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At which time I clearly stated the problem wasn't Brodeur but Canada's lack of offense

What the!? Feeding Miller over 40 shots, scoring 8 goals against Germany is a lack of offense? Last time I checked States and Canada were tied with 14 goals for in the preliminary round.

But a 8-2 victory isn't dominating!? If the score was 16-2 it still wouldn't be a dominate victory because they let two goals in? Ugh....

Who cares about Ovie/Crosby. The real battle will be between the pipes with Luongo/Nabokov in a sudden death situation. IMO.

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Posted in: Inside the Rings: Kim Yu-na, licensed to thrill See in context

She was Pussy Galore, Jinx, Honey Ryder and all of the other Bond Girls rolled into one.

Ahhh, finally a reason to name drop Pussy Galore in an article :-p.

Saw the replay and I loved Kim Yu-Na's skate. It was like she was a silhouette in a Bond title sequence. Next she needs to skate to "Nobody Does it Better" by Carly Simon, it would be incredible.

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Ouch, 0-4 in their black and yellow outfits.

Good effort by Team Meguro. They're still young, so this will be a valuable learning experience and hopefully they get another chance in Sochi. One more match for them tonight, here's hoping they can come away with a victory!

Apparently the Chinese Coach - who is Canadian - is rumoured to be leaving the team in June. Maybe Team Aomori should give him a call? He helped China win the World Championships last year, so he can develop a winner.

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About medal projections. Sports Illustrated projected Canada 2nd over the States in the medal standings. They're getting lots of top 5 finishes, but not in the top 3... where it matters.

And the Russians want FORTY medals in Sochi 2014. Unreal.

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Yes, let's kick out the fans who paid GOOD money to watch an Olympic event. Curlers have never experienced a crowd like this before and most of the veteran teams are loving every minute of it. David Murdoch mentioned that and I agree, they should do whatever they damn well please.

Don't just put blame on Canadian fans, fans from other countries have been loud as well.

AWWW, Japan just got eliminated :(

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Wow, what a time to get blown out. Sure the four points were bad, but it seemed to me that the Swiss were in control for the entire game.

Poor Meguro, she looked devastated after giving up that 4. :(

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Well enough!! Sounds like it was a real good game, anyway. I hope to catch the replay tonight...

Hehe, it was. Tournament has been great so far!

Branded: Haha, you are right about Ovie being a beast, but I think that can also be his downfall. He sometimes tries to do too much on his own and it can lead to turnovers and odd man rushes. Still a fantastic player, nonetheless! Certainly helps when you have him on a fantasy hockey team :D.

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Oh come on now... What about those classic New Jersey Devil teams that won without heavy shots on goal?? Just because you got more shots doesn't mean you dominated the game...

True, but the game has changed a lot since then. Scoring averages were low in the late 90's and the trap was king with all that obstruction bullcrap going down. Brodeur made the saves that mattered when opponents were able to break through Stevens and Niedermayer.

Look, I'm not saying Canada got screwed out of a win or anything. Far from it. I just think the article is wrong in saying the States were the better team throughout the whole game. Canada dominated play, but couldn't solve Ryan Miller, which allowed USA to capitalize on their chances with Brodeur's mistakes and Canada's penalty trouble in the third period.

Hell, Jack Johmson after the game mentioned that Miller was the reason they won tonight.

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outplayed on home ice by the Americans,

Wha? Not what I saw, It was the Ryan Miller show tonight. If it wasn't for him this game wouldn't be close. Miller kept them in it and they were able to capitalize on Brodeur's dumb mistakes and Canada's penalty trouble in the 3rd period. Plus, Americans dominated on the face off circle at least :) that's hockey for you.

No way this comes close to the Miracle on Ice or 1996 World Cup. If they make it to the medal round than maybe, but if they are eliminated in quarters then it's all for not. Just bragging rights until Sochi 2014.

Drew Doughty is a stud though.

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Wow, great win! Saw highlights of the extra end and some of the Japanese shots were VERY close to backfiring. That's curling I guess.

At least Canada finally got a win before the tenth end. Sheesh.

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Posted in: Schmid takes gold in first Olympic skicross event See in context

This was amazing. I think I love Ski Cross more than Snowboard Cross.

QUALITY entertainment!

Feel bad for Del Bosco, what a crash

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Posted in: Canada tops rival Britain in men's Olympic curling See in context

Best part of the match was the crowd singing "O Canada". Crowds are getting rowdier with each draw, so I'm sure the place has made a killing in beer sales :).

