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HumbledCat comments

Posted in: UK offers etiquette quide for Olympic visitors See in context

After reading the article - I'm reminded of the movie "In Bruges" when Colin Farrell knocks out the Canadian in the restaurant, thinking he was an American.

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Posted in: Japanese version of 'Ghost' to be made See in context

“To be polite, I wouldn’t eat anything during shooting, and once my stomach growled really loud while we were filming a really important scene.”

Oh joy, get to hear his stomach growl during the pottery scene.

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Posted in: Iniesta scores in extra time to give Spain World Cup See in context

I predict violence at a Premier League game the first minute some moron pulls out a vuvuzela.

Championship would be better. Vuvuzela Night at the New Den when Millwall take on Leeds!

Congrats to Spain. Wondered why they wore red for the presentation, until I saw the star over the crest... Poor Dutch, looks like their kits with the gold star are off to eBay!

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Posted in: Spain edges Portugal 1-0 to reach quarterfinals See in context

Ronaldo played today!? Damn, just realized that now.

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Posted in: Germany, Argentina advance in games marred by refereeing errors See in context

If the goal counted, the game would have swung in England's favour for sure...

But with the English defence having such a poor game, I'm sure Germany would've regained the lead sooner rather then later. Seeing Upson get worked by Klose made me cry. :(

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Posted in: FIFA, don't ignore the Blunder in Bloemfontein See in context

Easy way for FIFA to fix this mess.

Fire all their refs and bring in NBA officials :o)

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Posted in: Germany, Argentina advance in games marred by refereeing errors See in context

That 2nd Tevez goal was amazing. Best of the tournament so far, IMO.

REALLY looking forward to Germany/Argentina. Should be a good one.

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Posted in: Anti-summit vandals rampage in Toronto See in context

Disgusting. These people are not prostesters, they are thugs. Plain and simple.

The security costs are estimated at more than $900 million.

Holy crap! Money well spent I see.

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Posted in: England needs Rooney to hit form against Germany See in context

If England wear their all red kits again, see if it's possible to put the AIG logo on Rooney's shirt. Make him feel at home again.

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Posted in: Ghana, Uruguay reach quarterfinals See in context

Congrats to the Black Stars. Certainly have the best goal celebrations at the World Cup.

Pathetic that SK/Uruguay wasn't a sellout. It seemed like most of the stadium emptied once the rain began to fall in the 2nd half, but at least the supporters of both teams stayed in their seats getting soaked chanting and singing. Great job by both.

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Posted in: Spain, Chile, Brazil, Portugal advance to 2nd round See in context


You need to check the brackets again, that final four is not possible at this tournament :). Portugal/Argentina are ok, but the Netherlands and Brazil at best would play in the quarters. Uruguay, Ghana, SK, or the States will fill one semi-final spot... which is crazy.

and I'm with you smithinjapan, Portugal/Brazil cured insomnia.

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Posted in: Go ahead, remake my day See in context

One problem if they go ahead with a Karate Kid remake sequel. Jaden Smith's love interest looks too young to be dating a UCLA football player....

Shook my head when I heard Hollywood is remaking Let the Right One In. The book and movie are incredible, so I don't know how Hollywood can approve on the original.

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Posted in: Slovakia sends Italy packing; Paraguay, Dutch also advance to 2nd round See in context

Was pulling for New Zealand, but at least they go undefeated in the tournament. Not bad at all!

Hard to believe both finalists from the '06 Finals are out. Craziness.

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Posted in: French coach refuses to shake S African coach's hand See in context

What's with the French refusing to shake hands? Arsene Wenger does that from time to time as well. :-p

Domenech is finished (or should be) as the French coach.

Rumour has it, Bordeaux's manager Laurent Blanc is next in line for the job.

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Posted in: Sports world moves to muzzle the vuvuzela See in context

Vuvuzelas banned at Wimbledon? Man, that would've been entertaining. Serena Williams getting ready to serve, then "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr!"

but Arsenal said using the horns was not against the rules at Emirates Stadium in north London—however, it added that it reserved the right to take any action required to safeguard the fans’ enjoyment of the game.

Might as well let the Gooners use the vuvuzelas, hardly any atmosphere at the Emirates anyways!

I kid, I kid... :-p

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Posted in: Dennis Hopper dies of cancer at 74 See in context

He was also great as the bad guy in Season 6 of 24.

