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Hunga-kyo comments

Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

I do not believe Japan needs to apologize again. This issue was already settled in The Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea. Moreover, Japan paid $20,000 for compensation and $50,000 for medical care for the women and the governmental officials, Yoshirou Mori, Junichirou Koizumi, and Keizo Obuchi sent a letter to show apology to every single ex-comfort woman, but Korean government stopped delivering on purpose. You can see this fact in Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs. Because Japanese believe what they have done so far for Korea is enough, they do not want to apologize any more. 70 years have been passed since the end of the War. Why they are still trapped in history.

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Posted in: Push for stronger military leaves many Japanese uneasy See in context

OK, from Japanese point of view, we actually do not feel uneasy about the expansion of military power. On the contrary, we welcome this, because finally we are able to have more power to protect ourselves and a favorable relationship through military operation with other nations. However, most of us thought that Abe legalized this in haste. My people basically do not like drastic change, so that many reacted to the legislation like what the article says. Plus, some organizations, such as “mother blah-blah” or ”SEALDS”, funded by communist party and DP(Democratic party), got together to protest the legislation as if most of Japanese were turning down the change. Some ignorant people were influenced by them. As you know, my people are influenced so easily….but we already realized we need more power to protect our land.

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