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There is no way I personally would ever own a dog that small, or insist on dressing them up and 'mollycoddling' them as many Japanese do, but I certainly don't see a problem with people who do. I have a bit of a laugh and shake my head sometimes when I see them, but I think it's harmless. Misguided perhaps, but I think their intentions are good.

At least they look after their dog! Having had the chance to volunteer for an RSPCA back home there are a lot of people out there who could probably learn a lot from these owners in terms of loving and caring for their pet!

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I had to do a quick check to make sure this article wasn't from The Onion. It beggars belief that the Government are encouraging people to stock up on toilet paper in case of a large earthquake threatening the factories where it is made! Sure, toilet paper is a creature comfort and nice to have in your everyday life, but I think I will continue to use my limited storage space for items such as canned food, water, batteries, candles etc in case of an emergency, and make sure I avoid curry if the big one hits.

Agree with other posters that this smacks of cronyism.

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I was always under the impression that the 'radio wave interference' thing was just a cover, and they actually got you to turn these things off so (theoretically) the flight crew had your full attention in the event of an emergency during take-off and landing. I guess not.

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