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humptydumpty comments

Posted in: Murdered Okayama woman had complained to police about being stalked See in context

--Cirroc <-- get over yourself , stop acting like you own every comment!

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Posted in: Mother of murdered girl releases comments after funeral in Chiba See in context

I totally agree with DOGDOG...spot on

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Posted in: Ex-police officer arrested for shoplifting in Chiba See in context

Yuk! I can just imagine him being so violent with the poor security guard to get away! Old stinky men in Japan are so violent with females! What I dont understand is when Japanese ppl are caught for something..they always tell the blunt truth! Why didnt he just say 'i was actually going to the car to get my wallet to pay for it but accidentally was still carrying the food..' simple my friends!

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Posted in: Jetstar launches Osaka-Gold Coast flights See in context

why from osaka! who lives there? like 1% of the people who wanna fly to the gold coast >_<

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Living in Japan as a hostess makes you feel like you are living in another world. The things you hear..the things you see ITS SICK. And it proves how Japan is still clearly male dominated. They walk in , point their finger at who they want to talk to or DONT want near them they snort, puff cigarettes in your face, grab your boob randomly and spit when they talk that it actually splatters in your face. You constantly have to have your back up straight and can never yawn which is VERY hard. The ice in his drink has to be fresh at all times and you have to fake laugh at every unfunny joke. Its very tiring to be there for 5 hours non-stop with your fake personality. No girl who works there will ever show their real personality its a rule in the game. They adjust their personality to every customer and the mama-san tells you how you should be like. What decent man would pay to have someone fake laugh at your jokes? A damn FOOL!

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Posted in: Badminton uniforms See in context

why are the japanese so obsessed with possibly getting an opportunity to pervertly get a glimpse of some panties? totally the point of these uniforms. the one on the right is hunched and the one on the left is podgy! u guys go for anything!

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