Japan gets the Russians and Germans tomorrow. They're sitting in fifth place so all Team Aomori need to do is keep winning!

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I'm falling in love with Skeleton. You have to be crazy to do that but kudos to Montgomery on winning Gold. Apparently a fan handed him a pitcher of beer and he chugged it while walking to the interview area.

King of Skeleton!

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The look on his face is from Oda finding out it was Takahashi who sabotaged his laces.


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Posted in: From 'Kill Bill' to Uniqlo, Chiaki Kuriyama shows her killer style See in context

The ideal man for me would be someone who likes anime and manga because I do.

Then you realize he's the type who likes to take your picture without permission! UH OH!

A romantic horror movie? what the hell?

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I am very interested in knowing whether the Canada-U.S.A. game will be shown in Japan. Plus, when will it take place??

Sunday at 9:40am

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Canada going the Salt Lake route I see. They should be ready for the States on Sunday

As for the Swiss, they worked the dreaded trap to their advantage and played more of a Canadian game than Team Canada. Certainly helps when you're coach is Canadian and a few of your players were born there too :) Have to mention Hiller, he made some unbelievable saves to keep his team in it.

Mid 90's New Jersey Devils would be proud of this performance.

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Posted in: Lysacek upsets Plushenko for figure skating gold; Takahashi takes bronze See in context

Eagerly await "What Would Evan Lysacek Do?"

Congrats to Takahashi. I'm sure he'll be happy with Bronze!

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Yeah, Martin is on a roll. He's looking for redemption after getting Silver in Salt Lake.

Bernard's team is clutch. Unreal.

Poor Meguro, came close again yet couldn't pull it out. Hopefully she gets her chance for revenge against the Canadians in the semi-finals if she makes it there.

Ok, now the curling dissing can begin :). It's a guilty pleasure, tried it once and failed big time. It's tough!

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Posted in: Nesbitt takes gold in women's 1,000-meter speedskating; Kodaira 5th See in context

Congrats to Nesbitt. The crowd at the Oval have been unbelievable so far.

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Posted in: Japan falls to 1-1 in women's curling See in context

Really back and forth match with both teams making mistakes leading to big ends. Meguro could've blown the game wide open in the 8th, but Bernard made a great shot to get her point and stay alive.

Was pulling for Meguro near the end - it's very hard not to like them!

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Anyway, the Japanes ladies scored a major win, and this will boost the sport, which is a good thing. Clearly it's liked enough here that they can field a team that beats one of the favourites.

Agreed, the win should give them confidence heading into their match against the Canadians tomorrow morning. Now if they can pull off the upset against the heavily favoured canucks, who knows what might happen. It will be tough though, since they'll also have to endure the energetic crowd who will be cheering Canada on.

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Posted in: U.S. tops Switzerland 3-1 in men's hockey opener See in context

Look, well done to the Yanks - but does anyone in Switzerland even play Ice-hockey?

The Swiss Elite League has been around for many years and is one of the top leagues in Europe. Not to mention HC Davos holds an invitational tournament every new years with other European clubs.

So yeah, they do play hockey.

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Posted in: S Korea wins another speedskating gold; Yoshii takes 5th See in context

I wonder if the Koreans will call these games a failure if Kim Yuna doesn't win Gold? regardless of how well they've done on the track.

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Posted in: Ricker wins women's snowboardcross gold for Canada See in context

Congrats to Ricker. Although not as entertaining as the men's final, she did deserve the Gold.

As for Jacobellis.... Oh my!

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ending the upset hopes of a Norwegian team that made a fashion statement with its bold, diamond-printed pants.

Those pants were amazing. They give Australia's Tron outfits a run for their money.

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After the attack, the boy wouldn’t get up, and one of the attackers phoned the boy’s older brother, who together with his mother called authorities.

They expected him to be fine and dandy after getting beat on for an hour? Jesus...

Hopefully the kid will be ok.

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Posted in: Wescott defends Olympic title in snowboardcross See in context

Too bad there's only two snowboard cross events at the Olympics. Very entertaining to watch

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Posted in: Luge competition produces its 1st gold medalist See in context

Another gold medal was scheduled to be won later Sunday, in men’s moguls

Sooooo glad Begg-Smith didn't win gold. He's such a douchebag

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Posted in: Canada's French-English strife flares at Olympics See in context

Hey, I'm sure a few of the Mounties who came out with the Canadian flag were french!

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