Weird, I thought he was the big baddie in the first season?

RIP Dennis Hopper. "Cause you, you're part eggplant"

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Posted in: 'South Park' producers say network cut fear speech See in context

Jeez, all this about Muhammed. Yet no one had a problem with Buddha snorting cocaine? Hehe.

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Posted in: 'Hurt Locker' wins Best Picture, 5 other prizes; Bridges, Bullock, Mo'Nique, Waltz get Oscars See in context

Happy for Jeff Bridges. He will always be The Dude to me.

Sadly, I still haven't seen Basterds :(

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

How did this turn into a IIHF World Championships discussion? People outside of Europe actually give a crap about that tournament? For one thing, it plays second fiddle to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so you hardly see any great players because they are still in the playoffs or home resting. Most NHLers would rather go for the Cup then play in the World Championships, anyways.

Olympics, Canada/World Cup, and World Juniors are the tournaments that matter in hockey. It's best of the best hockey at its finest.

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Posted in: Closing ceremony See in context

I wonder what they were thinking after watching Buble's performance with Mounties and giant inflatable beavers!? Ten bucks it was the first time those athlete's heard the Hockey Night in Canada theme too.

Plus, they had to put up with Nickleback and Avril. Mao Asada and a few others dancing to "Girlfriend"? Ugh, can't save them now.

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Posted in: Canada tops Olympic standings in record gold rush See in context

Sure, Canada didn't own the podium, but....

Quality over quantity, eh!?

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

I'm speechless, what an incredible hockey game.

Enjoy the case of Yuengling, Obama! :-p

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Posted in: Well done ladies See in context

Whoa, Mao looks evil here. Hopefully she doesn't snap and lock herself in a room. Throwing darts at photos of Yu-Na and scribbling jibberish all over the walls.

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Posted in: Kim Yu-na wins figure skating gold with record score; Asada 2nd See in context

Curious, will Yu-Na still train in Toronto after this? With her getting more exposure in Canada due to the Olympics the media and press might begin to follow her every move now. Won't be as crazy compared to Korea, but still.

Mao Asada looked like she was in a low-budget 1980's fantasy flick. All that was missing was Queen's "Flash! A-ha!" from Flash Gordon.

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Posted in: IOC to look into celebrations by women hockey team See in context

Oh no, they all dranked and smoked cigars! How HORRIFIC!

Yeah, it's totally unheard of around the world besides Canada. Nobody drinks or smokes cigars after a sporting triumph. Nope, no siree.

Soccer, baseball, basketball athletes stay sober after all championship wins. Nobody would dare to touch a champagne bottle. Formula 1 drivers? Nope, don't celebrate with champagne either, cause drinking and driving is wrong!

Honestly, IOC. Who bloody cares?

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Posted in: Kim Yu-na wins figure skating gold with record score; Asada 2nd See in context

So the battle between Yu-Na/Asada tonight is the figure skating version of the Jordan/Wilkins Slam Dunk contest?

Congrats to all three. Very entertaining evening.

If only Asada smiled more during the medal ceremony. Silver is nothing to be pissed/upset about, it's your first Olympics. Be Proud! I will admit Asada looked like a wicked witch when she was posing for pictures at the end of the night, hehe.

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 2-0 to claim gold in women's hockey See in context

Yeah, very entertaining game.

Apparently the Fins are determined to win gold in Sochi. Even if it will probably be another USA/CAN final, good luck to them.

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Posted in: China wins women's short track 3,000-meter relay after S Korea disqualified See in context

Yeah, Korean skater with her left hand pushed the Chinese skater on the first turn after the change. It was a small nudge, but rules are rules. The look on Park Seung-Hi's while the other teams raising their flags was kinda sad though. Even if the Koreans are like the Broad Street Bullies of Short Track.

"Rubbin is racing, kid"

BTW, easiest Bronze medal for the States. :)

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Posted in: Canada, U.S., Finland, Slovakia reach men's ice hockey semifinals See in context

Wow, didn't see that coming. Was fun seeing Russia implode throughout the game though. Outclassed every step of the way.

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Posted in: Czech Sablikova captures 2nd speedskating gold See in context

Congrats to Hughes for winning Bronze. She's won medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics - Cycling and Speed Skating - with 6 now.

Incredible accomplishment.

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