, iPhone and iPad , slightly better quality than Hulu

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Posted in: 5 students arrested over death of classmate in Ibaraki See in context


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Posted in: Aquariums using dolphins caught in drive hunts to be expelled from JAZA See in context

Freedom of action/speech

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Posted in: Japan held 0-0 by Singapore in Asian World Cup qualifier See in context

They might not qualify

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to pay $2.55 mil to Japan whalers See in context

It's about time they get what they deserve

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Posted in: McDonald's to let parents, kids cook burgers at its stores See in context

A desperate attempt to no avail, by now everyone knows that the stuff is not good for you!

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Posted in: Japan's Tashima rules out revolt against Blatter See in context

Small observation, it seems to me that the rich countries are against Blatter and the poor one for him. Now, why would that be???

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Posted in: Microsoft to launch Windows 10 on July 29 See in context

Dumped Microsoft a long time ago, never again!

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Posted in: Taiji mayor says dolphin hunt will still go on See in context

WHey don't the rest of the world mind there own business, go agent Iceland or Norway and see what would happen.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan revamps menu, prices after food scandals See in context

The sooner they go bankrupt the better of young kids will be

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Posted in: How to make the perfect cup of drip coffee See in context

How about a coffee machine????????

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Posted in: Dane Laudrup linked to Japan soccer coach job See in context

If he got sacked in the premier league, drop him...no good

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Posted in: 5 young men and women killed in Takamatsu car crash See in context

It was a kei car...600cc engine and a small body, it was a normal car. SAD

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Posted in: Employee hit by roller coaster at Kagawa theme park See in context

White wash by the park, they weren't wearing helmets, that says it all what they are thinking

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Posted in: U.S. gov't pushes air bag maker Takata on replacement parts See in context

yea, indeed, no problems here in Japan. I drive a toyota and had never any problems

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Posted in: Abe drops plan for Putin visit to Japan this year See in context


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Posted in: 'Abenomics' in trouble as challenges mount up See in context

Doomed to fail, how can you spend money you don't have, a mystery

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Posted in: Japanese publishers blast new Amazon book sale rules See in context

It's called capitalism....

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Posted in: Another setback for Kagawa at Man United See in context

They only wanted him, so Japanese TV channels would buy the rights to show the games, cold hard cash notting else. He should have stayed in Germany as he was doing a lot better there.

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Posted in: U.S. food firm apologizes for China 'bad meat' scandal See in context

Somebody once said, don't eat any thing that's is in boxes or cans.......

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Posted in: Anti-whaling nations warn both sides against violence See in context

What about the Scandinavian countries that are whaling????? Why only japan gets targeted? Whaling was done for a long time by the Scandinavian nations. I had to take some whale oil in winter as a prevention against colds!ma long time ago.......

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Posted in: Education ministry proposes radical English education reform See in context

Google translate offers a lot go possibilitys to whoever wants to learn, right there on your sum phone! It takes a will to want to learn, to many think they don't need English!!!! Thatsvthevproblem!

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Posted in: Yokohama beats Man United 3-2 See in context

doesn't bode well for MU

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Posted in: Japan ready to help in euro crisis at G8 talks See in context

How can Japan help when they themselves have a huge debt, where's it coming from. Pride comes before a fall

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Posted in: Japan's whale catch falls short as fleet heads home See in context

Hypocrites, why don't they go after the Scandinavian whale hunters????

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