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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context

It Soka Gakai, most likely; therefore, it is not named openly.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for filming up girl’s skirt See in context

Why is it that Japanese people think doctors are infallible beings?

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Posted in: Olympics worker arrested for allegedly raping woman at stadium See in context

He's a foreigner allegedly committing a crime at a high visibility event...they'll throw the book at him for sure regardless.

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Posted in: Past and present Japanese players pay tribute to Maradona See in context

This guy (I will not name him on purpose) was good at kicking a ball... that's all...never mind he was a drug addict, racist, womanizing wife beater..... sad to see he's considered a hero by many....

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Posted in: Dress more motherly? Japanese TV talent, single mom Kuran rejects criticism of revealing photos See in context

Women have the right to dress any way your want at any time. I once asked a J-mom why she went from vixen to nun after having a kid, though. She replied that she was just too tired to dress up, apply make up while juggling a kid, house work and lazy husband (which counts as 1 more kid) which makes total sense. My friend's wife, no kids, totally lost the high skills, mini-skirts and make up after marriage...go figure.....

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

Lock him up!!!

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

The is a Minister of Justice!!! lol......

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Posted in: NHK's annual 'Kohaku' music show sees rating fall to record low See in context

I felt very sorry for the 'gaijin' members of the Japan Rugby team who had to sit through that old and tried display of "Japan-ness." It brought back bad memories of my first and and most pathetic first New Year's eve in Japan ever: Nowhere to go in a dead neighborhood, cold as a witch's butt and under a kotatsu eating mikan and trying to make sense of Morning Musume lyrics with limited forward to 2019 and thank God for Youtube, Amazon and Netflix!!!

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Posted in: Japanese media blasts 'cowardly' Ghosn after escape See in context

Once I jokingly said Carlos Ghosn, with his wealth, would be able to pull a Houdini and he did! Looking forward to the Netflix documentary...too bad it won´t be shown in Japan... lol....

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Posted in: Starbucks in Westeros? Coffee cup cameos in 'Game of Thrones' set blunder See in context

Editing mistake, just that. That was probably a practice take.

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Posted in: Sweden's girl with dragon tattoo returns in new thriller See in context

When is the movie coming out? ;)

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Posted in: American arrested for assaulting two people on train in Yokosuka See in context

....he was teaching English to kids at Happy Happy Big Bear English school in Yokosuka....

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Posted in: Chiba woman arrested for killing daughters aged 4, 1 See in context

Let's face it: Japanese women have ZERO support from government agencies or any other organization whatsoever. Most Japanese men's house work is limited to a nightly bath with the kids and a trip to the local park on the weekend. Who wouldn't go nuts like this?

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

I once saw something bizarre at an athetic meet. A young male runner was about to faint when crossing the finish line. The runner was about to hit the ground and this fat hairy guy grabs him still standing up and starts kissing him in the mouth. He was sort of French kissing the runner. The red cross interferred and the fat guy alleged he was trying to revive the runner (standing up?) by giving him "mouth to mouth"....After recovering, the young runner looked grosssed out and keep wiping his mouth.

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Posted in: Why I'm ditching my Amazon account See in context

Aamazon is a business, not a charity. Apple, Google and Microsoft are way nastier and few people seem to care.

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

Excuse the directness, but Japanese people have such thin skins these days......'left the pitch crying'....the wimp should have ignored them; instead he won himself a new nickname that will haunt him as long as he plays in Europe....

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Posted in: Employees reveal absurd company regulations See in context

I've said it many times before and say it again: Working in Japan involves putting up with absurdity that would probably be considered a violation of human rights in other countries, especially at small family owned companies.

I've heard and seen TV reports on companies where the owners or founders are no different from cult leader with employees having to bow to their pictures every morning, run work-unrelated errands for their children, serve tea or coffee at a determined time or otherwise risk a cut in payment or public humiliation or abuse.

One of most stupid examples I saw on TV once was that of a ramen chain owner in Osaka who had this obsession with Rambo and made all employees undergo compulsory military-like training at 5:00am every morning at no extra pay...of curse, he was 'the commander' of the ramen forces....utterly stupid....

But I dearly remember the truck driver who was fired from a small family cult-like company, so, pissed off, he stole a cistern truck full of human waste and emptied the contents in the company's main office....revenge is sweet.....

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

I've always had a hard time reading Japanese people despite my 20 years of living and working with them. Back in college, when a girl said 'teach me English' it mostly meant take me, I'm yours.' Other times and spoken by an old dude or lady who wants to 'take you under their wing,' it could mean 'teach me English 'cause that's the only thing you're good at or the only thing you can do for me since you're a leach feeding on my country's resources.'

I've always found it hard to make Japanese friends because there is always an assumption, at least in the part of the Japanese that, something has to be exchanged for the relationship to work....

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata publishes memoir See in context

...I feel sorry for the trees cut down to make the paper the book was printed on...what a waste...

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Posted in: Ken Matsudaira's wife found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Truly horrible. Something's gotta be done about suicide in this country. Back home, my neighbor's teenage son attempted suicide a few times..he was a messed up kid with the self-esteem of a garbage can...but my real shock came here in Japan when someone jumped in front of the train I was riding on...I was petrified. That was the most horrible feeling I have experienced...a life lost so close to me...and that happens about 8 times a day in this country...

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi says she will continue to fight for human rights See in context

There is no wa they'll let her...they'll throw her back in the slammer in no time or out of the country (if she is lucky)....

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Posted in: Nissan shows tiny electric concept vehicle See in context

I like the car and would actually buy it if I needed to commute or to run errands in limited geographical areas. The moment will come when people will realize that a heavy, energy consuming, air-polluting pile of metal and plastic is actually unnecessary. Cars have always been way underutilized; therefore, becoming a terrible investment compared with the damage they cause.

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Posted in: What do you think of the banking system in Japan? What are the pros and cons? See in context

Japanese banks rob people blind: 0.01% or 0.02% interest in savings and they charge you for just about every transaction...pure thievery. Back home interest on savings is now around 3.5% (it got it to 6% during the good times) and banks do whatever it takes to attract new costumers: Point systems, discounts, freebies, free online banking, etc.

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Posted in: Sendai man arrested for spitting at taxi driver over 20 times See in context

If I were the taxi driver, I'd go to the man's company and have a chat with his boss. If one of my staff was a. arrested and b. for spitting on someone who is giving him/her good honest service, I'd fire their a**.

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Posted in: Things Japanese girls do that make guys go, 'Huh?' See in context

Girl with dog: Get a life!!

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Posted in: In Triumph See in context

A tan would be nice.

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Posted in: Man who 'fished' underwear from balcony arrested in Kobe See in context

"kaito05 at 05:42 PM JST - 23rd October

WHAT IS IT WITH MEN AND UNDERWEAR!! SO friggin gross....dont guys know women get yeast infections? I never understood why men do that..or smell underwear! Like really? that is just NASTY!!!!"

...animal instinct...we`re still animals in many ways, aren't we?

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context to my ears...

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Posted in: What makes Japanese women say, 'I never want to see that jerk again!' See in context least when you decide your date is a "jerk," you're getting a preview of what he's going to be like if you marry...from personal experience and hearing from my buddies who have married J girls, Japanese women totally change after marriage...why continue acting if their biggest mission in life (getting married) has been accomplished....(sigh)....

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